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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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enforcement offices should be on notice that such use violates the fourththe case of enforcement agencies in five states, including north carolina and south carolina, and remember, greenville police came under fire when they used a taser on a 34-year-old autistic man, tario anderson, who tried to run away on foot. the police chief, ken miller, says this new court ruling affects officers and suspects. >> we're going to see the number of physical interactions because the resistance does not go away. they do not always want us in their lives. they do not always want us to intervene. they do not always want to go to jail. tim: the chief says he has revised his department use of force policy, putting taser use
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carol: vic bailey, jr. died at the age of 89. mike: he meant so much to the community that there is a road named >> you cannot go far without seeing the bailey namemike: his name is known for getting people behind thbut he was also behind so many generous gifts. >> here with the university. mike: his support of education led to an honorarye of dr. of public service from usd upstate, -- usc upstate, and he also gave money to mobile meals, and instill that spirit into his son and grandchildren, who
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>> we are very much thinking about them at this special timmike: now, there are black ribbons on the doors of the dealerships. >> he had a big, loving heart. carol: we understand that you can pay your respects to the family at dunbar funeral home tomorrmichael: there was a purse snatching in easley that ended with a man in jail. police tell us that the man snatched the person of a customer at academy sports in easley and then took off. greenville sheriff deputies arrested the man on pendleton road behind the westville funeral home. at one point, a car was struck, but the deputy is ok. carol: and a look at the weather.
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meteorologist john cessarichjohn: a warm up as we go to the weekend, and, michael, i will talk about that a little bit later one forecast, but temperatures mainly in the 50's. still a piece of energy coming out of the gulf and swinging by quickly, and this is mainly south of i-85. a couple of sprinkles, maybe a few patches of light rain, and north of 85, it is going to stay dry. this is where we are going to have a lot of cold air as wbecause the clouds will be breaking up, we expect areas to freeze up, so watch out for that as we go through the overnighback to you. michael, ok, thank you, john.
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you get a lesson from the wife of a presidential candidate. students at langston charter middle school came home with mrs. carson: when you look at what is going on i country, you have got to have someone that has the country's best interest at heart. going to the top of the class in a year and a half is very inspirinreporter: kandi carson spent the morning touring the charter school, meeting students, and telling them about her husband mrs. carson: do not let anybody tell you you cannot be something. helping them realize their potential, because so often, they get negatives, we all do, but you can tell them something like what your brain can process in a second. reporter: it had an impact on
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>> i did not know that you could come from a negative and get to a posi>> it was really inspiring as's talking about our generation and how the founding fathers did not want treporter: 2024 is only eight years away. >> i think it is very important for us to understand what g on with politics, because it is hard to know. michael: the students did have a chance to write down some questions yed asked candy carson, and she took a stack of them for dr. carson to answer on twitter. carol: the carolina panthers back at practice today. michael: and brad fralick is
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brad: for some of these players, it is still sinking in, and i am sure it is not sunken in for a lot of them, and we had a chance to talk to tre boston today, and he said he had to say it out loud to guys today that they were preparing for the super field distractions, family and friends, there get requests, but boston said they got that out of the way quickly. >> you can do that in 24 hours, so to tell family know -- no, john has got to come, uncle luke has got to come, and they have to know it is not about everybody. it is about getting the ring.
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>> it is a joy that only for the panthers but for their familiebrad: tre says they get 50 tickets per player, and they are not free, but it is hard for tell people that they are not free, but it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. carol: remember, wyff 4 is the home of the panthers, and we have a special that will be next friday. we'll be live from california, previewing the b>> donald is a fragile soul. michael: the gop debate is already making headlinesjohn: a live shot looking over lake hartwell. mostly cloudy skies with a couple of sprinkles and
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont,
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in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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the fireworks have started 24 hours debatemichael: this time it is all about what donald trump is not doing. nigel: after slamming fox news anchor megyn kelly for not being fairdonald trump: let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me, ok? let's a. nigel: the man right behind donald trump in the polls quickl>> donald is a fragile soul. if someone did not show up to w what he would say? you are fired.
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fired back overnight with a statement charging donald trump camp mg kelly, saying we cannot give in to terrorism -- and's of our employees. donald trump is still welcome at thursday night's debate and will be treated fairly, but he cannot dictate the moder the questions. nigel: on the democratic side, hillary clinton is touting years of emrs. clinton: i have been on the frontlines of change and progress since i was your age. nigel: bernie sanders tells voters turnout will make the difference. mr. sanders: if we have a large voter turnout, we will win, and we will win big. michael: donald trump is scheduling to be in iowa tomorrow. and this primary season, the voters a looking to sprir candidate to eight
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carol: patrick is here with more about what you need tohat trick: the voter registration deadline for republicans was last wednesday, but for democrats looking to be a part of the process on february 27, the deadline is tonight at midnight. south carolina gets a lot of attention as the firsth primary, providing potential momentum to the candidate that wins, but in recent years, the voter turnout has been o the down slide. >> i do vote, yes. >> participation as a whole seems to be suffering, but we still plan for as strong as we ever have. patrick: and in the latest south carolina democratic primary poll
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points, and if senator sanders wins in iowa and new hampshire, all eyes will be on south carolina on february 27 to see if hillary clinton holds her lead. if you are not registered yet, you have until midnight tonight. go to and register
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some neighbors in southern michael: some neighbors in southern greenville county say from a nearby dump site. carol: myra has more. myra: they say even though they may live miles away from the twin chimneys landfill, the smell is getting closer and closer to their lives. stench that comes from the landfill. you can feel it on your skin. it makes your skin crawl. myra: the odor from the landfill is a crisis for the community according to the pastor of the nearby columbia bat church. >> the values of the properties moving in. you cannot sell to move out because of the smell.
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myra: neighbors organized a meeting. >> we are lotas far as what violations are concerned there. myra: tomorrow night, they are hoping to get answers and reassurance that something is bein announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: a live shot downtown, beautiful. 10 miles and greater. some fog in the upstate. a different story. i will tell yothis is just a beautiful picture. a live shot from skied 4. as you can see, some pieces of energy coming out of the gulf of mexico producing some sprinkles, that most of the precipitation
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there is a chance of seeing some sprinkles and maybe even a few patches of light rain, but it will not last long, and we will talk about a trace of precipitation,there are your sprinkles in the upstate and also northeastern georgia along 85. we have had often on sprinkles, now spreading to carnesville, eventually into hartville. it is pretty close to where it should be for this time of year. the record, 73 degrees. 45 degrees this afternoon at the asheville airpormelting that snow in the mountains, but that is still beit just feels warm. not too far back.
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at cloudy skies in laurens. the correct temperature is 52 degrees, 39 in asheville. more clearing skies expected in the mountains, and there will be some fog forming, especially in the valley areas, and with temp freezing, that is freezing fog. it will be hugging basically the ground. we are basically talking about freezing drizzle, so watfreezing drizzle, freezing fog. and there was the melting snow we had during the day today. the wind oe northeast at five to 10 miles an hour. moisture close to the tennessee line. 56 right now in columbia. 62 in savannah, not bad in miami, 78 degrees.
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of the gulf of mexico. some snow showers late tomorrow and into friday with some windy conditions. we will warm up, so as we go through the day, precipitation will stay south, more clouds in the upstate with more sunshine expected tomorrow in the mountains. a low of 37 degrees. areas of fog and freezing fog. a few sprinkles possible. it will be warming up to 47 degrees by lunchtime.asheville, partly sunny in the afternoon with 34 at 9:00 in the morning. after the wind and the cold and
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now, back to you, carol carol: brad fralick is where the panthers are practicing.
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announcer: now, wyff news 4 sports. brad: right now, clemson quarterback deshawn watson is collecting the south carolina college player of the be recognized tonight. more on that in just a moment.
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work and back to practice, the champs beginning practice for the denver broncos and super bowl 50, and brad fralick is live in charlotte withbrad: marc, how are you? a lot of talk centering on thomas to try to repair that broken arm he suffered during the championship game, and then it was vowed that he would play in super bowl 50, and it has a decade since davis played in a super bowl, and he does not want to let that opportunity pass by. and cam newt says he has seen that drive and it is noticed by the team. >> they sacrificed so much. and then we have a god who broke his arm. we're trying to find -- we have got a guy who broke his arm, and we're trying to find a way. his wife, people supporting him,
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and for me to be a leader on this team and to see that, why should i care about what people say about me when i know i have got somebody with br arm? brad: ron rivera echoed those statements, saying the young a veteran doing everything he can to play in the super bowl, including with screws and a plate in his arm, it shows them how special a trip be with a win. marc: thank you, brad. clemson and pittsburgh squaring off tonight, a key acc contest for both teams, with a matching 5-2 record, and clemson is looking for their sixth win in seven game>> every game, focus.
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just being excited. we were excited and ready to go. marc: and the men's basketball team is back thanks to a career night from michael carrera. scoring a career-high 34 points and 15 rebounds in tuesday's win over mississippi state, he is the heart and soul of tone half of a performance. carol: thank you, and thank you for watching wyff news 4. our next newscast is at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning inwhich is responsible for its caption content and amichael: and with our mobile
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