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announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: we have rainy conditions of to begin this morning. i see roads are -- icy roads are keeping some kids out of school today. allyson: donald trump says he will not participate in the upcoming presidential debates.what he plans to do instead. geoff: i am geoff hart. allyson: i'm allyson powell. good morning, dale. chris: we are finally getting some rain from these the movyou can see the rain on the lens of the skycams. the roads will be a little slippery. give yourself a little extra time and the rain jacket is a good idea. here is a look at the live super doppler 4hd.
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foothills and part of northeastern georgia, the front is still having an ithere is a possibility for freezing rain. most of the temperatures we see coming out of the mountains e freezing, but those higher elevations could have a little bit of ice early. it changes over to rian and comes to an end as the front pushes east and south. we have mid 40's in greenville. 50 in the piedmonttemperatures today will not climb a lot, but we will reach a low 50's for the mountains. it feels colder with that breeze at 18 miles or hour. it feels like 20's in the mounagain, rain for the morning and by the afternoon it will be mostly cloudy. the anticiiasheville-hendersonville will reacgeoff: thank you, dale.
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sidewalk, you could face a fine. geoff: the snow-related deadline has passed. property owners must shovel. the city ordinance requires the party donors to shovel the snow from the pc sidewalks that run in front of their homes. public works o owners have until 48-hours after the end of a storm to get the job done. if not, they could face fines of up to $100 per day. >> i know before the storm , we put things on social media. i know there are some people who do not follow social media. geoff: officers will respond to violations after a complaint is filed. after that, property owners have 10 days to comply. the city says it tried to warn people through social media about the requirements, but says not everyone follows their accounts some property owners might just not snow. allyson: many people who rely on meals on wheels for their food
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the volunteers follow greenville county school district policy. if there's no school, they don't but meals on wheels' executive director catriona carlisle says they sent extra frozen meals earlier in the wee she also says they called each client to check on them friday. as well as their most vulnerable clients monday. she says anyone who needed food , got a delivery. geoff: the top republican presidential candidates are set to debate in iowa tomorrow. except for one big name donald trump. the republican front runner told supporters i he said he has decided to do something else the night of the debate. >> we will do something where he raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. we're going to do something simultaneously with the debate. but most likely, i not going to am do the debate geoff: trump has had a running feud with fox news anchor men kelly, cents the first tv last year. kelly will be one of the
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allyson: senator marco rubio has his big first endorsement.former new york governor geoe pataki is backing rubio's presidential run. pataki ended his own white house bid last month. on twitter yesterday, pataki said he took a loo candidates and believes rubio is the best person to bring us all together. in more commitment 2016 news candy carson, the wife of ben carson, will be in greenville today. she is coming to langston charter middle school to speak to students at an assembly at 9:30 this morning. geoff: now to the latest in the polls for the presidential race. here's a look at the numbers from nbc news. trump is holding the most support with 39%. and senator ted cruz the only challenger close behind with 17%. marco rubio with 10%. the rest of the candidates don't hit double digits. allyson: now, let's take a look at the democratic side of same poll. nationwide, hillary clinton is still leading with 51% of support. bernie sanders coming in second with 37% and martin o'malley comes in
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geoff: the presidential primaries are just around the corner. but in south carolina there are two primary dates. there is one for republicans and the other fofodemocrats. registered voters have the choice of voting in the republican primary on 20. or the democratic primary on february 27. the state elections commission says it's each party's decision to choose their own day. this stems from the the parties were in charge running their own elections. even though the state government has taken over, state officials are allowing the party's to keep ch allyson: we had a lot of reports yesterday about people feeling of the earth shake and hearing a loud boom. geoff: many people were talking about this in the newsroom yesterdaaround noon, the u.s. geological survey says it has not detected an earthquake. air station in beaufort says it may have instead been a sonic boom. that happens when an aircraft
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allyson: dale, you called the rain. i -- it came. i could hear it as i was putting on my makeup. chris: it is wet this morning. you will have wet roads to deal with this morning. it is 45 degrees with light rain falling in downtown grroads will be slippery over a good bit of the area.let's take a look at the other areas with live super doppler 4 hdit is coming down pretty good in parts of york, cherokee county, and union county. we have heavier rain in raven county. a couple of the mountaintops in northern carolina could be getting a wintry mix this morning with freezing rain. it then changes over to rain as the morning goes on. it has been a slow-moving front, but it will push to the south d east out of our area as the
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we will have mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. temperatures are in the upper 30's in asheville. 45 in greenville. in pickens county we see temperatures at 42. it is 48 in westminster. afternoon highs will reach the low 50's. with the clouds we will not see a n temperatures today. it feels colder in the mountains with those 15-18 mile-per-hour breezes. we have nice sunny days coming after this front. tomorrow we will have more sunshine and the upper 40's to low 50's. the same for friday. and on saturday and sunday, we have 60-62 highs. we have nice weather for monday as well. the next chance for rain looks to be tuesday of next weeno ice or snow, just a few showers. geoff: thank you, dale. the roads are starting to clear
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hit by a snow, but they are not getting cleared quickly enough. allyson: a curious cat was
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geoff: south carolina representative mike pitts of laurens is proposed state registry for journalists. the whole idea set off a media and politicial firestorm. pitts says that proves his point. he says the media will defend the first amendment when freedom of the press is challenged but won't jump to defend other amendments, like the right to bear arms. pitts says doesn't think the proposal will pass. nor does he want it to. >> far be it from me to tell you how to do your job. i just ask you to do it ethically. i was not the one that coined the phrase "the pen r than the sword," but i have seen lives destroyed by the pen. geoff: pits -- pitts says he wanted to spark discussion with the bill. time by filing it. he says educating the public is never a waste of time. allyson: the state superintendent of education visited two schools in spartanburg yesterday.
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ways partnerships improve education. spearman stopped at the cleveland academy of leadership in spartanburg school district seven. a lot of the school's progress is the product of public-private partnerships. spearman also visited meeting street academy, a private school. district seven is working to build a public-private partnership with meeting street academy the district would supply transportation, food services, and technology s meeting street academy would become a district seven school and there would be no it. >> it does take all of us working together. the business community, the educators, the faith community, the parents. everybody will join together. allyson: the superintendent plans to bring the partnership to the school board for ain march. geoff: many enjoyed their snow days, but one west virginia man wasn't missing a day of work. we will tell you why he was so determined to work. dale: it is a wet morning but
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we are getting some showers in parts of the upstate and parts of northeastern georgia. it is coming down a couple spots pretty good in elberton county and raven county. the same with cherokee and york county. in some of the higher elevations of north carolina, at least for a few hours this morning, there could be some freezing rain. it then comes to an end. it is not as cold this morning as it was across the region yesterday morning. asheville, 39. boone, 36. franklin, hendersonville, and anderson are all in the mid 40's. let's check on a few otherblacksburg, 44. jonesville, 46. it is not as cold as it can be this time of the year with the blanket of cloud cover and light rain. where the breeze is blowing
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hendersonville to asheville it feels more like it is 30 degrees. thats just the windchill coming into play. normally this time of year the on access 32 in the morning and 53 in the afternoon. that is an average on a 30 year basis. 73 is the record set back in 1974. typically, low 50's is what we will look for and ths t today. asheville will see temperatures in the upper 40's normally thise clouds will keep a cooler at 33-34 degrees. it got up to 80 degrees in asheville for the record. it can be greasy at times this time of the year. typically it will be chilly. asheville has cold temperatures. a good bit of the country has seemed a little bit of snow in the upper planes and across the greait is 50 degrees in atlanta this morning. a little reykjav -- a little
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saturday and sunday will be sunny with 60-62 as the anticipated highs, just like we will get here in the upstata. today it will be in the mid-50's in the upstate and mid 40's and the mountains. we will see more sunshine temperatures will be in the 50's and low 60's saturday and sunday. great weather continues into monday of next week. nasty weather we had last week. allyson: those roads are beginning to clear, but the snow mounds remain in some places. geoff: for some melting mountains and black ice can keep them from doing their jobs. united states postal workers are really feeling the impact as personal mail delivery is still a standard of the american lifestyle. some homeowners don't make it easy for postal carriers. >> it's been brutal, 2-3 feet of snow in front of the box. the snow is deep and the steps aren't all sh
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out an advisory for homeowners to make a semi-c of their mailboxes so the carriers can easily get to the box. allyson: a west virginia dr. wasn't going to let the snow keep him from his job. he hopped on his tractor and drove it through three-feet of snow to get to work at berkeley medical center in martinsburg. he even picked up a few of his co-workers along the way. out of the entire emergency room staff, only five couldn't make it in. >> we are hired to do this stuff. to do disaster medicine. so, whether it i igoing to be a disaster on the railroad, or something on the i-81, or the weather, that is what we do best.allyson: the 13-mile commute usually takes about 15 minutes , but with that much snow on the ground and by way of a t it took an hour. geoff, i am going to expect you to bring a tractor for the next time we have to come tgeoff: turning to this morning punch headlines. we begin
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three others wounded in a shooting at a homeless encampment. police say the victims lived at the encampment and that the shooting was very targeted. no one has been arrested. police say they're two persons of interest. the san diego naval medical center was briefly placed on lockdown after reports of gunshots fired. three shots were reportedly heard coming from the basement of the medical center yesterday the base remained on lockdown as authorities went from room to room and led employees out of the facility. after inspection, the navy says there was no sign of shots fired or a shooter in the building. allyson: developing news out of oregon this morning. a e standoff. at least one person has killed. and police have arrested a group of protesters. we were at the scene. reporter: behind me burns police are blocking off the highway on highway 395, just north of burns. it is blocked off a from here to john day, oregon.
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meeting, that did not make it. the fbi arrested members it was a bit before 4:30 tuesday evening. one of the occupiers died. allyson: officials will hold a press conference this morning with various agencies to update this case. geoff: a sad story in indiana where a elementary school principal was struck and killed by a school bus. two students were al in yesterday's accident. indianapolis police say a bus carrying 25 students went over a curb during di the principal had served at the school for 22-years. allyson: authorities say a meteorologist for the weather channel died by suicide over the weekend. they say 39-year-old nicholas wiltgen was killed after a crash at midtown atlanta's colony square mall. fulton county officials confirm his death was a suicide. his car went 20 feet into the w atlanta-midtown and hit a hotete worker.
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non-life threatening injuries. geoff: one of hollywood's best known character actors has died. abe vigoda passed away yesterday at the age of 94. vigoda's acting career spanned half a century. he is best known for playing a mafia soldier in "the godfather," and the over the hill detective phil fish in " barney miller." allyson: a cat caught in a storm drain for almost a week has been rescued. went above and beyond the call of duty to do it. the kitty was discovered inside the drain in s connecticut last thursday. animal control officers fed the cat regularly. the drain is part of a series of tunnels and pipes that the cat regularly roamed around. a stamford police officer rescued the cat yesterday after
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set. geoff: in consumer news this morning, there is a recall son: ford is recallin airbags. stpick-up trucks.. the recall c trucks in the united states and canada. jpmorgan-chase is rolling out new atm's that don'debit or credit card. the new eatm's allow you to use a smartphone app to make deposits and withdrawls. the next generation machnes also triple the withdrawal limit to $3,000 and dispense $1, $5, $20 and $100 bills. the new machines will be rolled out later this ricardo: good morning, i am ricardo lecompte. after splitting a pair of games on the road last week, south carolina returns to the fr confines of the cla tuesday evening. the gaemcocks welcoming in mississippi state. in the first half, freshman dozier comes up with the steal. on the break, dozier with the dme to michael careera.
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later in the first, sindarius thornwell knocks down the corners go up six. , carerra heaves a shot up, and hits it. 17 first half points for the senior. a nine point gamecocks lead into the second half. second half, bulldogs close to within two, but usc a 10-4 run, thanks to carerra. a career night for carrera, 34 points and 15 boards. south carolina back in the win column. 84-74, winners over mississippi state. clemson returns to action tonight in downtown greenville. hosting pittsburgh, the tigers coming off a bye week of sorts and the time off. refreshing a team that is currently tied with the panthers at 5-2 in the acc. tipoff at the well set for 7:00. geoff: some of the most memorable clemson tigers recall fond memories on the f.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: it is 46 degrees in
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northeastern georgia as a little bit of the storm. it will be a little bit wet at the bus stop. 44 degrees will climb to lowtr it should best showers they will climb to the 4afternoon highs. it will be cloudy and cool. we have some drier weather that will be settling in for the rest of the week and the weekend is log real good. geoff: in this morning's buzz, many consider it one of the best jobs in franklin. those who've gotten to be the tiger mascot over the years had a reunion of sorts. allyson: the former mascots were at the anderson county museum yesterday signing the new book "clemson through the eyes of the tiger." the book tells stories of the different tigers from years past
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the number one mascot ruled, what do you think it is? you can't talk while in character. it makes total sense. the book is available at the anderson county museum gift store. geoff: john worked in the effort department and he wrote that book. dale: he is a great guy. he managed and was the producer of the football gamer years and years and years. he got to know all of the mascots. that is a hard job too. allyson: think about all of the other stuff they do. they came to our charity event and they were great. dale: they go all over the place. geoff: well done on that. it obviously took a lot of work. allyson: our news continues right now. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: and rainy conditions on
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