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this afternoon for the upstate, 52, 53. for the mountains, mid 40's for the afternoon. it starts to clear u nice days ahead for the latter part of the week. allyson: thank you. geoff: many school districts are on the delay or closed. you can see them on the bottom of the screen and wee latest throughout the morning. allyson: a lot of that snow has melted, but if you still have snow in asheville, you could face a fine. geoff: snow related deadline has passed and that means many owners must shovel. wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from ashevill aly: good morning. we are live in asheville at the corner of montford and chestnut street. this is their sidewalk. if someone files a complaint about this type of thing to the city, the property owners could face some fines. the city ordinance requires property owners to shovel the snow on the public sidewalks that run in front of their
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public works officials say owners have until 48-hours after the end of a storm to get the job done. if not, they could face fines of up to $100 a day. >> i know before the storm, we pushed some things out on social media about that, but everyone doesn't follow social media. there could be some property owners that just don't know. aly: compliance officers generally respond to violations after a complaint is filed. after that, property owners have 10 days to comply. the city says it tried to warn people through social media about the requirement but says not everyone follows their accounts, so some property owners just might not know. as another added fact, we do have a school closings and delays at the bottom of the y myles wyff news 4 live in asheville. geoff: thank you. many people who rely on meals on wheels for their foo helped and checked on during the storm. the volunteers follow the greenville county school
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if there's no school, they don't deliver, but meals on wheels' executive director says they sent extra frozen meals earlier in the week. she also says they called each client to check on them friday, as well as their most vulnerable clients monday. she says anyone who needed food got a delivery impressive. allyson: turning to commitment 2016, the top republican presidential candidates are set to debate in iowa tomorrow. except for one big name, donald trump. the republican front runner told supporters in iowa yesterday, that he will rai veterans and wounded warriors instead of attending the big showdown. trump has had a running feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly since the first fox debate last year. kelly will be one of the moderators at thursday's debate. geoff: meanwhile, senator marco rubio has his first big endorsement. former new york governor george pataki is bao' presidential run. pataki ended his own white house bid last month. on twitter yesterday, pataki said he took a loo candidates and believes rubio is
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together. in more commitment 2016 news, candy carson, the wife of presidential candidate ben carson, will be in greenville today. she is coming to langston charter middle school to speak to students at an assembly at 9:30 this morning. allyson: now, to the latest in the polls for the presidential race. here's a look at the numbers from nbc news. trump holding the most support with 39%, and senator ted cruz , the only challenger close with 10%. hit double digits. geoff: now, let's take a look at poll. nationwide, hillary clinton is still leading withf support. bernie sanders coming in second with 37%, and coming in third with 2% of support. allyson: the presidential primaries are just around the corner. in south carolina, there are two different dates. today's the deadline to register for voting in the democratic primary on februar the deadline has already passed
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20. the reason for the two dates? the state elections commission says each party decides its own day. this stems from when the parties were in charge of their own elections. state officials allowing the parties to keep choosing their dates, despite state government handling the primaries now. geoff: lots of reports yesterday, about people feeling the earth shake, and hearing a loud boom in charleston. allyson: it is not an earthquake. the u.s. geological sus it has not detected an earthquake. officials with the marine corps air station in beaufort, says it may have instead been a sonic boom. that happens when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier. geoff: nobody likes to be sitting around and then feeling something starting to shake. allyson: living in california, i know that. that was scary. dale: it was a long time ago, but we were in the studio during the morning show and we looked
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dog this -- it was a mild earthquake in tennessee, but it made our lights shake and it was a weird feeling. the chairs didn't, but ok, that is what it must have been. allyson: hopefully the roof does not come down on us. da: i cannot imagine being in a place with the whole building doing that. scary stufwe have light rain showing up in laurens. 50 degrees, light rain has been the story overnight or the mountains in the upstate. some of the higher elevations in north carolina looking at the potential for freezing rain with cold temperatures early, especially along the tennessee it is spotty right now. client in pickens in northern greenville county and laurens. it will be ended before too long. 46 in greenville, 38 in asheville, 36 in boone.
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climb very much. the 50's for the upstate and mid 40's for the mountains. those breezes make it feel like 27 in hendersonville, feels like 30 in asheville with the wind. here is a quick look ahead. after today, more sunshine tomorrow and temperatures start to warm toward the weekend. saturday, sunday, and monday are beautiful days. upper 50's to low 60's monday. the good start to next week. gabe: talk about a real life cliffhanger. residents here in california left teetering on the edge by the effects of el nio. local officials have declared a state of emergency and are urging these residents to leave but a few of them are defying that order. i'm gabe gutierrez in pacifica, california, and we'll have the very latest on this developing story coming up on "today."
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of their woodruff road skycam. construction on woodru road
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ricardo good morning. : i'm ricardo lecompte. after splitting a pair of s on the road last week, south carolina returns to the friendly confines of the cla tuesday evening. the gamecocks hosting mississippi state. first half, freshman pj dozier comes up with the steal. we go the other way. dozier with the dme to michael careera.
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later, sindarius thornwell knocks down the corner 3. thornwell finished with 15. gamecocks with a six point lead. final seconds of the carerra half, heaves a shot up and hits it. 17 first half points for the nine point gamecocks lead into second half. but usc goes on a 10-4 run, thanks to carerra. he had a career night, 34 points, 15 boards. south carolina back in the win column. 84 to 74 winners over mississippi state. clemson returns to action tonight, in downtown greenville. they are posting pittsburgh. the tigers comiing off a bye week of sorts. and the time off, refreshing a team that is currently tied with the panthers at 5 and 2 in the acc. tipoff at the well set for 7:00. geoff: thank you. u.s. customs arrest a man for
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we will tell you how that turned out.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd f: 5:44 the time as a look at our various skycam's. cloudy skies in spartanburg, 45 and what roads. we have had light rain this morning and becoming more spottya few spots in union county, laurens county, and henderson county. watch out for slippery spots.temperatures in the 40's and low 50's or the upstate. in the mountains, chilly. asheville at 38, franklin and andrews to 32. hartwell 50, livonia 47. not as cold as it can be and a blanket of clouds just keeps the heat from escaping and getting as cold as it can at night. that is one benefit, but temperatures with the clouds
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that 13 to 15 5 le per hour wind makes it feel like 27 in hendersonv and asheville. the warm jacket is a good idea for the morning. after this gets out, sunny weather will settle in and looks li great for thursday, friday, especially saturday, sunday and monday. not. warm for most of the country. 27 in denver, teens in minneapolis, and down south, we are enjoying some of the better temphere's what it will be like this weekend at the bsaturday and sunday, highs of 60 to 62 in myrtle beach. basically what it will be like in the upstate, too. or today, the 50's in the upstate, made 50's in the piedmont. the mountains go from low 30's to mid 40's at best. looking ahead, highs tomorrow about 47 to 52, typical for this time of the year.
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60 to 62 under 70 skies. weekend. geoff: thank you. we take a look at some of the headlines today. the so-called affluenza teen is no longer fighting deportation. accoring to his lawyer, ethan couch will return to texas to face charges against him in the coming days. also in our headlines, peyton -- all adults should be tested as a routine part of health care, and it would folks in on pregnant mothers. two major shakeups in the race for the white house with donald trump sayil cutting -- boycotted the debate. allyson: on the democratic side, bernie sanders has a meeting today with president obama in the oval office. the white house says today's meeting will be private and there's no formal agenda.
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skipping the foxnews debate, the lost on before the iowa caucus. his reasonn kelly. in a statement, fox news stood by its anchor an can't dictate the moderators or the questions. meantime, there are political shockwaves for the democrats, too, with bernie sanders meeting today with president obama in the oval office. the white house says today's meeting will be private and there's no formal agenda. in washington, i'm nikole killion. allyson: continuing our winter weather coverage, icy roads are beginning to clear, but snow mounds remain in some places. for some, the black ice can keep them from doing their job. and i did state postal workers are feeling the impact as personal mail delivery is still a standard of the american lifestyle. the post office has sent out an advisory for homeowners to make a semi-circle mailboxes so the carriers can easily get to the box. geoff: a west virginia doctor wasn't going to let the snow keep him from he hopped on his tractor and drove it through three-feet of snow to get to work at berkeley medical center in martinsburg.
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co-workers along out of the entire emergency room staff, only five couldn't make it in. >> we're wired to do this stuff, to do disaster medicine, so whether it's on a railroad, on i-81, or the weather, that's kind of what we do best. geoff: talk about stepping up. the 13-mile commute usually takes about 15 minutes, but with that much snow on the ground and by way of a tractor, it took an hour. allyson: we need one of those. a memorable birth in tennessee for one brave mom and a paramedic. hannah lynch thought she had a few more days before the birth of her daughter but baby lydia was in a hurry to come out. during the height of the snow storm in tennessee, lynch went into labor. mom and dad knew making it to a hospital on their own was not an option. emergency personnel met them in the middle of an icy road where paramedic jason pierce got hannah into the ambu less than 10 minutes later,
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geoff: always getting great stories out of winter storms. well an out-of-bounds skier , survived an avalanche in the canyons outside salt lake city yesterday. the unnamed skier did suffer some leg injuries when the avalanche caught him carried him down part of the foot mountain. 10,000 the skier managed to stay above the sliding snow and survived being swept down the slope in big cottonwood canyon. the colorado avalanche center says there have been ten avalanche fatalities in the west in just over a week. conditions are prime for snowslides, as unseasonably warm temperatures for january are making snow conditions unstable. one of hollywood's best known character actors has died. abe vigoda passed away yesterday at the age of 94. vigoda's acting career spanned half a cen. he is best known for playing a mafia soldier in the "godfather," and the over-the-hill detective phil fish in the 1970's tv series "barney miller." allyson: a cat caught in a storm drain for almost a week ha rescued, but only thanks to
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beyond the call of duty to do it. the kitty was discovered inside the drain in stamford, connecticut, last thursday. animal control officers fed the cat regularly. the drain is part of a series of tunnels and pipes that the cat regularly roamed around. making rescue efforts difficult, a stamford police officer rescued the cat yesterday, after it got caught in the trap he'd set. geoff: not going to be leaving this 1 -- u.s. customs arrested a man they say tried smuggling live birds in his pants. [laughter] the man was a passenger on a flight from cuba to flor. customs and border patrol agents took the man into custody on january 9 at miami international airport. officials say the passenger was concealing six exotic birds in a fanny pack, and three more in his pants. [laughter] the birds were turned over the department of agriculture's miami quarantine station. it is a violation of federal law to smuggle live animals into the
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no word on whether his voice was an octave higher when he got off [laughter] allyson: a picture taken of a sloth in ecuador has gone viral. rescue crews found it stranded in the middle of a highway. it apparently became frightened while trying to cross the highway, and ended up clinging to a roadside barrier. police say the sloth was examined by a vet before being released back into the wild. there is now an executive order in place that says any animals found on streets and highways must be assisted by authorities. with tax season is approaching, you have your typical options, do your taxes yourself or go to an accounting firm. but in santa barbara, california, there's another option. let high school students do your taxes for you. students at santa barbara high school are planning to file up to 700 returns this season. they're part of a volunteer group to help local residents save money, and yes, they are irs certified. students will help residents file their taxes on a first-come-first-serve basis
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geoff: if you do not have an amazon prime membership, chances are your nnewly half of u.s. households have a membership. it jumped 35% last year, and that means about 46% of u.s. households have at least one member. they cost $99 a year and they come with free two day or overnight shipping on some items and they had their instant watch prime video service. with valentines day just around the corner, there is nothing more romantic than sharing a smothered, covered and chunked candlelight dinner. that's right. waffle house is now accepting reservations for the most romantic day of the year. it will be offering a candlelit dinner at restaurants in 18 states. in our area, there are seven waffle house restaurants that will be hosting the valentines' love special. allyson: no alive. i have been to waffle house for valentine's lie, not kidding.
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of him as the termr california's governator, if you have $351,000 lying around, you can take home arnold schwarzenegger's car. well, car is kind of understating it. this 1977 uni-mog truck is made by mercedes. it's nine feet tall and weighs six tons. arnold autographed the dashboard before he sold it to the texas direct auto dealership in houston. no word on how many miles to the gallon it gets, but it only has a little over miles on the 1800 odometer. the dealer has it listed on ebay. geoff: as quarterback peyton manning gets ready for what could be his last nfl game, the associated press is reporting that that the nfl says it is conducting a comprehensive review of allegations that manning had human growth hormone delivered to his house. al jazeera reported last month that an intern at an indianapolis anti-aging clinic was secretly recorded suggesting that manning's wife receive deliveries of hgh, which is banned by the league.
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was rehabbing from neck surgery. he called the report complete garbage and the internet has recanted this story. allyson: the same song coming over and over from an abandoned building and a business says it was raining -- it was ruining their business. that is coming up. geoff: it is not just the carolina panthers going to the
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ]
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an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd fdale: good morning. 5:57 on this wednesday with light rain overnrnht. there will be some slippery roads this morning because of
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northern greenville county henderson and rutherford county. a couple of of spots in greenwood kidding light sprinkles.rain will come to an end, 50 to 52 expected for the afternoon under mostlysksome rain and cold temperatures in the mountains will cllow 40's for the afternoon under mostly cloudy skies.after today, looks like good weather to look forward to for the rest of the week and nice days coming and monday with warmer than normal temperatures geoff: in this morning buzz, a bit of a mystery. in niagara falls, new york, a city block is hearing silence for the first time in months. allyson: the manager at the restaurant there says every afternoon after 3:00, they have heard the university of iowa's lights on for seven hours straight from an abandoned building. that is 840 renditions nightly. the manager has made tons of
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taken care of. he said it was too low of a volume to be considered an ordinance violation. they called the owner of the property who laughed and hug up. yesterday,y,he music mysteriously stopped. ["twilight zone" theme song] geoff: a bit of a mystery. let's get to this morning's headli shoveling snow is not easy. allyson: not easy but necessary to avoid a finding asheville. geoff: a state representative explains why he proposed registering journalists in south carolina. allyson: what the gop front runner donald trump says he will of the non-stage with the other candidates. geoff: we have delays and closings running at the bottomallyson: a live look at our
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we saw rain earlier.
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