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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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marc: headed to the super bowl after a great performance. they hosted the nfc championship for the first time. arizona and carolina playing for a spot in the super bowl. how great was this? panthers owner jerry richardson beating the "keep pounding" drum. first, 10-0 carolina. newton goes to the air, brown is gone. the longest pass play in panthers postseason history. new calls his own number and sacrifices his body going into the end zone. arizona, and carson palmer, couldn't get it out of his own way. the cardinals turn it over seven times. this interception led to a touchdown. carolina dismantles arizona 49-15. brad fralick's live at bank of america stadium with mbrad: what a game.
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they get to the super bowl. the most complete name they have played all season, seven turnovers in the game against cars palmer, and cam newton has the panthers in the super bowl for the first time since 2003, when the panthers lost. we have confetti flying as a burst of wind comes down. ricardo lecompte was on the field after the game and caught up philly around. -- philly brown. ricardo: what is the emotion you are feeling right now, seeing the celebration? >> excited. we are all excited, but hungary. we have one more game. we are not worried but anybody else says -- about what anybody else says. ricardo: you were able to jump off to another fast start.
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>> we play as a team. we execute. we do what we do well, so a lolo of people can say what they want to say about the offense, but when it comes down to it, everybody plays. congratulations, philly. the first time this franchise will play in a super bowl in 12 seasons. in charlotte, ricardo lecompte, wyff news 4. brad: thanks, ricardo. philly brown, and 86 yard touchdown catch, the most yardage he has had in a game all season. stepping out of making the play when it machampionship in. much more coverage ahead from bank of america stadium. or cam newton to get to the podium. live in charlotte, brad fralick, wyff news 4. mike fans at home are good -- glued to the tv.
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panthers fans cheered on the team. corey: fans here at hickory tavern say, they never doubted the panthers squad. they absolutely filled this place tonight, and now they will he able to put on the jerseys again and route on their favorite team as it heads to the super bowl. >> cam newton, my favo go panthers! we want to see them make the superbowl. woohoo! let me go dab on. corey: rinicka glenn, showing off f r dance moves, cheering on her favorite player, on her birthday. hickory tavern, the panthers' bar, filled with die-hard fans just like glenn. >> oh my goodness, this is a great time. corey: susan hill is also a huge fan of the qb. >> cam newton, he has really made this team a team to look up to. corey: but you can't forget about the defense. >> kuechly, he's the quarterback on the defense. he's the fastest guy in the nfl on defense, a
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young. corey: panthers fans weren't only in the front of the house. employees at the restaurant were just as excited. >> i think the beginning of the year, people weren't sure it was for real. but halfway through, everyone realized, they really had a good team. corey: but not everyone there was on the panthers' side of the ball. >> i like the ravens. sorry, but just here for friend support. corey: most football fans are loyal, no matter how well their team does. the same goes for panthers fans. >> but even if they lose, it's still been a great season, so you can't be disappointed in the effort. corey: team pride till the end. just a great night for panthers fans at hickory tavern. the general manager here says the staff will be ready on superbowl sunday, for their biggest crowd yet. corey davis, wyff news 4, live tonight in spartanburg. mike: thanks, corey. take a look at this picture,
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the line is people waiting to get into the store when it opened, especially for the big championship win. they have the official championship gear. people were let into it a time because there were so many fans in line. academy opened stores in the upstate, north carolina, and rock hill. the super bowl gear may be available in a couple weeks. now to the winter storm coverage. the lingering effects of the storm causing many schools to , close again tomorrow. right now, several districts in the upstate canceled classes. they include greenville, pickens, cherokee, and spartanburg districts 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. spartanburg district 4 will have school. that is on monday. in western north carolina several districts have already , decided tog asheville city schools. you can check on a full list of school closings on our website,, and on the ticker at the bottom of your screen.
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our woodruff road skycam, gorgeous night out there. a wa day, given the fact that we have been so cold the last couple days, snow is still falling in the northeast. at home, things starting to melt, but there is a danger of a re-freeze. chris justus is here. chris, it will get cold tonight? john: another -- chris: another cold night. 36 in greenville, freezing in spartanburg. the roads are still wet, and there will be black ice out there tomorrow morning. we h hope, though. compared to 24 hours ago, 11 degrees warmer in clemson, seven degrees warmer in greenville. we are turning the corner here as warmer air price to make its way in. we will get more melting going on tomorrow. check out the cast overnight. temperatures continue to tumble.
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at 24 in asheville, 28 in greenville, 27 in clemson, 12-15 degrees below freezing. that means what wetness is on the roads will freeze in a few hours and it will be a while tomorrow morning before it warms up enough to where it laws back out. we will be in the 40's, some 50's across the board. i even have a few 60's by the end of the work week. i will have more on that coming up. mike: tonight, power co. -- power crews are closer to having power restored. at the worst thousands were without power. tonight, duke energy is reporting just a handfull of outages in greenville county, blue ridge electric and laurens electric says all restored to their customers. the greenville county says carbon monoxide killed a couple in their home. the coroner tells us 86-year-old ruby bell and her 87-year-old husband, robert, were found dead at their home friday night. investigators say the couple lost power the day before. the coroner believes a running
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monoxide build-up in their home. mr. and mrs. bell were married more than 67 years. carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by a blocked tailpipe, killed a new jersey mother and her child. in total, this weekend's massive east coast blizzard killed at least 25 people. millions are now digging out. highway crews are plowing, and people are stuck because of thousands of flights cancelled. jennifer johnson has our story. jennifer: the sounds of recovery, as the date-out from the blizzard begins. blue skies and quiet winds, a welcome change from the white out that paralyzed millions. >> it's not that heavy, wet stuff. it is not that bad cleaning up. jennifer: tractor-trailers and hundreds of cars need to be removed from highways from pennsylvania to kentucky. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power.
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we have to conduct damage weather event of this severity. jennifer: new york airprpts are open, but washington airports remain closed. rail service along the east coast is limited. coastal flooding is improving. governors urge people to stay off the roads. lifted. that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights. jennifer: in virginia, a buried save a house. heavy snows collapsed roofs on a church in pennsylvania and a washington red training facility. a friendly snowball fight in washington, flooding around the capitol. a paralyzed east coast is finally moving again. jennifer johnson, nbc news, wawaington. mike: it is a big night for the panthers. we will go live to charlotte,
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>> second and short rather than third and long. i have been getting that question like a broken record since week two. but we are a resilient team. very hard nosed, tough, physically and mentally, to go through a season and have everything said about you. for people to not pull in your favor, say it is only a matter of time to the carolina panthers , this that and the other, and for a turnout like this, it makes it all worthwhile. but yet, i keep saying, we are not finished. we are not finished. >> i know you wanted a touchdown, but how important was it on the first drive to come out and get points?
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i feel as if a couple yards more, just a throwaway, that is where i need to mature. but go back and watch the film, and we get better from it. a lot of things i could say, we were coached extremely well. we were repaired for this game. doing the things that we were doing, you know, it wasn't just it was preparation. >> do you remember the only >> yes. >> after you were drafted. >> duh. [laughter] >> how would you describe the journey, being back in this room? >> a long time. but i still have a long way to go. i am excited, i am excited. i said it then and i will say a process.
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process. it is not instant gritss, it is slow cooked collard greens. a mile away. brad: cam newton, all smiles after carolinas big championship win. we'll go back to brad as the panthers big win and their t tp to the super bowl, when we come back.chris: watching for black ice tomorrow morning. 30 degrees first thing in the morning but we will warm up quickly. above reason by 11:00. we will melt away the ice and snow. up to 48 degrees by 1:00.
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three vehicle scratch -- crash in spartanburg county. state troopers now say ice was to blame. look at these pictures sent to us by one of our u-local reporters. this crash happened today around 12:30 on highway 101, near gateway drive behind gsp airport, near bmw. troopers say a tractor trailer hit a frozen patch, crossed the line, and hit a pick-up head-on. the crash pushed the pick-up into a van. troopers say one person in the pick-up, and one person in the van, had to be taken to the hospital. now to an update on a murder case from last march. deputies now say the victim was killed by his neighbor. 53-year-old ralph kay is charged with murder. his 52-year-old neighbor died at his home in march of 2015. investigators say kay shot multiple times. evidence on kay's shoe connected them with the murder, and
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chris: a cold night, with ice on the roadways. 25 and hendersonville, 28 in laurens. 29, a cool night. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 each the weather forecast. chris: dry right now. we will see a dry couple days before rain moves in tuesday night. a cold couple days. 25 in asheville, 36 in greenville, 32 in spartanburg. we melted a lot of the ice and snow, but now it has rained on the roadways and the roads are wet. that will freeze into black ice tonight. be careful tomorrow morning if you are traveling.
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winds in the mountains for several days made the wind chills feel like around zero in area. finally, some warmer weather. temperatures will continue to crash overnight. we will fall into the middle 20s across the mountains. the upper 20's in the upstate. a cold start the day tomorrow. temperatures warm is the day goes on. 50's moving in from the south. that will help melt the snow. tomorrow, we top out in the lower 50's, in greenville. cooling into the 40's as the sun goes down. a few extra clouds in the sky but -- by tomorrow night in spartanburg, cooling into the 30's by the evening. in anderson, loads of sunshine. we top out in the lower 50's. cooling back down to the 40's in the evening. in asheville, a nice day. 46 degrees, a lot of snow melting out there tomorrow but it will take a while. foot to melt.
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warmer temperatures by midweek. tomorrow, the mountains will be cool, in the 40's. we will warm up into the 50's in the upstate for the first time in quite some time. that will do wonders to get rid of the snow and ice. the future plus shows, loads of sunshine tomorrow. a few high clouds moved in for the the next system takes shape to the west. the northern branch of the jet stream and the southern e not synced up this time. this moves through as rainfall. it starts tuesday afternoon for the north carolina mountains, then will move ie upstate i tuesday evening. we will see the rain overnight. the front does not go very far. the energy in the upper parts of the atmosphere splits. it looks like a low-pressure system will form in the south near the gulf. normally, that would concern us. right now, and i stress, right now, it looks like the low will go out to sea and to the north with little cold air. little to no cold air.
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something, but we will watch that. right now, most models are hinting it goes back out to sea. we will watch that because of what happened this week. right now, looks ok. in the four-day plus, 52 the high with rain lingering into wednesday and thursday with the low moving offshore. then, we begin to see a pattern change, especially buys -- by next weekend. our temperatures warm into the 60's. that is the start of a week or so where temperatures will be warmer and the precipitation, the rain and everything, will be calm her. a bit of a break. mike: two thumbs-up. we saw great pictures and videos from the snow. take a look at this snow sculpture. it took the crew at an auto shop in wisconsin two days to chisel and spray-paint a gator earlier this week. look at that. it's about 32 feet long and more than 12 feet tall. a lot of people have stopped by to take pictures. this is the crew's second win creation.
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sculpture about the same size as the gator. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: gameday in carolina. the panthers playing the arizona cardinals, with a spot in super bowl 50 on the line. carolina playing in their 4th nfc championship game in franchise history, but hosting the game in charlotte for the very first time. this was a fantastic moment. wofford along and -- alum and panthers owner jerry richardson beating the "keep pounding" drum. the panthers certainly kept pounding tonight. up 3-nothing, when carolina goes tedd ginn, jr. weaves his way 24 yards, to give the panthers a 10-0 lead. they weren't done there, not by a long shot. still in the first, cam newton goes to the air. phlly brown collects the pass,e' gone. the 86-yard pitch-and-catch, the longest pass play in panthers postseason history. it's 17-7 when newton calls his own number. skies fo and the panthers take a 24-7 lead to the half.
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on the ground again, sacrifices his body as he goes into the end zone. 34-7 panthers. it's 42-15 when the cardinals turn it over for the 6th time tonight. they had seven turnovers total. luke kuechly with the pick 6. carolina all over arizona. panthers are going to the super bowl after beating the cardinals, 49-15. brad fralick is live at bank of america stadium with more. brad? brad: marc, what a great game. the panthers are super bowl bound. they scored 49 points against the arizona cardinals, and cam newton had a lot to do with that. how about these numbers? he threw for 335 yards, two touchdowns, and ran for two more touchdowns. that accounted for four touchdowns in the game. cam newton, obviously thrilled that they are super bowl bound. >> we had a pretty successful game.
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who feel just like me, we are not done yet. we will live in the moment right now, i am happy for not only the teammates, but happy for the carolinas, for the organization, mr. richardson, and i am thankful for the process. it was not pretty at times. we have been doubted, we have been slated. all of the above. but when you have turnouts like this today, it makes it all worthwhile. brad: unbelievable. cam newton, great in this game. now, think about this quarterback matchup we have to. cam newton and peyton manning. two quarterbacks that are completely opposite. only one of them will be a super bowl champion. live at bank of america stadium, bring -- brad fralick, wyff news
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marc: this marks the first time the two number one draft picks will be in the super bowl. our coverage does not end there. grab your phone and cht the wyff news 4 mobile app for everything panthers. you'll also find bonus coverage on facebook and twitter. you can find greg olsen on facebook right now. new england and denver, squaring off in the afc champ game. another matchup between future hall of famers peyton manning and tom brady. first quarter, broncos strike first. manning with a 21-yard touchdown pass to owen daniel. denver grabs a 7-0 lead. new england would get it back. six minutes later, stephen jackson powering in from the 2. but the patriots kicker would miss the extra point, proved to be huge in this game. second quarter more from manning and daniel. denver takes ae break. 4th quarter, 20-12 broncos. tom brady buys time, and hits rob gronkowski for the late score. patriots forced to go for two because of that missed extra point. the denver d holding up strong. denver edges new england, 20-18.
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to super bowl 50. >> no question, this is a sweet day, a sweet victory. to me, this victory sort of is a great example of what this entire season has been like. it hasn't been easy. it has been unique, no question. the game today was a good football game. everybody did their part. it was a team win. >> a tough day, a hard-fought game. they were a good defense and they played good all season. they had good coverage, a good you. we made a lot of plays, we just how mother were a lot of plays we didn't marc: top 10 showdown, number two south carolina on the road at mississippi state. tiffany mitchell with the first points for south carolina. a defensive battle, south
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tina roy banks it in for the three-pointer. south carolina i two at the half periods -- up by two at the half. mitchell leads the way. the gamecocks moved to 19-0 after a 57-51 win. the clemson football team made so many memories on their run to the national championship. last night at the awards banquet, more memories. the tigers handed out awards to dozens of players, but hand it to eric macle -- eric maclain and travis blanks to upstage. both top the question last night. their girlfriends said yes. congratulations to the happy couples, and congratulations to the panthers. nobody saw this coming in training camp. before the injuries, people thought they could be good. nobody saw 17-1 and heading to
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an amazing season for the panthers. it is not overmike: pack your bags. thanks, marc.
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