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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologisthis is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: here is a live look outside at lake hartwell from hartwell skycam. looking kind of claudia there on this tuesday afternoonnigel: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist, john cessarich, is in our studio, tracking the latest. john, our warm temperatures headed this way? john: a nice warm-up. nigel has been listening to me. both of you guys, normally they just take a nap while i do the weather. that's not true, they watch. they pretend to be watching and listening. this is all green, good news. liquid precipitation outside the mountains. in the mountains of north carolina, especially close to the tennessee line, a chance the
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the precipitation is light, not a major storm system. it does not take much ice on the roads, even just a trace, to cause slippery conditions. watch out for that. a freezing rain advisory starts in these areas, north counties that border tennessee, from midnight tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning, the mixeg rain or freezing drizzle in these areas. a trace too maybe a couple hundreds of an inch of ice. more about the system and a look ahead at t weekend, later on. now back to you. gabrielle: many people stocked up for this past weekend's storm, knowing they might be stranded for a few days. but for those who rely on others, meals on wheels was there to help. the volunteers follow the greenville county school district policy. if there's no school, they don't deliver. but meals on wheels' executive director says they provided extra frozen meals earlier in the week, and called each client to check on them friday. anyone who said they needed food got a delivery. >> meals on wheels is always thinking about, how can we take care of our clie
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it's a conversation we have all year long, and making sure if we're missing something, what can we think of next to make sure we're doing it the best we can, to make sure our clients are being taken care of. gabrielle: she says when they called the clients to check on them, many said not to d, because they knew it wasn't safe for the volunteers. nigel: in commitment 2016, 8 issues in 8 weeks. tonight, we're looking at jobs and the economy. gabrielle: the unemployment rate stands at 5%, down from 10% in 2009 at the height of the great recession. it's good news, but just scratches the surface of t economic picture. nigel: aixa diaz is in washington with more. >> this is the big divide. aixa: polls consistently show americans are split on how they feel president obama is handling the economy. not surprising, given the mixed bag of economic news. >> the unemployment rate is going down. jobs have been created, but the amount of growth, the trajectory of growth, has been slower than in past decades, during past administrations. aixa: economists, like josh
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institute, say the slow recovery creates uncertainty for many americans. >> my worry is that they think this is a new normal we have to live with, when in fact, i think most of the problem we have is just, we haven't achieved full recovery from the recession yet. aixa: bivens says there's one major area economists are watching. >> everyone agrees we have a wage problem in the united states. everyone agrees we should be doing better for sort of the bottom 80% of workers, who are not seeing wage increases. and then, where the rubber hits the road is sort of, what do policy makers do about it? aixa: on the campaign trail, candidates make the case. >> democrats are going to try to paint a more optimistic picture. the unemployment rate going down, jobs are being created. republicans are going to say, not enough jobs ar created, and people still don't feel comfortable, and they feel anxious about their own economic situation. aixa: but experts say economic growth will take more than just a presidential plan. >> if we continue to have divided government, the president is going to have a tough time doing a whole lot about jobs. aixa: last year, employers added more than 2.6 million positions, making 2015 the second-best year
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in washington, i'm aixa diaz. nigel: so, what about our area? the carolinas and georgia are seeing economies that continue to grow. but, as you are about to see, it all depends on your own personal story. these days, getting gas in south carolina is, let's just say, cheap. >> that's great. much better than it has been, that's for sure. nigel: gas in the upstate is under $1.50 a gallon in many places. >> it makes life a lot easier, that's for sure. nigel: which is good for some, and concerning for others. >> i look at it the other end, in the scope of, what are oil prices doing to us? it's just a result of the supply and demand right now, so i think that people are taking advantage of it. nigel: we caught up with chuck belding in downtown greenville. i asked him how he would rate the economy in the palmetto state. >> i think it's average. they are certainly building downtown here.
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number of cranes up in the city, and i think it's average. nigel: right now, unemployment in south carolina is at 5.5%. that is the lowest it's been since august, 2001. people are finding work, and companies are expanding and relocating to the state. >> the economy now is better than it was, to me. nigel: but, as it's said, the economy is personal. how you see it all depends on your own circumstances. unemployment in north carolina right now stands at 5.6%. unemployment in georgia, the same as south carolina at 5.5%. gabrielle: now to the latest in the polls for the presidential race. donald trump has hit a new high in polls nationwide. here's a look at the latest cnn-orc poll, trump has the most support with 41%, and senator ted cruz the only challenger close behind with 19%. no other candidate even hits the
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marco rubio with 8%. now, let's take a look at the democratic side of that same poll. nationwide, hillary clinton is still leading, with 52% of support. bernie sanders coming in second with 38%, and then martin o'malley coming in third, with 2% of support. a mystery tonight in the low country. right now, there are many reports on social media of people feeling the earth shake, and hearing a loud boom in and around charleston today. experts are still trying to determine the cause. the u.s. geological survey says there was no earthquake activity today. the marine corps air station in beaufort says planes were conducting exercises in the air at the time. the college of charleston is investigating whether the ground rumble was a sonic boom. we'll keep you posted when we learn more. i had tonight in our consumer watch, how to protect yourself from identity thieves, who are looking to use your information to steal your tax refund. nigel: plus, a business divided. hear from a north carolina brewery with colorado
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at longhorn steak like this doesn't need anything else. which is why we don't just add, anything else. longhorn steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the new smoky bacon sirloin. the new spicy grilled jalapeno sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. all with hand chopped salad & unlimited bread for $12.99. tonight only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. it's time to think about your nigel: it's time to think about your taxes. unfortunately, you're not the only one who wants your money. gabrielle: taxpayers and tax preparers are fighting against
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bob hansen has a warning. bob: the only excitement about doing your taxes is the possibility of getting money back from the irs. but these days, tax thieves are tying to get your refund before you do. >> someone other than you files a tax refund using your information, and then absconds with that money. bob: in many cases, all a thief needs is your name, social security number, and a birth date, and they can pretend to be you when filing for a refund. >> but they don't need to know where you work, or where you live, or any of those other details. bob: experts say most tax payers say they have no idea their refund has been stolen until they file their owre >> the thief would get in first. the legitimate would try to file their taxes and be told, oh, that's already been filed. bob: now, if the bad guys do get
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eventually get your money, but it will take some time. >> we've heard from pe have had it resolved as early as three months. we've heard from some folks who, it's been over a year. bob: so what can you do to stop it? your best bet is to file your refund early, before the bad guys can file using your name and information. our number one -- >> our number one tip is, file first and beat the crooks. bob: you also want to make sure you use qualified tax preparers who will protect your personal information. the irs is working on the problem, but getting a jump on your refund is still critical. nigel: coming up, a nineneear-old boy is being called a hero today, after he rescued his brother from a potential hit and run. gabrielle: plus, jimmy fallon and panthers quarterback cam newton. is there a connection here? someone says, yes, there is. john: a live shot from asheville, cloudy with light rain spreading across buncombe county.
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anything frozen, but that could change later on.
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th gabrielle: character actor abe vigoda has d dd. his daughter says he passed away this morning in his slee vigoda is most known by his roles in the 1970's show "barney miller,"
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"the godfather." he was 94 years old. nigel: authorities say a meteorologist for the weather channel died by suicide over the weekend. they say 39-year-old nicholas wiltgen was killed after a crash at midtown atlanta's colony square mall. fulton county officials confirm his death was a suicide. wiltgen's car went 20 feet into the w atlanta hotel and hit a , hotel worker. the worker was treated for non-life threatening injuries. some terrifying video out of ohio today. we want to warn you that the video is graphic, and also, that the officer involved is ok. dash cam video caught this moment for an ohio police officer. the officer was directing traffic earlier this month, whenen a train hits a semi-truck. the truck then hits the officer, sending him flying. thankfully, he ran into a bush and started rolling downhill, away from the truck's back tires. the officer had minute inder -- minor injuries, and is hoping to get back to work next week. gabrielle: a fire in a high-rise building sent plumes of smoke
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this, just blocks away from australia day celebrations. it started in the kitchen of a restaurant on the ground floor. cooking oil was set on fire and toast with water. thankfully, no one was injured. [explosion] gabrielle: the 107-year-old hulton bridge in western pennsylvania is no more. the scheduled implosion was this morning. the bridge dropped in large sections into the water below. it was destroyed because a newly constructed $66 million bridge next to it is now open to traffic. nigel: if no one in your house has an amazon prime membership, chances are that your neighbor does. according to a new report, nearly half of u.s. households have a membership. it says the number of amazon prime memberships in the u.s. jumped 35% last year. that means about 46% of u.s. households have at least one member. the memberships cost $99 a year. they come with free two-day or
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items, and access to their instant watch "prime video" service. owners of go-pro action cameras can now live-stream video to the world on periscope. the small cameras are a favorite with adventure seekers and videographers of all kinds. to make it work with periscope, a go-pro hero 4 camera first links to an iphone through wi-fi. the newest version of the periscope app now allows users to select the go-pro signal, and stream it live. periscope is owned by twitter, and has about 10 million users. gabrielle: a volcano in mexico erupted yesterday. it forced a local airport to close because of volcanic ash. the volcano started to spew a constant stream of ash and gas on saturday. authorities urged people to stay away. >> now, your live super doppler
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john: radar showing mainly light rain beginning to spread across the mountains. it will make its wupstate later this evening. the heaviest precipitation is in alabama and northwestern georgia. also around chattanooga. the heavier rain may come in. but for the most part, fairly light precipitation overnight. some of this could mix with a little bit of freezing rain or drizzle la tonight, especially close to the tennessee line. i will tk about that in a moment. rain moving her western north carolina and northwestern georgia. basically a long-85. just in time for rush hour in atlanta, moderate rain moving into atlanta. otherwise, patches of rain, fairly light precipitation. all liquid precipitation right now. eventually, it will make its way in the form of freezing rain or light freezing rain or light freezing drizzle. it will be fairly light precipitation, not expecting a
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freezing drizzle. a trace too may be a couple hundredths is about it. that will ice up on the trees and the roads. it does not take that a trace of freezing rain or freezing drizzle on the roads to make it very slippery. be careful if you are traveling. the freezing rain advisory start at midnight tonight and goes until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in the upstate, a live shot on top of paris mountain. still snow on the ground. here is downtown greenville. you can see the lights. mostly cloudy right now, precipitation will come in later this evening. temperature starting to cool down with precipitation in the mountains. otherwise, a northeastern georgia, 53 in toccoa, not too bad. 47 in dillard come upper 40's in clayton, everybody else in the 50's and in bowman, 63 in elberton. 61 in abbeville, 59 in greenwood . seven or eight degrees above
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63 in augusta and florence and wilmington. 61 in hilton head and be60 in atlanta, 38 in bristol, tennessee. a cold rain there. snow showers moving through the great lakes, 1-3 inches possible enhanced by the lakes. we may see more than that. the storm system will swing through the gulf and into florida during the day tomorrow. the back edge of below, it's cold enough for the rain to switt snow in extreme texas. 49 in el paso. 29 in chicago, 25 in michigan. tonight, cloudy with a few patches of light rain around. upstate. rain likely, like precipitation off and on. it may mix with freezing rain or drizzle late tonight. tomorrow, but freezing drizzle possible early, otherwise partly sunny by the afternoon, high 41 inhe upstate. patchy drizzle early, variable
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a little sun from time to time in the afternoon. more sunshine thursday. cool temperatures, seasonably cool across the year he a. milder on friday than a warm up in time for the weekend. right now, the weekend looks nice and dry. now back to you. gabrielle: a boy in california is being hailed as a hero. this, after he was injured after pushing his brother out of the way of a hit and r 7-year-old davon mitchell says he almost got hit by a car. he says he was crossing at the crosswalk, when an suv ran a red light. but he is ok, thanks to the selfless acts of his brother, dashawn. >> the light in front of it was red, and then the car turned, and then it was going to hit my brother, so i pushed him out of the way. i was trying to move my leg, and then the car went too fast, and it hit my leg, the front and back wheel. gabrielle: the family says they are proud of dashawn, and they hope the driver of the suv will turn themselves in. this picture has been taken of a sloth in ecuador, and it is gone viral. rescue crews found it stranded
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officials shared these photos online. it became frightened when crossing the highway and was clinging to a roadside barrier. police say the sloth was examined by a vet before being released back into the wild. i think it is cute and creepy. nigel: i agree. that is why i am laughing. it is hanging upside down. it looks scared. gabrielle:e: there is an executute order in place that says any animals found on the street must be assisted by authoritmade it. gabrielle: waffle house has announced that is now accepting reservations for the most romantic day of the ye for the eighth consecutive year, waffle house will be offering a candlelit dinner at restaurants in 18 states. a few upstate locations are on the list. in our area, there are seven waffle house restaurants that will be hosting the valentines' love special. thing.
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dan patrick of nbc's "football night in america" was one of the guests. he and jimmy talked about the super bowl, and that's when a comparison between jimmy and cam newton came about. take a listen. >> right. but you remind me of the cam newton of late night. >> wow. [applause] >> thank you. >> now, hear me out here, leno and letterman, manning-brady. you're the next wave. energetic, different. new, exciting. [applause] >> i like how he dances. i like that. i'll take that all the way, man. i love it. nigel: that is awesome. in case you're wondering, dan patrick predicts the panthers will win the super bowl. sp a brewery divided.
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a new north carolina location is dealing with an internal crisis,
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teams in the superbowl. nigel: a new brewery in asheville is facing the old "house divided" problem. their owner comes from the denver, colorado area, so naturally, they are all big broncos fans. gabrielle: but since this brewery is in north carolina, they have to cater towards more panthers fans. so how do they settle their differences? steve staeger finds out. >> there's a surprising amount of parallels between the carolinas and colorado. foremost on our minds is the brewing scene. steve: it makes sense why that would be foremost on bryan simpon's mind. he is, after all, the public face of new belgium, a brewery founded in fort collins, but with a new brewery about to open in north carolina. you know, that state where the new enemy plays. >> there was a little trash going back and forth on the internet today, from that brewery to this one. steve: and a little trash talking in this very brewery, too. >> i am from charlotte, north carolina, heck yeah. steve: adam mundy works in the tap room, is supporting the panthers, but took the
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a no >> it's a wonderful feeling, to know that two of my favorite states are getting together to play one of the best games in history. steve: it makes for the perfect atmosphere for a super bowl bet. brewery vs brewery, fort collins versus asheville. but beer, that would be way the heck too easy, so the folks at new belgium had a different idea. >> one of the things they can't seem to get is spicy good green chile down there, so it was floated out there that if the panthers win, then we have to send green chile back to carolina, and if the broncos win, they have to send barbeque sauce out to fort collins. steve: another colorado craft brewing giant, oskar blues, has a facility in north carolina, as well. they told us they're still deciding what sort of competition they'll have. it got us wondering, can a brewery divided against itself still stand? but then we remembered, this is beer, after all. >> it's going to be really fun for everybody to kick back for a day, relax with some good beers, and root for whichever team
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gabrielle: we know who we are rooting for. nigel: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. gabrielle: news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> when the roads are bad, what does meals on wheels do? i can assure you, they don't let their clients go hungry. we'll tell you more about what they do, coming up. >> some people have accused me of wasting time by filing this bill. i don't consider education of the public a waste of time. carol: south carolina representative mike pitts explains his proposal to create a registry of journalists. why he says he doesn't want it to pass. michael: first tonight, a live look outside from our hilton greenville and lake hartwell skycam's. the traffic is pweathcarol: gray skies, and a chanc
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meteorologist john cessarich.
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