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[captioning which is responsible forallyson: you this morning, i walked out for a north carolina university has been lifted for m state new wake forest. the lockdown went into effect at 9:30 while he searched for person with a gun. no shots were fired. the lockdown was lifted after 1:00 a.m. authorities believe the person left campus with two othergeoff: school closings could change the plans for south carolina's largest school district. plus, taxpayers footing the bill for pothole damage to their cars. how to get the state to reimburse you for car repairs due to bumpy roads. let's check with dale and rain is coming. dale: we will get more rain today, alreaea seen some in the mountains. it will be later this afternoon in the upstate, so not a bad idea to get the rain jacket for when it comes. temperatures are chilly when we head out the door this morning.
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snow, some saw a lot. in greenville county, such a long counted that higher elevations are dealing with slippery dobviously, in western north carolina, too. watch out for areas of black ice, and light rain is coming in for today, tonight and into tomorrow. we will see that taper off by thursday. as far as temperatures this morning, as you step outdoors, it is chilly. greenville at 34. let's check on a few of the communities. caesar's head at 31, boiling springs and spartanburg right at 30. light breezes this morning will pick up five to seven for the afternoon and we are looking at 54 point upstate high today. upper 40's for the mountains with showers. keep that in mind. we will have more on what the
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geoff: many school district are closed and you can see them at the bottom of your screen. allyson: many parents had complaints, saying that many of the roads look fine yesterday, but sky4 did find trouble spots. one reason to close is safety. they say they have 10,000 employees in about 10,000 of the go to magnet schools. those schools are sometimes never near -- knowing near tbeth brotherton says many teachers also traveled far to work. today's delay is a new process. geoff: letets get with aly myles cu's live in travelers aly: good morning. we're live in travelers rest or you take a look behind me and
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the roads around here in this section are clear but we have seen icy patches. officials informed all parents in greenville county schools that primary and secondary roads in north g still icy. that's why they enacted this new delayed opening process for today. essentially, all schools operate on a two-hour delay, and school buildings will not open until two hours later than usual. but officials say individual road conditions vary so you have to decide if it's safe to take your child to school. this is sky4 video over greenville county. they say if you believe it's safer to stay home, theny home but call the school to tell them. will be excused and missed work the school says it did send a phone message to par all of the information you need we also have it on for you. aly myles wyff news 4 live in travelers rest. geoff: thank you, aly. the school district t so wants transportation will not be
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live in these school attendance areas. the elementary schools include gateway, heritage, mountain view, skyland, slater-marietta and tigerville. the middle school areas are blue ridge and northwest middle schools. travelers rest and blue ridge high schools are the two high schools. again, this is for students who live in these attendance areas. that includes students both assigned to these school and those attending other schools on choice. allyson: after a brutal winter weekend, they say there are no reports of major road damage. greenville used a salt solution or brine on the roads instead of sand for the first time. studies showed the sand in the past was causing more problems. plus, water run off. city officials say the other reason is because they had a plan to constantly fix roads as s reported. >> we will send a clear out and we have a pothole repair team and that is what they do all day
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we will hit the hot locations and then we also rely heavily on citizens calling in, letting us know if there is a pothole. allyson: if you know of any problems, you're asked to call your state dot. geoff: south carolina taxpayers are still footing the bill from last year's winter in terms of pothole damage to cars. in 2015, drivers who submitted damage claims to dot were reimbursed $727,000. the vast majority of those had to do with potholes. you can file a claim with dot if they know about the pothole and failed to fix it. any claims or $1000 or more and one claim was for $3300 for pothole to damage to a car driving on interstate 26. the shop showed us what potholes could do to the cars. >> this is just from a pothole.
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rear on one side. geoff: not so good on the rams. if it's a new pothole not yet reported, officials say it's your responsibility to pay for repairs. allyson: in union county, the winter conditions claimed the life. the coroner identified the man as 61-year-old jimmy thomas. the wreck happened saturday afternoon on highway 9 jonesville. troopers say thomas was heading south when his car veered off the road. he then hit a ditch and a tree. thomas was airlift hospital, where he later died. geoff: the highway patrol says this weekend's winter weather played a role in a involving a tri-athlete. 44-year-old andy van evera of greer died saturday. friends say he was training for a half-marathon. troopers say van evera was running off the roadway in the direction of a car along highway 14. investigators say the driver of a honda swerved to avoid him but
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road. the car hit him. >> he was a father to three children and he didn't come back from his run that day, and i think when you look at it like that, it could be any of us out there. geoff: troopers say van evera died at the hospital. allyson: the hartwell dam flood gates are closed after opening friday. it's only the fourth time in 54 years those gates were opened. the water was five f than its targeted level after precipitation from the winter storm. the decision was made to be safe and open them because of concerns about whether crews could get in to open t gates during the storm if necessary. the decision was made for safety. geoff: we have dish and -- we have different conditions coming with rain.: we will take that. let's see what is going on. we have clouds building today,
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is downtown greenville or mark peace center skycam. the liberty bridge is in the background.still cold enough to support the ice or re-freeze, whatever melts overnight. we are seeing light rain falling along the tennessee and north carolina border. that is the next front that will impact the mountains first and reaching the upstate later. an umbrella or rain jacket is not a bad idea to keep handy today. it will not be a event, just the rain event.early thursday morning, what is left of the precipitation could be a mix of rain, snow. here is our future class. by about 4:00 or 5:00, he gets more active in the upstate and piedmont. continues to the day tomorrow and we get breaks early thursday morning when it should be coming to an end. temperatures the chili is didn't
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boone at 38. easley checks and that 28, so dress warmly today. check the bottom of the screen for information about how your school may by icy roads, especially in the mountains of north carolina.y will help improve a lot of that. as a look ahead, we get up into the 50 to 54 range today. hello to upper 40's tomorrow with the rain likely on wednesday. thursday, a feeling green showers and sunday with chilly mornings but beautiful days. upper 50's on sunday. the mountains will go from it 40's on friday to upper 50's for highs satu and sunday. >> good morning, and this morning the race here in iowa , for the 2016 republican nomination at the caucuses just six days away is heating up.
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ted cruz, as cruz new attack ad against donald trump. and let's not forget about the candidates further behind in the pack hoping to make a strong showing coming in pote third like marco rubio, for example. we will have a look at the state of play in the gop race coming up on the "today" show.allyson: look outside geither woodruff road skycam.
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geoff: super bowl 50 less than two weeks away and the carolina panthers ar broncos about to square off. the denver broncos say they will wear their white uniforms as the home team. the afc is always the home team in even numbered years. the panthers say they'll wear their black jerseys february 7. meanwhile, panthers all-pro linebacker thomas davis looks probable for the game. he found out he broke his arm on this play against arizona, sunday. kind of a break play -- eight freak play. davis' surgery yesterday morning went well by all accounts. head coach ron rivera says davis probably needs to wear a brace on his right arm but he should be ready. another player ready to go panthers, quarterback cam newton. brad fralick has more on newton
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brad: cam newton was the number one pick. he said back then that he wanted to get this team to a super bowl. a few short years later and the panthers are headed to super >> i think the super bowl means for us from an organization to the carolina panthers and to everybody that wears carolina blue and black and bleeds carolina blue and black, it has been a long time coming. it is a cliche question that you have to ask yourself, why not us are smart -- why not us? so we're going to play this game for multiple people and for the forefathers to have played in the super bowl before that who did not win, and the people who are back in this 704. brad: an intriguing matchup. cam newton against peyton manning. here is an interesting stat, the
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takes will -- overall takes will go against each other in the quallyson: when it comes to facebook, a new study says you may not have as many frisdale: we will talk about what
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toda >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:48 as we look at our skycam's. we have increasing clouds. laurens, 32 degrees. there are still icy spots, especially in the mountains. we will be icy again. here comes the rain right across the tennessee-north carolina border impacting not cherokee, graham county, swain county, and it will be light rain. it will pick up this afternoon and tonight. this will be our next little system coming through.
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tomorrow, but there is a 40% to 50% chance of showers today. about 3:00 or 4:00, active in the mountains in the upstate later tonight and into tomorrow and itthere will be a lingering shower in the mountains on thursday mog and it could be in the snow and rain before it comes to an end. temperatures right now colder in the piedmont and in the foothills. hendersonville at 37 in abbeville at 31. spartanburg at 32. blacksburg at 34, gaffney the same, 33 in lake lure and rutherfordton. a chilly beginning. temperatures will rebound into the normal range for the afternoon. five to seven mile per hour breeze out of the souththst is at the upstate will see more in the mountains. average this time of the year is 53 for a high, 32 for a low, and
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right whthe outlook for the mountains normally see 27 early, 48 for the afternoon. we w wl see maybe couple degrees better with a projected high of 50. some rain coming acrsoutheast. it is not a snow event or ice event, just rain. we will see a beautiful weekend shaping up. after these showers get out of. today and tomorrow, things clear up friday and looking great. 54 for the afternoon high with showers in the u utate and mountains. we will see temperatures in the mountains reaching that normal range of 48 to 50. tomorrow, because of the rain, a few degrees cooler with 48 to sunday clears up nicely. 50's on friday onto 60's on saturday and sunday. in the mountains, cool mid 40's friday to upper fit these saturday and sunday. -- to upper 50's saturday and sunday. allyson: thank you. a record 50,000 south
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during december. the statistics come from the fbi criminal background check system. the spike came after president barack obama indicated that he would seek to tighten gun control measures this year. according to the fbi, it was the busiest month for background checks ever in south carolina. in all of 2015, there were a total of 327,000 check a texas grand jury has indicted two anti-abortion activists who secretly shot videos of planned parenthood. center for medical progress founder david daleiden was indicted on a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record. another activist was also indicted on a charge of tampering with a governmental record. the grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing. the center for medical progress is the anti-abortion group that released videos of planned parenthood officials. the officials were discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research. geoff: a new video released by isis shows the planning that went into the terror attacks in paris.
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video. the gruesome roughly 18-minute tape reportedly shows the attackers' so-called final messages and some of the militants beheading hostages. 130 people were killed in the paris attacks, as well as all nine attackers. allyson: southern california police are searching for three escaped inmates. the inmates broke out of a maximum-security jail last week. the sheriff's department says the men managed to get tools and cut through a metal screen and steel bars. they also say they got onto the roof, and repelled four stories down. officials still aren't sure if they had any help. the men are considered armed and dangerous. right now, authorities believe at least two of the three suspect are still in the geoff: take a look. the men woke up and found this guy in his backyard. an eight foot crocodile.
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captured the crocodile, but when he saw, he ran. it was more like a slow stroll. anyway, the crocodile went back into the ocean and a spokesperson says it is not unusual for crocodiles 202 new grids in the upper keys. sure, not sure many were happy to see him. allyson: a new study from the royal society of open science shows that on average, only four of those facebook friends are considered part of y clique. those are people who wou your side during a crisis. the study also says the average person could count just about 13 people as close friends. experts from the university of oxford concluded that while social networks help you keep up with your acquaint don't expand your number of friendships. geoff: a virginia t.v. reporter has a little fun on the job during winter storm coverage last week. jon burkett took time during a live report from chesterfield to make a snowy version of a seven-eleven slurpee. burkett said that, as a child, his mom wouldn't always cave in and buy him the treat during the winter. so he showed viewers how to make
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bottle of cola. allyson: why didn't we think of that? geoff: beth brotherton did thatat one time. allyson: change of pace, find out what this alabama bloodhound did that might make you feel bad for not getting off the couch more. geoff: coming up, the dad and son make a deal, hoping to seal the deal.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: good morning. 5:58 with snow and ice still causing complications with delays and closings. check the bottom of the screen
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it is secondary roads, especially in higher elevations of southcarolina that are icy from what fell of the last few days. as a kick a look at morning temperatures, they are in the 30's. here comes light rain falling along the tennessee-north carolina border that will impact the upstate after lunchtime this afternoo31 in anderson, 30 in greenwood, so cold enough for icy spots to exist in the piedmont and across thwe will see a southwest breeze at about five to 10 today. take an umbrella or rain jacket. rain likely in the forecastwe will see maybe a little rain and snow mix in the mountains ofmorning and it comes to an end with sunshine back for the wegeoff: yes, sir. in this morning's buzz, perhaps a bloodhound in alabama decided to get her new yea out of the way. allyson: you have to hear this. the dog ended up with a top ten finish in a half-marathon.
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backyard the morning of january 16. they say she took her place at the starting line of the trackless trek half marath elkmont. ludivine eventually finished in seventh place. her time -- one hour, 32 minutes, and 56 seconds. ludivine's owner says she was surprised by the performance, because the hound is laid back and lazy. organizers say next year's race will be renanad the hounddog half. geoff: that is outstanding. allyson: so they just ended up in the race with everybody. you think about a hound dog, i would not think that. dale: he is out there, what are we doing? ok, all right. [laughter] geoff: great story. let's get to this morning's headlines. school delays and closings across the area despite some of the parents of same the roads look fine. the new system greenville county
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the east coast continue to dig out from feet of snow.
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