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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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armstrong's vehicle broke down. he crashed on the way home and hit a tree. highway patrol also reported a wreck on highway 253 after 2:00 a.m. highway patrol is working on that and we will continue to bring you the updates.the i-26 eastbound at all lanes closed, but one lane has reopened at mile marker 59. we haven't overturned tractor-trailer that occurred overnight. that is west blue ridge drive. white horse road and west blue ridge drive is the intersection. there are several things that could slow you dow>> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and
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surgeon. now that we have gotten the donald trump p way. geoff: also in this morning's headline a final gop showdown before the iowa caucuses. donald trump was missing, but still got plenty of air time. and the dirt is poured and the trucks are here. monster jam is happening this weekend. you have been, i never have. geoff: i am geoff hart. allyson: time-outs and powell. -- i am allyson powell. chris now, we are talking about 60's and the this is carolina and georgia weather for you. it is a cool start the day at 38 degrees. temperatures will make for a
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warm day in the upstate. we have dry conditions across thin the afternoon we have loads of sunshine. 32 degrees in spartanburg. 36 in asheville and 38 in anderson. we have winds at 5-15 miles per hour in the mountains. the upstate will reach the mid-50's by this afternoon with a lots of sunshine. in the mountains, , are talking upper 30's to around 40 degrees with a few flurries north of downtown asheville. we have loads of sunshine both days this weekend and it wil warmer. but we have cooler weather arriving later in the week. i will have that for you, coming up. allyson: we begin with commitment 2016 news. just days before the iowa caucuses, republicans took the stage in iowa to convince voters they are the re esident. geoff: even though republican frontrunner donald trump didn't participate, he still dominated
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mary moloney reports. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and ben, you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. reporter: trump fired back. trump raised money, $5 million he said, for wounded warriors. note of questions, his mic, his message. >> my entire life, i have been greedy, but now i want to be greedy for the united states. reporter: back at the debate, ted cruz was center stage. >> rebuilding our navy, air force, our army. reporter: ted cruz was a target. >> the only budget ted cruz is
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>> all the questions have been, chris, please atta ted. jeb, please attack jeb. geoff: the tier candidates made sesend their case in the also on the fox news channel, on terrorism, government spending, taxes, control, among other topics. each one tailoring a message to the iowa caucus voters. >> i'm going to put my faith in the common sense and the good judgment of the voters of iowa. >> the people of iowa, who i know pretty darn well, care a lot about the issues. they care about who is going to be the leader of the free world. >> rick santorum, donald trump and i may be competitors in a presidential race, but tonight we are colleagues in unison standing here for the people who let us breathe every breath of
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veterans of the united states of america. >> i am the only veteran, bill and martha, in this race. i am not going to any donald trump event across town on some sort of faux veteran sort of issues. geoff: this was the first time that former virginia governor jim gilmore qualified for an official gop debate. allyson: in a spartanburg county, a woman is recovering after deputies say her husband shot her and left her to die in the yard. yesterday a judge denied bond for johnathan batchelor. deputies say he shot his wife stephanie several times in their reidville road investigators say stephas able to talk with deputies wednesday for the first time since the shooting. and the evidence led them to her husband. stephanie's attorney says doctors are calling her recovery miraculo >> she's had some surgeries. she regained consciousness a little while back.
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three weeks now and the doctors are optimistic that in a coupleweeks she will b the couple has two children. right now, they are being caredfor by relatives. geoff: plenty of people enjoy going outside for fresh air, bu upstate residents, some smelly odors are keeping them indoors. more than 400 people packed into columbia baptist church in honea path last night to express concerns over the gr. the smell coming from the twin chimneys landfill has been increasing for several months now. residents are worried about property values due to the problem and they want county officials to do something about it. the entire community is at risk here. you have got so many issues on this table here. geoff: for now, the smell will remain. work on the new piping will begin soon. notice a difference beginning may.
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district will hold a meeting this morning looking for publicopinion abououdownsizing. geoff: anderson sct 4 superintendent joanne avery says since there's been little growth in the district during the past 10 years. she says going from six schools to five what is safe -- from a six schools to five what is safe $1.5 million a year. there are two options on t table. turn pendleton elementary into a middle school. this would call for expansat mount lebanon to be paid for by the penny sales tax. option two move riverside middle to mount lebanon elementary, which would al renovation. >> what we really want from the community now is to understand there's no decision. we want you at the table and we want to apallyson: traffic on a spartanburg road was stopped when a semi truck got stuck under an overpass. sky 4 was quickly over the scene yesterday. this overpass is on new cut road near howard street. this is not the first time a truck has been stuck under the bridge.
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happened at the same location. geoff: 4:38 now and chris is talking about a nice weekend ahead. chris: i think we deserve some ice weather. it will be cold once again next week. allyson does not want to hear it. we have a wind advisory for the high country from boone to avery county. it will be a windy and cold they up there. that wind will travel down ts and warm us up. the system that hit us yesterday is moving offshore. strong westerly winds will give us a ton of sunshine. 36 in asheville. 38 in greenville. 30 six in columbia. 43 in myrtle beach. look for some sunshine and temperatures warming to 45
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we will reach 55 degrees i 4:00. in asheville, the breeze will keep you locked into the 30's by 10:00. you could reach 40 degrees by this afternoon. there could be a few flurries north of asheville thisotherwise, we have a smooth sailing into the weeon sunday we could have a few high clouds moved in across the area. the next system takes shape back toward the west. this cold front end of them this strong low-pressure system could move east. that could create severe weather for oklahoma, texas, arkansas, tennessee, mississippi, and althe worst weather will remain to the west of us.more on the cooldown, coming up. geoff: in oregon, the fbi released new video showing a standoff shooting.
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happening today..allyson: happening today, a
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a status hearing will be held for jason van dyke, the chicago officer accused of fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times. van dy is charged with first-degree murder for the death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald in 2014. the indictment alleges that van dyke acted withol justification when he shot mcdonald. van dyke has pleaded not guilty. geoff: the teenager known for his affluenza defense in court is back on u.s. soil. mexican police arrested ethan couch in mexico last month. yesterday he arrived at dallas fort-worth airport. couch and his mother were the focus of an search. after he violated his probation, he made international news in 2013 after being sentenced to probation for a drunk g crash that killed four people. his attorneys claimed he suffered from affluenza, a condition of having wealthy and privileged parents who never set
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allyson: the fbi released video of the fatal traffic stop shooting of an armed occupier of a national wildln oregon. at a press conference last night , officials showed video taken by an fbi plane th overhead during the incident. officials say lavoy finicum's vehicle tried to maneuver around the roadblock and got stuck. officials say when finicum got out of the t toward his pocket and was shot. the fbi says there was a loaded nine millimeter semiautomatic handgun in that pocket. four people remain refuge. geoff: how one upstate program is working to help foster positive relationships in the community. chris: it is a good weekend to go skiing. snow is going on up in west virginia.
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announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: clear skies out there in spartanburg right now. it is a cold start to the day though, as temperatures warm up. it is 34 degrees with west winds at five miles per hour. we are dry across the area and it is going to be one of those weekends where the sky is so blue there is hardly one clouds. it is 42 degrees in lurens.
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46 in asheville and hendersonville. the wind speeds bring in a cold wind in the mountains. that will warm us up in the upstate to the mid-50's. we will see a lot of sunshine today. 44 in spartanburg by 10:00. 50 degrees by 1:00. anderson will the 53 degrees by 1:00. in asheville, that cold wind keeps you cold. it does not warm as it travels through the mountains. mountains. long. look for highs in the mountains to be drasticall different than those in the upstate. 39 in downtown asheville. greenville will rate 54. the further south you go toward greenwood will see temperatures pushing th upper 50's to around
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greenwood and abbeville will have temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. nationally, it looks like this. that system like it was clouds moving out to sea. we of a cold front bringing in drier conditions. that air is still trapped of toward canada. we will see a lot of sunshine today and tomorrowreally, all weekend long. sunday might see a few high clouds moving to the area, ahead of a system that brings us showers monday. this system back towards the west springfield us rain by tues warm into the weekend and reach the mid-60's by sunday. we remain warm tuesday into wednesday and that cold front n significantly i next thursday and friday. then, we will be around 50 degrees. allyson: thank you, chris. in greer, different walks of life crossed the same path last
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hundreds joined in a program called "meet your muslim neighbor. it was hosted at the upstate islamic center. the event was designed to help foster posit between the upstate muslim whole. the organizer shared her vision, with news 4. >> this is an event about building positive relationships between upstate muslims and people of the larger upstate community. that is what we are here to do. we are here to tell people who we are, to let them know that we are part of the community, and let them know that we are a allyson: malici hopes the event helped bring people together and to do ga stigma associated with the muslim community. geoff: in spartanburg school district five, a history-min electric violinist made for lesson that really rocked. mark wood, one of the original members of the trans-siberian orchestra, taught students at the district five fine arts center yesterday. wood says he invented the first electric violin in history.
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making music, and adding personality and passion to their work. >> i think it is important that's not only musicians, but mathematicians, artists, physicists, athletes, come to school and empower the kids. when they go out to real life, they are given some of mount -- given some amount of tools so they can survive. geoff: would end of the students will put on a rock concert tonight at the district five fine arts center in spartanburg county. allyson: the superintendent of anderson school district three as resigned, and accepted a new job with greenville county scscols. officials say mason gary will become deputy superintendent of the greenville county school district. july 1. school officials s years of experience in the sou carolina public school system. geoff: united way of greenville county held a big cele the td convention center. they are celebrating a big number.
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than $16.7 million. and, more than 1100 volunteers and supporters came to celebrate. the awards ceremony is to thank the greenville county companies and organizations that raised money for the united way in 2015. >> we are working hard this week to have a good week of practice. we have a tremendous challenge in front of us. geoff: when peyton manning runs onto the field, he will ultimately be trying to for touchdown passes to a player who was always looked up to brad fralick has that story. brad: josh norman was asked possible times about facing peyton manning in the super bowl. norman actually said it himself. he called peyton man "the sheriff" and said he was his idol growing up.
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colts. he got chill bumps just talking about playing against the sheriff in super bowl 50. >> all of those guys, the offense they had back in the day. i was playing the game. this is the guy we are facing, man. this is my first time in the super bowl and this is prod time. i am rooting for him, but shoot, i want that ring. brad: norman said even though many is one of the greatquarterbacks who has played in the nfl, they will calculate their opportunity to take chances against number 18 super bowl 50.
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i am rooting for him, sort of. we will bring you a special show next week. brad fralick will begin the live coverage monday i'll join them thursday. and then we'll have our special called "chasing a champioiohip," at 8:00 next friday right here. allyson: barbie gets a makeover.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd for a cool start to the day. 38 in greenville, 36 in asheville, 34 in spartanburg. the upstint these and a cold day for the mountains. -- moorman to the 50's and cold a for the moun-- warm into the 50's and a cold day for the mountains. mid to upper 50's upstate, made to upper 30's in the mountains. wind will warm as it goes down the mountaiai so the upstate will be about 15 degrees warmer than the mountains.i chance for a flurry are two north of asheville and we warm-up this weekend into the 60's, especially on sunday.
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ramble or two of thunder on tuesday. we do cool down by late next week. chilly weather by friday. geoff: you can do whatever you want, go to the mountains to ski, nice weather here for the swamp rabbit trail. in this morning's buzz, mattel is changing the way they it creates barbie dolls. allyson: now you can buy a barbie in new shapes and sizes. mattel introduced three new sizes for the popular doll tall, petite, and curvy. it also includes seven new skin tones. geoff: right now, you can only purchase the dolls from mattel's online store. mattel has not yet said when the dolls will be on shelves at local stores. allyson: we were talking about this yesterday. i like the variety, but i think they were asking, now what? do you give your children the choice or by what you think th i think if what you look
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girl -- sorry, father of threes -- they want to look like that doll. allyson: they get the one that looks like then, is that e saying? would get the one chris, m y: with the boy six months old, maybe i will wait for a geoff: just give me attract. -- just give me truck. allyson: your news continues right now. nationale, caption cocygeoff: breaking this morning, highway patrol is work wreck in the piedmont. the anderson county coroner says that william armstrong junior's suv broke down on highway 81. he says armstrong's friend let him use a wreceker to halt the suv but he crashed on the helallyson: highway patrol reporting a deadly wreck on highway 25 and highway 253 at west blue ridge drive. it is deadly.
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