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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 todaygeoff: new this morning. lockdown for a north carolina university has been lifted. the lockdown was for nston-salem state. the school is near wake forest. officials say lockdown went into effect at 9:30 while authorities search for a person with a gun. no shots were reportedly fired. lockdown was lifted just after 1:00 a.m, authorities believe the person left campus with two other people. allyson: also in this morning's headlines. school closings. a change of plans for the south carolina's largest school district. you may want to hear this. geoff: and south carolina taxpayers footing the bill for pothole damage to their cars. how you can get the state to reimburse you for car due to bumpy roads. allyson: right at 5:00 this morning, checking in with dale, how doesth the?
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as we have been the last couple of mornings. watch out for icy spots, especially on mo roads were temperatures that cold enough to re-freeze annew precipitation coming in. take an umbrella. you will need it. this will impact the mountains before long. why 4:00, parts -- by 4:00 all parts of the upstate will be showers, too. anderson at 31. we will see an afternoon high today of low to mid 50's in the piedmont and low to mid 50's in the upstate. temperature wise, a nice day. this will help the continuing melting of the snow and ictemperatures in the 50's for the upstate, upper 40's to 50 expected in the mountains, too. we will talk more about what you can expect this weekend in a few allyson: many school district's are on a delay this morning or closed. you can see them at the bogeoff: many parents had complaints after yesterday's school closings in greenville county. they say many of the roads looked fine yesterday.
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one reason to close or delay is safety. officials say they have 75,000 students and 10,000 employees. about 10,000 of the students have school choice and go to magnet schools. those schools are sometimes no where near there homes. >> how do you make a dividing line? how do you decide ok, wait a second, a couple of sc to make up one or two days. you need to keep a consistent calendar for the sake of the entire county financially. geoff: beth says many teachers also travel far to get to work. allyson: today's delay in greenville county is actually a new process. geoff: let's get more on that from aly myles who is outside travelers re good morning, guys, happy tuesday. we are over here right by travelers rest high school across the streethis area, they are dealing with ice and snow still on thif you look over here, you can
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officials informed all parents and children in greenville county schools that some and secondary roads in north greenville county are still icy. they enacted this new delayed opening process for today. essentially all schools operate , on a two-hour delay. and school buildings will not open until two hours later than usual. but officials say individual road conditions vary. this is sky 4 video over greenville county of the type of roads that the school district is worried about. they say you have to decide if it's safe to take your child to school. and if you believe it's safer to stay home, then stay home but call the school to tell them. officials say an absence today will be excused and missed work may be made up. the school says ititid send a message to all greenville county parents detailing the information you need to know. we also lebanon our website, we are live here in travelers rest.
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the school district also wants you to know that bus transportation will not be available for the people who live in these school a areas. the elementary schools i. gateway, heritage, mountain view, skyland, slater-marietta and tigerville. the middle school areas are blue ridge and northwest middle schools. travelers rest and blue ridge high schools are the two high schools. again this is for students who live in these attendance areas. that includes students both assigned to these school and those attending other schools by choice. geoff: after a brutal winter weekend. greenville public works and the sc-dot says there are no reports of any major damage to. for the first time greenville used a salt solution or brine on the roads instead of sand. studies showed the sand in the past was causing more problems to the roads and to the water run off. city officials say the other reason is because they had a plan in place to constantly fix roads as soon as problems were reported. >> we'll send a crew out we have a pothole repair team. that is what they do, all day long, everydaywe will just hit those hot locations.
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customers, our citizens calling in, letting us know if there is a pothole. geoff: if you know of any problems. you are asked to call your city or county public works, or state dot allyson: south carolina taxpayers are still footing the bill from last year's winter, in terms of pothole damage to cars. in 2015, drivers who submitted damage claims to the state department of transportation were reimbursed $727,000. the vast majority of those payouts had to do with potholes, that had been reported to the state, but had not been fixed. you can file a claim with scdot if the state knows about the pothole, and failed to fix it. if it's a new pothole that hasn't been reported, officials say it's your responsibility to pay for repairs. geoff: to union county now. troopers say the wintery conditions claimed a life there. the coroner identified the man as 61-year-old jimmy thomas. the wreck happened saturday afternoon on highway nine close to jones though.-- jones though.
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south when his car veered off the road, he then hit a ditch and a tree. thomas was airlifted to a hospital where he later died. allyson: highway patrol says winter weather conditions played in a deadly crash that killed a try after -- triathlete. friends say he was training for a half marathon. troopers say van evera was running off the roadway in the direction of a car along highway 14. investigators say the driver of a honda swerved to avoid him but ended up hitting any icy patch of road. the car hit van evera. troopers say he died at the hospital. geoff: the hartwell dam flood gates closed yesterd being open for the weekend. that marks only the 4th time in 54 years that those gates had been opened. spectators stood near the dam to watch the water had been at 662 feet two feet over what's considered full pool during the summer months. with a forecast of even more rain over the weekend the decision was made for safety.
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taylors smelled a strong odor of gas last night. the taylors fire department tells wyff news 4 that a piedmont natural gas line broke. that pipeline is on mill street in taylors just outside the taylors mill apartments. crews on scene told us no one was injured. they turned off gas in the pipeline in order to fix it. no word on when the line will be repaired. geoff: each year seniors lose millions of dollars to phone scammers and one easley woman is a victim. barbara hancock answered her phone two months ago and was told she's won a $3.6 million sweepstake prize. the caller asked her to send money for the taxes. she did but kept getting the run around and she was conned into sending more and more money. finally the widow realized she'd been scammed out of $67,000. i was so, so nieve in trusting -- naive in trusting that they
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collects>> they did not. they took everything i got. i don't have a penny in my bank account. geoff: hancock is meeting later today with law enforcement to see if they can help get some of her money back. allyson: is hard. geoff: ishaqi that we have people in this world they go after the elderly. -- it just shocks you. that is a hard one. we can only hope she can somehow get some of that moneyk area let's turn to the weather because once again, it is another ice scraping morning if you don't have a garage. dale: it is cold as you step outdoors early. by the afternoon, we see improving temperatures. today, we are going to season rain. we are already starting to see sprinkles on the tennessee-north carolina bordeno problems on woodruff road as
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we start seeing light showe upstate area along the tennessee-north carolina border, getting a little bit from this next front, it is going to impact us today, tonight, into early thursday. things will clear up from there. the mountains may see a rain-snow mix in the higher elevations, especially on thursday morning. here is our future plus. our computer model. we put into play showing showers first in the mountains and by 4:00, parts of the upstate start to get showers and a continues overnight and we get more action torain likely into wednesday and early thursday morning. there will be flurries in the mountains of north carolina and then we changed to rain. 34 in asheville, 35 in franklin, not as cold as it has been.boone still in the 20's. spartanburg, greenwood, abbeville all at 30. we may drop a degree before it starts to climb. afternoon temperatures today reach normal levels. that is in the 50's.
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cooler tomorrow with rain likely in the wednesday forecast. thursday, highs low to mid 40's. it clears up, son is back friday through the weekend. we see low 50's friday, 60 on saturday, upper 50's sunday. nice afternoons to enjoy for the upstate and mountains through the weekend and mild for the first of the week with a slight chance of shs on monday. allyson: in the midst of a winter blizzard. a reporter has a little fun during wall-to-wall co geoff: a record weekend for cable providers. why so many people were parked in front of their tv's.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're
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i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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in anderson... a 9-year-old geoff: a 9-year-old was shot inside his home during a drive-by shooting. deputies say no arrests have been made. according to an incident report it happened saturday night, at a home on crooked creek court. the boy's mother told investigators she was in her bedroom when she heard several gunshots. minutes later, the boy showed up at her bedroom wit wound to the leg. he was taken t, with non-life threatening injuries. allyson: in columbia.
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shoot out between two concealed weapons permit holders and a pair of armed robbery suspects. it all happened friday night at the next up barber and beauty on fort jackson boulevard. several people including children, were inside the business when two armed men demanded and stole mon one of the suspects was killed. the other remains at large. geoff: it's been a year since 16-year-old cobey smith was killed in greenville. investigators are still searching for answers. smith's body was found on january 25, 2015, by the sliding rock creek trail. that's not far from smith's home at heritage last night a candlelight vigil was held on clark street in the nicholtown community. crimestoppers offered a reward but no tips have com have led to an arrest. allyson: an armed man running from police at a mall, ended up falling 25 feet while trying to get away from police. the man was identified as 19-year-old jamoral lee hill. this happened at a mall in gastonia. police say the owner of a stolen vehicle spotted hi mall and told them who was driving it. they found hill in the mall and a foot chase started. they say he ran outside, fia shot at officers and jumped over a retaining wall. hill fell 25 feet.
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he is expected to su geoff: a total of 14 cadets have been dismissed suspended or are receiving on-campus punishment at the citadel military college. after a group appeared in these photos with pillowcases on their heads. many people said these pictures resembled the ku klux klan. the college president announced the decision yesterday the pictures surfaced online late last year. an investigation determined that the freshmen were upperclassmen to sing chris carols dressed in costumes. the president also says he will set up a task force to make recommendations to increase diversity amond students and staff. allyson: a record month for gun sales in south carolina. the reason for the sudden spike. dale: take an umbrella.
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dale: we will see building clouds today, 34 degrees. this is our downtime skycam looking at downtown and the
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we have a chilly morning across the region. anywhere where ice myesterday, rose remain wet, the re-froze overnight. we have cold conditions over parts of the mountains and tupstate. we are seeing several locations reporting below freezing here comes another front that will produce rain starting early this morning in the mountains, continuing into the afternoon. the upstate will see some here is our future plus forecast. 3:00, 4:00, we see showers in the upstate they become likely overnight into tomorrow and even early thursday. we will still be getting showers. the mountains may even see a snow-rain mix on thursday morning. 26 in boone seems to be the coldest spot. 30 in spartanburg, abbeville, greenwood, all at 30. let's check on the other communities in the piedmont. we are seeing laurens at 34, it can be a chilly beginning to this morning. definitely a warm jacket is a good idea.
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for how yoimpacted because there are still slippery roads in some of the higherlight breeze now, we will see 5-7 mile-per-hour southwesterly breeze today. average this time of year, 53. we are looking at 54. on the money today. look at the records, what a differenceeight in 1940. 79 in 1909. we can have those unusually warm spells and cold spells at this time oaverage for the mountains typically is 20's in the morning, 48 we will be right at that today with 48-50 the anticipated high. here comes showers for parts of the east coast. stretching from texas, louisiana, right up to the appalachian moun range. it becomes a wintry mix of whether from west virginia and pennsylvania up into new york.down south, we basically just get rain. nationally, cold temperatures dominating a good bit of a cold with
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and upper 40's for thas we look ahead with the four-day plus forecast, after the ra afternoon, it clears up for friday, looking good. saturday and sunday, beautiful, 60 in the upstate, 57 in the mountains it looks like great weather to get outdoors from friday on. geoff: residents of at least one california apartment complex have been ordered to get out due to fears the struc into the pacific ocean. shocking video here shows the cliffs crumbling, in part, due to the current el nio winter. the esplanade apartments in pacifica is located on cliffs police posted yellow tags on residents' doors warning some residents say they have no plans to leave despite the order and previous evacuations. allyson: the east coast-looking to get back to normal.
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two feet of snow on the ground. here's a look at that storm by the numbers, 11 states declared a snow emergency this weekend at least 37 people were killed. 12,000 flights cancelled and the storm had an estim economic impact of $850 million. one part of west virginia had 40 inches of snow. geoff: major snow still blankets roads and buildings. >> they are paralyzed by this storm. >> i can go to work because i was afraid. geoff: phil dubois zero saying most primary and secondary roads are closed. he admits smaller streets are what he calls a mixed bag.allyson: in washington, d c, the mayor warns they will be doing with snow all >> while we have made some
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more tallyson: d.c.'s mayor says she will be asking for federal help to dig out. turning to commend 2016, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg may launch a presidential run. that is what a source told cnn over the weekend. the source says the 73-year-old is expected to make a decision in march. bloomberg would run as an independent. a spokesman person for the former mayor declined to cogeoff: ted cruz has received a big endorsement. former candidate of -- and texas governor rick perry is endorsing crews for he says he believes crews is by far the most consistentconservative. this is a crucial time for that
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allyson: cohen made 40 pints of ice cream he calls bernie's evening he is giving away 25 pints in a contest run by sanders campaign. the contest launched yesterday and ends on february 3. this weekend's winter storm kept many people along the easthat meant cable boxes were working overtime. at one point on saturday, nearly 1.3 million comcast customers used x finnerty -- xfinity on demand to watch tv shows. in total, viewing for comcast was up 43% from a week earlier. 5:24 now, i look outside of our hilton-greenville skycam. looking n it did a few days ago.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. : 28 as we -- 5:28. we are going to see clouds build across the area today. already seen light rain and a couple of spots and swain county, graham county, cherokee and north carolina. the fronl bring rain tonight and through tomorrow. we won't get a lot, but about 1/10 of an inch of rain in a few spots. it will be basically rain. the mountains may see of rain and snow mixed on the morning hours of thursday but just rain today. 31 in anderson, 34 and asheville, 32 and lauren. anywhere in the mountains, still very cold so watch out for black ice.
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the normal range. 54 for the upstate, upper 40's to 50's for the mountains today. an umbrella or rain jacket will be a good idea later on.geoff: good advice. in this morning's buzz, the snow storm brought more than snow to an upstate family. allyosn: mandy kugler and her husband used snowmen to announce that they are expecting a new baby. you can see one snowman for each family member. mandy says the baby will be born in october of 2016. she shared her story with us and we hope you will, too. send us pictures on ulocal online or on our mobile app. geoff: that is terrific. a great way. allyson: a great little idea. geoff: good stuff. allyson: our news continues
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