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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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icy roads are giving some children out of school today. the weather conditions that you can expect, that is allyson: donald trump says he is dropping out of the upcoming preswhy he is skipping the big showdown. it is 5:00 this morning. many goal districts are delayed or closed this morning. dale, we are just looking at rain here. dale: some of the mountaintops could see some freezing rain early, but temperatures over most of the region are above the freezing mark. so, that is good news. it will be the higher elevations the have to watch out 46 in greenville. we have actually seen temperatures climb a degree or two. they will reach the low 50's in the afternoon in the upstate and 40's in the mountains. it is the breeze that does make it feel cooler this morning. the rain will be over by noon
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we will have clouds and low 50's in the upstate. the mountains will see temperatures in the low 40 two mid-40 range today. we have better weather coming in and settling in for friday through monday. we have a beautiful weekend coming up and we will show you that in just a minute. if you have snow on your sidewalk in asheville, youd face a fine. geoff: property owners must shovel. the city ordinance requires a party owners to shovel the snow on the public sidewalks that run in front of their homes. public works officials say owners have until 48-hours after the end of a storm to get the job done. if not, they could face fines of up to $100 a day. >> i know before the storm we did p p some stuff out on social media about that, but everyone does not follow social media. owners that just don't know. geoff: compliance officers
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afafter that, owners have 10 days to comply. allyson: many people who rely on meals on wheels for their fo were able to be helped. the volunteers follow the greenville school policy. if there's no school, they don't deliver. but meals on wheels' executive director catriona carlisle says they sent extra frozen meals earlier in the wee she also says they called each client to check on them friday. as well as their most vulnerable clients monday she says anyone who needed food , got a delivery. geoff: the top presidential candidates are set to debate in iowa tomorrow. except for one big name. donald trump. he told supporters that he has decided to do something else the night of the debate.that is tomorrow night. >> we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded . we're going to do something simultaneously with the debate. but most likely, i'm not going to do the debate allyson: as many of you know, trump has had a running feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly since the first fox debate last
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kelly will be one of the moderators at thursday's debate. allyson: senator marco rubio has his first big endorsement. pataki is back presidential run. pataki ended his own white house bid last month. on twitter yesterday, pataki said he took a look at all the candidates and believes rubio is the best person to bring us all together. in more commitment 2016 news candy carson the wife of presidential candidate ben carson, will be in greenville today. she is coming to langston charter middle school to speak to students at an assembly at 9:30 this morn polls for the presidentials from nbc news. trump is holding the most support with 39%. and senator ted cruz is close marco rubio with 10%. the rest of the candidates don't hit double digits. allyson: taking a look at the democratic side, nationwide hillary clinton is leading with 51% support.
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with 37%. martin o'malley came in third. geoff: presidential primaries are right around the corner are two different dates. february 27 is the deadline for democrats. the demo -- the deadline is february 20. the reason for the two dates. each party decides its own day. this stems from one the parties were in charge of theielections. each party is allowed to choose their own dates, despite the government handling the primaries now. allyson: we were giving a lot of reports of people hearing the earth shake and hearing a large boom in chargeoff: the u.s. geological survey says it has not detettedofficials with the marine corps air station in buford say it may have been a sonic boom.m. that happens when an airplane
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allyson: it is hard to believe it can cause that kind of ef there were a lot of people talking about it. people in the low country say, we are due for one of these. alright, we have got rain here this morning. dale: we have light rain over the upstate this morning. be on again and off again for the next few hours. we have cloudy skies and cool temperatures for the resofwe are looking at downtown greenville. we are getting a little break from the rain right nolaurens has in some showers. raven county and in the foothills of north carolina there is also some rain. some of the higher elevations are looking up for theal early freezing rain and ice. at lower elevations it has just been of rain. this'll make its way out of the area as the morning goes on and temperatures will climb into the
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40's in the mit will feel cooler with those 14-15 mile-per-hour breezes in the foothills. in greenville, spartanburg, anderson, 52 by this afternoon. and in western north carolina, they will be morning clouds and afternoon temperatures reaching into the 43-a 44 degrees range. on saturday it warms up to 62. the mountains will reach 60. it is cold in the morning, but nice in the afternoon. next week has warmer than normal temperatures to begin a newwe get a break from the snowy weather of last weekend withe temperatures this weekend. allyson: thank you, dale. the snowstorm makes for a memorable moment in tennessee. geoff: something for coffee
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. allyson: south carolina representative mike pitts of laurens is trying to exp proposed state registry for journalists. the whole idea set off a media and politicial f pitts says that proves his point. he says the media will defend the first amendment one freedom of the press is challenged, but won't jump to defend other amendments, like the right to bear arms. pitts says doesn't think the
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nor does he want it to. >> far they'd from me to tell you how to do your job.i just ask you to do it ethically. i was not the one that said "the pen is mightier than the sword, " but i have seen many lives destroyed by the pen. allyson: pitts says he wanted to spark discussion with the bill. some have accu time by filing it. he says educating the public is never a waste of time. geoff: the state superintendent of education visited two schools in spartanburg molly spearman learned about the ways partnerships improve education. spearman stopped at the cleveland academy of leadership in spartanburg school district seven. a lot of the school's progress is the product of public-private partnerships. spearman also visited meeting street academy, a private school. district seven is wo build a public-private partnership with meeting street academy the district would supply transportation, food
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meeting street academy would become a district seven school and there would be no >> it does take all of us working together. the business community, the educators, the faith community, parents, everybody join together and we can make it happen if we have that kind of cooperation.geoff: the superintendent plans to bring the partnership to the school board for approva march. allyson: and out of bounds skeeter caught up -- and out of bounds skiir caught in an avalanche.
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nice it will be after the rain.announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good morning, it was slow getting here, but we have had rain overnight. we are getting a little break on woodruff road right now, but it is still coming down in parts of greenville county, abbeville, and laurens. parts of transylvania and jackson counties are also seeing heavier precipitation. watch out on some of the higher elevations for possible icy
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northern carolina has been above the freezing mark. hendersonville, 41 degrees. it will be the higher elevations that could be a little slippery early. 51 and abbeville. we will the mid 50's in the piedmont and mid-fifties in the upstate way to this afternoon. showers will come to an end this morning and braces pk up in the mountains -- and breezes pickup up in the mountains. 53 is the average high for greenville and spartanburg. today we will reach a 52. look at the record in asheville. back in 1989 it got up to 80 degrees. today we will be in the low 40's. this is that the little bit of precipitation we have received from this front. that pushes out of the area this afternoon to the east and south. we will have some more sunshine tomorrow. by the afternoon it will improve
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we will see a real improvement over the weekend. statewide it will be great. the mountains to the coast will be in the 60-62 range for saturday and sunday. for the rest of the day today, low 50's may be the best we see. he mountains will see the mid 40's. as but look ahead, it warms up nicely for saturday, sunday, and monday. we will do low 60's and the upstate and 60-61 in the mountains. geoff: thank you, dale. in seattle, washington two people were killed and three others wounded in a shooting at a homeless enc police say the victims lived at the encampment and that the shooting w. police say the victims lived there. no one has been arrested. police say they're searchr
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allyson: the san diego naval medical center was briefly placed on lockdown after reports of gunshots fired. three shots were reportedly heard coming from the basement of of the medical center yesterday. the base remained on lockdown as authorities went from room to room and led employees out of the facility. after inspection, the navy says there was no sign of shots fired or a shooter in the building. geoff: developing news out of oregon. a deadly end to a tense standoff. at least one person has been killed. and police have arrested a group of protesters. we were at the scene last night. reporter: as you can see behind me, birds police are blocking off the highway 395 just north of burns. the stretch of road is blocked off from here to john day, oregon. the fbi in oregon arrested members along this highway. that is just several miles north of where i am.
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back to you. geoff: officials say they will hold a press conference at this agencies to update this case. allyson: in indiana, and elementary school principal was struck and killed by al bus. two students were also injured in yesterdayay indianapolis police say a bus carrying 25 students went over a curb during dismissal. the principal had served at the school for 22-years. geoff: authorities say a meteorologist for the weather channel died by suicide over the weekend. they say 39-year-old nicholas wiltgen was killed after a crh at midtown atlanta's colony square mall. fulton county officials confirm his death was his car went 20 feet into the w atlanta-midtown and hit a hotel worker. the worker was treated for non-life-threateningin consumer news, there is a recall to tell you about. allyson: ford is recalling thousands of its ranger pick-up trucks because of faulty airbags.
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in 2004 through 2006 ranger pick-up trucks. they can explode with too much force and cause injuries. the recall covers nearly 391,000 trucks in the united states and canada. it comes just days after the government announced that a south carolina man was killed in december when an inflator exploded. geoff: if no one in your house has an amazon prime membership, chances are your neighbor does. according to a new report, nearly half of u.s. households have a membership. it says the number of amazon prime memberships in the u.s. jumped 35% last year. that means about 46% of u.s. househehds have at least one member. that is something. the memberships cost $99 a year. hey, we've got one. they come with free two-day or overnight shipping on some items and access to their instant watch prime video service. i have yet to use that. allyson: me too.
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new atm's that don't require a debit or credit card. the new eatm's allow you to use a smartphone app to make deposits and withdrawls. the next generation so triple the withdrawal limit to $3,000 and dispense $1.00, $5.00, $20 and $100 bills. the new machines will be rolled out later this year. in this morning's news for your health, the latest on the zika virus outbreak. geoff: the cdc h h issued interim guidelines to help doctors faced with testing treating the illness. the mosquito-carried virus affects newborn babies. it causes them to be born with abnormally small heads and brains. the cdc suggests doctors ask mothers of babies with this condition ask where they lived or traveled while pregnant. so far, there is no vaccine for the virus. allyson: teenagers my to think e-cigarettes are a safe alternative to regular cigarettes.but, there's evidence teens who try e-cigarettes may also be more likely to start smoking
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a study included 2300 9th and 10th graders. those who vaped were three times as likely to start smoking a year later. more than two-thirds of the kids considered e-cigarettes healthier than regular cigarettes. geoff: caffeine is not as bad for our health as some experts once a thought. researchers fromy of california surveyed a small group of people and found more than half had at least one caffeinated drink a day. after undergoing 24-hours of heart monitoring, those participants did not experience an increase in heartbeats. experts say some studies have suggested caffeinated products such as coffee, tea, and chocolate may have cardiovascular benefits. it's time now for your wyff news 4 timeline on this january 27. on this date in 2006, western union sent its last telegram. the service dated back to the mid 1860's. allyson: telegrams reached the height of popularity in the 1920's and 1930's, when it was cheaper to send a telegram than to make a long-distance phone
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peter: good morning to you. i am peter alexander with donald trump's campaign here in marshalltown, iowa. trump insisting that he will not participate in this thursday's republican debate. a top aide telling nbc news this is not under negotiation. it comes on a day that trump is touting two key endorsements one from a controversial anti-immigration leader and another from an influential evangelical. all that and our heated exchange with the republican front-runner over his evolving views on the topic of abortion. allyson: taking a look outside at our hilton-greenville skycam, there is an accident on south
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4 hd forecas 5:26 as a lookout from spartanburg. it is cloudy and 45 degrees. we have had light rain over spots this morning. a good it is working south about 85. an umbrella, rain jacket not a bad idea. by the afternoon, cloudy with 50 to 52 for the ride home. the mountains are cool this morning with theheind. low 40's for the afternoon. early rain and clouds for later today. we have a picture we wanted to show you. and esl teacher who teaches adults sent us this photo from one of the students fromcolumbia, and south america. it has a pineapple. we would love to have your pictures from your school. we do this each morning at this
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picture from an area school.doesn't matter what class. we would love to have a picture from your class. we will feature it on dale's school salute. allyson: i imagine they don't make a lot of snow men thergeoff: we always enjoyed the pictures. a video of a two-year-old from south carolina has gone vira thanks to her bedtime prayers. listen. >> and d ddy, mommy, and mom -- toddler to bed without asking prayers, so after the mom and d left, the little girl decided, as you here, toto pray on her own. allyson: she called out the names of the people she is
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parents, grandmother and santa claus. very important. dale: getting an early start on that one. allyson: don't forget, santa. i prayed for you. geoff: parents are doing a great job. allyson: and she has learned well. our news continues rade possible by inwhich is responsible fenallyson: you are waking up to let mother. icy roads keeping some students out of school. weather conditions today are straight ahead. geoff: donald trump says he will not participate in tomornight's debate. when he plans to do instead. great to be with you, dale, and
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dale: we saw it overnight and into the early morning hours. it brought showers to the d now in the upstate and it will continue to goes on. by the afternoon, it should be over and we will have temperatures, because of the clouds, where they typically should be, low 50's by the afternoon. it is 46 in greenville, 45 in spartanburg, mild in piedmont. let's check on western north carolina and see if we see icy conditions and higher elevations. clin and marshall, waterville, so some of the higher mountaintops could have gotten a glaze of ice but it will change over and just be rain for the next little bit and be gtemperatures are accentuated by the breeze. the windchill feels like it is
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