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tv   WYFF News 4 5am  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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towards the northeast.i have been watching our laurens skycam. not finding any rain in lawrence. visibility is nice everywhere. some fog. it be careful if you are traveling in those areas.40, clemson. we will see cool temperatures today with a cool north to northeasterly breeze. 46 by 11:00. 51 by 2:00. asheville, more sunshine in the mountains. cloudy and cool temperatures today. we deserve rain nice, calm
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investigating a two county chase last na deputy tried stopping a speeding dots to last night on interstate 40. the driver did not stop, so they used stop sticks around mile marker 44 in buncombe county. the driver crashed into a guard rail a couple miles later. the driver had minor injuries hospital. turning to commitment 2016 news. republican candidates face-off one more time before the iowa caucuses. allyson: the 8 candidates who are leading the polln invited to participate in the prime time debate tonight on fox news. that includes ted cruz marco rubio ben carson and jeb bush. although frontrunner donald trump is invited, he says he won't be there, citing issues with one of the moderators, megyn kelly. rand paul, who was left out of
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standing in th polls in iowa. trump was in south carolina yesterday. geoff: thousands attended his rally in lexington. among them, his newest supporter. >> he's the one and only, the remarkable, the next president of the united states. geoff: that was south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster, throwing his support behind trump. mcmaster is the highest-ranking state politician to endorse him. donald trump also hit familiar themes, building the wall, his self-funded campaign, and repealing and replacing the affordable health care act. >> he speaks his mind like it is. if you can't handle it get out. he says the truth and he's not afraid to stand american people. >> and you think we need more of that? >> i do.
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will stick up for the citizens of america. geoff: trump began by saying that america doesn't win anymore and finished on a different note. who's best on isis? trump. by a lot. i don't mean by like 48. i mean even more. who's best on security? who's best on th i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. geoff: trump also promised that he will camp carolina so much before the primary that, quote, you will be sick of me. the south carolina presidential primaries are just a month away. here is what february looks like in south carolina. greenville will host a republican debate at the peace center on febron the 16th, the aiken gop has invited all gop candidates to a forum at usc-aiken. two days later the conservati convention is set to take place at the bon secours wellness arena. then on february 20, the first in the south primary kicks off for republicans. a week later, it's the democrats turn on february 27. allyson: happening today in continuing coverage. a husband arrested for a murder in spartanburg county
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this, after a big break in the case. geoff: joining us now, aly myles. aly: just yesterday, deputies arrested the husband of a mother of two who was shot and left for dead. he's now set for a bond hearing at 2:00 p.m. here at the detention center. jonathan batchelor has bn charged with attempted murder of his wife. investigators say stephanie batchelor was shot several times earlier this month. she was found along her home on reidville ro the break in the case came yesterday when stephanie was able to talk to deputies for the first time since the shooting. they say she was able provide details that led deputies to her husband's arrest. investigators will not say where she was shot.
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suffered multiple gunshot loans, one of which went to the brain. aly myles, live in spartanburg. allyson: greenville county deputies tell us a chasd with a purse-snatching in easley. it ended with a man in jail. police tell us he snatched the purse of a cr sports in easley. then took off leading officers on a chase into greenville county. greenville county deputies took over, and arrested the man on pendleton road funeral home. at one point a patrol car was struck but the deputy driving is o.k. geoff: the panthers are back to practice preparing for super bowl 50. that includes linebacker thomas davis, though he's not on the field while nursing a broken arm back to health after surgery monday. he's vowed to play in the super bowl. and quarterback cam newton says the entire team sees that davis' drive. >> we got guys that stay countless hours, t so much. we got a guy that broke his arm that's trying to find any way to play in the game. i feel sorry not only for him
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he's trying to find a way. that's the type of guys we got. for me to be a leader on this team and to see that, why should i complain? why should i care what somebody says to me when i got a person i know will go to battle with me with a broke arm? geoff: head coach ron rivera also echoed those sentiments yesterday. he says it shows the younger guys just how the super bowl is and can be with a win. after all that snow and ice on the roads, some make up days to announce. allyson: in pickens county, students will attend on february 26 and march 25. in buncombe county the school year has been extended to june 6. students will also attend on february 12 and will have a full day instead february 11. geoff: here is the man who had like seven inches. the difference there we talked
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from one anotherchris: the northern part of the county had seven date inches. south of i 85, maybe half an inch. it dependent on where you lived. we will stay mainly dry across the upstate. asheville, 25 degrees. myrtle beach, 46. over the next couple of hours, we will see cloudy skies.
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some snow flurries and showers. look for a high temperature in the 30's. we will start to clear things back out. allyson: here is an animal you do not see every day.
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions,
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fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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geoff: msnbc and the new hampshire union leader are partnering to newly-scheduled democratic debate. rachel maddow and chuck todd would moderate. it would be held on february 4. that's five days before the new hampshire primary. the democratic national committee has yet to give its approval for t allyson: ammon bundy and 7 others arrested for their part in occupying a government building in oregon made their initial court appearances yesterday. bundy and the others are currently charged with one count
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injure an officer. a detention hearing will be held for the defendants tomorrow to determine if they'll be released. bundy is asking his supporters at the refuge to go home and let those who have been arrested continue the fig courts. geoff: authorities say the wife of illinoi o joseph gliniewicz, who allegedly took his own life in a staged suicide, has been indicted by a grand jury. the late officer's wife, mee gliniewicz, has been indicted on charges of disbursing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit as well as money laundering. melodie gliniewicz's bond is set at $50,000. allyson: the list is out. which state ranks highest for health and well-being. chris: a nice start to the day.
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chris: a couple of cool days before a warming trend arrives. we have 38 degrees in downtown greenville. live super doppler four hd scanning our area. most of us are dry. towards columbia, you will see some rain. southern greenwood county, southern abbeville county, seeing some rain now.visibility is pretty good across the area. otherwise, temperatures are cold. 31, hendersonville. greenville, 38. look for temperatures to warm up a little bit. we will see some cloud cover out there. spartanburg, cloudy skies. temperatures will start off cool. 45 by 11:00. anderson, some cloud cover. temperatures start at 48
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asheville, partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures cold. upper 40's to around 50 today. temperatures should be close to normal today. 54, greenwood. 54, abbeville. a lot of cloud across the southeast right now.upper level system moving in. this will send in breezy and cold conditions into the nor38 degrees, greenville. pretty moderate air back towards thcloud cover today clearing out. here comes the cold front for the nort mountains. it will be a breezy, cold night. snow showers along the tennessee bordthat will move out as we head through the day tomorrow.
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no big systems to track. warming conditions. it will be nice t there, especially by sunday. 20% chance of rain today. sunshine galore, as we head into the weekend. 65, sunday. we will stand into the 60's next week. -- we will stay in the 60's next week. allyson: spartanburg is coping with the loss of an icon. vic bailey junior died tuesday at the age of 89. bailey was known for his car dealerships, and even had a stretch of road he was born in travelers res and served in the korean war. bailey is now being celebrated for his genero he was a faithful donor to many organizations, including mobile meals. his giving spirit led to an honorary degree of doctor of public service from usc upstate. >> there were so many times over the years that people would come into vic, that back door there, my office is right next to his, and they'd ask for help and vic
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he had a big, loving heart. allyson: bailey's family is asking that memorials be made to scholarships in his name at usc upstate, spartanburg methodist college and spartanburg community college. geoff: just this week a greenville county couple died of -- actually, last week, a greenville county couple died of carbon monoxide poisoning. the coroner believes it e from a gas generator the couple was using in their garage. the parker fire department says carbon monoxide can come from any gas-fueled appliance in your home. the only way to detect carbon monoxide is through a detector. fire offic install more than one in your home. officials also say not to warm up your car in the garage. if you need to defrost your car, move it out of the garage first. allyson: some upstate neighbors say they're exploring their legal options as the smell from a nearby dump site gets stronger. people who live within miles of the twin chimneys landfill say the odor continues to get worse. they're c leaders and the landfill operators to do more to contain the smell.
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discuss the possible options. the meeting takes place tonight at 7:00 at the columbia baptist church on augusta road. geoff: an international tire maker celebrated the opening of its new home in spartanburg county. governor nikki haley attended the ribbon cutting. trelleborg wheel systems. will make tires for agricultural machinery fa the $50 million investment is expected to create 150 jobs. after the ribbon cutting governor haley got a special tour of the facility. allyson: a follow up now to a story we told you about yesterday. the viral video of a toddler's prayers has now been viewed mo than 1.3 million times. >> mind daddy, -- my daddy, my mommy.
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sutton whitt, the two-year-old who not only thanked god for her family, but on sunday her mom and dat sutton down without their normal bedtime prayers. but, soon after they heard noises turned on the baby monitor watching through tear-filled eyes. >> her being two and thinking through what she wanted to say and who she wanted to thank god for, that was just unbelievable to us. allyson: the whitts have now been featured on natio organizations. they've done interviews with most of the major networks. geoff: a community is rallying behind one of their own. an upstate mother fighting cancer. sky 4 was over the scene as the community held a coordinated luminary lighting. lindsey motley, a mother of a toddler, has been fighting colon cancer since she was 26-years-old. >> i love you, miss lindsay. allyson: it was need to be part of that. it was neat feeling.
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uber has plans to improve the ride feedback for drivers and its riders. the ride-sharing company says it'll start using smartphones to check whether its drivers are speeding. the program will use a smartphone's gps to record data. that data will be used to give drivers feedba mcdonald's steps up the pressure on its fast fo. the world's largest fast food chain says it's adding table service at hundreds of its u.s. restaurants in coming months. customers would order and pay for their meals at a touch screen kiosk then sit at a table and wait for a waiter to bring their food. mcdonald's has already had success with the new table service in australia, germany and france. the fast food giant hopes the service appeals to parents trying to juggle kids and food while inside a the restaurant. it's time now for your wyff news
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on this date in 1986, the space shuttle challenger exploded 73 seconds after canaveral, florida. the accident killed all 7 members on board. the astronauts' familie millions of americans witnessed on live television what was then the world's worst space disaster. geoff: an investigation traced the cause of the accident to problems with faulty o-rings on the spacecraft's solid-fuel rocket boosters. president ronald reagan described the tragedy as a national loss. jeff: coming up this morning on today, an all new rossen reports . we are talking about active shooters in the workplace, sadly in the news. so what are you to do if you are trapped inside of your office? do you stay here do you run away? are you supposed to get under your desk and hide and just wait it out and c you supposed to run? what if the shooter is close? plus the things on your desk right now, yes, even on this desk right now, that could save
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we have all the tips you nee part of our special seri workplace emergency this morning right here on today. allyson: a look outside. construction still going on around i 385.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecdale: -- chris: a cool start to the day. a few showers down toward the south. if you are traveling on 385 to columbia or newberry, you wi early heading toward the south. mccormick down toward greenwood seeing a few showers as well. the temperature is: most areas.
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34. anders that 31 and asheville at 25. high temperature will be close to where we should be this time the year, but cool nonetheless. if you three in greenville and spartanburg and 48 expected high and asheville. a 20% chance of rain showers name in the upstate. 55 the high tomorrow with sunshine. this weekend, 61 the high on saturday, 65 on sunday and the warmth continues into next week as temperatures are about 10 to 15this is the start of the pattern change and the going back to therainy and december pattern we had. geoff: reminder that we live in the carolinas. the storm and then a week later,
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how about animal you don't see every day. it's a two-headed turtle. its owner brought the turtle to a south mipi for a checkup. the vet says the six-year-old turtle is surprisingly healthy, as similar turtles usually don't live ver the turtle is now headed to a new life at a zoo in the philippis. geoff: look over here, no, over here. allyson: that's creepy. chris: a little bit creepy. geoff: it's amazing. allyson: it look like it had red eyes. that doesn't make it better. our news continues right now. [captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captional captioning institute, which is r visit ncicallyson: happening today, the republican presidential candidates face off one more
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