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the break in the case came yesterday, when stephanie was able to talk to deputies for the first time since the shooting. they say she was able provide details that led deputies to her husband's arrest. deputies in haywood county are investigating a two-county chase last night. investigators say a deputy tried stopping a speeding dodge durango around 11:00 last night on interstate 40. they say the driver did not stop, so they used stop sticks around milemarker 44 in buncombe county. that's at the smokey park highway exit in candler you see here on the map. they say the driver crashed into a guardrail a couple miles later. deputies say the driver had minor injuries and was taken to mission hospital. to georgia now, authorities say a georgia state trooper was shot in a police chase in suburban atlanta. the georgia state patrol department said the trooper and a suspect were shot in the pursuit yesterday afternoon on interstate 75 in marietta. the trooper and suspect were taken to the hospital. the trooper is in stable
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the suspect died overnight. one person was killed in an officer-involved shooting in south carolina wednesday. it happened in dillon county, in the town of latta. officials have not released the name of the deceased or information about what led to the shooting. the officer involved in the shooting is now on administrative leave. the man accused of a purse snatching and leading deputies on a chase is being held without bond. the incident happened yesterday in easley. police tell us a man snatched the purse of a customer at academy sports in easley, and then took off leading officers on a chase into greenville county. greenville county deputies took over and arrested the man on pendleton road behind westville funeral ho it's all the buzz in politics, tonight's republican debate without donald trump. will being a no-show help or hurt him in iowa? tracie potts has that. plus, new poll numbers from
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tracie: just released this morning, our poll trump flipping the scrip in iowa, up by seven over ted cruz who was leading earlier this month. trump is up by 19 in new hampshire and 16 in south carolina. his feud with fox news anchor megyn kelly has led to one less candidate on stage tonight. >> i do not like being taken advantage of. tracie: fox confirms there will be no empty podium. trump says it is what the u.s. should have done with the iran nuclear deal. he has reserved a spot. trump as the competing event. >> he does not want to answer questions from the men and women of iowa about how his record does not match what he is telling. tracie: trump tweeps, can we do it in canada? drawing attention to where ted
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>> greatest show honor, this is not the show. this is setracie: chris christie remembers being bumped from the main stage>> did i stamp my feet? no. i said, give me a podium, a microphone. you do not walk awhttracie: tracie potts nbc news washington. geoff: donald trump is on the campaign trail today one day , after making a stop in lexington to pick up an endorsement. >> donald trump speaks the truth. he is a man of decision. he is a man of a he speaks the truth as he see's it in words that everybody understands, and ladies and in politics. geoff: that's south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster endorsing trump. mcmaster is the highest-ranking state politician to endorse him. trump hit familiar themes during the rally. >> and folks, i started off by saying that we don't win
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we are going to win with the military. we are going win at the borders. we are going to win with trade. we are going to win with health care. obamacare is going to be gone. we are going to win so much. you are going to be so proud of your president. you are going to be so proud of your country. i love the people of south carolina. geoff: trump promised he will campaign in south carolina so much before the primary that, quote, "you will be sick of me." the south carolina presidential primaries are just a month away. here is what february looks like in the sta greenville will host a republican debate at the peace center on february 13. then on the 16th, the aiken gop has invited all gop candidates to a forum at usc-aiken. two days later, the conservative convention is set to take place at the bon secours wellness arena. then on february 20, the first in the south primary kicks off for republicans.
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turn on february 27. at furman university, the first ever education day. more than 800 greenville county students c to meet the players, get some autographs and watch the women's basketball team take on the samford bulldogs. the goal of this education day, teach the students if you work hard, you ca. anytime you can show young ladies and young men college and pursuing dreams and athletics and also show they'll have careers and meet a lot of people at furman university in careers and career goals, anytime we can display th great for the >>that play here and geoff: the dream of her own already. each student also got a free ticket to the men's paladin verus samford game. prepara panthers, and quarterback cam newton is even more in the
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yesterday in charlotte. he was asked at a press conference why he thinks he is a lightning rod for criticism despite his success. >> they talk about mat me. they talk about skillset with this team. nobody has changed. this is the same team that was drafted by the miami dolphins. the same jericho, philly brown, cam newton. th we're winning, and i've said it since day one. ic -- quarterback. that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. geoff: newton not one to shy away from how he feels, including having fun on the football field. he has a chance to submit his legacy in nfl history in super bowl 50 in ten days. ahead of the big game, wyff 4 will bring you a special program next week. it's called "chasing a championship."
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coverage monday in california, and i'll join them thursday, all leading up to our special "chasing a championship" at 8:00 friday night february 5. , here comes the dirt. it takes a lot of setup-and a lot of dirt to get bon secours wellness arena ready for this weekend's monster jam 2016. the shows start tomorrow night, and runs through saturday evening. the tracks are about 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide, generating about 1500 to 2,000 horsepower each. they can get up to 35 feet in the air, but to do that, first the track has to get built and , the dirt put in place. >> i don't think they realize the amount of time it takes to actually construct the track. were going to put approximately 2000 yards that generates about 150 truckloads. that's a lot of dirt in a short amount of time. geoff: the arena opens up their roof and breezeways during the show, so it gets a little
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going. coming up, tonight, a neighborhood will meet to see if they can take legal action against a landfill and the smell its making. and officials in charleston are talking about just how big the jury pool could be for the dylann roof trial. chris: clouds and chilly last.
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announcer: you are watching live, local breaking meteorologist dale geoff: a gruesome discovery overnight in chesapeake, virginia. it started around 3:30 local time when police responded to a home and found a body inside a house. further investigation led them to another nearby house where they encountered a man with a gun. negotiations with the person were unsuccessful and after several hours, they entered the home and found five people , including the gunman dead. , all six people who died were family members, and it is believed the arm the family members before killing himself. investigators say this all stemmed from a domestic incident.
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church shooting. a circuit order says the number of potential jurors is expected to reach 600. dylann roof is accused of gunning down nine people last june inside the emanuel ame church. roof faces 33 federal charges, including hate crime counts and religious freedom violations. prosecutors say they will pursue the death penalty against the 21-year-ol jury selection is set to begin july 11. ammon bundy and seven others arrested for their part in occupying a government building in oregoni bundy and the others are currently charged with one count each of co a detention hearing will be held for the defendants on friday to determine if they'll be released. authorities in fox lake, illinois, say the wife of police officer joseph gliniewicz who allegedly took his own life in a stage suicide has been indicted by a grand jury. the late officer's wife
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charges of disbursing charitable funds without authority and for personal benefit as well as money laundering. investigators say they found inconsistencies in financial documents surrounding the fox lake police explorer post, which was managed by lieutenant gliniewicz. the president is signing a presidential memorandum today to create a white house task force that will tackle curing cancer. vice president joe biden, who lost his son beau to cancer, will lead the panel. the president pledged in his final state of the union address to initiate a government-wide push to cure cancer, comparing it to the effort in the 1960's to send a man to the moon. the vice president has said he plans to seek out both private and public resources to fight cancer. the panel is expected to meet for the first time on monday. tonight, an upstate neighborhood will talk options as the smell from a nearby dump site gets stronger. people who live within miles of
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the odor continues to get worse. they're calling on community leaders and the landfill operators to do more to contain the smell. neighbors organized a meeting to discuss the possible options. >> they've raised their families here. they've lived here all their lives. the quality of life has changed. the values of their properties have gone down. >> we're looking at our legal options. we're looking at what dhec can do as far as rules violations are concerned there. geoff: the meeting takes place tonight at 7:00 at the columbia baptist church on augusta road. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forchris: the clouds are still with us, keeping temperatures down. greenville. here is the view from downtown. you can see we have the cloudspretty thick out there. a cool day, 44 degrees in
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in spartanburg, a chilly day at 41 degrees in downtown spartanburg. in ander little sun trying to take to the clouds. it is 45 degrees. in asheville, there is snow on some of the grounds on the side streets but we have done a lot of melting. temperatures ahelp melt what little snow is in hendersonville, you had almost 15 inches in parts of the county. in champion hills, plenty of snow on the golf cours34 degrees right now in downtown. in laurens, cloudy skies at 43 degrees. live super doppler 4 hacross much of the upstate and mountains but tracking rain showers in the southern part of the upsouthern laurens county, newberry, greenwood, abbeville, those of the best chances for light rain showers, but we will
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it is very cool outside. 41 degrees in spartanburg, 48 in abbeville, 30's in the north carolina mountains. as he had throughout the day, the northerly wind will send in that cool breeze. here is the hour-by-hour forecast in greenville. 50y 3:00 and us the temperatures. over 40's at midnight. 43 in spartanburg by 9:00 and anderson topping out around 54 and you go down from there into the 40's by the evening. in asheville, their 50 and then cooling back to the 30's once the sun goes down into the typically, we should see across the upstate. we will be close to normal. 54 the high-end greenville, 46 and asheville. our area. an old frontal boundary right here and a low pressure moving
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also, the cold front moving in from the northwest. impact on the area. there is not a lot of cold air behind that, but would will move our way -- but what will move our are right conditions. -- way are dry conditions. areas north of asheville could see a quick snow shows up quickly. it is a weak front, so once it moves through, a strong northwesterly wind will make for a cold in the mountains. highs will likely be in the 30's all day with breezy conditiononce the wind travels down the mountain and into it dries, compresses and warms. all temperatures in the mountains are in the 30's, it will be in the mid to upper 50's of the days when there are drastically differen weather for the upstate and mountains. into the weekend, no major systems heading our way. smooth sailing with sunshine and warm temperatures.
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the 20% chancef rain mainly in the southern part of the upstate today. 55 the high on friday, 40 behind the north carolina mountaias he had throughout the weekend, 61 the high on saturday, 65 on sunday. we are going to stay warm heading into early next week. that system that heads are we will be rain but wg about cold rain. it will be in the 60's and kind of springlike. we have flipped the pattern. geoff: we are liking it. well kids and their imaginations , come in all sh, and now, so does barbie. mattel is now offering barbie in three new shapes. tall, petite and curvy. beginning today, the new shapes can be purchased online, exclusively at mattel shop, alongside the original barbie body. mattel has been transforming barbie for the past two years to bring her in line with realistic body types and to reflect the diverse group of kids who play with her. mattel hasn't said when the new barbies will be available at
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turning to money matters now... and taking a live look at stocks geoff: money matters as we checked the numbers. the dow jones is down but not as much as we have seen over the last couple of weeks on certain days, but down nine right now. the nasdaq up 31 points and s&p 500 up. well facebook is making more , money off of you t before. the social media site reported wednesday it made more than $1.5 billion dollars in profits just in the last three months of 2015. facebook has more than one and half billion people who use the site each month. the amount that the company makes per person has grown 33% globally. in the u.s. and canada, facebook makes more than $13 per user. nearly half of all u.s. households have an amazon prime membership. that's according to the latest estimates from consumer intelligence research partners.
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u.s. amazon customers who subscribe to prime has reached 54 million. it also finds those members tend to spend more money on the site at an average of about 1$100 -- $1100 every year. that's nearly double the purchases of non-prime members. uber has plans to improve the ride feedback for both its drivers and its riders. the ride-sharing company says it'll start using smartphones to check whether its drivers are speeding. the program will use a smartphone's gyrometers, gps and accelerometers to record data and that data will be used to verify feedback from riders. in a company blog post this week, uber's chief security officer wrote, if a rider complains that a driver accelerated too fa too hard, we can review that trip using data. if the feedback is accurate,
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technology, folks. well some familiar faces, nbc's comedies of the reunited tonight for a new series about the impending end of the world and people's reactions to it. "you, me and the apocalypse" mixes comedy and drama. and mark barger has a preview. >> i did a heckuva job babyproofing this office. >> you know the baby's not going to live here, right? mark: after ten years on "the office," jenna fisher wa change. >> i was looking for adventure and this show is definitely adventure. mark: "you, me and the apocalypse" starts with her meek character, rhonda. >> i'm a librarian. >> i can't survive in here. mark actually, it looks like no : one's going a comet's bearing down on earth. an extinction level event. fisher's part of a prison break to see loved ones before doomsday. >> i'm injured, you're useless. we need each other. mark she's forced to rely on a : rough and tumble fellow escapee played by former "will and grace" co-star megan mullaly.
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>> i'm still wondering why i got offered this particular part, because when you see it, you go, wait, why did they think of her for that? mark their on-the-run storyline out around the world. >> is there something that you want to add? mark including one with rob lowe : as a bad boy priest, but they eventually converge. >> i don't want any more surprises in my life. mark: as the end of the world approaches. there are dark moments, there are seriously emotional moments in the show. >> it's like a comedy drama, but it gets more dras mark that's because not : everyone's still around by the apocalypse. >> some people make it and some people don't. mark the guessing game about who : does beg mark barger, nbc news. geoff: earlier this week, we spoke to actress jenna fisher about the new show. you can watch that int our website tonight, "you, me, and the apocalypse" makes its premier starting at 8:00, followed by "the blacklist" and "shades of blue," right here on wyff 4. a look outside from our
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it looks pretty good today and
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geoff: went to rehab, chrisgeoff:? -- what do we have, chris? [laughter] chris: well, warmer. geoff: i like your reaction. a big surprise. chris: we were discussing what
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go ahead and do that. 65 doesn't seem that warm, but compared to whit seemed like it. geoff: sounds like a lot of people will be happy on the swamp rabbit trail. it will field a whole lot different. chris: it is. geoff: thank you so much for being here. you will be back here tomo at 5:00. lights, camera, access. >> donald, come now, come sit beside me. >> i'm a pussy cat. >> some think that makes donald an alley cat. others think a chicken. i'm billy bush. but stop the presses. though he's bailing out on facing megan in the fox news debate, how trump is still getting major air time on her network. is steven avery guilty or innocent? >> that is your key question. our exclusive look at the new special which goes beyond "making a murderer." >> there was no dna of teresa halbach's anywhere.
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