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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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robertson, embryo komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: take a look at these pictures of severe weather causing major damage in the charlotte area. these are from yesterday. duke energy reported that close to 5,000 people were without power in mecklenburg county. trees were uprooted, and some homes suffered serious damage. nigel: in western north carolina, a live look through our asheville skycam. look at that sunset. on this thursday in february, a beautiful day outside. gabrielle: so nice to see sunshine. john cessarich joins us from the studio. how is the rest of the week shaping up? john: seasonably chilly. if you are on the couch inside, nice and warm and looking at a live shot from asheville, you are going, wow, that is
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lots of sunshine. if you are outside, 41 degrees with a strong wind, it feels like 32 with the windchill. cold temperatures in the mountains. different story outside the mountains. lighter winds and temperatures warming up into the upper 50's to around 60, 60 in clemson and abbeville, 57 in spartanburg, 57 in greenville, 59 in anderson and laurens. a difference between the upstate in the mountains. i wanted to show you this model. everything is why it right now, but a big storm system in the upper atmosphere will swing in quickly from the west-southwest later this evening. look what develops. rain and even snow showers in the mountains. just after midnight tonight, look at this. maybe snow showers in greer, taylors, possible. maybe into inman. this is one of the models. we could see a brief rain or snow shower, only a slight chance of occurring later this
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tomorrow morning, everything clears out and it is just cold. nigel: now to continuing coverage of california. gabrielle: brad fralick and marc dopher have been covering the panthers all week. we do appreciate you giving us different backdrops to look at every day. are you having fun? brad: we certainly are outside of levi's stadium in santa clara. we were in downtown san francisco last night. we are going to crash the boards. you saw that this was. we will pick it topic, right down our answers and show them to you. the first one, what is the thing you like most about the trip to downtown san francisco yesterday? marc: my first one is alcatraz. i am a fan of national parks. it is nice to see the rock. i am hoping to go over there saturday and take you on our social networking platforms, twitter, facebook, and
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brad: my favorite part was p are 39 -- pier 39. that is where we ate dinner, a touristy area but very cool. marc: what is your first memory, about the super bowl? brad: i will go back to 1993, which puts me at 11 years old. it was cowboys, it was bills, and it was 52-17. the cowboys beat the bills in the first of the jimmie johnson dynasty. marc: i am one year older, but the first thing i remember about the super bowl is the 1985 bears. i don't remember the super bowl shuffle, but i watched the super bowl and i watched the bears and ron rivera dismantled the patriots. brad: there are a lot of
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we are looking forward to sunday, and looking forward to a great game between the panthers in broncos. coming up, a rapper made an appearance. gabrielle: brad, did you have to bring up the bills game? my husband is a bills fan. he is still traumatized. brandon, marc, thanks -- brad, marc, thanks. gabrielle: the mayors of denver and charlotte are ready for the big game. the two talked yesterday, to set final details of a bet between the two cities, if denver wins, charlotte will send barbeque to denver. if the panthers win, denver will send colorado bison to charlotte. the mayor of the losing city will also have to wear the winning team's jersey. our team will bring you a preview live from california, it's called "chasing a championship," and airs at 8:00 tomorrow night, right here on wyff 4. nigel: commitment 2016, jeb bush is increasing his ground game in south carolina. the former florida governor's poll numbers have fallen to single digits in the state,
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former republican national committee chairman and florida senator mel martinez say he worked with bush for 20 years, and he tells us why he is confident in the bush campaign and what will it take to beat the democrats. >> it's gotta be someone who gonna bring people in, not shun people out. who's not going to frighten people to become a republican. who's not going to embarrass us, either on the world stage, or in front of voters. >> i think there's a seriousness that comes as people get ready to vote, that i think will show, frankly, in a better way than what it may show in polling. and i think that's where jeb will shine. that's a strong, connected family. i wouldn't be surprised if president bush decides to come and help little brother, as he call him. nigel: jeb bush's south carolina team is excited about the proposition -- the possibility of former president george w. bush coming to the upstate soon, to campaign for his brother. take a look at these pictures. a spartanburg business is offering dinner for two to
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information about a graffiti artist. police said the artist tagged several buildings downtown. police say the supplies to paint over the graffiti were donated, and william cribb of cribbs kitchen is offering the free dinner for two. anyone with information is asked to call 864-809-8225. gabrielle: this afternoon, they cut the ribbon on the boardwalk at cancer survivors park in downtown greenville. you and people lined the boardwalk. it runs from church street down to the swamp rabbit trail along the reedy river. it is resigned to increase cancer awareness and serve as a place for rejuvenation and reflection. >> we are transcending the definition of survivor. to caregivers, family, friends, children. even the person who has lost someone. left someone behind.
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gabrielle: phase two of the $7.5 million park will begin shortly. members say they are waiting until they have the needed funding. nigel: coming up, already thinking about your spring break vacation? we'll have some tips on ways to save big while planning your travel. gabrielle: plus, juggling, hula hoops, mini bikes. nigel: look at her go! no way! gabrielle: you recognize the lady there? clown business is serious work. is wyff news 4's aly myles cut out for the gig? but first, tonight's primetime lineup. america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing.
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and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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nigel: it may still be a month and a half away but you have to , book now if you want to find good deals for spring break travel. gabrielle: lindsey mastis shows us what to do, and not do, to save money. lindsey: when it comes to spring break, you don't want to wait for any last-minute travel deals. that's because experts say that if you want to save money, you have to book early, especially if you're flying. spring break isn't just for college students. it's a chance for families to spend quality time together on vacation, and you don't want to get left behind. >> the minute you know you want to take a vacation, you have to book. lindsey: using third-party websites and apps to find deals may seem like a good idea, but,
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happen, the airline only helps those, physically, that bought either from a travel agentm or -- either from a travel agent, or their airline, direct. lindsey: some cruise lines offer online specials for booking in advance, like norwegian. >> once you get on the cruise, it's very hard to save money, because everything you see, you want to buy. lindsey: levent recommends making off-ship plans with the cruise line. >> a something was to happen on the excursion since you booked , it with the cruise line, they'll wait for you. if not, they'll just leave. lindsey: many families will take road trips. levent recommends booking hotels early, and if a better deal comes along, you have 24 hours to cancel your original reservation. you can also use apps, l le yelp and foursquare, to find deals on food. groupon can help you save money on activities. another way to save money, avoid traveling during spring break, and instead, vacation earlier or later. >> we took about four days off from school and college, and we came down to enjoy tampa. nigel: we were talking about
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when it comes to spring break, booking early is the way to go. gabrielle: you'll save money and guarantee your spot, especially if you're planning to travel to a popular spring break destination, like mexico the , bahamas, and florida. michael: coming up all-new at 6:00 panthers fan come together, , as the very picture of fan support. >> we're just excited to cheer on our panthers for the super bowl, and we wanted to show our support. michael: how about this fan photo frenzy in spartanburg? the city, and walk -- wofford college, had a couple big photos with people going to great lengths to look the part. that's all new at 6:00, right here on wyff news 4. john: a live shot of lake hartwell in anderson county,
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especially from the east america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. gabrielle: breaking news just into the newsroom, maurice white, the founder of earth, wind, and fire, has died. he was 74 years old. nigel: one person is dead and
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one person is dead, and six several children, jersey. officials say the bus collided with an suv this morning. the accident caused the bus to flip on its side. authorities say the driver of the suv died. officials say four students and the school bus driver were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. an adult bus passenger was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries. authorities are investigating the cause of the crash. gabrielle: a fire at a landfill in india last week grew so large, it could be seen from outer space. it started on january 28th, at the largest landfill in the city of mumbai. it burned for three days. take a look at these images from nasa. they show the smoke sent into the atmosphere from the fire. an investigation is now underway to determine what sparked the fire. nigel: now to some video that will leave you wondering, how did this happen? check this out. this car somehow ended up on top of a roof. it happened in palos verdes, california, yesterday. we're still not sure how the vehicle landed on the top of this two-story home.
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taken to the hospital with injuries, but did not elaborate on the extent of those injuries. traffic in that area was temporarily blocked as police cleared the scene. it's a big payday for a company that is accused -- that has accused apple of stealing patents. a jury has ordered apple to pay $626 million to the company "virnetx." the ruling is based on a legal fight that started more than three years ago. virnetx accused apple of violating four of its patents, with its apps like i-message and facetime. apple has since revised its i-message, facetime, and other software, so that it avoids anything covered by virnetx's patents. gabrielle: a lightning strike was clue -- too close for comfort in australia. two friends had just decided not to take their boat out on the water in a thunderstorm. one friend told the other not to step outside. just then,
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where they were standing. they said it felt like static, they could feel the static, they said, from the lightning bolt. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: anytime you get a tingling feeling, the hair on your arms stands on end, that means the leader stroke is close to you and will strike close by. that means, hit the ground quickly. it will be very close. no lightning strikes for us. we had a couple yesterday, especially from the midlands to the coast, were we had strong thunderstorms. it has been a rainy day along the beaches of the carolinas and georgia. a lot of clouds trying to streamam back in. we actually have a sit -- a system in the upper atmosphere. as it gets closer, it will grab some of the moisture and push it back to us. maybe a brief snow or rain
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the live shot right now, here is downtown greenville in the background. this is from on top of paris mountain. temperatures pleasant in the upstate. the different story if you are in the mountains. it is very cold. in the upstate, very pleasant. 60 in clemson and abbeville, 41 in asheville, 42 in franklin. her northeastern georgia, 53 in toccoa. not too bad, except for the mountains, 49 in dillard, 50 in clayton and clarksville, 49 in cornelia. 56 in livonia, 59 in hartwell. not bad outside the mountains, but in the mountains, cold. that is because of the wind. northwest at 20, in hendersonville asheville. those are sustained winds, makes it feel like 30 degrees the wind chill in hendersonville, 27 in
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48 in chattanooga, once the storm system on the coast line intensifies and moves quickly up the eastern seaboard, once it does, it will grab the cold air and push it across the entire upstate later tonight and over the next several days all the way through the weekend. it is not showing up, the upper level low will spin and swing in quickly and maybe bring us a little bit of rain or snow. no big deal. 31 in chicago, 41 in michigan. a lot of arctic air to our north will move in quickly. here is 7:00 this evening. maybe a couple rain showers are a snow shower developing, then around midnight, maybe a rain or snow shower possible in the upstate and a few snow showers possible for the mountains as the storm system intensifies. look at all the moisture. it could bring heavy snow around cape cod and may be pretty good snow for boston. overnight, high pressure builds in. he beautiful day tomorrow.
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mostly clear to partly cloudy come a slight chance of a brief rain or snow shower late this evening. low 32. a few flurries or snow showers possible for the mountains. low 25. tomorrow, sunny, high 51 in the mountains. colder. the for-day plus, we rebound temperatures over the weekend with mostly to partly sunny skies. it gets much colder next week and unsettled. we could see rain mixed with wet snow monday into tuesday. not a great chance of the upstate, a 30%-40 percent chance. the best chance will be in the mountains of north carolina monday, tuesday, a slight chance into wednesday morning. now back to you. nigel: kevin durant of the oklahoma city thunder brought his a game. with the clock running down, kevin durant watching the clock.
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the thunder hold off the magic in dramatic fashion. durant had 37 points. and russell westbrook had a triple-double. gabrielle: now let's talk about taylor swift. trying to keep up the enthusiasm. taylor swift fans will soon be able to play a mobile app game featuring the pop sensation. glu mobile, a global developer of free-play games for smartphone and tablet devices, has announced a deal to release a new game with taylor swift. details of the game remain under wraps, but fans can expect the game to launch later this year. glu mobile has previously created celebrity games featuring kim kardashian and katy perry. nigel: ben & jerry's is now offering a frozen treat that is entirely vegan. it's made with almond milk, and no dairy, eggs, or honey. experts have been working on the formula for almost three years. four flavors will get a vegan version. those include chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie, coffee
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cookies. yum. just don't call it "ice cream." since it doesn't include any cream, ben & jerry's is labeling it a "non-dairy frozen dessert." gabrielle: we will just call it yum. while jaguars were not known for sure to be in the united states until now. this one was has been roaming the santa rita mountains, just outside tucson, arizona. experts say this jaguar is the only one native to north and south america. it has been photographed repeatedly over the last few years.
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jeringling bros and barnum and nigel: ringling brothers and barnum and bailey are back in town. wyff news 4's aly myles thought she might run away for the day, and join the circus. gabrielle: but she quickly learned it's not as easy as it looks. check this out as she tries out to be a circus clown. aly: hey, everybody. >> hey, aly! here's our wardrobe rack. are you ready to do some shopping? aly: so ready.
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no im not feeling that one. nope. too fiesta. perfect. yes, i think that's it. it will really bring out your nose, know what i mean? aly: ready to go. >> ready for the greatest show on earth. now, we've got to practice some skills we taught you earlier. aly: hula hooping? got it. so how've you been? >> i've been great. aly: juggling? you betcha. baby steps. baby steps. we all start somewhere, you know? aly: mini bikes? >> ready? aly: gahhhhhh! oh my gosh. this is not like riding a bike. i mean, at least i pedaled...? >> all right, aly. you were so great. you got the look down. you got the skills. now, you have to gradute.
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>> right now. [laughter] aly: aly myles, wyff 4, at the bon secours. [laughter] nigel: no way! gabrielle: we did not see that coming. she still looked beautiful through all that. nice job. nigel: the circus will be here through sunday. gabrielle: and this is also your last chance to see the elephants perform, before they retire in may. they'll be moving to polk city, florida, to the company's center for elephant conservation. nigel: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. news 4 at 6:00 wititmichael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. carol: the irs has temporarily stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns. michael: the agency says a hardware failure forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including e-filing. the services are expected to be down for at least a day. carol: the irs still expects nine out of ten taxpayers to get their refunds within three
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taxpayers can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as middlemen between taxpayers and the irs, but those companies have to hold on to the returns until the systems are up and running again. michael: the irs says people who have already filed returns don't need to do anything more. to the politics for you now this , week alone, on the republican side, mike huckabee, rand paul, and rick santorum have all suspended their campaign for president. on the democratic side, martin o'malley, as well. so the race is on to get their supporters. o'malley only polled around 1%. however, on the gop side, together, the three candidates who have ended their campaign make up about 4% of the voting block total. for those who have already dropped out only rick santorum , has endorsed a candidate. he is now supporting marco rubio for president. another note, former south carolina democratic party chair dick harpootlian has endorsed bernie sanders. carol: tonight in new hampshire, the democratic candidates for president will face off on the debate stage.
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sanders will debate at 9:00 on
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