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tv   Today  NBC  January 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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music, charlie puth, is in the building. all that and more is coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's friday morning, january 29th, 2016. that's all the important data so far. great crowd outside. i'm willie inside with tamron, al and natalie. you, my friend, have chosen our jam this morning. >> i have. eminem "lose yourself." >> favorite. >> workout song. i got my son hooked on it before games. one shot, one opport not too much pressure. >> the clean version, i should say. >> i was wondering. >> mom of the year. >> tiger mom.
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spitting eminem. mom's spaghetti on his shirt already >> little eminem. >> also made me think of the debate with the song. one opportunity. >> i see, spinning yourself out of that one. sure. >> passing the baton. >> donald trump, as expected, did not show up at last night's fox news republican debate in des moines, iowa. still, he was the story. we'll start with the debate and then talk about his event last night. the debate opened with a question for megyn kelly about the donald. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. donald trump has chosen not to attend this evening's presidential debate. whatessage do you think that sends to the voters of iowa? >> let me say, i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. ben, you're a terrible surgeon.
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trump portion out of the way -- [ applause ] -- i want to thank everyone here for showing the men and women of iowa the respect to show up and make the case to the people of this state and the people of the country, why each of us believe we would make the best commander in chief. [ applause ] >> without trump there and cruz running pretty close, though behind donald trump in iowa, cruz became the number one target on the stage. senator marco rubio accusing cruz of doing and saying anything to get votes. senator rand paul said cruz had an authenticity problem. just up the road, trump holding a competing event, said he raised about $6 million for military veterans. continued to mock fox and talked about using his daughter ivanka as a secret weapon on the campaign trail. >> fox has been extremely nice the last couple of hours, actually.
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said, how about now? they called a few minutes ago. hasn't it already started? ivanka, it would be so great if you had your baby in iowa. i'd definitely win. >> at the end of the night though, who wins? >> donald trump. donald trump wins. >> what's the measure? >> google maps showed across the country who was the most talked about of the debate or the night, and trump was -- it was bright red all across the map. >> that was the traffic. it doesn't mean that people were all praising him. >> no, no, no. won? >> for him, it's what he measures. >> the attention. >> one of the great moments in the debate was when they pulled out the competing video, showing both rude owe andbio and cruz on immigration, the stances.
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actually, and it could be pivotal, not in iowa but later on in new hampshire. what's interesting, a lot of the pundits on "morning joe" had an array of guests, and experts as well, who said this was the most substantive debate. the early ratings are in. won't be the most watched. early numbers say it's the secondest lowest rated. but this is like, what, the seventh or eighth debate that they've had their shot. nevertheless, there are some who believe it was actually won, where the candidates, while boring maybe, were able to answer the questions. >> i think they all came alive a little more. jeb bush, i think, had the best night he had, you know, of all the debates we've seen. he came to life. marco rubio and ted cruz, they were debating real, substantive issues. >> i was expecting more from chris chris christie. >> we won't have to speculate
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people go to vote in iowa on monday. we can't wait. >> the "today" show will be there. >> yeah. >> with trump out of the board room -- talking about "celebrity aparen dis apprentice," the chairman of the board room will be arnold schwartz . snooki will be there, carly wilson. warren buffet will be an adviser. jessica alba, fantastic entrepreneur. tyra banks, as well, very great business people in the board room. it's going to be very interesting. >> a lot of star power. schwarzenegger, buffet. >> warren buffet? >> yeah. >> wow. >> they're doing the show this time in the area outside of los
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innovation. >> snooki is going to invent an app that will be great. >> silicon beach, seven blocks from our home. it's why we picked it. so this is the image of the day. i'm going to vote for it as the image of the day. there is a running gag at arnold state university. i didn't know this until you mentioned it. they try to fluster the opponent at the foul line. it's called the curtain of distraction. the opponent goes up, gets ready and you distract. they upped the ante this time around. they added a special guest to the distraction or curtain of distraction. michael phelps. take a look. >> oh, wow! >> that's a distraction. >> it gets better. they up it even more. take the wide shot. let's see. >> wait for it. >> where is the other picture? >> where's the good part? >> that's not the good part. >> it's got to be coming. >> there it is. >> what are we waiting for? there!
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black pants on, and i kept thinking about chris farrelly and -- >> chip and dale. >> swazyzeswayze. >> it's the same look. >> currently, phelps is training for the 2016 olympics because he's going to coach later in life. he wants to retire and coach in arizona. nevertheless, what was the record? there was a record -- hold on. you said it earlier, willie. >> the points? >> yeah. >> arizona state does this. even when he's not there. it's a 1.7 point difference in shooting. >> the distraction. >> it works. >> with phelps there, it's ten points. >> thaw woney won the game, which is on my notes. 86-68. >> complete distraction. body check. we showed you wideman bumping
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home loss, and into the referee, seconds. here for the check. right? we were talking about this yesterday. like what did it look like? >> i'm glad i was right about this one. >> i said it was intentional. >> we try to give people the benefit of the doubt. >> when it's on tape -- >> it's more than a shove. that was a check. >> now we know the nhl suspended him indefinitely, pending a wideman did say after the game that he said he was distracted. he had just been hit. i guess he was distracted with t t time. >> the league didn't believe it. >> when your arms go like this -- >> with a stick in it. >> trying to help him out. what about this part? >> with the helmet on. >> helped the guy up. >> anyway, i love this. facebook now, you have an iphone, this will be available
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cool thing called facebook live. you go to your status, you put it's like periscope. >> y streaming. >> we're going to check this out. >> you're on now? >> yeah. >> is this on our new page? hey! >> it's from the phone. >> exciting. >> y y can walk over. let's go over -- >> this is on our facebook page. >> well, it's on the phone right now, right? >> you can watch it on a desktop. >> speaking of which, let's find out right now how many folks 77,000. go to's take. help us get the numbers up. let's get over 100,000 today. let's hit it again to see. boom. come on, folks. we can do it. we're going to check it at the
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i want to see it over 80,000. >> tell people about the prizes. >> they didn't tell me that. we have 25 days -- now a few less -- how many more days? >> 22. >> 23 days. a prize a day. go to's take. check the sweepstakes out. fabulous. you have a chance to win those so it'll be fantastic. groundhog's day storm coming in. low pressure making its way toward us. what happens is, it causes rain in los angeles. icy, snowy mix across the southwest sunday. on monday, it stretches, snow from the rockies all the way south of iowa. heavy showers and thunderstorms. then on tuesday, groundhog's day, we have the risk of severe weather from indiana yap lispolis to -- they said to cut the live stream.
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if you are in iowa, still on tuesday, willie, you aren't going anywhere. >> where is he going? iowa. >> fab you loisu >> time in iowa. let's check the numbers one more time, still live. so close! that's what's going on arounclear skies and cold outside we are starting in the 30s around town look for sunshine today and temperatures in the 50s in the upstate a much colder day in the mountains where temperatures while we talk about in the 30s this weekend look for sunshine both days and much warmer >> facebook, fan xs, let's see
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boo- i le it. over 80,000. we're breaking 100,000 before the show ends. >> amazing. >> mention the prizes. that will get people there. >> lots of stuff. >> go to the facebook page. >> not hand-me-down stuff, it's good stuff. >> good stuff. >> like the guests we have on this show. nothing but the best. like -- >> charlie puth. >> boom. >> the man's career is on fire. his debut album is out today. he'll be back with us after soup and sandwich and somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera.
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2016 already shaping up to be a huge year for singer/songwriter/producer puth. his debut album is "nine track mind," out today. in a couple weeks, he'll be at the grammys, where he's nominated for song of the year for "see you again." that's his smash hit with wiz khalifa, featured in "furious 7." he co-wrote that song. the video has more than a billion views on youtube a north american tour in march, but stopping by to hang out with us on album release day. good morning again, mr. puth. >> what's going on? >> i have cold hands. >> he pete beat boxed on our facebook page. >> go ahead. >> he's good.
10:16 am
>> michael jackson. >> oh, cool. totally cool. >> on fire this morning. >> wow. >> where does that come from? you talked about sitting in your room, working stuff out on computers. you're like a one-man operation it feels like. >> i don't know. i started -- like i always made weird noises when i was a youngin. i still am but -- >> how old were you? >> i was 8. in my own mind, i was doing all this stuff. running around on basketball courts, not playing the sport. teachers would be like, charlie, stop making noises. it was like music in my head. that's why i called my album "nine track mind." i've always had music in my head.
10:17 am
>> yeah, and now vocal tracks. >> i don't want to delete this. >> no, no. keep that there. >> not only have you had this amazing year and all this success, but the other thing is, people want all these amazing people want to collaborate with you. >> amazing. >> that's the mark, when your peers want to work with you. >> when -- all these artists that i grew up listening to, like fergie and so many people, they're like, now you're going to go in the studio with them. i used to listen to -- i listened to one direction like on spotify, and now i'm writing for them. it's absolutely insane. >> meghan trainor. >> 'yeah. >> selena gomez. >> i don't look at them as famous people. they're in my work force. we go on tour, and we all do the same stuff. why not make music together? >> who do you want to add to the
10:18 am
>> bruno mars. >> you two would be great together. >> spectacular. >> that'd be cool. we're label mates. >> bruno, pilk upd gi him a call. >> i'd love that. people with powerful voices. ariana grande. >> that'd be hot. >> this has been a crazy year for you. craziest moment, craziest person who camep to you and said, i'm a huge fan, that blew your mind? >> i was at the american music awards in my trailer. i walked out and i heard a -- i'll do a bad british accent -- "hello there." it was horrible. sorry. it was harry styles. he was like, you produced "slow motion," didn't you, and i was like, number one, how do you know that? it was an r&b song. i was like, wow, yeah, i did. you like that song?
10:19 am
nice to meet you. i'm like, cool. >> maybe a one direction collaboration. >> that could be kind of cool. but they've broken up though. >> just lost one guy. >> down a man. >> fill it in. >> there you go. >> i think you'll have more people knocking on your door. >> i'd love that. >> album is "nine track mind." catch him on tour soon, as well. he'll have one more man in the next hour. great to see you. >> congrats. just ahead, the hollywood star acceptedingsending her rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability.
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jane, "jane the virgin" star is donating her dress to a fan. tweeted, would love to wear your golden globes dress to prom. she said she didn't own the dress but would send her dress from last year. jessica told the star, it would be an honor to wear the dress. looks like jessica is going to have a prom to remember. this might be my favorite story of the day. kim basinger is starting to get shady. the oscar winner has just been cast in the sequel to fifty shades of grey. she will play the business partner and former love of christian grey. remember, that's the character who turns him out. anyway, looks like the franchise got a little steamier. i wasn't into it before, but i am now. is zayn malik heading in his
10:24 am
the former one directioner dropped a single, his first year. he released a music video. it's going to steam up your sunglasses. take a look and listen. it's a paradise and it's a war zone >> so the song will be featured on his album, "mind of mine," which is set to be released. the headline, which is not here, that's gigi hadid, his girlfriend in there. just grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love. they're totally eating their vegetables. boo-yah.
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10:26 am
were able to track the suspects to an area off new hope road where they believe someone picked them up. deputies believe the suspects could be in a dark saturn. anyone with information is asked to call crimestoppers at 697-stop. happening this morning in anderson county... a school district will hold a meeting looking for public opinion ... about downsizing. an anderson school district four official says the district has seen little growth in the last ten years... so dropping a school would save up to one and a half million dollars per year. the options right now are... turn pendleton elementary into a middle school... meaning an expansion at mount lebanon paid for by the penny sales tax. or move riverside middle to mount lebanon elementary... which also requires some renovation... the meeting is at 9-am at mount lebanon elementary. clear skies and cold outside we are starting in the 30s around town look for sunshine today and temperatures in the 50s in the upstate a much colder day in the mountains where temperatures
10:27 am
this weekend look for sunshine both days and much warmer temperatures everywhere look for 60s for a high temperatures our next chance for rain arrives on tuesday we could even have a rumble or two of thunder although most of the severe weather will be west of here toward mississippi alabama and tennessee clear skies and cold outside we
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nissan says the main hood latch can rust, allowing the hood to pop up while the cars are moving. in the two earlier recalls, dealers adjusted the latches and applied a lubricant, but if it wasn't applied evenly, the problem apparently can persist. a harvard study finds that women with sleeping problems may have a higher risk for type 2 diabetes. researchers analyzed health data or more than 130,000 women. they found a diabetes risk up to four times greater for women who had trouble falling or staying asleep, who snored, had sleep apnea or got less than six hours a night. federal trade commission is launching an effort to help victims of identity theft. its website will allow you to create a recovery plan. victims can describe their case in detail and they'll offer steps to take to get back your identity and limit the damage. the web address is identity
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it was an ice risk. amazingly, no accidents at the junction, despite the ice, according to local news sites. crazy stuff. weather from al. >> unreal. >> wow. thanks, nat. weekend outlook. beautiful weather along the eastern seaboard. more mild. look for more snow making its region. we have showers in central california. sunday, sunday, big storm coming on shore will bring a lot of wet weather to southern california, into the southwest. icy mix through the southwest. eventually making its way to the midsection of the country. rain around the great lakes. sunny skies and warmer conditions. above normal temperatures for new england to the gulf coast and central plains. clear skies and cold outside we are starting in the 30s around town look for sunshine today and temperatures in the 50s in the upstate a much colder day in the mountains where temperatures while we talk about in the 30s
10:32 am
>> that's your latest weather. willie, i should mention if you go to's take, go to the sweepstakes page. our prize for today, a $500 kmart gift card. >> great. >> go to's take. >> like us. >> register to win. >> i'm going to like us right now for $500 at kmart, al. final installment in our series, chill out. today, we have gadgets to keep you warm. >> there's something for your dog. we have the host of a podcast, here with your favorites. let's start off with this
10:33 am
>> which is in the microwave. go ahead and pull it out. heated it up for a minute. >> it's great for relaxation, tension. >> feels good. >> it has herbs in here. peppermint and rose mary. there are spots for your hands. >> it was so cold in the studio. i'm going to keep this on the whole segment. next is a hat. >> super warm and comfortable. this beanie is from tenenrgy. inside. life. for you and i, we love those on the run. awesome. you can wash it after you take the headphones out. nice option for anybody outside. >> i like this, keep the pjs warm. >> anything better than heated
10:34 am
>> this is a pajama warmer. one temperature setting getting to 118 degrees. you can put towels in there, socks. of course, you can put pajamas in the pajama warmer. >> technology is always hard withr gloves to navigate. >> i feel like we've all been there. can't we text? you have to have compatible gloves. this is called any glove. $15 for a bottle. what i've done, you put two coats on here. what it does is make any glove touchscreen compatible, whether it's cotton or leather. ipad ipads. it'll warm up your gloves a little. >> it'll worth it. >> what are the magic insoles? >> these are remote controlled wireless heated insoles, again, from hammacher. 110 degrees. you can control it wirelessly. even trim them if they're big.
10:35 am
great for staying outside for tailgating, keeping warm or people who work outside. >> these days, we have a crew. they're very hot. also a great game, i light his feet on fire during a segment. hates it. >> remote controlled. >> you control the level of heat. cool. >> exactly. >> charger. >> three-in-one. inexpensive option. what's nice, it's a flashlight, hand warmer and a phone charger. turn the dial and there it is. under $21. >> fantastic. >> this is actually going to fit in your glove box. this is a nice option for anybody in their vehicle. this will charge your battery. takes a little time, but nice to have and conveniently located in your car. also, power to go from home depot. with your smartphone or tablet, as well. >> i'm not taking this off. you're not getting it back.
10:36 am
on let's send it off to al. something is cooking. >> nothing says comfort food like this meat and potatoes dish. shepherd's pie. show you how to make it from scratch. super easy and, oh, cheesy, after this. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno positively radiantmoisturizer... with active naturals soy.
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what any expert dad would do. i let her play sheriff. i got 20 minutes to life. you are free to go. tide and downy. great on their own even better together. all week on today food, we have been showing you casseroles and comfort food. today, i'll show you shepherd's pie. the great thing about it, it's very versatile because you can use a lot of different things in it. you'll be fine you can do ground turkey or chicken or beef, whatever you'd like. you have potatoes, sharp cheese. here's the grid. eggs. so you basically make your mashed potatoes. whatever you do to make your favorite potatoes, that's great. i'll take some cheese. the bill geist mashed potatoes
10:41 am
>> four sticks of butter. >> yeah. >> pound of cream. >> quart of heavy cream. cream cheese, egg yolk, chives, salt and pepper. you're going to mash it all up. you make it and, boom, it'll be great. now you're going to brown up going to be. you do that. frozen vegetables. whatever you've got, you'll put those in. all right? throw that in. can of -- >> this is easy, al. >> it is. can of crushed tomatoes and saute that. while this is cooking down, you're going to make your -- kind of a gravy. take a nice, dark beer, like a guinness, and throw it in. of bouillon. put that in. in the meantime, take a little
10:42 am
all right? then you're going to mix, of course, the bouillon, which will be dissolved. put it all together. eventually, that'll cook down. casserole. then you're going to take your mashed potatoes. you're going to spoon them on top. >> so good. >> so delicious. that. >> and add the cheese, right? >> cheese on top. everything is already cooked. >> right. >> you don't worry about too much. what you're going to do, i put a >> cool. >> i put it on everything. >> little spice. >> spread on more cheese. i told our kitchen folk i'd like a lot more cheese. >> kitchen folk. creatures. our kitchen folk. you're going to take this, put it in the oven, brown it up.
10:43 am
going to put it on the broiler, just to brown it up a bit. there you have it. >> this is the perfect winter food. >> it is. >> right? >> comfort food at best. >> cheese, potatoes, protein, all the food groups in there. >> this is like, you should be at home with this. we should pack it up and go home. >> there you go. >> leftovers are good, too. >> exactly. >> patron state of food. >> thank you very much. >> you can find this recipe at also, a shoutout to andrea, one of our standout food club members this week. thank you for sharing much. coming up next, let's get ready to laugh. we have a good buddy, len, the world of hilarious sports, spanning the world after these see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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have to see to believe with ben berman. >> you, bet. >> careful. >> al roker, don't waste good popcorn. good morning. >> they don't give us popcorn on the radio. this is great. big-time show. i should take it out of my mouth and read this. >> what do you got? >> i don't know what i got. last couple of months, eastern alabama winning the national title in college football. but what were definitely the highlights of the last couple months? we'll go spanning the world. >> let's do it. >> let's do it. >> unbelievable. >> al, pay attention and stop throwing popcorn. >> how about mike tyson? on your hoverboard, and down goes tyson. play ball, but who is this guy? i don't have a scorecard. i have to play against him. i'll check the name on his back. who are you? that's who you are. college football, who gets it?
10:49 am
to make the pass. >> good grab. >> two warriors tying their shoes at the same time. five. scores anyway. oops of the month. here's a pass from out of bounds. crowder of boston. doesn't count. you have to gauge the wind because it's against you. doesn't work out well. favorite fans. never try to come between a new yorker and a free hockey stick. >> oh, boy. >> there are some solid new york values right there. there you go. >> in minnesota, from the wedding ceremony to the hockey game. and have a delicious burger for your wedding reception. he's not even paying attention to the bride. best play by play. talk about exciting soccer. asleep. he's snoring. in the middle of the game. costa rica, the commentator
10:50 am
stopped the game, talked it over the game. ! good-bye, charlie. talk about rabbit ears. >> oh, my. >> ready for your closeup? look out for the tv dron camera. oh, my goodness. the guy skiing right into the came terrible. sideline stunts of the month. helicopter, little dancing, power lifting. of course, my favorite, the sis sistine chapel celebration. maybe man wasn't mea to squat 855 pounds. >> it's going to hurt. >> no, it won't hurt. >> oh! >> but nobody got hurt. >> the toddler shows how it's done. [ screaming ]. >> yeah! >> oh, my gosh. i love it.
10:51 am
>> yeah! >> i love that. >> nicely done, len. >> len berman, good one. always good to have you.
10:52 am
>> this is "today" on n brks hey. >> we had to run up here. >> hey, ladies. >> thanks for showing up. >> nice to be here. >> how long of a run is it from downstairs? >> like miles. >> with kcan you breathe? >> we ran into the karate kid. it's like the italian festival here. >> it is. we'll have fun with those two. we are going to have a blast. >> we're going to play some games. will you play with us? >> what? >> yes. >> how old these two are -- >> 974 years old. four months and three days. >> i bet. >> it'll be fun.
10:53 am
i want to check in with al, see where our facebook likes are. >> that's right. let's find out right now. we check it out. boom. 88,000. this is great. go to's take. check out our sweepstakes. you could win today. just today. a $500 kmart gift card. check it out. go to today's take page on
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have a greatinvestigators want to know how a 19-year-old university of south carolina student died. the student was found dead at an off-campus apartment. the coroner has said the student is a female, but has not identified her. investigators are calling her death suspicious. happening in just an hour..the city of charlotte is celebrating the panthers with a pride rally as they prepare to leave for super bowl 50. the rally will be in romare bearden park. stay with us at noon and online for coverage of the event. clear skies and cold outside we are starting in the 30s around town look for sunshine today and temperatures in the 50s in the upstate a much colder day in themountains where temperatures while we talk about in the 30s this weekend look for sunshine both days and much warmer temperatures everywhere look for 60s for a high temperatures our next chance for rain arrives on tuesday we could even have a rumble or two of thunder although most of the severe weather will be west of here toward mississippi alabama and clear skies and cold outside we are starting in the 30s around town look for sunshine today and temperatures in the 50s in the
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