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news. y iallyson: happening today. the republican presidential candidates face off one more time before the iowa caucuses. geoff: also in this morning's headlines. donald trump makes a campaign stop in south carolina. his key points and his biggest supporter straight ahead. allyson: and a break in a case, after a victim recovers just enough to talk to police. now a spartanburg county man will have a bond hearing for a case of attempted murder. geoff: good morning. i'm geoff hart. allyson: and i'm allyson powell. chris is in for dale. chris: we have a warming trend heading this way.picking up on a few showers, especially in the southern parts we have some showers south of union. in southern lawrence county, towards 385, back down to
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shhere is the way lawrence a skycam looks. in greenville, mostly cloudy skies. a cool s at 38. visibility doing ok across the area. fog from anders to franklin. be careful traveling those 31, hendersonville. 34, spartanburg. anderson, 43. the wind is calm. they are out of the northeast at about five to six miles per hour. not a whole lot of sunshine today. mostly cloudy and cloudy skies. asheville has a better chance of warming up. what you need to know for your forecast, cloudy and cool, but warmer this weekend.
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a calm weather pattern takes hold of our area. allyson: you can see construction. looking to relocate some power poles. we will keepbeginning with commitment 2016 news. the republican presidential candidates face off one more time before the geoff: the 8 candidates who are leading the polls have been invited to participate in the prime time debate tonight on fox news. that includes ted cruz marco rubio ben carson and jeb bush. although frontrunner donald trump is invited, he says he won't be there, citings with one of the moderators, megyn kelly. rand paul, who was left out of the last prime time debate is back in tonight because of his standing in the most recent polls in iowa. trump was in south carolina
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rally in lexington. among them, his newest supporter. >> donald trump speaks the truth. he is a man of decision. he is a man of action. he speaks the truth as he see's it in words that everybody understands and ladies and gentlemen that is something new in politics. allyson: that was south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster, throwing behind trump. mcmaster is the highest-ranking state politician to endorse him. donald trump also hit familiar themes buildin his self-funded campaign and repealing and replacing the affordable health care act. >> he says what he thinks, and he's thinking about what's best for our country and he doesn't owe anybody anything, he's his own person. allyson: trump began by saying that america doesn't win anymore and finished on a different note. mr. trump: and folks i started off by saying that we don't win
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we are going to win with the military. we are going win at the at the borders. we are going to win with trade. we are going to win with health care. obamacare is going to be gone. we are going t are going to be so proud of your president. you are going to be so proud of your country i love the people of south carolina. from day one, i love them. take care of yourselves. make sure you vote. allyson: trump also promised that he will campaign in south carolina so much before the primary that, quote, you will be sick of me. geoff: the south carolina presidential primaries are just a month away. here is what february looks like in the state. greenville will host a republican debate at the peace center on february 13. on the 16th, the aiken gop has invited all gop candidates t forum at usc-aiken. two days later the conservative convention is set to take place at the bon s arena. then on february 20, the first
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for republicans. a week later, it's the democrats turn on allyson: happening today in continuing coverage. a break in a case, after a victim recovers enough to talk to police. now a spartanburg county man will have a bond hearing for a case of attemp geoff: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from the detention center in spartanburg with what changed in the case. aly: just yesterday deputies arrested the husband of a mother of two who was shot and left for dead. he's now set for a bond hearing at 2:00 p.m. here at the detention center. jonathan batchelor has been charged with attempted murder of his wife. investigators say stephanie batchelor was shot several times earlier this month. she was found along her home on reidville road. the break in the case came yesterday when stephanie was able to talk to deputies for the first time since the shooting. they say she was able provide details that led deputies to her husband's arrest. investigators will not say where
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a go fund me page says she suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including one which was to the brain. allyson: greenville county deputies tell us a chase started with a purse easley. it ended with a man in jail. police tell us he snatched the purse of a customer at academy sports in easley. he took off leading officers on a chase into greenville county. greenville county deputies took over, and arrested the man on pendleton road funeral home. at one point a patrol car was struck but the deputy driving is o.k. geoff: preparations for super bowl 50 are underway for the carolina panthers. quarterback cam newton is even more in the spotlight this morning after what he said yesterday in charlotte. he was asked at a press conference why he thinks h lightning rod for criticism despite his success. >> they talk about maturity with me, they talk about skill set with this team, nobody has changed. this is the same team that was
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nothing has changed. the only thing that's changed is we're winning and i've said it since day one, i am an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can to. geoff: newton not one to shy away from how he feels having fun on the football field. he has a chance to submit his legacy in nfl history in super bowl 50 in 10 days. allyson: after all that snow and ice on the r some make up days to announce. geoff: in pickens county, students will attend on february 26 and march 25. in buncombe county the schoo year has been extended to june 6. students will also attend on february 12 and will have a full day instead of half day, on february 11. allyson: a lot of students
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geoff: we are looking forward to this weekend. chris: if it is still on the ground three days later do you have snow on your yard? geoff: i have not heard that before. you are saying more is coming. allyson: no. chris: i still have it in my yard, but ththgs are looking up. 65, you cannot week -- you cannot beat that. a nice start to the day in downtown greenville. cloudy skies and it is cool. 38 degrees. you will not find much rain in the northern part of the towards the south and southern greenwald -- southern greenville county, you will find somevisibility doing ok across the area.
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have a little bit of fog this morning. be careful traveling there. temperatures on the cool side. 25 degrees, asheville. lawrence, 42 degrees. over the next couple of hours, temperatures will slowly warm.we will rise up to 52 degrees day. in asheville, a bit more sunshine. i will show the warming trend coming up in the full forecast. geoff: thank you. calling for change. neighbors say the smell from a nearby landfill is too strong to handle. allyson: it's a prayer heard around the world. an upstate toddler's talk with god. hear from her mother straight
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allyson: msnbc and the new hampshire union leader are partnering to host a newly-scheduled democratic debate. rachel maddow and chuck todd would moderate. it would be held on february 4. that's five days before the new hampshire primary. the democratic national committee has yet to give its approval for the event. geoff: ammon bundy and 7 others arrested for their part in occupying a government building in oregon made their initial court appearances yesterday. bundy and the others are currently charged with one count
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injure an officer. a detention hearing will be held for the defendants tomorrow to determine if they'll be released. bundy is asking his supporters at the refuge to go home and let those who have been arrested continue the fight in the courts. allyson: authorities say the wife of illinois police officer joseph gliniewicz, who allegedly took his own life in a staged suicide, has been indicted by a grand jury. the late officer's wife, melodie gliniewicz, has been indicted on charges of disbursing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit as well as money laundering. melodie gliniewicz's t at $50,000. geoff: a controversial plan could dry up the niagara falls. why some are hoping the falls turn to a trickle. chris: a cold day today and tomorrow. a warming trend arrives for the weekend. ? try delsym twelve hour cough liquid.
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man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this chris: a cold start to the day today. 38 degrees. some showers south of f wn, downtown lawrence is dry. heading towards columbia, a few
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andrews and franklin, some fog back in the mounta31, hendersonville. cool in greenville at 38. anderson, 43. the wind is out of the northeast. a cool breezwarming up to the lower 50's. spartanburg will have a high temperature around asheville, a little bit more sunshine. you will warm to 50 by this afternoon. 53 degrees, abbeville.
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cloudy skies across the southeast. cool air coming in behind another system later tonight. e that tomorrow. cloudy skies throughout most of the day. look at the nexus. it will be a cold system. some snow showers and flurries northbound. skies clear on friday. high pressure builds in. through the weekend, we will have a pattern from the west to the eanot looking at an active weather pattern at all.
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65, the warmth continues into next week. geoff: an international tire maker celebrated the opening of its new home in spartanburg county. governor nikki haley attended the ribbon cutting. trelleborg wheel systems will make tires for agricultural machinery at this facility. the $50 million investment is expected to create 150 jobs. >> bottom line is south carolina is open for business. the number one thing that continues to bring companies to this state is the work force. only builds a tire, builds a plane, builds a car, but they build it well and they're made with pride in south carolina and that goes a long way. geoff: after the ribbon cutting governor haley got a special tour of the facility. some upstate neighbors are exploring their legal options as the smell from a nearby dump site gets stronger.
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the twin chimneys landfill say the odor continues to get worse. they're calling on community leaders and the landfill operators to do more to contain the smell. neighbors organized a meeting to discuss the possible options. >> they've raised their families here. they've lived here all their lives. the quality of life has changed. the values of their properties have gone down >> we're looking at our legal options. we're looking at what dhec can do as far as rules violations are concerned geoff: the meeting takes place tonight at 7:00 at the columbia baptist church on augusta road. allyson: a follow up now to a story we told you about yesterday. the viral video of a toddler's prayers has now been viewed more than 1.3 million times. >> my daddy, my mommy. allyson: wyff news 4 got to meet
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the two-year-old who not only thanked god for her family, but santa claus as well. on sunday her mom and t sutton down without their normal bedtime prayers. but, soon after they heard noises turned y monitor watching through tear-filled eyes. >> her being two and thinking through what she wanted to say and who she wanted to thank god for, that was just unbelievable to us. allyson: the whitts have now been featured on national news organizations. they've done interviews with most of the major networks. geoff: a community is rallying behind one of their own. an upstate mother fighting cancer. sky 4 was over the scene as the community he luminary lighting. lindsey motley, a mother of a toddler has been fighting colon cancer since she was 26-years-old. allyson: we set up luminaries up and down our street.
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lindsay and the neighborhgeoff: to the latest in the charleston church shooting. the number of potential jurors is expected to reach 600. that is according to a circuit order issued dylann roof stands accused of gunning down 9 people inside the emanuel ame church back in june. roof faces 33 federal charges, including hate crime counts and religious freedom violations. prosecutors will pursue the death penalty against the 21-year-old. jury selection is set to begin july 11. the controversial plan to temporarily shut off niagara falls is up for public discussion. state leaders in new york say two 115-year-old pedn bridges need to be replaced. to do it, the water on the u.s. side of the falls would have to be redirected to the canadian side while the work is done. >> pittsburgh and clemson squaring off. we had to the arena for a bit of
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this went well for the clemson tigers, up avery holmeinto the lane. he misses but landry nnoko is , there. they go inside. a big dunk for nnoko. clemson wins 73-60 over pittsburgh. the tigers have defeated four top 25 teams in the last month. >> i thought we played about as well as we can in the first half.
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contributing and playing well.>> they play their next three conference games on the road. allyson: a look outside. see the flashing lights? that is construction, relocating
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 chris: a dry star for most of us. if you're heading towards columbia, rainfall moving through. it is 38 degrees, greenville. spartanburg, 34. abbeville, 46. look for a high temperatures. upper 40's in the north carolina mountains. look at the warming trend heading into the weekend.
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geoff: in this morning's buzz. the snow brought an exciting reveal for an upstate couple. allyson: ulocal user jhalford sent this one in. she and her husband were eto find out the gender of their baby. their family was headed into town for the big reveal. the couple thought they would have to postpone the surprise for the weather but thankfully , their family braved the storm. it's a boy. geoff: congratulations. they can't wait to welcome baby boy halford in july. announcer: live, local, breaking
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allyson: happening today. the republican presidential candidates face time before the iowa caucuses. mr. trump: south carolina has been with me from the beginning. allyson: donald trump makes a campaign stop in south carolina. his key points and his biggest supporter. the geoff: a break in a case after a victim recovers enough to talk to police. a spartanburg county man one have a bond hearing for attempted murder. chris: break the shorts this weekend. we have a few showers this morning. if you are traveling towards columbia, southern abbeville county, southern greenwood
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