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a free press. i believe in the watchdogs. carol: an upstate legislator now says his plan to register journalists was all to prove a point. michael: we begin with the weather. as warm as it was, some of the icy roads kept kids out of school again today. carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich, tracking all e conditions. john, rain for some, freezing rain for others? john: it looks like it. rain for most of us, some freezing rain mixed with the rain in certain areas of the mountains of north carolinu where in a second. right now, it is a liquid precipitation. moderate rain north georgia mountains will slide through the western overnight. cooling down a little bit especially were we have if operational cooling with rain. 30's in asheville and boone. the rain on the back edge of it the front -- it will change over to rain mixed with a little bit of freezing rain. what we have is a freezing rain
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about an hour from now, running until 10:00 in the morning wednesday for the north carolina counties, most of the counties the bord tennessee. we are only talking about a trace, maybe 2/10 of an inch of ice on the trees and roads. it is not a big deal, but it only takes a trace of freezing rain or drizzle on the roads to cause them to become slippery and dangerous. be car earlier tomorrow morning and overnight tonight. otherwise, wake-up weather looks like this. expect cloudy skies with light rain likely in the upstate, temperature 42 degrees. patches of light rain or drizzle, maybe a few areas of freezing drizzle or rain. 33 degrees. we start to warm up time towards the week -- big-time towards the weekend. michael: tonight marked a snow-related deadline for property owners in the city of asheville. the city ordrdance requires property owners to shovel the snow on the public sidewalks that run in front of their homes. public works officials say owners have until 48 hours after the end of a storm to get the
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if not, they could face fines of up to $100 a day. >> i know before the storm, we pushed some things out on social media about that, but everyone doesn't follow social media. there could be some property owners that just don't know. michael: compliance officers tell us they generally respond to violations after a complaint is filed. after that, property owners have 10 days to comply. carol: many folks stocked up for this past weekend's storm, knowing they might be stranded for a few days. but for those who rely on others, meals on wheels was there to help. the volunteers follow the greenville county school district policy. if there's no school, they don't deliver. but meals on wheels executive director says they provided extra frozen meals earlier in the week, and called each client to check on them friday. they called their most vulnerable clients monday, as well. anyone who said they needed food got a delivery. >> meals on wheels is always thinking about, how can we take care of our clients, as well as our volunteers. it's a conversation we have all
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we're missing something, what can we think of next to make sure we're doing it the best we can, to make sure our clients are being taken care of. carol: carlisle says when they called the clients to check on them, many said not to deliver, because they knew it wasn't safe for the volunteers. michael: state representative mike pitts walked into the lion's den totoy, talking to the media about the media. carol: trying to draw a parallel between gun owners being forced to register their firearms, and journalists being forced to register in order to work in this state. wyff news 4's john lyon has the story. >> but that article was biased. john: representative mike pitts ofofaurens says some media outlets embellish, slant facts, and aren't balanced, >> this bill says that you will follow your own code of ethics. john: so he introduced a bill that would require journalists to register with the state in order to work in south carolina, >> this is absurd.
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firestorm. >> for a politician to, in any way, try to limit who can be a journalist is just so foreign to our mode of thinking in american government, historically. >> journalists are not always popular people, but they do a difficult and necessary job. we need to keep that in mind, and we shohod not hold them hostage to some kind of political agenda that relates to some other issue. >> this is a pen made out of a 36 caliber bullet, a 30 ought 6 caliber bullet. it's a a mbination. both are in the bill of rights, and both should remain protected. john: pitts says the bill is a way to make a point, because he believes the media slants coverage on an issue he cares about, the right to bear arms. >> i should be able to make my mind up based on facts of the
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opinion. michael: john lyon tonight. commitment 2016 the top , republican presidential candidates are set to debate in iowa on thursday, except for one big-name who will be missing. donald trump told supporters in iowa earlier that he'll do something else the night of the debate. >> we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. we're going to do something simultaneously with the debate. but most likely, i'm not going to do the debate. michael: trump has had a running feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly since the first fox debate last summer. kelly will be one of the moderators at thursday's event. carol: meanwhile, senator marco rubio has his first big endorsement. former new york governor george pataki announced today, he is backing rubio's presidential run. pataki ended his own white house bid last month. taking to twitter this morning, pataki said he took a look at all the candidates. he believes marco rubio is the best person to bring us all
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michael: as for the polls in the presidential race, donald trump has hit a new high here's a look at the latest numbers from nbc news and survey monkey, trump holding the most support with 39%, and senator ted cruz the only challenger close behind, with 17%. marco rubio, with 10%. the remaining contenders don't hit double digits. carol: now, the democratic side of that same poll. nationwide, hillary clinton is still leading, with 51% of support. bernie sanders coming in second with 37%, and martin o'malley coming in third, with 2% of support. michael: the presidential primaries are just around the corner. in south carolina, there are two primary dates, one for republicans, the other fdemocrats. registered voters have the choice of participating in the republican primary on february 20th, or the democratic primary on february 27th. the state elections commission says it's each party's decision to choose their own day. this stems from past years, when the parties were in charge of nning their own elections.
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state officials are allowing the dates. caroag upstate man accused of sex crimes against children is heading to a grand jury. joseph patterson appeared in an anderson courtroom today, for a preliminary hearing. the 57-year-old faces 21 charges involving nine alleged victims, some younger than 12 years old. prosecutors say patterson gave the children porn and alcohol, which they say led to sexual activity. investigators say some of this happened at patterson's home. other times, they say it happened at boulevard baptist in anderson, where patterson and the children attended church. michael: developing news out of oregon, a deadly end to a tense standoff. at least one person has been killed, and police have arrested a group of protesters, among them ammon bundy. you may recall he is the leader , of a group of protesters that has been occupying a federal wildlife refuge since january 2nd. the group has been protesting federal land policies. the fbi says one of those protesters is dead. carol: the san diego naval medical center was briefly placed on lockdown earlier today. it came after reports of gunshots fired.
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heard coming from the basement of the medical center. the base remained on lockdown as authorities went from room to room, and led employees out of the facility. after inspection, the navy says there was no sign of shots fired, or a shooter in the building. michael: you might have heard about it down on the coast. lots of people reported that they felt the earth shake and heard a loud boom in the charlests it has not detected an earthquake. officials with the marine corps air station beaufort say it may have instead been a sonic boom. that is what happens when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier. carol: the state superintendent of education visited two schools in spartanburg today. molly spearman learned about the ways partnerships improve education. spearman stopped at the cleveland academy of leadership in spartanburg school district 7. a lot of the school's s ogress is the product of public-private partnerships. spearman also visited meeting street academy, a private school. district 7 is working to build a public-private partnership with meeting street academy. the district would supply transportation, food services,
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other things. meeting street academy would become a zoned district 7 school, and there would be no tuition. >> it does take all of us working together, the business community, the educators, the faith community, parents. everybody join together, and we can make it happen if we've got that kind of cooperation. carol: the superintendent plants to bring the partnership to the school board for approval in march. michael: a recall to tell you about. ford is recalling thousands of its ranger pick-up trucks, because of faulty airbags. it applies to airbags installed in 2004 through 2006 rangers. they can explode with too much force, and cause injuries. the recall covers nearly 391,000 trucks in the united states and canada. it comes just days after the government announced that a south carolina man was killed in december, when an inflator exploded. carol: to indiana, where a elementary school principal was struck and killed by a school bus. it happened this afternoon. two students were also injured in the accident.
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curb during dismissal. the principal had served at the school for 22 years. michael: a really daunting the light of ohio. a police officer was hit by a semi truck. we want to warn you that the video you are about to see is graphic, but we also need to tell you, the officer is ok. it happe watch the right side of your screen. the officer is out of view, in front of the red picku when the truck gets hit by a train, it then jumps forward, hitting and dragging the officer, who was out directing traffic. >> it's a miracle. i mean, it really is. i mean, it's very, makes you think a lot. it's one of those that, a foot this way, a foot that way, no bush, it could have been really bad. so i'm very lucky. very fortunate. michael: it looks really bad. moore suffered a gash to the head and a broken left hand, but he's otherwise ok. carol: wow. still ahead, a new york city police officer brought traffic to a halt, all to welcome its newest
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michael: anything special land for valentine's day? one food chain is spicing things up for your romantic dinner. john: the live super doppler showing rain moving through the mountains. as we cooled down a little bit, just in the southeast of gatlinburg, you can see pink showing up there that -- that is freezing rain.
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president obama wants to help more americans save for michael: president obama wants to help more americans save for retirement. the president is set to propose new legislation that will give 30 million americans access to retirement savings. the proposal will include requiring companies to offer plans to part-time workers. the president's ideas will bee outlined in the 2017 budget. he plans to submit it to congress next month. carol: to the latest in the zika virus outbreak. the cdc has issued interim guidelines to help d/ctors faced with testing and treating the illness. the mosquito-carried virus affects newborn babies. it causes them to be born with abnormally small heads and brains. the cdc suggests doctors ask mothers of babies with this condition, to ask where they lived or traveled while pregnant. so far, there is no vaccine for the virus. michael: one of hollywood's best known character actors has died.
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morning at the age of 94. vigoda's acting career spanned half a century. he is best known for playing a mafia soldier in "the godfather," but perhaps best known as the over-the-hill detective phil fish in the 1970's tv series "by miller." carol: it's one of the happiest jobs at clemson, and those who've gotten to be the tiger mascot over the years had a reunion of sorts. the former mascots were at the anderson county museum today, signing the new book "clemson through the eyes of the tiger." the book tells stories of the different tigers from years past to present. the number one mascot rule, you can't talk while in character. the book's available at the anderson county museum gift store. michael: a newborn in new york city stopped traffic today. the new york police department tweeted out this picture this morning. it shows an officer helping a mother give birth. this all took place along fdr drive. that's near the united nations headquarters. it caused traffic to come to a standstill during the delivery. as you might expect. the infant and mother were then rushed to the hospital.
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, fine. carol: with valentines day just around the corner, there is nothing more romantic than s sring a smothered, covered, and chunked candlelight dinner. that's right, waffle house is now accepting reservations for the most romantic day of the year. john, why are you laughing? it will be offering a candlelit dinner at restaurants in 18 states. in our area, there are seven waffle house restaurants that will be hosting the valentine's love special. michael: smothered and chunked. you said it. carol: a video of a two-year-old from south carolina has gone viral. michael: thanks to her bedtime prayers. >> ducky, and mommy, and carla, and then momma. carol: awwww. her parents put the toddler to bed sunday night without asking her to say her usual nightly prayers. so after mom and dad left, the little girl decided to pray on her own. michael: she got it done. in the video recorded on the
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out the names of the people she's praying for, including her parents, grandmother, and santa claus. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: the radar is showing a band of rain continuing to stream up southwest. moderate to even heavy rain to the north of metro atlanta. this will stream into northeastern georgia and across the western carolinas as we go tonight. for the most part, most of the rain will be light continues to slowly slide east. the individual cells are racing quickly northeast. it is all liquid prek edge along the tennessee-north carolina line, we could be looking at frozen stuff. more about that in a second. through the western carolinas, rain from franklin, waynesville, up into asheville, back into northeastern georgia. you can see moderate to burst of
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west and north of gainesville and lake lanier. the precipitation is moving quickly northeast. it will gradually work itstsay into the upstate. on the back edge, we will gradually cool down from top to bottom. the high peaks could see freezing rain mixed with the rain as we go through later tonight. because of that, the national a wheezing rain advisory starting at midnight tonight. about 40 minutes from now. it goes until 10:00 in the morning on wednesday and includes bryson city, waynesvill marshall, burtonsville, bakersfield, new and, all looking at freezing rain, i traced to a quarter of an inch of right -- of ice. it could get slippery. we warmed up in greenville to 57 degrees, four degrees above average. started off at 27 at the asheville airport, where it should be. we warmed up this afternoon to 51 degrees, three degrees above average.
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greenville, you can see temperatures cooling down a little bs with 36 degrees currently in boone, 40 and franklin with rain, 47 in toccoa. in the upstate, upper 40's to low 50's. 45 in pickens, 49 in anderson and greenville. 49 in union, 48 in spartan her, 50 in gaffney and newberry. 51 in greenwood, 52 in abbeville. liquid precipitation outside the mountains. even in the mountains, mainly rain, could be mixed with freezing rain. humidity on the increase. 54, not too bad in columbia. 51 in atlanta. 37 in bristol, tennessee. 56 in savannah, below freezing in cincinnati. 61 in orlando. miami looking nice at 74 degrees. cold front slowly pushing through the area. look at the smoker the great
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possible up here. not extremely cold, 22 in minneapolis, 51 in atlanta, 61 in orlando, 20 nine in denver. overnight, your comes the rain. it may briefly mix with recitation early tomorrow morning socked in with clouds. rain slides to the south, then sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. high pressure builds in in the mountains. we could be socked in with clouds all day in the upstate. cloudy with patchy let -- patchy rain in the upstate, 42 the low. light rain, then mostly cloudy in the afternoon in th upstate area tomorrow, high 5252 starting off at 42, warming into the upper 40's by lunchtime. in the mountains, areas of light rain or maybe some light freezing rain, than partly sunny in the afternoon. high 41. we may lockout and get up to 44 by third -- by 3:00 in the afternoon.
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comes out. seasonably chilly on thursday, then the warming trend kicks into gear in time for the weekend. nice timing. now back to you. michael: don't shift that gear. carol: south carolina getting back on track? ricardo: they are rebounding tonight in a big way, the next we career night by one of their seclemson knows what the road back to the national title will next season.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: football players parading around in their underwear. senior bowl week prospects weighing-in in front of a bunch of people. two clemson players with invites to mobile, alabama, this week, dorman product charone peake and defensive tackle dj reader. south carolina tight end jerrell adams, also taking part in the senior bowl. clemson came very close to winning its first national championship in 34 years this past season, and now, the tigers' path back to the college football playoff national championship game next year was laid out in front of
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for the league. clemson will begin its run back on september 3rd at auburn, the tigers playing at jordan hare stadium for the first time since the 2010 season. the home opener comes against troy, the following week. the acc opener on october 1 against louisville. the tigers will play on a thursday and friday night this year, september 22nd at georgia tech, and october 7th at boston college. the acc atlantic division race heats up on october 29th in tallahassee, against florida state. the rivalry game coming at the end of the year. will muschamp bringing his gamecocks to death valley on november 26th. and speaking of the gamecock head coach, he rounded out his coaching staff by announcing the hire today of mike peterson as outside linebackers coach. peterson coming over from florida, where he served as a strength and conditioning coordinator. peterson played 14 seasons in the nfl. not many bosses will pay your way to the super bowl, unless you happen to work for jerry richardson. the carolina panthers owner picking up the tab, by paying the travel expenses to the bay
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interns. richardson did the same thing when carolina played in super bowl 38 in houston, back in 2004. panthers quarterback cam newton graces the cover of this week's "sports illustrated." the title, "newton's law." cam and the panthers keep going up, show no signs of coming down. just like you learned it in physics in high school. the issue, also uni watch alert. , the carolina panthers will wear black jerseys with lv pants in superbowl 50. the panthers wore all white in their first apperance in the big game. after splitting a pair of games on the road last week, south carolina returns to the friendly confines of the cla this evening. the gaemcocks, welcoming in mississippi state. first half, freshman pj dozier comes up with the steal. on the -- we had the other way. dozier dropping the dime to cover a. usc with a 12-7 lead. later, sindarius thornwell knocks down the corner 3. gamecocks go up 6. thornwell finished with 15.
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carerra heaves a shot up, and knocks down the jumper. 17 first-half points for the senior. gamecocks the break. 2nd half, bulldogs close to within 2, but usc goes on a 10-4 run thanks to carerra. the three pointer pushes the lead back to 7. a career night for carrera, 34 points, 15 boards. south carolina back in the win column, 84-74 winners over mississippi state. clemson returns to action tomorrow night in downtown greenville, hosting pittsburgh. the tigers coming off a bye week of sorts. and the time off, refreshing a team that is currently tied with the panthers at 5 and 2 in the acc. >> it is good to get a couple of days off, get our minds focused. i think we are ready to play, physically. now, we just have to get back to playing with the same rhythm and flow we've been playing with. ricardo: tipoff at the well set for 7:00. the greenville drive hosting their annual event in downtown greenville tonight. third-year head coach, as well as new red sox general manager
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>> greenville is one of the best places we have in the system. the town, the city, the ballpark , the ownership. it is something that is important to us from a development standpoint. it means a lot to the playerit puts them in a good environment. we are privileged to be able to work down here. regular season on april 7. baseball season, except it is warmer. michael: a great team. thanks, ricardo.
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush.
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you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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michael: the rain, not snow. i can't believe i said that out loud. john: i hope nobody heard that. basically light rain, patches moving across the area tonight through tomorrow morning, may be mixed with light freezing rain especially in the north carolina counties the border tennessee.
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tomorrow afternoon, the warming trcarol: thanks for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00. michael: we appreciate the company and we are always on wym. [captioning performed by the
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