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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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one minute before drinking or cooking. to read more about this advisory, you can go to our website at new at noon, a wyff news 4 exclusive. an upstate beverage delivery company is expanding in greenville county and bringing . wyff news 4's gabrielle komorowski is live and local at th. gabrielle: allyson, this is exclusive information you'll only see here on wyff 4. we are here on poinsett highway close to furman hall road. downtown greenville is to my left. cherrydale is to my right. this is the old goodwill store building. you can see the sign on the door says "we are moving." we started looking into this and we found out greenco beverage company is moving here. greenco beveragea greenville-based bottling and distribution company. their client
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thomas creek, co, and also cheerwine. this spring, they will break ground on a restoration facility to be b here. it is expected to be completed fall. for county officials, this is huge. this is a great gateway from greenville here. right now, there are many rundown empty county officials say today's announcement i step in the revitalization of the county. we reached out and asked how many job his facility will bring. we are waiting on that and we will have tonight at 5:00. allyson: thank you, gabby. also in greenville county, three people ar that deadly shootout in a bojangles parking lot in mauldin.
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latest. myra: we are across the street from the bojangles where the shooting happened in the parki weekend. we did speak to sergeant ben ford with the mauldin police department who said there are additional possible arrests that could take place. they are looking at two people who mighor information, but they are not sure what their po roles might be. a 19-year-old was shot and killed during what investigators described as a drug deal and attempted robbery. there were three people arrested over twe can show you their photos right now. these 219-year-old young man were charged with -- two 19-year-old young men were charged with murder. their was a 15-year-old girl also arrested anpolice are trying to determine what type relationship the
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sergeant ford told as a 19-year-old involved in a drug deal may s sound unusual, but he says it is not thbenefit teenagers worth work from mauldin -- were from mauldin. they are trying to get all the evidencethey did recover some of the weapons used in the shootout that place after the drug deal turned deadly shooting. the investigation still continues. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, live in mauldin. allyson: thank you. in commitment 2016 news now we , are now hours away from the i iowa caucuses. candidates are making their last pitches to voters. tracie potts is follow from des moines iowa. where mostes will watch the results come in tonight. tracie: marco rubio this morning visiting a diner outside des
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>> we recognize we are not the front runnerwe're the underdog, but we feel good about it. tracie: he calls ted cruz iowa's frontrunner, but donald trump is leading the polls. trump tells the not claiming a win just yet, . mr. trump: everybody is a threat. i think everybody in the race is a threat. you never know what's gonna ha. it's politics. tracie: at this point, it's all about the ground game. keeping volunteers energized. >> i'm feeling so energized because of you. tracie: hillary clinton brought donuts and coffee this morning. sec. clinton: we've got thousands of volune knocked on doors this past 125,000 weekend, there's just so much tracie: dr. ben carson tells me anything over 10% is a win for him. he's got people working tonight dr. carson: they're gonna be
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listen to your heart or listen to the pundits? and i think it's going to have ec turnout is key. tracie: if lots of new voters show up especially it could be a good night for bernie sanders. >> young people are really upset. we're just getting into political scene, seeing a lot of things, how they're managed and we don't like it. tracie: looking for change, tonight is their chance. allyson: also in new hampshire, bernie sanders and donald trump are way ahead of the pack for the next big primary. that's rd by cnn and wmur. it shows sanders w support among likely voters compar clinton. on the republican side, trump leads with 30% support. ted cruz is second with 12%, follow here's another look at the upcoming p of course, iowa is today. the new hampshire primary is tuesday, february 9. in south carolina, the gop primary is february 20. the democratic primary is february 27.
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parties is tuesday, march 1. right now, we have an important commitment 2016 reminder for georgia voters. today is the last register to vote in the georgia primaries. happening today, voting will take center stage in winston-salem as closing arguments are expected in the federal trial over north carolina's voter i.d. law. friday, an expert from harvard chal from mit and the university of wisconsin. he said african americans in north carolina are mor likely to be registered to vote than whites. the other experts testifie black voters face a greater burden than white voters and are twice as likely not to have a photo i.d. in pickens county a man died , this morning in a crash on according to coroner candy kelley, the accident happened around 6:2e intersections of ireland road. the victim's name has not yet been released.
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left-centewaiting to turn left on ireland dry. thewe will continue to cover this story and more for you both on air and online at . to western north carolina, where a man ha to robberies. michael benoy will spend at least he used a pellet-gun pistol in an attempt to rob the walmlmt in weaverville in january of 2015. the day before that incident, he robbed the bank of america on hendersonville road in asheville. happening now in the upstate, volunteers from agencies organizati counting the homeless. it's a yearly count, the department of housing and urban development asks each state to do. volunteers ask homeless people where they slept the night of january 27. they also ask for their first init and the last four digits of their social security number. the number helps determine the need in each area. >> i think the homeless numbers are always way undercounted.
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commun getting better relationships with the homeless so they're more willing to come and talk to with us about their issues. >> they helped us a lot, and nick even got a lot of people from tent city, the old tent city, off the streets and into places. allyson: volunteers will continue to count until february 5, but they are only asking about the night of january 27. happening today, a stretch of main street in downtown greenville is now closed as crews work to disassemble the ice on main attraction. main street between court and broad streets is closed until 5:00 p.m. today. crews have been working all morning to remove the skating rink and other equipment from the village green. we have another closure to tell yo the greenville zoo is set to close today for routine maintenance. staff and volunteers will use the annual two-week time frame to clean, paint, and make necessary repairs to areas within the 14-acre zoo. the zoo is expected to reopen to
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13. as you may recall, exciting news out of the greenville zoo. autumn the giraffe is expecting ag you are taking a live look from the giraffe cam. it's due around february 13. that is a rough estimate. the sex determined until after it's born. officials say they will have camera rolling on autumn around th california getting ready for super sunday. the team landed at san jos night. or. in true panthers pride style, a huge crowd of fans gathered at bank of america stadium to send them off with a wave of support. the silent attention-grabber of ye actually pretty loud. we're talking about cam newton's pants. the pants blew up on social media. they have sparked photo galleries with the best-dr
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people are even asking will cam be the b bt-dressed man in super bowl history. well, looking that good does not m the quarterback's versace pants were being sold on for th out. the stadium is about 45 minutes south of san francisco which is th the fan village opened saturday and features interactive games and activities that are family-f-fendly. officials say it's designed to showcase the best of the bay area. they called it the hub of fan energy leading up to the big game. starting tonight at 5:00, our coverage from california kicks off with live reports tonight from our wyff 4 sports team. geoff hart joins the action on thursday. be sure to watch our special called it airs friday night at 8:00 p.m. right here on wyff 4. still to come, there's an emerge about the growing concern over the zika virus. what health expeu should know about the virus. dale: first half of the week
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allyson: the world health organization s is spreading explosively.
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to talk about what to do. the organization will discuss how concerned the world should be, recommend measures for the most affected countries, and assess the virus' possible association with neurological disorders. here are a few things to keep in mind about the zika virus. health experts say it's likely to spread fast and far. it's already in more than two dozen countries in the americas. who says the virus is likely to end up in every country in the americas. the good news is it rare causes symptoms. 80% of infected people don't even know it but it is suspected , of causing birth defects, specifically underdevelopment of the head and brain. that's why the cdc issued travel advisory for pregnant women who may be travelili to affected regions. the virus is spread by mosquitoes. people with the virus infect one another directly. there's also no treatment and no vaccine. health experts say there wasn't a market for it because it didn't seem to cause severe
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be easy to make a vaccine. the number of zika virus cases has jumped in the u.s. the cdc says cases across a dozen states and d.c. right now, three people in south es the virus because of their recent travel history, but it coul results back because of the volume of cases the cdc is working. a second virginia tech student in now charged in connection to the death of a 13-year-old girl who'd been missing since tuesday. nicole lovell's body was on saturday in north carolina. today, detectives searched a pond at virginia tech for evidence, and a section of road near the virginia border was closed off as part of the investigation. 19-year-old natalie keepers was arrested today and charged with improper disposal of a body. 18-year-old david eisenhauer was already behind bars, facing charges of abduction and murder. a lawyer says a colorado officer fired his gun during a deadly brawl in denver over the weekend. the fight broke out during a
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one person was killed and seven others were injured. the lawyer says the officer fires not been arrested. attorneys for two biker groups are blaming each other for starting the brawl. in florida, a woman's body was in a motel room along with a note and two monkeys. police identified the woman as li smith's body was found at the budget inn in northport. an incoherent man, who was in media questioned by police. officers have not released his identity or what the n ne said. th conservation commission is taking care of the monkeys. we could learn more today about the cause of a deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia as federal investigators are expect reports. excessive speed has already been cited as a factor in the may accident, which killed eight people and injured more than 200 others, but the national transportation safety board has yet to say why the train was
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curve. new video of a massive wave wipe wipedwipeout. take a look. the surfer is knocked off his bo i giant wave. this happened in maui last week. he only suffered a stiff neck he was out surfi next day. half a dozen people are recovering this afternoon after a large oak tree limb fell on a truck during a mardi gras parade. new orleans police say six people including a child were injured, but are expected to be ok. the limb fell on the opposite side of the street from where the cleopatra parade floats were rolling. city employees managed to the wrecked truck and tree quickly saturday night allowing allowing the party to go on. , the john bear-grease sled dog marathon k minnesota. it's the longest race lower 48 states. the challenging 400-mile course is
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a combination of love for their dogs and their penchant for advent their dogs from other states and countries. announcer: now, your live super dodale: good afternoon. we look at from our peace center is overcast. you can see the liberty bridge in the background. it is at 60 degrees right now. typical of this time of year would be 54 for our high so we have seen temperatures clie normal and it will be like this the nexanderson cloudy and 61. a light breeze of the west and southwest.watching showers in tennessee come alongy good along the i-40 corridor past knoxville on the way to nashville. a few showers in abbeville county but mos clouds. isolated single or two. tomorrow, we will see more
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tomorrow night through wednesday, we willdownpours and pretty strong gusty winds associath that. then it purchased through and dryer and cooler as through. today through wednesday above normal temis our future was forecast. as we put it into our motion, we will see action tomorrow m mountains through tuesday. tuesday night and wednesday we will startdownpours. keep that in mind as you keep your outdo plants. 61-- plans. 57 in waynesville. mars hill at 59. a very mild day for the mountains thisof66 in greenwood and abbeville.
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just a beautiful springlike day today. we will see temperatures tomorrow and wednesday just like this. breezes will pick up. the are already 8-12 in the upstate and 10-14 in the mountains. they will be more gusty tomorrow and wednesday with thunderstorwe are 11 or 12 degrees above the norm with 54 the average. reaching well into the 60's today. mountains normally see 50's. it is wintertime. we will get back to the winterlike cool days by frd sunday. cold for the northwest corner of the counthe cool air behind the front will reachdafriday especially. friday, saturday and sunday will be sunny but colder than normal. 63-65 in the upstate and people
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tomorrow, that is what we will rain. 40%. 90% on wednesday. then it clears up thursday through the weekend. sunny we gather always nice to report. these happen to be that -- sunny weekends are always nice report. these happen to be cooler. allyson: chilly. here's a unique way to enjoy your dinner. an underwater restaura offering a panoramic view of aquatic life has opened its doors the restaurant officially opens th for a special preview over the week dale: if you order seafood, did the fish get mad? allyson: i don't know. dale: the concept offers a way to experience some of the fun of scuba diving while dining on diverse cuisine that includes thai, mexican, and indian food. about 40,000 colorful fish surround thethat is kind of neat.
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i hope if you order seafood, they don'cell. dale: go to chick-fil-a all the fish,. really? allyson: coming up in money matters, the super bowl is still a week away, but advertising around the game is heating up. you wouldn't believe the cost of that. details next. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles
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broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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allyson: turning to money
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the dow and nasdaq and s&p 500 are all dothe super bowl just a week away, and the big game means big ads. this year, t.v. ads reached a record high of $5 million for a 30-second spot. for the first time, advertisers willd a national t.v. spot and have their ad appear in real-time during stream. papa john's fires the latest shot in the pizza wars. the country's fourth-largest ng ad campaign today ahead of the super bowl. nfl pitchmen j.j. watt, joe montana, and peyton manning's dad archie will pledge any customer dissatisfied with their pizza will get their next one free. papa john's, little caesars, domino's, and pizza hut dominate the $40 billion industry. if you like building with legos, florida's legoland is hiring people to build things all day. that's according to "time," which says the company is accepting applications from peop of all backgrounds to be master model builders at their factory in lake wales, florida. so you don't need to be an
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watch where you step. the florida site is said to have hired about 50 model builders so far.
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. allyson: we are looking at a pretty next couple of days and it will get chilly. dale: temperatures are wonderful for this tima good 10 to 12 degrees warmer than it is normally. we will see some showers coming
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40% chance of rain. rain rain likely on wednesday. enjoy a fairly nice afternoon in the meantime.look out for a few isolated shotod enjoyed is pretty temperatures while ywe have a closing shot of autumn the giraffe. make sure you stick with us. we will have the update on the evening. [captioning performed by theh is respon] lights camera access we want justice. >> do you think you have new evidence that could free steve avery? >> we do. >> innocent or guilty? the "making a murderer" divide
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we are in wisconsin.


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