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tv   WYFF News 4 6am  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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crashed on the way home, and hitting a tree near assembly drive. a deadly wreck in greenville county. this one happened on highway 25 to highway 253 on white horse road and west blue ridge drive. it was in front of the kfc. a pick truck tried to turn in front of a tanker truck and the passenger was killed of the pickup had to be taken to the hospital. we will keep you updated. another deadly wreck to tell you about on blocking a lane of i-26 in polk county in north carolina. it happened near highway 59 and cold air cold drove -- hobert cove road. taking a look at some of the photos. that accident on i-26 eastbound is near mile marker 59 with one named open. that is an overturned
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accident overnight. in anderson, the assembly draccident near the waffle house. of course, highly 25, a picture of the t car near west blue ridge drive. it is closed in the area and we will keep you updated. another one to watch out for on i-85 at mile marker 93 with a deity camera there. reports of an accident with injuries in the southbound lanes. scdot is moving the camera to we will keep you updated. geoff: a live look for my downtown greenville peace center skycam. chris justus in for dale and what a difference a week makes.chris: we are talking about 60's and sunshine this weekend. you have to love the weather in nait is a cool start to the day. 37 degrees. we are dry out there.
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35 and asheville, 41 in clemson, 34 in anderson. the wind is stmountains, five to 15 miles per hour. as the wind travels down the mountains, we will be warming up in the upstate. 55 by 3:00. different in the mountains with temperatures only topping out in the those days when the mountains are about 10 to 15 degrees cooler. geoff: thank you. turning to commitment 2016 now. seven republican presidential candidates squared off last night in a debate on the fox news channel. allyson: they noted donald trump's tax -- absence of jokes, but turned on each other, especially>> this is a live at ted cruz's campaign has touchdown. everyone else is a rino, but the truth is throughout the
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votes. >> we both made the identical promises, but willing came to washington, marco rubio went the direction of the major donors to support amnesty because he thought was politically advantageous. >> that is the book where you change your positionn because you used to support a path to citizenship. so did you. >> you wrote a book where you change the position.>> i feel like i need a washington to english dictionary converter. i heard what they both said in the fact is, this is what makes the difference in your governor. you can ch[no audio] >> everybody is welcome from any race, any coun religion
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if they want to accept our values. if not, they can stay where they are. >> i saw ted cruz state we will take citizenship off the table and the bill will pass. the bill would involve legalization. he cannot have it both ways. what is insulting is that he is the kingdom saying, you are for amnesty, everybody is for amnesty except ted cruz. >> we cannot fix the things in this country, getting wages to go, balancing the budget unless we lead as conservatives but also invite people from the other part four other candidates debated earlier in the night. the second-tier candidates in the undercard debate tainted r messages for the iowa caucus voters. the people of iowa know what the rest of amt workithe government no longer works for those who pay for it. >> you know me. you gave me the largest number
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iowa caucus eight years ago and i think yo trusted me. >> pick the right person. not what the polls say, not who the money people give to. for this c >> if i become the president, i'm going to rebuild the us -- united states military. we're going to take the sequester off the defense budget, give the navy ip it needs. allyson: this was the first time former virginia jim gilmore qualified for an official gop debate. geoff: donald trump heads to new hampshire today but skip the debate last night for veterans event that was a few miles away. he said fox news tried to debate up until airtime. trump told the out the debate but he was supported to the north entrance read been mistreated. once it started, there was nothing i could do. you know what? i don't it for me, a good thing, a bad thing?
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geoff: rick santorum and mike huckabee did not qualify for the main debate and joint trump at the event. they said they may be competitors but it does not mean they cannot work together for allyson: covering the upstate, hundreds have concern about the landfill smell. the smell coming from the twin chimneys landfill has been increasing for several months now. residents are worried about property values due to the problem and they want county officials to do something about it. they plan to put in more pipes, lessening the smell. geof in spartanburg county, doctors called a woman's recovery mirou after her husband shot her and left her to die. investigators were able to talk to his wife on wednesday for t shooting and the evidence led to charging her husband. this morning, they're looking
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they have seen little growth in the last 10 years, so dropping the school would sav million a year. the meeting is at 9:00 a.m. at mount leba happening today, at the bon secours wellness arena, it will get loud. ever been to one? allyson: i have not. geoff: i went a few years ago and now they call it thejam because it is quite the competition. you see all the dirt that they put down yesterday, and yeah. allyson: i went to the dirt dumped last year and that alone is an event. that is where aly myles is. she is joining us live from bon secours wellnesswhat she calling that? gravedigger? scooby-doo? aly: randy brown is the driver
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talk to me about the absolute best part of your job. randy: getting to run this monster jam truck on ttrack varied i get to jump this thing 30 foot high, entertained the people coming tonight. job of the century. aly: scott, the host, was telling us there are some surprises coming up. what can people at our two? randy: it will be an epic nine in greenville. we have something special we will do and we have not done it many times and we pickedgreenville. the fans will love it. aly: you said you have been doing this for quite a few years. anything t you? randy: no. the fans keep bringing me back year after year. i thought i would get tireit, but 34 years grave digger has been around and i have been part of this for 14 years. as long as the fans are behind
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you can see this monstrous truck tonight, tomorrow and get to drivers tomorrow morning. aly myles wyff news 4 live at the bon secours wellness arena. geoff: thank you. sounds like a lot of fun. chris: it does. geoff: we have been before and nobody gets a bigger cheer thanthe way it is on this friday, it will be good. chris: it will be fantastic. sunshine and middle 60's by sunday. we have a wind advisory for the high country and mountains. it will be a cold day in the mountains with a few clouds and flurries north of asheville. as the wind travels down the mountain, it will compress, warm and we will have a warmer day in thfive to seven mile-per-hour wind right now. it is chilly around the area, 37 in greenville, and we warm up in the greenville area to the
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in asheville, maybe is snow flurries or two, but temperatt find. it'll 30's through lunchtime and may be peaking in the lower 40's. future plus shows loads of sunshine today and tomon sunday, i clouds move into the area. we are watching our next system that takes shape back toward the west on tuesday. looks like severe weather toward mississippi, alabama and tee into tuesday. the storm may give us a rumble or two of thunde>> math is a subject that kids often come in thinking, i cannot do it. geoff: this week's golden apple award winner got her students to not only understand math but to
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how, coming up. allyson: this week's golden apple award winner took her class to a massive store that specializes in home design. geoff: and it's changed the way her students look at math. in this classroom, it pays to know the a >> horizontal is x axis, vertical is y. geoff: give her an eagle buck. a hundred of these can earn you a trip. >> they just went to gravitopia first of the year so they get a day out of school for earning eagle bucks. geoff: they are the eagles of union christian day school, and this is lori todd's algebra class. where she is literally blowing up the way her students learn
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game, battleship. >> these are the battleships over here and this is the enemy over there. geoff: using it to teach how to plot points in the cooat plane. >> so our coordinate is 7, 6. good deal. >> i sank her biggest battleship , the aircraft carrier. geoff: but what really opened up their minds to math this year was a trip to ikea >> they were just so overwhelmed by the possibilities. geoff: the project, working in pairs to design their dream room. using the size of their classroom. >> that's our bed and it look's like a twin loft bed. under it, you cannot the desk, tv and cou>> we got a rug that matches the bed spread perfectly. geoff: easy to handle with an excessive budget of $25,000. >> i learned that math is everywhere. geoff: and they learned about themselves.
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>> yes. >> i realized i wasn't such a tom boy. yeah, i'm full girlie. geoff: no one has enjoyed ms. todd's class more than mary ashton who transferred to union christian day in the fall. >> i was real quiet, but now i don't know who i am. now, i'm just a different geoff: person. and ms. todd has played a big role in her transition to a smaller school. >> she is a much more confident person. >> she has helped me so much. i love it here. >> that's why i do this. geoff: lori todd, helping her students look at math in a different way at day school with the help of some eagle bucks. incredible what influence the teacher can have. allyson: you did a great job on that story. geoff: none of them spent that budget, impressive. and they got to do it on their own. they said they wanted to get the extra money to different charitieimpressive. you can nominate one of your favorite teachers for the golden apple award. allyson: just pick up and fill out a form f
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chris: i am watching this low-pressure system toward the west. it could provide for sevweather from texas and oklahoma
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and tennessee. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast.
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we finally made it to friday and store. this time last week, we were week, 60's and sunshine for the morning. 37 degrees and we continue to see a woman condition as we head into the weekend. you can see live super doppler 4 is dry as a bone and cool out there. 34 and anderson, 32 in spartanburg, 37 in greenville. over the next 12 hours in the greenville area, exp warming temperatures into the middle 50's with loads of sunshine.not a cloud in the sky today. we start off cool, 49 degrees by noon, 53 by 3:00. temperatures warming up quickly. we will be in the middle 50's. e mountains, there will be clouds, flurries early in the morning and it will be very cold. we will see temperatures
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30's by the afternoon. looking at high temperatures today, it will be a day where the mountains are drastically different than themiddle 50's for the mountains -- upstate, rather. nationally, nothing they can into our way. pretty tranquil this weekend. no big divides or differences with temperatures. that tells me that there are no big front moving through. on future plus, dry conditions today and tomorrow. the only change comes tomorrow as high clouds move into the area. that is ahead of the week front. the stronger system takes shape to the west. there are some storms down toward new mexico and that winto the tuesday time frame. possibly severe weather from up to nashville, tennessee. they could provide enough instability in the air to give
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sunshine all weekend long with mid to upper 60's and the warmth six around tuesday and wednesday. the frontal cool as down as we head into the latter half of next week with highs back down to around 50 degree mark. roads. quite a bit to tell you about. i-85 at mile marker 95 in gaffney, they pulled a car the interstate in the southbound lanes, so it is clear but we'll keep you updated. i-26 in polk county in saluda, eastbound, one lane open. we have an overturned tractor-trailer. at that the accident and we will keep you updated. an accident on highway 25 near west blue ridge drive, also a deadly accident and one name is bl-- one lane is blocked. another in greenville at
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a deadly drive -- a deadly accident off of i-85 near the waffle house. several places to watch out for. the smooth speed limit drive morning. let's stick a look outside from i-385 and woodruff road.
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allyson: chris, i think we are all a little did the because it is friday and the weather will be so pretty. chris: gorgeous weather on the way. cool out there now, 32 in spartanburg, 35 in asheville, 34 in anderson. today will be a nice day with loads of sunshine, temperatures warming into the middle 50's. the asheville-hearea, much cooler in the mountains. degrees. the wind compresses and warms down the mountain so we will be the farther south. dale's school salute comes from merrywood elementary school in greenwood. mrs. spikes' second grade clas sent us this photo on ulocal and
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they wanted to wish the team good luck and said keep pounding. continue to send us you are photos on the ulocal part of our website. geoff: time for our wyff news 4 timeline on this january 29. on this date in 1936, the newly-formed baseball hall of fame announc class. the baseball writers' association of america set a standard of at least 75% of the votes cast for election. a standard that st today. allyson: five players that year votes cast, ty
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and walter johnson. announcer: you are watching live, local, breakinit weather with meteost allyson: we have breaking traffic news. highly patrol is iga near assembly driving piedmont. william armstrong junior's seb proton on highway 81. armstrong's friend let him usewrecker to halt the suv but he crashed on the way home, hitting a tree. breaking this morning, the road
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blocked after a deadly wreck on highway 25 near highway 253. that is west blue ridge drive in gr county. another deadly wreck blocking a lane on i in polk county in the eastbound lanes in north carolina. it happened near exit i saluda and expect the lane to reopen around 7:00 a.m. a live look behind is from scdot, picking up on interstates. several places to watch out for. geoff: let's turn to the weather. it is amazing. weweave beautiful temperatures ming in but in western north carolina, some school districts are on a two hour delay with buses off the roads. that is right. when you have a foot of snow fall in many mountain communities, ty saw the re-freeze, creating black ice on
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closures and you can find th wyff mobile app. 32 degrees in spartanburg, 37 and greenville, 37 and -- 34 and anderson -- 34 in anderson. five to 10 miles per hour and that will keep the mountains cold. as the wind travels into the upstate and northeast georgia, the wind compresses and warms as it travels down the mountains and we will see temperatures in the middle 50's. asheville area topping out in the upper 30's to may be lower 40's. i will have more on the weekend warm-up, coming geoff: thank you. commitment 2016 news, the final match up before the iowa caucuses. allyson: seven republican presidential candidates to the stage for debate on the fox news channel without the front runner. aixa diaz has more. aixa: one of the big topics last night, immigration.
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he boycotted the fox news channel debate. with the front runner gone, ted cruz and cold to capitalize. they are in second and third place in the gop rac>> if i am elected president, we will secure n the truth is, you have been willing to say or dot aixa: trump held a fundraiser and nearby trick university for veterans and he said it raised $6 million. he pledged $1 million himself. aixa diaz in washington wyff news 4. allyson: thank you. four other candidates debated earlier. the second-tier candidates in the setailored their message to iowa caucus voters. >> the people of iowa know what the rest of americans have figured out, this ain't working.
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it can be the largest number of votes in iowa caucus ago. i think you did it because you trusted me. >> pick the right person. not what the polls say, not who the money people give to. pick the leadede for this country. >> if i become the president, i'm going to rebuild the united states military. we're going to take the sequester off thbudget, give the navy the shs it needs. allyson: this was the first time former virginia jim gilmore qualified for an official gop debate. geoff: donald trump had to new hampshire today, but he escaped the debate last night for a veterans event a few miles away. he said that fox news apologized anm attend the debate. trump cold -- told the crowd he would've preferred to bedebate was committed to supporting veterans who are mistreated>> they did apologize and they could not haveothing iyou know what?
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will i get more or less votes? nobody knows. geoff: rick santorum and mike main debate and joined tthe event. -- trump at the event. they say they may be competitors but it is not mean they cannot even though donald trump not involved. geoff: sparks flying definitely last night in that debate without donald trump. even donald trump saying, who knows what they'll get more votes or less boats because of the fact that i was no at that debate last night. our political analyst marc sandalow joins us live from our exclusive washington newsroom now. marc, how did a no-trump debate differ from the others were he stood center stage? marc: big picture, surprisingly little. democrats were hammered for
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whether the evidence supports in the not, republicans said the number one issue in the campaign is the risk to americans from terrorism. this was a chance for people to see what the republican race would look like if donald trump had stuck to real estate and firing people on television. this was a moment for jeb bush to shine. he was much more confident. ted cruz was the recipient of being the center of attention with more attacks, and chris christie, the governor of ne as the outside washington tough guy. allyson: did trump win or lose by not attending last night? marc: it is a great question but we will never kn without knowing the stupidity or the billions of whatever answers that donald would have given. that said, if you are and i will vote their and you are undecided about what to do monday night during the caucuses and youspent two hours watching that
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you conclude if donald trump was showing up. i tend to thin trump may have regretted allowing other sunshine themselves. geoff: what is the key to winning over the voters on monday? marc: always turn out, but even more so in something like because this is a caucus, meaning it is not a matter of absentee ballots or having 12 hours to cast a vote. t out into the snow-filled fields of iowa and go to a precinct meeting and stand up f to two hours to talk to your neighbors and raise your hand at certain times. ita very artistic the tori event. it means you need the organization. let's not forget, iowa is not a representative state.
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voting population of the state of iowa into the rose bowl and you would still have roughly half of the rose bowl seats empty. geoff: our political analyst line in our washington newsroom. thank you. allyson: covering the upstate, hundreds of greenville cland of snow were not hot air. the smell coming from the twin imneys landfill has been increasing for severals now. heavy rains produced extra bacteria. people expressed worries at the meeting and hone about the property values. they plan to put in pipes that will capture more of the gas, listening the smell. geoff: in spartanburg county, a miraculous recovery after deputies say has been shot and left her to die.e judge denied bond for jonathan batchelor. his wife was able to talk to them for the first time since
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them to charging her husband. they have two young children being cared for by relatives. happening this morning in district will hold a meeting looking for public opinion abouin anderson school district for representative says they have seen little growth in the past 10 years, so dropping the school will save up to $1.5 million year. the options are turning middle this would call for expansion at mount lebanon. or move riverside middle to mount lebanon elementary. that also requires renovation. there's a publics morning at 9:00 a.m. at mount lebanon elry chris: we have a clear and cool start to the day. upper 30's across the upstate
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the weekend >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: the clear and cool start to the day. you may need the check it out e today, but maybe later this weekend. we will not see any kind of rain fall into the sky until tuesday when may be a few thunderstorms are possible.
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34 in andethe wind is strong in the mountains and that keeps the mountain pretty cold. as the wind travels down the mountains, it warms. you don't 50's in the greenville area. 53 by 3:00 p.m. in spartanburg. in anderson, 40's to the 50's by 3:00. in asheville, the wind keeping you chilly with temperatures topping out in the mupper 30's. more on the weekend warm-up, coming up. allyson: taking a look at the roads. here's what i have going on right now on the roads. i-85 southbound at mile marker 95 in gaffney just past the yellow mall, a slow down with an accident with injuries in the southboualso, in saluda, i-26 eastbound, 59. we have one lane closed with a deadly accident overnight.
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greenville county, this is near highway 253 at west blue ridge road. a fatal accident still blocking one lane. and you accident in spartanburg at highway 292 and this one blocking the roadway as well. several areas to avoid this morning, but we are looking very good on the interstate. i 26 and 40 are looking good. let's take a look at i-385 and see how a look around haywood road.c moving nicely on i-385. 85 near mile marker 95 going to be slow-moving. we will keep you updated. happening this weekend, it is going to get loud at the bon secours we aly myles joining us live with more on the monster trucks and the fun coming up. aly: it is about to get really loud. we have great figure in his truck, about to give us breakfast and a show.
6:35 am
you will be able to see these cars at the show10,000 pounds and 2000 horsepower. [truck revving] aly: it is all this weekend at bon secours, today and tomorrow, aly myles wyff f ws 4 live at the bon secours wellness arena. geoff: we heard everything you said.
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geoff: that is going to be loud. downtown greenville from our peace center skycam. what a beautiful weekend ahead. in the 60's and rain free over the weekend.
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allyson: commitment 2016 days
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sovereign -- seven presidential candidates squared off on thegeoff: they noted donald trump's absence with jok immigration and na our political analyst joins us live. marc, how did the no-trump debate differ from the otmarc: it made him surprisingly little different. donald trump, hattie he stuck to firing celebrities on television and real estate, we got a look looked like. the issues stayed the same, republicans talked about democrats not keeping americans from terrorism and that hillary clinton was not qualified. in the dynamic. chris christie was sort of the tough guy and washington outsider. you had jeb bushconfident without trump on the stage.
6:39 am
subject of the majority of attacks because he is number two politics went on without donald trump. that is probably something that he does not want to hear. geoff: i am assuming the big talk will be whether trump loser in not attending last night. marc: it will shock you to learn that donald trump is already declghi keep thinking of that i what odor. when they are undecided -- thinking of the iowa voter. when they are undecided and they spent two hours watching last night, i cannot imagine they really thought that is so unfair to conservatives like donald trump that he would not show up. it seems to me that he may really regret giving these other candidates a cha shine and a chance to show that there really is a presidential race that could go on whether trump is in it or not.
6:40 am
the next couple of days, will that affect what happens ih carolina? marc: it has happened in the past. the results of iowa have been very poor indicators of what happens in souworst of all, i what is a caucus and you have to go through two hours at night to fight with neighbor, whereas south carolina is more traditional with a primary where you cast a ballot and you can do it by absentee for some people. let'south airline has pushed into the early front over the last couple of elections. it is partly because of the diversity of the state. you could take all of the afri voters in the state of iowa and you could fit them into the rose bowl and you would still have half the e bowl seeding empty. about one in 30 iowa wins are african-american and more than
6:41 am
they are so dramatically different. south carolina is in there precisely to give some sort of balance to the role america -- rural america. allyson: thank you, marc. geoff: four other candidates debated earlier. the second two candidates in the undercard debate. they tailored their message tothe voters in iowa. it was the first time jim gilmore qualified for an official gopthe quick check on traffic. allyson: breaking traffic this morning. a deadly wreck near assembly driving piedmont. anderson county coroner says william armstrong junior's seb brn highway 81. armstrong crashed on the way home and hit a treat off the interstate. also, a deadly wreck in greenville countthis happened on highway 25 near
6:42 am
and west blue ridge drive. the wreck was in front of kfc. troopers say it involved a pick up ar truck. the passenger of the pickup was killed in the driver had to be taken to the hospital. another deadly wreck to teabout, blocking only on i 26 in polk county in north carolina. it happear exit 59 in saluda. they expect the lane to be reopened around 7:00.a live look at our dear to camera this morning. earlier, we were seeing the near mile marker 95 on i-85 and it is now clear. geoff: crowds are expected in charlotte as they holdpanthers fan valley. the team takes on the denver broncos in super bowl 50 in a little more than a week and we will be afternoon on wyff news 4. kind of the big game, coming up on february 7, wyff news 4 will bring you a special show. brad fralick and marc dopher
6:43 am
coverage monday in i'll join them thursday, and then we'll have our special called "chasing a championship" at 8:00 next friday, february 5, right here on wyff 4. allyson: happening today and tomorrow through the weekend, grave digger, predator and scooby-doo will ageoff: your plugs, please. aly myles joining us live again. allyson: look at her. aly: good morning. i promised you a a the beginning of the show that i would get in one of these. currently in scooby-doo.just one of the text to monster jam this weekendyou can go tonight, tomorrow, and these things are massione of those tires is the exact size as me.e driverf this truck is one of the only women in this field. we will be talking to her later
6:44 am
tonight to check on her interview. tickets still available to mgo to our website for more details. aly myles wyff news 4 live at the bon secours on this arena. geof client there but not later. allyson: aly myles is in scooby-doo. geoff: let's get with chris on the weather. chris: a cool start to the day. light over the spartanburg skyline and chilly out there. 32 degrees and we warm up nicely today under clear skies.34 degrees in anderson, clemson at 41. 35 from asheville hendersonville. we see loads of f nshine in the greenville area. expect 50 degrees near lunchtime, 55 by the afternoon. a much cooler day and the north carolina mountains where highs cap upper 30's. closer to 60 degrees the farther south you had. most days this weekend are going to be in the lower to middle 60's. geoff: good news. allyson: we will take it.
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allyson: we will continue to keep you updated on the topic throughout the mor much more coming up on "today" after last night debate without donald trump. allyson: have a great weekend. >> this is a 30 life that editorial -- this is a wyff news 4 editorials. speaking of happened editorial board, president ar john soapes. john: on monday, february 1, the process of electt begins. for months, we have heard speeches, debates, voter forums. for months, we have seen the candidates in action and have formed opini now, it is time for the people to speak out. it all begins in iowa monday when people gather in precincts all across the state to caucus and make their candidate choice known. the next week on tuesday, february 9, the traditional first primary of the season is held in new hampshire. then it is our turn here in south carolina. on saturday, february 20, republicans go to the polls for their pres democrats in south carolina get
6:46 am
saturday february 27. here on wyff 4, you have heard a lot about commitment 2016, our commitment to more extensive, in-depth coverage of the election process. leading up to the two presidential primaries in south carolina next month you'll hear , a lot about the process on our newscasts on our website, and on the wyff news 4 app. we are using every means to help you be informed and aware of what the candidates are saying. we believe it is our responsibility as citizens to participate in the process to study the issues and the candidates and then go to the polls. so do your homework, look at your choices, and be ready on
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good morning. the main events. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> no-show donald trump in the
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presidentialal debate.
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