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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thanks for w >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff new dallyson: tempora carolina university has been lifted. it state. the lockdown went into effect at 9:30 well authorities searched for a person with a gun to no shots were reportedly fired. the lockdown was lifted after 1:00 a.m.. authorities believe the arson left the campus with two other people.geoff: school closing, at least delays, a change of plans for south carolina's largesallyson: a man is in a hospital after a mall shooting. how authorities say he ended up 25 feet below a retaining wall. geoff: i'm geoff hart. allyson: i'm allyson powell. dale: good to see you.
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moclouds are building and we will get showers later on this afternoon. just rain showers. cool this morning, 35 degrees in gras we check out some of the other areas around the southeast, we are lookins beginning near the mountains will see some rain earlier. especially around lunchtime, early afternoon, and 3:00, 4:00, the upstate will get scattered showers today. it will not be a biggie, but just a rain jacket or umbrella not a bad idea. temperatures this morning ranging from 28 in asheville to 35 in greenville. low 30's in abbeville and greenwood. it is chilly. librwhen the year in hendersonville -- light breeze for the upstate and windier in hendersonville. chance of n showers, we will reach 54 which is typical for this time of the year and mountains reach 50.
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of the recalle many school district are delayed this morning or closed. you can see threallyson: many parents had complaints. they say the roads looked fine sky4 on some trouble spots. school officials say the number one reason to close or dofficials say they have 75,000 students and 10,000 employees. about 10,000 of the students have school choice and go to magnet schools. those schools are sometimes no where near their homes. how do you make a dividing line? how do you decide ok, wait a second, a couple of schools have to make up one or two days. you need to keep a con calendar for the sake of the entire county financially. allyson: the greenville county school district is on a 2 hour delay this morning. today's delay in greenville county is actually a new process. geoff: wyff news 4's aly myles
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myra:aly: what we are dealing with is even though it was so nice and yesterday and the snow and residue ice melted, it has gone back to being icy out here. officials informed all parents and children in greenvillecounty that some primary and secondary roads in north greenville athat is part of the reason this new delayed opening process is going into action for today. essentially, all schools operate on a two hour delay. school buildings will not open until two hours later. officials say individual row conditions vary. this is sky4 video over greenville cthe type of roads the school district is worried about. they say you this -- decide to take your child to school. if you believe it is safer to stay home, stay home, but called the school to tell them. missed work may be made up.
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aly myles live here at travelers rest. geoff: the school district also wants you to know that bus transportation will not be available for the people live in these school attendance areas. the elementary schools include. gateway, heritage, mountain view, skyland, slater-marietta and tigerville. the middle school areas are blue ridge and northwest middle schools. travelers rest and blue ridge high schools are the two high schools. again this is for students who , live in these attendance areas. that includes students both assigned to these school and those attending other schools on choice. allyson: after a brutal winter weekend greenville public works , and the sc-dot says there are no reports of any majore to roads. for the first time greenville used a salt solution or brine on the roads instead of sand. studies showed the san past was causing more problems to the roads and to the water run off. city officials say the other
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plan in place to constantly fix roads as soon as problems were reported. >> we'll send a crew out we have a pothole repair team thats -- that is what they do all day long every day.we will just hit those hot locati and also we rely heavily on customers, our citizens calling in and letting us know if there is a pothole. allyson: if you know of any problems. you are asked to call your city or county public works, or state dot geoff: south carolina taxpayers are still footing the bill from last year's winter, in terms of pothole damage to cars in 2015, drivers who submitted damage claims to the state department of transportation were reimbursed $727,000. the vast majority of those payouts had to do with potholes, that had been reported to the state, but had not been fixed. wyff news 4 investigates found many claims for a thousand dollars or more.
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damage to a car driving on interstate 26. the shop manager at aaa carolinas on woodruff road, showed us what potholes can do to a car. >> this is just from a pothole. now imagine this on your front and rear from one side. geoff: you can file a claim with scdot if they know about the pothole, and failed to fix it. if it's a new pothole that hasn't been reporte say it's your responsibilit pay for repairs. allyson: to union county. troopers say the winter conditions claimed a life there. the coroner identified the man as 61-year-old jimmy thomas. the wreck happened saturday afternoon on highway 9 close to jonesville. troopers say thomas was heading south when his car veered off the road, he then hit a ditch and a tree. thomas was airlifted to a hospital where he later died. geoff: the highway patrol says
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a role in the deadly crathe 44-year-old died after being hit by a car while running on saturday. friends say he was training for a half marathon. troopers say van evera was running off the roadwa direction of a car along highway 14. investigators say the driver of a honda swerved to avoid him but ended up hitting any icy patch of road. the car hit van evera. >> he was a father to three children and he didn't come back from his run that day. i think when you look at it like that, it could be any of us out there. geoff: incredibly sad story. troopers say van evera died at the hospital. allyson: the hartwell dam flood gates closed yesterday after being open for the weekend. that marks only the 4th time in 54 years that those gates had been opened. spectators stood near the dam to watch. the water had been at 662 feet two feet over what's considered , full pool during the summer months. with a forecast of even more rain over the weekend the
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geoff: 4:38, coming up on 4:38, it is another chilly morning. dale: watch for icy spots that will be a concern over the there were shady spots in a neighborhood and there was still a sheet of ice. i'm glad i didn't have to stop quickly. i would've had to slwatch out for those patches here and there. as we look at our woodruff road skycam, nothing going on other than clouds building. we are seeing a few showers develop in the carrot -- tennessee border. that will be the story today of rain showers. we won't see a lot of accumulation from that. a 10th of an inch, perhaps. this event will take place this afternoon, this evening into tomothen we see better weather coming in for friday, saturday, and sunday. keep that in mind as you make your afternoon plans. for the mountains, it will be 2:00 that we start to see more showers.4:00 for the upstate, this will
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we will see a chance of a few showers, even into thursday. the mountains may see a snow-rain next early thursday temperatures range from 35 in greenville -- a few other communities in north carolina wh colder, 32 in brevard. of course, areas in the mountains i got a lot of snow isl there and still causing delays and closings as you will say of the book -- see at the bottom olight breezes for the upstate, calm in greenville and afor the afternoon, we will see to mergers reach 54 for the mountains, upper 40's to 50. we will get scattered showers this afternoon, this evening. showers likely on wednesday, a rain snow mix thursday in the mountains. look at the weekend. beautiful, friday, 51 for a
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great weekend to get outdoors. the warmer days will get rid of the snow. geoff: 4:40 now, next year, how teens and a stolen car chase ended up falling 25 feet outside allyson: one year since a 16-year-old was killed in the upstate. how his family is helping as mental after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym . allyson: a nine-year-old caught inside his home -- shot inside his home during a drive-by shooting. deputies say no arrests have been made. according to an incident repo it happened saturday night, at a home on crooked creek court. the boy's mother told investigators she was in h bedroom when she heard several gunshots. minutes later, the boy showed up at her bedroom wit wound to the leg. he was taken to the hospital, with non-life threatening injuries. geoff: in columbia. a surveillance camera caught a shoot out between two concealed weapons permit holders and a pair of armed robbery suspects. it all happened friday night at the next up barber and beauty on fort jackson boulevard. several people including children, were inside the business when two armed men demanded and stole money. one of the suspects was killed.
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allyson: it's been a year since 16-year-old cobey smith was killed in greenville. investigators are still searching for answers. smith's body was found on january 25, 2015, by the sliding rock creek trail. that's not far from smith's home at heritage park. last night a candlelight vigil was held on clark street in the nicholtown community. family members tell us they are still seeking justice for cobey's death >> i mean, it's been a year now since he's been away from us. it kind of makes you ask questions like if everybody has given up. but i'm not going to give up on him. allyson: crimestoppers offered a reward but no tips have come in that have led to an arrest. geoff: an armed man running from police at a mall, ended up falling 25 feet while trying to get away from poli the man was identified as 19-year-old jamoral lee hill. this happened at a mall in gastonia. police say the owner of a stolen vehicle spotted his car at the mall and told them who was driving it. they found hill in the mall and
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they say he ran outside, fired a shot at officers and jumped over a retaining wall. hill fell 25 feet. he was taken to the hospital. he is expected to su geoff: despite a tightening presidential race rumors fly that one more person may consider running. dale: it is a cold morning. you may see some showers this
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dale: good morning, it is 4:48 as we look out from our various skycam's. we have clouds that will be building today, 30 degrees in spartait is chilly. watch out for black ice. still a problem in those areas that still have ice and snow over the wlook out for slippery spots early. temperatures in the mountains any we are seeing light precipitation impact the tennessee-north carolina border. this will pick up early this afternoon and then in the upstate, 5:00, we will get showers, too. showers become likely tonight through tomorrow and even into early thursday before it fhere is our future plus
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we put into motion. the mountains will see action ar lunchtime, early afternoon, and then the afternoon and evening for the, mostly cloudy, a chance of showers, even into thursday. we will get on-again off-again showers over the next coupletemperature is right now range from greenville to abbeville at 31. pickens county, typically recording chillier temperatures, pickens at 26, easily at 28. salem to walhalla, 28-38. we will see the temperatures this afternoon regional levels for this time of the year. -- reach normal levels. hendersonville at nine makes it feel chillier. at this time of the year, on a 30 year basis on average, we see low 30's in the mornings, low 50's for the afternoon. today is a typical day. a record of 79 -- isn't that
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we can have warm days this time of the year. look at asheville's record. 73 setback in 1950. 40's are average and we will see that 250 for a high today. showers on wednesday into early thursday and then that systemn the mountains may see a rain-snow mix on wednesday night into early thursday. it changes to rain and comes to an end. chilly for most of the country. denver at 19, boston at 30, even atlanta is cool this morning at 43. nothing like what we had a few days ago.
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back to normal. but... it's proving difficult with two feet of snow on the ground. here's a look at that storm by the numbers: 11 states afternoon. as we look ahead with the four-day looks to by,ttles in for fr morning. ni ngeoff: it is 4:51 e's proving di thre d at least 37 people were killed. 12,000 flights cancelled and the storm had an estimated economic impact of $850 million. allyson: some areas of new york city and long island continue tomajor snow still blankets roads and buildings. the roads are so bad, even city plowing crews got stuck, having to dig themselvet.>> it's a difficult job. it's not easy getting down these blocks. we're going to try now and see if he can move. allyson: new york city mayor bill de blasio says that most primary and secondary roads are clear. but he admits that smaller streets are what he calls a
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geoff: former north -- new york city geoff: it's a different mayor michael bloomberg may launch a presidential e told us over the weekend. he is expected to make his run in march. he said he would run as an independent. allyson: ted cruz has received a big endorsement. former presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry is endorsing cruz for president. he says he believes cruz is by far the most consistent conservative. this is a crucial time for that support since the iowa caucuses are a week away. geoff: when the carolina panthers and the denver broncos square off in super bowl 50. the denver broncos say they will wear their white uniforms as the home team. the afc is always the home team in even numbered years. the panthers say they'll wear their black jerseys february seven. meanwhile panthers all-pro linebacker thomas davis looks probable for the game. he found out he broke his arm on
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sunday. davis' surgery yesterday morning went well by all accounts. head coach ron rivera says davis probably needs to wear a brace on his right arm but he should be ready. another player ready to go panthers quarterback cam newton. , brad fralick has more on the guy that may be the nfl player of the year. brad: cam newton was the overall pick in the 2011 draft for the carolina panthers. he said back then he wanted to get this team to a super bowl. a few short years later, the panthers are heading to super bowl 50. >> i think the super bowl means for us as a whole, as an organization to the carolina panthers, to everybody that wears carolina blue and black and leads carolina blue and black, it has been a long time coming.
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have to ask yourself, why t us ? we are going to play this game for multiple reasons and multiple people.the people who play in the super bowl who played before us and didn't win, -- brent: cam newton against peyton manning. here is an interesting stat. it is the first time in super bowl history that two number one overall picks would go each other and the quarterback position. in charlotte, brad fralick, news four. allyson: the next generation of parenthood goes hands free.
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dale: 4:57 is the time as we look at our laurens skycam. 36 degrees this morning. folks are getting ready for a new day. whether is ice on the ground, snow on the ground, watch out for black ice that is formed with anything that melted yesterday. cold enough this morning towatch out for slippery spots. we are going to get some new precipitation in the mountaithere may be a snow-rain mix in
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afternoon to the mountains later this afternoon for the upstate. we will see temperatures in the upper 20's and 30's climb today to normal range. upper 40's to 50 in the mountains and low 50's expected in the upstate. not a bad check bottom of the screen for those closings or delays across the region for schools and businesses because of slippery spots. some places like the mountains of north carolina and georgia got a lot more than geoff: looking forward to the sunshine coming up this weekend. will -- mornings buzz, a new stroller is aiming to make parents' lives a l or a little lazier, we don't know. allyson: we were trying to decide. allyson: designers are w on a self-propelling stroller called the smart-be. an electric engine will make for going uphill easier. geoff: i'm just enjoying the video. a promotional video. allyson: this part.
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[laughter] it also features get this a bottle warmer, built-in music and a rocker, internal and external cameras, as w wl as three different retrac canopies. geoff: you like this? dale: the good thing about it, only $3000? it is made by the same company who makes the hoverboard, so i coulallyson: when he goes up and fire? [laughter] we know how you hover around. dale: when i see that stroller going out, what happens if you down? now you have to catch the stroller? allyson: i don't know about you, but when i run come i like the extra effort of pushing thegeoff: i like pushing a stroller. allyson: i think that is your extra work out. you can use your arms are pushing the stroller up? dale: $3000.
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