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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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upstate, a note here about a portion of the swamp rabbit trail closed right now. crews are set to begin repairs today on the section at the cleveland street bridge. the section washed out due to erosion around a storm drain pipe. crews hope to have it open again by friday evening. taking a look outside with our woodruff road skycam. all clear. wyff news 4 meteorologist dale gilbert joins us. dale: no rain but a few clouds. 56 degrees as we look from our peace center skycam. he had a cloudy morning but they are starting to break in the sunshine is warming it up nicely. when you look at all the damage, we were fortunate that we just got heavy rain. a couple of spots in henderson and transylvania counties dealing with flooding. most of the area began cleaning up after the storms and it is down to the coast where there is heavy rain from the same system
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we will stay dry for the next couple of days. the cool air behind that system is being felt a little in the mountains today and a lot expected tonight. it will drop into the 20's tonight and 30's in the upstate. warm coats will be needed as we head into friday and the weekend. we will talk about with the weekend temperatures will be like in a few minutes. allyson: thank you. this afternoon, investigators are trying to determine what started a house fire that killed a family's dog. the fire started around 9:00 last night along ridge trail. that's in the cleveland area. firefighters said the fire w w fully involved when they arrived. it took about 15 minutes to extinguish the fire. two people inside the home were able to get out safely. the anderson county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in finding a suspect wanted for attempted murder. demarcus shaquan oliver is wanted in connection with a shooting on south mcduffie street in october. oliver stands accused of shooting an acquaintance a number of times after the two were involved in a physical altercation deputies said.
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regarding oliver's whereabouts is asked to contact the sheriff's office or crime stoppers. turing to commitment 2016 coverage this afternoon, we're focusing on new hampshire and so are the candidates. tonight is the democrats' final face-off before new hampshire's primary tuesday, and things are heating up between the top two republicans. tracie potts is following it all from washington. tracie: a new 7 news boston-university of massachusetts poll just out this morning puts marco rubio on the move in new hampshire. now, number two ahead of ted cruz, he's questioning how cruz won iowa. >> ultimately, i think it goes back to what i said before and that is a willingness to say or do anything. tracie: the leading republican donald trump is claiming he could've won iowa if ted cruz hadn't send out questionable mailers and spread false rumors that ben carson was dropping out. >> you know these politicians are brutal, they're brutal. tracie: i wake every day and laugh at the latest thing donald
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it. tracie: tonight's msnbc debate is hillary clinton's last chance to take on bernie sanders face to face before new hampshire votes on tuesday. >> if it's about our records, hey, i'm gonna win by a landslide on tuesday. tracie: sanders has a double-digit lead here. he's hammering clinton on her six-figure speeches. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. tracie: her response? >> that's what they offered. tracie: for the democrats, the new poll shows clinton gaining, but still far behind. tracie potts nbc news washington. brad: -- allyson: meanwhile, clinton's campaign's in south carolina already. former president bill clinton was in columbia campaigning for his wife yesterday. he made his plea to voters at a rally in the gym of allen
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>> she is clearly the best qualified person to be president i have ever had a chance to vote for, and i ask you to vote for her. allyson: campaign aides say chelsea clinton will be in south carolina this weekend with events targeted to women and young voters at clemson university and converse college. the kickoff for super bowl 50 is quickly approaching. and to get ready, this morning, the city of spartanburg invited panthers fans to get together for a group picture. >> go panthers! allyson: fans met on morgan square in downtown spartanburg. they cheered for the team and posed for photos. the fans brought their team gear, including signs, jerseys, hats earrings, gloves, handbags, and phone cases. the city plans to post the photos on social media and send them to the team. alive look right now over
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panthers fans are gathering for another rally and they are celebrating their rent to the super bowl. signs are standing -- fans are signing a banner and some restaurants are offering gear. charlotte are ready for the big game. the two talked yesterday to set final details of a bet between the two cities. if denver wins, charlotte will send barbeque to denver. if the panthers win, denver will send colorado bison to charlotte. the mayor of the losing city will also have to wear the opponent's jersey. when the denver broncos and carolina panthers hit the field on sunday, most of america will be hitting the snacks. super bowl parties often include a lot of unhealthy treats. erika edwards looks at the biggest offenders. plus, offers tips for slightly healthier game time goodies. >> super bowl, babeeee. erika: the only thing that gets football fans fired up more than their favorite teams playing in the super bowl is the food that goes with it, chips, beer, yeah.
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erika: the typical super bowl smorgasbord is so immense, so filling, some estimate a person can consume as many as 2,000 calories on game day. >> i'll start my diet the following morning. erika: one of the biggest culprits is the chicken wing. three to five of these little guys can have as many as 300 calories and no one only eats three to five wings. >> chicken wings are basically calorie and fat grenades. cimperman suggests replacing wings with chicken tenders. also, swap out sour cream in dips for greek yogurt and stick with light beeee >> the higher the alcohol content of the beer, the higher the calorie content of the beer. erika: and the best defense against an entire bowl of chips and dip ending up on your end zone is a plate. experts say fill it up once, then turn your back on the buffet table and get back into the game. super bowl sunday is considered the second largest day for foodd consumption in the country, but you know, it's just one day.
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indulge a little, then get back on track monday. reporting from charlotte, north carolina, clearly without any bias whatsoever, i'm erika edwards, nbc news. allyson: what do you like most about the super bowl? we want to hear your answers. take our now poll on our facebook, twitter or our website. here's a look at the answers so far. overwhelmingly 80% say all, 17% say the game, 1% said at the commercials and no one said halftime. the sure that if you vote use , the hashtags or your vote won't be counted. don't forget, our sports team will bring you a preview of the big game live from california. it's called "chasing a championship" and airs at 8:00 tomorrow night, right here on wyff 4. the circus is back in town. the 144th ringling brothers and barnum and bailey is performing
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riders, tigers and your last perform. there are a love and still on tour with the circus and six of them are in greenville right now. may that we would do note that left at the greatest show on moving to florida for center for elephant conservation. allyson: the sw runs through sunday. talks about a close call with a drone allegedly flying on an illegal path. and authorities in california want to know how a wreck caused a car to wind up on a roof. dale: chest in case you thought
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announcer: you are watching live, local breaking news with geoff hart, and weather with meteorologist dale gilbert. this is wyff news 4 at noon, in high definition. allyson: oregon standoff leader ammon bundy was indicted by a federal grand jury in portlala. the indictment was against bundy and 10 others who joined him at the occupation of an oregon wildlife refuge. no further details on the charges are available, and the indictment will remain sealed for at least 24 hours.
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last week on a criminal complaint, charging them with felony conspiracy. intimidation to prevent federal officers from doing their work at the refuge in sparsely populated southeast oregon. a california sheriff's helicopter is safe and sound after a close call with a large drone flying too high. fresno county sheriff's department helicopter pilot johnny reyes says his normal route quickly changed when he headed towards the chopper. what he at first thought was a bird, turned out to ba a drone illegally flying almost 600 feet off the ground. reyes gripped the controls to dodge the fixed wing drone as it flew just over the top of the helicopter's blades. >> if we would've struck that drone, it would've been catastrophic for the aircraft and then also for the neighborhood beneath us. allyson: the man accused of flying the drone told investigators it was supposed to be programed on a legal flight path and he wasn't controlling it.
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forwarding a report of this incident to federal investigators. one of the virginia tech students, charged in the murder of a 13-year-old, is expected to go before a judge today. 19-year-old natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory to the murder of nicole lovell. she's scheduled to appear for a nd hearing. police say nicole went missing from her home and that's when she was killed. a preliminary report shows the cause of death is stabbing. a colorado hospital is asking thousands of patients to get tested for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c. the move comes after authorities at swedish medical center in englewood, discovered that a former employee may have stolen narcotic pain medication. the 28-year-old male employee worked as a surgical technologist in operating rooms at the hospital from august 2015 to january of this year. he was suspended january 22, when he was allegedly caught removing a syringe of the narcotic fentanyl and replacing it with another syringe.
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patients could have been exposed, only that the tech could have put surgery patients at risk. the zika virus has now reached georgia. health officials say the first travel-related case of the virus has infected a person. they say a person traveled to colombia between the end of december and the first of january. that person has made a full recovery and was not pregnant. health officials are still stressing that the virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites. have you seen this? a car crashed onto a roof in california yesterday afternoon. take a look los angeles county fire officials say the car somehow landed on the roof of a garage after getting into a wreck with another vehicle. firefighters managed to pull one person from the car, and they have been transported to a trauma center. that person's condition has not been released. crews were eventually able to remove the car from the roof of the detached garage. it's not clear if there were any other injuries related to the crash.
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dale: good afternoon. 12:15. what a difference the day can make. yesterday, we had tons of rain and today we have sunny skies. that breeze at 18 miles an hour makes that 44 feel much cooler. that has been the story this morning. strong wind continuing across the mountain as cold air rushes behind that front. there were quite a few counties dealing with flash flooding and the couple of flood advisories out for henderson and transylvania county. the stormy weather impacting the coastal areas from savannah, hilton head, myrtle beach and passed wilmington. this system brought quite a bit of rain and is bringing quite a bit to the coastal areas. how much rain did you get yesterday? it was record at the asheville airport.
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there were other areas give you more but that was a record for yesterday's date. a report from oconee state park at 3.4 inches and their -- in their rain gauge. we have heard from other viewers with over one inch falling yesterday alone. when you consider four inches is a good months worth, we saw half an inch or more. upper 40's and franklin, hendersonville, asheville expected to reach upper 40's today. 56 in greenville. the projected high was 2-d eight. a light breeze in the upstate really picks up once again into the mountains. 18 to 23 mile-per-hour wind from asheville and andersonville makes it feel in the 30's, so dress warmly in the mountains this afternoon.
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typically, 33 in the morning, 55 in the afternoon. we will reach that or better than that for the upstate today. the mountains normally see upper 40's and that is what we are forecasting for the afternoon. tonight, the colder air starts to work its way into the region and we will see temperatures tomorrow morning in the 20's. in fact, denver at 21 right now. 33 in cincinnati. 20's and low 30's in the upstate tomorrow morning. workers, kids going to schl, everybody will need a warm coat tomorrow morning. this afternoon, we enjoyed a good bit of sunshine with upper 50's pushing 60 in spots. it drops down to 40 by midnight. asheville sees upper 40's this afternoon and low 30's by midnight. teens and 20's or actually 20's and low 30's tomorrow morning. cold again saturday morning, but afternoon highs of 44 to 52.
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the mountains in the upper 40's. looks like a nice weekend. another chance of a wintry mix of weather on sunday morning the mountains of north carolina. allyson: thank you. coming up, a computer problem is causing problems for the irs this week, including delaying e-filing. coming up later this afternoon on "ellen," george clooney and rihanna stop by. that's today at 4:00, followed by wyff news 4 at 5:00. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher,
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allyson: turning to money stocks this afternoon. 500 all up. the internal revenue service temporally stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns. the agency says a hardware failure yesterday forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including e-filing. while the irs is still assessing the scope of the outage, it expects nine out of ten taxpayers will get their refunds within three weeks. taxpayers can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as middlemen between taxpayers and the irs, but those companies have to hold on to the tax returns until the irs systems are up and running again.
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about a day. toyota has announced it'll discontinue its scion brand. scion was formed in 2003 to attract younger buyers, but after years of slumping sales, toyota has decided to kill the brand. beginning in august, 2017 model year scion vehicles will be rebadged as toyotas. toyota also says the t.c. will have a final release series edition and will end production in august. toyota dealerships will continue to service scion vehicles. it's a big payday for a company that accused apple of stealing its patents. a jury has ordered apple to pay $626 million to the company virnetx. the ruling is based on a legal fight that started more than three years ago. virnetx accused apple of violating four of its patents with its apps like i-message and facetime. apple has since revised its i-message, facetime and other software so that it avoids anything covered by virnetx's patents. back in our area, people in
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whether a quik-trip gas station should be built in a west end neighborhood. the site is at the corner of academy street, near the intersection of markley street. that is an west end greenville. some people are worried about crime and traffic, but the president of the west end neighborhood association says she'll support the q.t. so that apartments aren't built on the property. a spokesperson with q.t. says all of their gas stations are well lit and have state-of-the-art surveillance cameras. -- home depot is looking to hire seasonal employees. spring is just around the corner and housing market remains strong. home depot has hired about 80,000 seasonal workers every year and about half turn into permanent employees. that means each of the 2000 stores in the u.s. will higher 40 to 45 workers. your facebook feed may contain a new birthday reminded today and
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facebook was founded 12 years the attention focused on users, electing to name february fourth friends day. on its investor page, the company says its mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. . taking a live look outside at
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america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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allyson: our recap for you today, cleanup is underway after a tornado drop down in georgia leaving power outages. dozens were displaced when it brought down trees on homes. fort stewart was hit hard and they say could take up to three days to fully cleanup from the downed trees and power lines. officials say anyone with damage to their home will be provided a place to stay in army lodging. because of the rain in the upstate, a note about a portion of the swamp rabbit trail closed. there is set to begin repair at
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crews hoped to have it open again by friday evening. dale: we have time for dale's school salute. this is mays bethea's class from spearman elementary on groundhog day. she says -- "here are my little groundhogs." wonderful school and we think everybody -- and we thank everybody for their pictures. anderson has a good bit of cloud cover, but 53 and climbing with upper fifth news across the upstate and upper 40's in the mountains for the afternoon. tomorrow morning it will get cold again. we are talking 20's in the mountains, low 30's in the upstate, so have the warm coats ready for kids us to get ready for school. one to need the umbrellas for a few days. all the rain is south of columbia and down to the coast. looks like sunny weather through the weekend. allyson: when you prepare for
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dale: tomorrow will be the coldest with gradual climbing, but cold tomorrow morning. allyson: thank you for joining us. lights. camera. access. i can't go to jail! >> every bit of it is awful. hard for me. >> he got away with beating her, he's not going to get away with will killing per. >> "the people versus o.j." fallout. the families and the real-life key players let their opinions be heard. i'm billy bush. then we break down the fact and fiction of episode 1. >> have you ever thought about killing nicole? >> i'm glad they showed the partt about the lie detector test. >> a smiling cosby enters court again today. did the proceedings give him any prone to keep that grin? >> that's a joke, right? >> we are giving you a running start on the super bowl spots. i can't live
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