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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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more than 600 outages with blue ridge and most of those are in pickens county. duke power says greenville county has some of t in we'll have more on that in just a moment. but right now let's bring in meteorologist chris justus, who has been working hard tonight. and chris, some refreezing is expected tonight -- chris: it's hit us and the major winter storm battering new england to washington. it's finally starting to move out. for us it's not what is going to fall but what already full -- fell across the area. it is certainly very cold out there. we've seen snow flurnits north
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now it's all about the re-freeze. that's a problem because we're still going to be frozen for about another 12 hours. it is still very windy in the north carolina mountains. 34-mile-an-hour sustained winds in hendersonville right now. it feels like on your skin 9 out there. we do warm up tomorrow even in the mountains so melting will commence. we'll tell you about monday morning -- a lot of kids wondering about school. that forecast coming up. patrick: thank you, chris. it's been more than 36 hours since this winter st tonight, there are still several hundred people still without power. stephanie trotter has the story from greenville county. stephanie: dozens of scenes
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that have come down on power and homes. greenville county has the hardest-hit areas and they range from the top of the counun to the bottom. duke energy has doubled its manpower efforts by pulling in crews like this from florida. the linemen say some jobs are quick, others take all day. >> broken poles take longer than pulling off wires. we brian griese in crews to get the work done as quickly as we can. >> after 24 hours without power, this woman has resorted to reading by candlelight and gas logs to stay warm. >> i've had enough. i've never seen anything like it. i t understand what they're doing. stephanie: inspectors say it's not as easy as it looks. before crews can touch any
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a safety briefing and then work on lines. folks are learning to adapt. >> if it gets to be a couple days you worry about how am i going to recharge my phone and things like that. >> duke energy officials say this should not drag out as long as last year's storm. they think they will be able to restore electricity to most homes by tonight, tomorrow at the latest. patrick: thank you, stephanie. as crews work to restore the power, others are trying to keep the roads clear. this is sky4 video from this morning over greenville county before the that you started, before all of that ice on the roads turned to slush on many of the major highways. as it stands now, d.o.t. says greel county interestates are clear but be ready because
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refreezing to happen overnight. so the sand and salt trucks are out to pretreat the roads. they say the primary roads are 70% clear at this time. and getting agsh getting around parts of western north carolina wasn't easy depending on where drivers were heading over the past couple of days. daylight revealed what drivers were dealing with. at least five vehicles were abandoned along internet state 26 in the asheville area. parts of 9 interstate were still icy this morning. mountain area, drivers left their cars op a frontage road. >> i don't like it. i don't like the snow at all. i wasn't expecting it to be this much though. patrick: gusty conditions were a concern in henderson county.
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completely covered with snow. the historic blizzard that has blankested the east coast is churning northeast tonight and the storm has turned deadly. jennifer johnson has our story from washington. >> the first blizzard of 2016 is making its way north after burying d.c. in as much as three feet of snow. inennsylvania and kentucky thousands were stranded. >> what have you guys been doing to pass the time? >> sleeping, eating and playing games on my phone. >> washington and new york city were buried. enjoyable for pandas and children who slid down the u.s. capitol lawn. snowboarders couldn't get to the mountains. many the blizzard slammed over 70 million people.
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there is widespread flooding in new jersey and other atlantaek states. >> we have shelters open. ready to take people and keep them warm and fed and all the rest. >> officials are begging people to stay home. >> you go out on the road, all it takes is one car to get stuck and now that road is not passable and the plows can't blow -- plow that road and the situation quickly descends into chaos. >> a chaotic, historic, and record-breaking blizzard which many are now happy to see go. jennifer johnson, washington. patrick: the carolina panthers are getting ready to play for the n.f.c. championship. we'll have a preview. chris? chris: temperatures are going to tumble.
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16 degrees over night for asheville.
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up. patrick: turning to sports now, this time tomorrow night we
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headed to the super bowl or if their 16-win season will come to an end. ricardo le compte is in charlotte with more. >> just hours before they get to field ready. the panthers field crew were clearing snow from friday's storms all day saturday. all the snow is gone. the tarp is still on the playing surface, however, as of tonight. they're expected to pick -- remove that before the game to let the field breathe. we're in charlotte. patrick: we have still got pretty serious winds going on in the north carolina mountains. 24 miles an hour sustained in asheville. making it feel like close to 0 outside.
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minutes. now, your live -- live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: i know this is eau little hard to see, i snapped it from the national weather service but you can see where snow fell yesterday. we did have snow south of 85. it just wasn't a whole lot. generally a dusting to half an inch. in south carolina, top honors to spartanburg, 7.5. greer had 5 inches. mountain rest, 4.
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you go into new mexico, here is where some serious snow fell. 19 inches in mount mitchell. asheville had over a foot. that broke the record for the day yesterday. hendersonville had 10 1/2 inches. northeast georgia had some snowfall. just not as much. elberton had an inch. half an inch nor -- for hartwell and livonia. for many areas south of 85 if, the snow melted off by lunchtime but north, it will take a lot. i'm still tracking i-40, seeing somenowfall. if you have everyone -- anyone traveling that way, pretty serious snow going on right about the tennessee border the.
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29 right now in greenville. that's why all the slush out on the roads will freeze over tonight. once that low continues to pull away we should see those winds die back down and calm down, but until then, it's going to be a very breezy night. the wind chill in hendersonville is 9 yeeze. -- degrees. that's what it feels like on your skin. down the french river valley, it will be 19. you need to be very careful if you are out very early tomorrow morning. all this slush will almost be worse than it was when it was snow and sleet because it's going to re-freeze over as ice and be very slick. tomorrow, very -- we should see loads of sunshine and there should be melting going on. temperatures in the 40's. spartanburg, 41 by 1:00. 46 by 4:00.
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the sun goes down tomorrow. anderson topping out close to 50. asheville, you will see some much-needed melting, but it will take a while. high temperatures tomorrow, middle 40's from the latest computer models. upper 30's for the north carolina mountains mple for the panthers game, a cold one. it's going to be dry. i know some of you panthers fans are brave and will probably be tailgating but it will be a balmy 42 degrees by 4:00. bundle up because it will be cold! the panthers have been there, done that in -- when it comes to cold games. 1997 in the championship game versus green bay, wind chill of 27 below 0!
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tomorrow, loads of sunshine is what we're trarking here. severe sunshine if you call it that. as we look ahead, tuesday, that's going to be all rain. not any wintry precipitation out of this one. then i'm tracking a wig barm -- big warmup. check this out. saturday, 60 degrees will be the high temperature. that's nice after what we've had here lately and i think we'll all take that. we'll see the rain lingering into the first part of tuesday and cool down but then we really shoot back up op -- on saturday. we had that two-week period of active weather. now we flip the pattern around as we head into february. most of our snows happen in february but we'll joust -- just enjoy this streak. are patrick: yeah, and dropping
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panthers-packers game too! while most in be be washington, d.c. were staying notside today, one of the city's most celebrated residents was out in the snow. there he is, tian tian. sliding around in the snow. some even said he was making snow angels. that does look like a snow angel! the zoo was close -- actually closed to visitors because of the massive snowfall in the waushtds area. we haven't heard if the younger panda boys have joined their father for a big snowball fight up and in at the buzzer! furman finds a way to beat wofford. more from the paladins' down to the wire win in just a moment. 24 hours from now, we'll know
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plans for super bowl 50. the a.f.c. and n.f.c. championship games coming up on sunday. ricardo has more from charlotte. >> the quarterbacks on both sides will definitely play a part in who wins super bowl 50. cam newton is the first player in nfl history to throw for at least 30 touchdowns and rush for 10 more but the most impressive thing about his season is the maturity he's undergone since being drafted out of auburn in 2011. he's's definitely the leader in that locker room. >> people will be talking about the 2014-2016 carolina panthers for years to come and shame on us if we don't capitalize on it. that's what's important for us oz -- as a team. we know what we have in front of us and if we don't maximize our opportunity, we're going to be looking at it like eh, we let something so close slip through our hands.
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as a human being, as a foonl player, as anything. as a man. he's going to mature every year. all the things somebody can possibly say about him good or bad has been said. now it's put up, shut up and play football. >> newton will try to bring this franchise back to the super bowl for the first time in 12 years. kickoff set for 6:40 at bank of america stadium. >> thank you. here's the lineup for championship sunday. the a.f.c. kicks things off just after 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. new england patriots playing the denver broncos. followed by the game at bank of mechanic stadium. the arizona cardinals and the carolina panthers scheduled for 6:40 kickoff. 24th-ranked south carolina spending saturday on rocky top.
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today in knoxville. . south carolina had a little trup gaining traction in the second half of this game too many turnovers for the gamecocks. this one leads to a dunk. every time tennessee tried to pull away, u.s.c. managed to o reel them back in. . grease -- great pass to lamb own is. big man with the 234rur7b89 too much tennessee today and too much kevin punter. he scores a career high 36 points and tennessee takes down 24th ranked south carolina 78-69. just the second loss of the season for u.s.c. >> i knew at halftime we were in trouble. every one of our players except for michael car era, got outplayed. we didn't get outplayed, we got
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i have to do a better job. >> clemson enjoying a rare week off. sort of a bye week. last time wofford and furman squared off, it was for the southern conference championship in march. today, nrm early going, the paladins messed the three but perfect timeling cleans up the glass. collins drains the triple. he had 14 in the first half. nip and tuck the entire game most of the way. here comes furman. steven croom taps in the buzzer beater for the 63-62 win over wofford and the paladins snap a six-game losing streak to the rival terriers many u.n.c. asheville wasted no time
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their game. be bulldogs built a 10-point lead. p.c. gets a couple of those points back. dillard gets bucket and rewarded for his efforts. but the bulldogs beat the blue hose. dolphins in spartanburg. the spartans go inside to michael buchanan. the big man from las vegas backs down the defender, spins, fires, and is scars -- scores and draws the and one. jacksonville though beats upstate 77-68. snow delayed the nascar hall of fame inductions. jerry cook, bobby isaac, bruton smith and curtis turner and others inducked this afternoon. now 35 people can call
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the greenville swamp rabbits are in the low country. the swamp rabbits pickekeup a 4-3 win and the clemson football team had their banquet tonight. they named the team m.v.p.'s and you can imagine, golson on that list, jack: -- jackson and the kicker also named m.v.p.'s. complete listing on our web site of those awards and on the mobile app. patrick: thank you, mark. what are we going to be looking at? chris: still going to be cold. 15 in the mountains. that's enough to freeze over whatever slush is out there. the mountains financially get above freezing tomorrow. 41 the high and with the fundamental sunshine that should do wonders to clear out the roads.
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rain on monday and then we warm things up. patrick: how about that? 60 degrees? you can't beat that. >> honesty, shocked, from the wall to wall coverage and we spent time outside covering this and you guys have done a -- great job and to see that 60 degree and sunny icon there at the end of the weekend, it's nice. >> flipping that pattern around calmer and warmer. patrick: thank you for watching wyff 4 at 11:00. the news continues at 5:00 a.m. there is still 0 ice out there,
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