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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the sky is grey, and the banks of the lake are covered in snow. sky 4 flew over lake bowen again today. the sun is shining, and although there's still snow on the ground, it is quickly turning to slush. gabrielle: and while the snow is melting in our area, other parts of the country will be dealing with snow for a while. i wanted to share this picture with you. this is my little niece, isabel. she lives in mount holly springs, pennsylvania. she sent me this picture. they got so much snow, you can see it came up to her waist, and if you look behind her, you can see it also reached the front porch of her house. they are not going back to john cessarich joins us. what a great picture. so cute. all that snow, 2-3 feet of snow in the mid-atlantic states and in southeast pennsylvania, record amounts of snow in the
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on average, 1-3 inches l along the i-85 corridor, from a trace to a dusting south of i-85. in the southern upstate, not a whole lot of snow or sleet or rain. of course, north of i-85 in the northern upstate, anywhere from 3-7 plus inches of snow. in the mountains, 7-15 less inches of snow. this could be a record for the most snow from this snowstorm, not just in our area but up and down the eastern seaboard. amounts. i called jeff at the national weather service, take a look at this. this is mount mitchell. six thousand 684 feet at the top. look at this. when the snowstorm came in, 11 inches from early thursday morning until friday.
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this is unofficial. they will continue to look over e data. four-day one inches from friday until saturday in the morthen from saturday morning to sunday morning, a total of 57 inches of snow fell on top of mount mitchell. that would shatter the record from 1993. unbelievable. this is unofficial, though. the top of mount mitchell in north carolina. 57 inches of snow. just incredible. the snowdrifts were from the snow -- from the floor to the ceiling in our studio. now back to you. gabrielle: the highway patrol says weather was a factor in crash that killed a jogger in greenville county. wyff news 4's myra ruiz spoke with the victim's friends. myra: 44-year-old andy van evera of greer was a familiar face to many upstate athletes. >> i mean, he was a presence, and we're definitely going to miss him. myra: his triathlon coach, katie malone, says andy was training for a half-marathon.
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as an engineer. >> so for him, i mean, he had to do it on the weekends. no matter what the weather's doing, you still want to get your workout done. of course, nobody thinks something like this is going to happen. myra: katie says andy went running with a friend. according to the highway patrol, andy was running off the road along highway 14, when an oncoming honda swerved to avoid him. troopers say the driver, 68-year-old daniel hodge of greer, hit a frozen area of the road, and ended up hitting andy. >> i can't imagine how that driver must feel, knowing what happened. myra: the highway patrol is still investigating what happened. andy leaves behind a wife and three children, ages 15, 13, and 9. >> my heart just goes out to the family, because i know how long -- how hard this is going to be for them. myra: myra rui. gabrielle: a couple of riverside high school athletic groups have organized a benefit for andy's
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the chick fil-a on pelham road in greenville will donate a portion of today's sales to his family. nigel: the first winter storm of 2016 blanketed our area with more snow than ice. and as it melts, we are finding more good news. the roads are getting high marks. the first winter storm of 2016 was memorable, but nothing like 11 years ago. >> nothing like 2005. you know, there for a while on friday night, when the freezing rain was coming in, we were all sort of crossing out -- crossing our fingers. we had a couple dozen trees fall down. we were just holding our breath. thankfully, the snow came. the ice went away, and the snow came. nigel: mike murphy with greenville public works says, the 220 miles of city roads, and the 125 miles of scdot state roads, weathered the storm. murphy says there are no reports
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sc-dot says the same. >> we think it went really well. nigel: one of two this year, for the first time, greenville used a salt solution, or brine, on the roads instead of sand. studies showed the sand, in the past, was causing more problems to the roads, and to the water runoff. he says the other reason is because the city has a plan in place to constantly fix roads as soon as problems are reported. >> we'll send a crew out. we have a pothole repair team. that's what they do all day long, every day. we will just hit those hot locations. and also, we rely heavily on customers, our citizens, calling in, letting us know if there is a pothole. nigel: if you know of any problems, you are asked to call your city or county public works, or state dot, to problem and report it. gabrielle: road damage from winter storms is costing carolina taxpayers a bundle. wyff news 4 investigates' tim waller has obtained the latest damage claims from the state d.o.t.
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tim: gabby, potholes are the biggest culprit when it comes to costing state taxpayers. last year alone, the insurance reserve fund paid nearly $1 million for bent rims and blown tires. it's a full-time job fixing the damage that many south carolina roads are causing to vehicles. >> this is just from a pothole. now, imagine this on your front and rear from one side. tim: many drivers are now billing the state, claiming damage from potholes is not their fault. wyff news 4 investigates examined damage claims from the year 2015, and found the state insurance reserve fund paid out $727,000 for damages to vehicles. we found countless payouts for $1,000 or more, for damaged tires and rims, wheels, and alignments, from potholes on highways like interstate 85. wyff news 4 investigates asked, when is the state required to pay? d.o.t. spokesman pete poore said, "if you hit a pothole
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on state d.o.t. to make the repair." "but if it's a pothole that hasn't been reported," poore said, "we don't have to pay the claim." all this, from last winter and the winter before. >> i think there is more to come. tim: with auto repair shops bracing for a new batch of problems. >> there are a lot of roads in south carolina, so money is definitely something that needs to come from a budget to fix them. tim: state officials are quick to point out, not all the money paid out for damage claims last year was from pothole damage. some of those damages were from manhole covers and drains. but in 2015, potholes represented the vast majority of damage claims paid out by the nigel? nigel: thanks, tim. many schools were closed today, including the greenville county school district, which is the largest in the state. that left parents wondering why. for them, is it all or nothing. wyff news 4's aly myles answers your questions. >> i expected it friday, and we
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but still, now? it's like, ok. aly: when you're wrangling three kids into target on a monday, it's easy to get frustrated by a canceled school day. >> there's no reason for school to be canceled. i've been in way worse snow. there's no reason for school to still be canceled when the roads are completely dry. aly: beth brotherton with greenville county schools understands the frustration. >> parents say, "oh, i need to get to work," or, "what am i going to do with my children? it looks great at my house." and we understand all those things. but again, you need to think about the teachers that live far away from their school, think about the students that aren't necessarily at a school within their own neighborhood. district. aly: brotherton says there are schools. the number one reason? safety. >> sometimes, it may seem like we are being overly cautious, but you'd rather be overly cautious than make a mistake and allow somebody to get hurt, either on a bus, or parents
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get their children to school. aly: another reason? finances. if gcs starts shutting some schools for bad weather and not others, it means more operating and personnel costs. >> the other issue is, parents with children at different schools. what do you do for a family to say, ok, your elementary school child, because that school is here, can go to school, but your middle school child, because that school is here, they have to go. aly: according to brotherton, many students and teachers travel to different cities for school. she asks folks to remember, just because there are good conditions in their area, doesn't mean it is for everyone. aly myles, wyff news 4, in greenville county. nigel: beth brotherton also told us there is a pre-filed bill right now in the house that would consider making this the way all districts in south carolina would run their schools. coming up, historic change has come to the emanuel ame church
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gabrielle: an update to a story out of the citadel involving this picture. we know the future of the cadets in the picture. >> we'll only spill in emergency situations, and that' had on friday evening. nigel: for only the fourth time in 54 years, the lake hartwell dam floodgates were opened, as the weather caused the lake to overflow. look at that. john: a live shot down clemson boulevard, partly sunny, a nice breeze out of the south warming us up nicely to 53 degrees. gabrielle: now, het your winning midday numbers in the south carolina education lottery, pick three, 2, 6, 3.
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the upstate is overflowing nigel: the upstate is overflowing with panthers pride as the team gets ready for the super bowl. what a game. gabrielle: and the proof of the pride is in their summer home. wyff news 4's mike mccormicks live and local in spartanburg. mike? mike: a few months ago, the panthers were in spartanburg, practicing for what would be a big yethe training camp itself was huge. $8 million in total economic impact for the area, and more than 77,000 fans. imagine what the camp at wofford college will look like this year, if it's hosting super bowl champions. >> i sent a quick email over to the staff over at panthers camp last week, and they said, give us a few months. we think this could end up
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plan it out right. mike: chris jennings with the spartanburg convention and visitors bureau says the super bowl, which is number 50, >> that's a tremendous international exposure. mike: will no doubt put extra eyes on spartanburg as people learn more about the panthers, and the fact that their owner, their president, and player brenton bersin, all graduated from wofford. >> all these stories about how mr. richardson started, and what's he's done for the all -- all of the carolinas, ar i think it's going to be tremendous. mike: at 6:00, hear from wofford college. he was at the big championship game in charlotte. it. that is coming up at 6:00.mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg.
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nigel: every athlete stream to ga it, last night, wyff news 4's field right after s beat the cardinals. he was joined by greenwood native josh norman. nigel: it's norman's joy after the victory that makes this interview worth another look, ricardo: panthers headed to the super bowl. greenwood native josh norman joins me. how does this >> man, unbelievable. can't describe it. there are a lot of people who are going to get put on blast. look at us! we did it all together, all yearlong. 18-1, 19-one, it doesn't matter, man. we stuck together. i can't describe it. ricardo: what is mean being a south carolina native? >> greenville, south carolina, shout out.
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i have been a carolina boy since day one. this means everything to me. 50. whoo! ricardo: congratulations. josh norman in the panthers, headed to the super bowl. in charlotte, ricardo lecompte, wyff news 4. nigel: an upstate man and his son are accused of scamming people out of money. authorities in union say they did it by claiming they were doing a fundraiser for the boy scouts of america. police say jeff henderson and his son went to a woman's home the cub scouts. the woman's husband found out henderson solicited money for coupon books that were never delivered.
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since 16-year-old cobey smith of greenville and investigators are still searching or anthers. -- four answers. crimestoppers has offered a reward, but no tips have come in that has led to an arrest. upstate deputies say a man is being charged with driving through a building while dragging a deputthe man is charged with attempted murder. deputies say they were searching for gendron's van after he reportedly ran through a building. after spotting the van and gendron, they say he tried to leave with a deputy holding onto him. they say gendron backed up, and the deputy held on for several feet before falling off. gendron was taken to the anderson county detention center. officials say the deputy was not hurt. nigel: in charleston, the church where nine parishioners we new pastor. reverend dr. betty deas clark was appointed the first female pastor at historic emanuel ame church on saturday, and delivered her first sermon, a message of hope, on sunday.
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church's best days are ahead. the church's pastor, the reverend clementa pinckney, who was also a state senator, was one of the victims of last june's shootings. dylann roof is charged in the killings. gabrielle: a total of 14 cadets have been dismissed suspended, , or are receiving on-campus punishment at the citadel military college, after the group appeared in these photos with pillowcases on their heads. many people said these pictures resembled the ku klux klan. the college president announced the decision this morning. the pictures surfaced online late last year. an investigation determined that the freshmen were ordered by upperclassmen to sing christmas carols dressed in costumes. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. showing mid to high level cloud streaming in quickly from the west. here is a weak cold front coming
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you can see a couple sprinkles and light showers along the front. the low and the cold air remains to our north. we get a bit of a break. this will be liquid precipitation monday -- tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. another low will develop on the front and slide south. that could p rain-snow mixed on wednesday for the mountains. speaking of snow, there is still snow. this is live on top of paris mountain. still snow and sleet on the mountain, there is downtown greenville and you can see the clouds streaming in quickly from the west. mid to high level clouds. in the 50's and even 40's in the mountains, 45 in asheville, 41 in boone. continuing, 42 in boone. continuing to melt away the snow, but wesnow, pretty average -- well over a foot of snow, pretty average. 37 in hendersonville, 44 in waynesville, milder in the
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55 in murphy, low 50's in robbinsville, 50 in bryson city. 61 in elberton. in the 50's in the upstate. 52 in spartanburg, 56 in abbeville. the only snow you see in the upstate is really the north side of the trees, anywhere in the shade. anything south-facing, you are melting away the snow. the south wind bringing in milder temperatures up the french broad river into asheville, 40% humidity there. 40% in hendersonville. 49 in raleigh, 46 in greensboro. rebounding nicely after the storm. 58 in columbia, 57 in atlanta. nationally, there is the low along the front. it will lift our way. the back edge of it, snow through iowa moving into minneapolis. the snow is headed into the upper peninsula of michigan.
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half of the country. a lot of snow on the ground. 33 in botwo feet of snow, 2-3 feet in washington dc. 38 in chicago, light snow and flurries. 29 in minneapolis. 65 in dallas, pretty nice. milder temperatures in the central and southern part of texas. that will work its way east end affect us into the weekend. high clouds and chilly tonight, 35 in the upstate, upper 20's to low 30's in the mountains. tomorrow, cloudy with a few showers possible late. high 54. afternoon rain a good bet in the mountains, high 48. the for-day plus looks like this. 60% chance of rain on wednesday. especially in the morning. 50% chance of rain and snow for the mountains on wednesday. snow showers lingering into thursday morning, than a warming trend friday into the upcoming weekend. beautiful weather. in the low 60's. possible this weekend in the
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clara holloway, our umbrella
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health, pre-diabetes. just about one out of three americans have it. most don't know it. there are no symptoms for prediabetes. some common risk factors include being overweight, family history, and age. weight loss, a change in diet, and increased physical activity all play a part in reversing the disease. and, this is key. unless preventive measures are taken, up to 30% of those individuals with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. >> you really have to change some modest lifestyle behavior if you lose approximately 5 to 10% of your current weight, and you increase your physical activity to the equivalent of walking about 30 minutes a day, or 150 minutes a week, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as much as 60%. carol: several teams of experts have teamed up with the ad council to launch a public service campaign that targets prediabetes. you might expect pople who work
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secondhand smoke. and you're right. a new study was small, including just ten hookah bar empl they were all found to have elevated levels of toxins, and markers of inflammation linked to heart disease. experts say secondhand smoke plays a role in 35,000 heart disease deaths each year in the u.s. many of the hookah lounges had no open windows or doors to ventilate the smoke. a few weeks ago, we talked with safe kids upstate about proper dosing when giving children medicine. the message? kitchen measuring spoons are fine for baking, but should not be used when taking care of sick patients. now, in a new study, researchers at cornell university found dosages would be more accurate if drug makers put all dosing information in milliliters, rather than teaspoons. researchers found people thought they could visually estimte a teasason, but often over- or under-served. it's tougher visually estimating
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its always an impressive nigel: it is always an impressive sight. the floodgates at d were opened over the weekend. we will tell you why it had to be done. it has been done before. gabrielle: plus, a tour from sky 4. we take to the air to show you the places where there is still snow and ice. john: a live shot from a top of the greenville hilton, you cansee haywood road along with i-385. traffic flowing nicely.
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