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lost power the day before. the coroner believes a running gas generator caused a carbon monoxide build-up in their home. they had been married more than 67 years. also in greenville county, investigators are trying to figure out whether or not ice caused a crash that killed 44-year-old andrew van evera as he went out for a jog. it happened saturday along highway 14 near stonebrook farm way when a driver lost control of their vehicle. according to north carolina's governor, there were double the deaths there. >> sadly, there has also been two fatalities, two additional fatalities, which means the total is up now to six, which is prevevus storms, a and condolences are with all their families. geoff: the weather deaths were reported in iredell, johnston, wikes, forsyth, and strokes counties.
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the cleanup continues across the carolinas after the winter storm. we taking a look at downtown blowing rock if we have the shot for you. there it is. still snow on the ground. also looking at our peace center camera. let's check in with chris justus. chris: we have all of our skycams strategically placed across the upstate and mountains so we can there is snow. 43 degrees currently in hendersonville. laurens, no snow. what fell quickly melted 50 degrees. skycam in spartanburg. currently 48 degrees. have snow on the theory is, but
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areas, but it is starting to melt. in asheville, you have some melting to do. anytime you have one or more of snow, you have do. 43 should do the trick. the mountains have slick roadways in many areas but thatee afternoon hours as many of us are heading to around 50 degrees. we are talking about 50's creeping up from the south.many of us will see the 50 degree mark even in the mountains. greenville. cooling off once the sun goes down. the extended outlook includes a big weekend warm-up comigeoff: the sun is our friend right now. behind me is sky4 video from when it flew over downtown greenville. some parents said the roads look just fine. aly myles joins us now to explain why it is all or nothing for districts like greenville county. aly: if you take a look around here, you can see snow.
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plenty to be concerned about if you go to travelers rest high other greenville county high schools it looks like it nevgreenville county schools say they have no less than 25 people -- geoff: unfortunately, we are having problems there with aly connecting with her. taking a shot from sky4 as you see the conditions here, certainly great work by scdot as well as north carolina dot over the weekend. sky4 right now is live over 85 in spartanburg county. as you can see, that was roads are looking good in spartanbcounty. this is what a secondary road in spartanburg county looked like. it was taken a short time ago by wyff news 4 myra ruiz as she traveled with her phot
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much of the east coast can finally start to dig out today. as you can see behind me, after getting pounded by a massive blizzard that stretched from the gulf coast to new england. nbc's edward lawrence is in washington, d.c., with this an update. edward: i'm calling this the big dig because many people in the suborders of maryland and d.c. all the way up to new york are digging out. you can see in the u.s. capital here we are dealing with almost knee-high snow in this area. other areas are dealing with 30 can't get to it. still, emergency equipment has to go o rough that so in some 24 inches of snow to emergency. the is a deadly storm. at least 30 people have died because of this storm, many in traffic accidents. other folks were killed when they were shoveling snow and had heart attacks. at least one person was hit by a plow. now, the governor of maryland says we are in recov
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to normal, life back to normal. this was not just snow. this storm hit the new jersey shore with lots of water. the flooding that happened in several communities on the new jersey shore put many people out of their homes, but as the water is receding, many people will come back to their homes if they nss the damage. this is the first storm that we have got 19 inches of snow in washington and new york city at the same time. reporting from washington, d.c., edward lawrence, nbc news. geoff: it has been some kind of storm, hasn't it? super bowl 50 is set. this is a look at the empire state building last night as it showed support with the colors of the carolina pant denver broncos for the upcoming game in santa clara. the nfc championship was not so close last night. the panthers dominated the arizona cardinals. cam newton proved why he's the likely mvp of the league.
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use the ted ginn waeave his way through the arizona defense. carolina panthers now getting ready to take on the denvebroncos. many local fans were glued to tv's in bars and restaura the area. hickory tavern in spartanburg was packed. it's a panthers bar. the game is on every time the team plays. the fans at the tavern said they had full confidence in the panthers team, but they were blown away by the number of measure that the panthers won that game. hickory tavern will most definitely be packed again on super bowl sunday. speaking of panthers fans, lookluke keuchly returns a pick six and did you see what the fans were reaching out trying to hide five him and on them all out on the stands right there.
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he seemed to be ok. the average resell price of a ticket to the every seven super bowl game betweeth broncos is more than $5,000. that is according to seat geek. a pair of tickets have sold for more than 12,000 tickets, making them the most expensive far. new at noon, an upstate man and his son are accused of duping people out of money, claiming they were doing a fundraiser for the boy scouts of america. police say jeff henderson and his young song went to a woman's home and said they were soliciting money for the b behalf of the cub scouts of america. the woman's husband soon found out that henderson had been soliciting money through the county for coupon books and the books were never delivered. police found out henderson solicited about $65 from several others.
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our website, back here the oconee county , coroner says a motorcyclist died after a collision with an suv. troopers say 56-year-old mark sanders was traveling along west cherry road at high point boulevard near seneca when they say an suv pulled out in front of sanders' motorcycle. he was not wearing a helmet. he was flown to greenville memorial, where he later died. a good samaritan was shot and killed after stopping to help a driver that skidded off the road during the blizzard. investigators in north carolina say neighbors spotted the car in a ditch. they went to help and realized the driver was drunk. when they told the man they were calling the sherf' got out of the car and shot one of the good samaritans. deputies showed up and found the driver still sitting in the car with a gun. a record 50,000 south carolinians sought to either buy guns or carry concealed weapons during december. the statistics come from the fbi criminal background check system. the spike came when president
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seek to tighten gun control measures this year. it was the busiest month ever in south carolina. there were a total of 327,000 checks last year. we want to know what prompted you to buy your first gun or if you even own one. take our now poll on our facebook, twitter, or web page. here's a look at the results so far. 40% of you say you've got one for protection.56% for hunting. those are the biggest numbers there. were nine parishioners were killed in june is getting a new pastor. rev. dr. betty deas clark was appointed the first female pastor at historic emanuel ame church on saturday and delivered her first sermon a hope on sunday. she told parishioners the church's best days are ahead. the church's pastor, the rev. clementa pinckney, who was also
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shootings. dylann roof is charged in the killings. also in charleston, a total of 14 good at have been suspended or are receiving on campus punishment antimilitary college after a group appeared in these photos with pillowcases on their heads similar to the ku the decision was announced this morning. you may remember these photos service on smonth. the investigation determined that the freshmen were ordered by upperclassman to sing christmas carols dressed in costumes. a retired canine officer passed away this weekend. former k-9 officer cash died saturday due to an age-related illness. cash served along side side greenville county deputy hal harris from 2004 to 2009. during the pair's time together, they were called to serve over
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seizure of a lot of cash. cash was 12-year-old when he -- cash was 12 years old when he died. replacingtwo sought on these of the highway between state highway exit and the new cup road exit will happen today as a real-life sky4. 80 tour will be set up as crews replace part of the bridge. committee dot officials say night. still to come, it's being called a daring and elaborate escape. we show you what three men went through to get out of a maximum security jail. plus, it's crunch time. one week left until the iowa caucus, and the race for the white house is heating up. chris: a warm up headed our way for this weekend, but before then, the model shows one more
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mountains.i will have the fourth forecast
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meteorologist dageoff: turning to commitment 2016 coverage this afternoon with the iowa caucuses just a , week away, candidates are getting more endorsements. "the des moines register endorsed hilary clinton and marco rubio over the weekend while clinton also gained the backing of "the boston globe." ted cruz gained glenn beck's endorsement. meanwhile, former new york mayor michael bloomberg is considering an independent run for the white house. the consideration garnering reaction from both parties. mr. trump: i'd love to have him come in because i love the competition, frankly. i mean it would be great if bloomberg came in. sen. sanders: billionaires are the people that are controlling that is not what in my view american democracy is supposed billionaires. if that ta confident we will win it. geoff: we will continue to
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air and at seven people were injured when an american airlinesmilan, italy, hitove was diverre tts and four passengers were taken to the hospital. the boeing jet had 193 passengers and a crew of 11 on board. southern california police are asking for the pub this afternoon to find three escaped inmates. the inmates broke out of a maximum-security jail last week. the sheriff's department says the men managed to get tools and cut through a metal screen and steel bars. they also say they got onto the roof and rappelled four stories. officials still aren't sure if they had any help. the men are considered armed and dangerous. turning to weather now, the east coast looking to get back to a normal, but it's proving difficult with two feet of sw on the ground. public transportation sl getting back on track while tens of thousands along still without power this . here's a look at that storm by
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11 states declared a snow emergency this weekend. 30 people were killed. 12,000 flights cancelled. an estimated economic impact of $850 million. that's with snow totals topping out at 40 inches in one part of west virginia. take a look at the video from the east coast snowstorm. four big amish horses come to the rescue of this milk trk stuck in the snow in central pennsylvania. the truck driver, chris schultz, said he was initially skeptical after an amish med horses to do the work of pulling between 5,000 to 8,000 pounds. the horses got the front of the truck back on the road and managed not to step on the little mouse running across the road. seriously, how about the work being done there? totals we have seen in different mitchell has 66 inches?
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geoff: that is incredible. is that a record? chris: i don't believe it was. they came close to it. i may have to dig that one backup. temperatures across the area warming up to the 50's across us and that will melt the snow and ice across the area, they playmaking roadways safer. in the morning, especially the northern part of the upste dangerous probably more so than on this note fell because sn ands sleet gives you traction. frozen ice does not. 43 in asheville. working a way away to melt the foot of snow. we have warm temperatures, warmer than we have had lately. this is in hendersonville, currently 43 degrees in downfinally beginning to warm up.
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downtown greenville looking nice. some sunshine acting to melt that snow. in greenville, we will warm up to 48 degrees by 6 p.m. and then cool when the sun goes back to. -- back down. spartanburg will warm up to 40 by 9:00. still a lot of snowfall was some roadways starting to look a little bit bette melting. likely some re-freeze in the mountains. 43 degrees in downtown. up to 46 today by 3:00 p.m. in anderson, a nice day taking shape. 51 degrees. you will warm up to 56 today. cooling bacacdown to 48 when the sun goes down by 6:00. we'll have a few clouds this afternoon and evening when wed overnight hours. our next system begins to take shape. by tomorrow, it will be knocking
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a cold front moving through. it will be rain this time. as it moves through the area, it does not have enough oomf to get south. this may change to a light wintry mix on the backend but that is part one of the storm. part two is the low developing on the front to the south and mo up the east coast. right now it looks like it will be far enough offshore to give us any cap problems at home. some of the models including the european ones did a really nice job with the last storm and they show the mountains getting wintry is the latest time frame. regular rainfall thursday morning. on the back of the system, here is the freezing line. notice there is a little bit of moisture lingering around. at might be a wintry mix thursday night into friday. should not be a big deal because the greatest moisture back to
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air. for the asheville and hendersonville area, maybe one half note and maybe a little -- snow and maybe a little bit of ice. looks like we are on another graphic. here we go. 53 degrees in the greenville spartanburg area. rain moves in tuesday and wednesday and thursday. next weekend, a huge way. geoff: seriously. chris: lower 60's and sunny. geoff: looking forward to the weekend already. great job. thank you so much. let's take a look at some of the pictures sent to u local over the last couple of days. kids are not just sledding, they are kayaking. chris: horsing around out there and it was not just the kids having fun, what is that?
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chris: there we go. my dog had a good time running around. animals love the snow. geoff: my dog loves it out there. if you have some pictures to share with us, we would likee them. you can share them with us by uploading them to our u lol section on our wyff 4 mobile app along with on it is that easy. stay with us.
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geoff: in money matters, let's street. another bad day for the dow but weeks. the nasdaq is down 22. the s&p also suffering at this
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experts are predicting an unusual trend in the wine business. they say that for the first time more than 20 years, consumption is going down. analysts say baby boomers willing to spend big bucks on fine wine are being millennials who are more frugal.
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geoff: behind is here we are taking a look at the scdot camera in spartanburg county. still see a good bit of snow out there. when will that get out of here? chris: if it way to run for three days or more, it is waiting on another the that is the case w one. we will see snow start to melt today.
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few more days to get the feet of snow in many areas out of here. with rain coming in tuesday night and heavy rain wednesday, we could get all of the out of here. it cools down thursday and friday. look at next weekend. it will be gorgeous. sunshine both days, 60's. breakout of flip-flops and the shorts. it will be nice. geoff: that was some kind of storm. chris: it was. geoff: we are talking about getting out of here in a couple days. thank you so much for joining us here. we hope to see you back at 5:00 we're always on p.m.. and right on yn the wyff 4 app. [captioning performed by the national captioning institut caption an] lights. camera. access. i'm assuming this is the reason why you're glowing too. >> oh, well. >> look at that ring! >> how did you guys even meet if. >> the third time's the charm for both mariah and herny
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was that 35-carat rock actually a bargain for this billionaire? >> 15 years is not a long time for a son to get to know his father. >> celene and rene's eldest son speaks. another day of emotion bidding farewell to rene angelil. >> it's about getting better, not bitter. >> a controversial turn for the oscar diversity issue. which acting nominee feel the uproar is actually reverse racism? can you take me higher >> after over a decade of drug and alcohol abuse, it's truly miraculous that scott staff has lived to rise again. >> could have fallen 16 stories to my death but i landed on a ledge. >> lights. camera. access. >> mariah engaged. that ring and that price tag. welcome to "access hollywood." mariah carey announced her engagement to australian
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