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tv   WYFF News 4 Noon  NBC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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jackson county at 12:15 will join other counties that closed because of the snow that has been falling. asheville has climbed into 40. it will not climb much more. we are seeing a wintry mix of snow and rain in parts of north carolina. right along the tennessee-with a quarter, it has been cold enough -- tennessee-north carolina border, it has been cold enough to make driving tricky. that will be the story. this is the beginning of what we expect. snow 1-3 inches tonight could accumulate. another couple of inches over the next day or so adding to that. it will be cold tomorrow and even colder wednesday. whatever falls will hang around for a few days. for closings and delays, you want to join us tomorrow morning for the latest information. the upstate will just get cold rain today.
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tomorrow. we will talk all about it in just a few minutes. allyson: thank you. new at noon, south carolina highway patrol is investigating a deadly wreck -- fire investigators have returned to an upstate apartment complex that broke out in flames over the weekend. behind me is woodruff road skycam video of the smoke from that day high above greenville. wyff news 4's myra ruiz is live and local in greenville county with the latest. myra: fire investigators have returned to the complex after the flames broke out saturday morning. we have video of that to show you from the scene. the boiling springs fire district says they were called around 6:30 about the fire. we are told that neighbors were knocking on each other's doors after someone's dog started barking. it was the dog that alerted the resident about something being wrong. we will take it back out to the scene. investigators say the fire
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patio and then went into the attic and spread across the attic. there are no smoke detectors in the attic so no one was alerted at that point, but that is when the dog started barking. eventually, as the fire made its way into the residences, that is when the smoke detectors went off. we know there are at least 13 different units that were affected by fire. five by water damage. three through smoke damage. 25 people, including two children, had to be evacuated. cross is helping them at this point. the red cross has warnings as the weather continues to get colder. they say most of the fires are want to be aware about that. myra ruiz, wyff news 4 come alive in greenville county. allyson: thank you. also carolina highway patrol is investigating a deadly wreck north of abbeville. it happened about 1:00 this morning on highway 20 near noble
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ash of honea path ran off the side of the road, hit a tree, and was ejected. scene. officials say an arrest has been made after a shooting at a taylors apartment complex. 22-year-old tamajio leaks has been charged with murder following a verbal altercation with 23-year-old anquan lemuel gambrell on saturday night on officals say gambrell was shot in the leg and later died at a nearby hospital. also in greenville county, a homicide investigation is underway after a man died one month after he was stabbed. 33-year-old sean patrick mcbride died friday at greenville memorial hospital from a stab wound to the leg. officials say mcbride was injured at his home on long first drive on january 1. a man from north carolina died over the weekend after running in the 12th annual krispy kreme challenge at n.c. state. the 58-year-old stepped out of the race after the first mile and reported having chest pains. ems took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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stunned d the sudden death. >> it's kind of a shock to me. i have done a lot of races and never heard of anything like that happening. so it's a little scary. allyson: the krispy kreme challenge is a student-led charity-based run that supports the north carolina children's hospital. contestants have to run five miles while eating 12 doughnuts in an hour. in georgia, one person is dead and six others are hurt after an explosion. it happened early sunday morning at a feed mill on a chicken farm in rockmart which is about 50 miles northwest of atlanta. 25-year-old justin deems died in the blast, and six other people were taken to a local hospital, including one in critical condition. authorities are still working to find out what caused the explosion. a hiker who fell in the north carolina mountains is now safe this afternoon. officials say a man was hiking near shortoff mountain when he fell. rescuers used a blackhawk
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then a medical helicopter to transport him to an asheville hospital. officials say it took five hours to rescue the man due to the his remote location. super bowl 50 is officially in the record books. taking a look at the second half in case you did not see it the broncos are up 16-7 when , carolina quarterback cam newton's pass is picked off deep in denver territory. on to the fourth quarter now. the denver defense comes up big again. recovering. just moments later, denver would conversion. peyton manning and the broncos victorious over the panthers 24-10. this guy, cam newton, is smiling behind me, but he definitely night after the game. during his media briefing, cam was a man of very few words. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to
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they made more plays than us. that's what it comes down to. allyson: as you see there cam , didn't stay in the press room long. after a few more questions, he muttered "i'm done" and walked off. shortly after the game ended, broncos fans started crowding denver streets to celebrate. this is what it looked like in downtown denver last night. this is the third super bowl victory for the broncos, but the first in almost two decades. officials say the victory parade will be held at union station tomorrow. in charlotte, a little different look here. a sad, slow morning for the city, but the loss wasn't just affect moods. it was also affecting business. wyff news 4's aly myles explains. aly: open 24 hours a day, the midnight diner usually bustling around this time on a monday morning, but the day after a devastating loss for the city, looks a little different. when any monday morning rolls
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blue. but on this monday morning at the midnight diner, extra blue with a side of pride. >> i couldn't get to sleep. i just thought there were some bad calls during the game. things didn't go our way. aly: manager dana slawter, she's been to all the home games, some of the away games, every playoff game. >> hoped the whole game we were going to come back. watched it until the last second, and it just didn't happen. aly: and dana says even on a monday morning, well, it never looks like this. the only customer there for a wild while doesn't even live here. and even he's disappointed. >> as an englishman, we have a league, and the better team wins the league whereas i'm afraid the better team hasn't won the aly: martin fearnley planned his work trip so he could watch the game in america. >> you've got a team that wins 15 games, loses one. should've won. in england, they would have won the league. in here, no. aly: the mood, like the coffee, might be dark and gloomy, but
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don't lie. this city is still full of pride. they had a great season. wish we could have won the super bowl, but i'm sure there's many more to come. all we can do is keep pounding aly: one more disappointment to add to that mix. dana says had they won, espn had asked if they could film here. all know, not the case. aly myles, wyff news 4, in charlotte. allyson: thank you. the panthers are expected home tonight. they will be landing in charlotte at 5:15 p.m. and then heading to bank of america stadium by bus. still the talk of the office today, the super bowl halftime show. coldplay may have been the headliner, but two other big names showed up on stage, super bowl vets bruno mars and beyonce. this was the second half-time show for both mars and beyonce. mars teamed up with the red hot chili peppers in 2014 at the half-time show in new jersey, and this year, performed his hit "uptown funk." beyonce performed her new song "formation."
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at the super bowl half-time show was in 2013 in new orleans. so what did you think of the half-time show? vote in our now poll and tell us homepage of here's a look at the results so far. 44% give it an a. 13% of you say it is a c. crews are cleaning up the rubble after toppling two smokestacks in myrtle beach. the massive chimneys were all that's left of an old coal mine. the rest of the mine was torn down about a year ago. workers placed 120 pounds of dynamite in 330 holes drilled in the smokestacks' bases. it took about 12 seconds for the implosion to bring the columns down. almost 600 south carolinians will get their high school diplomas without having to again take the ged test. the south carolina education department has announced that the ged testing service has
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the general educational development tests from 150 to 145. that means those who scored at least 145 on the computer test since january 1, 2014 will now get their diplomas. back in the upstate now, one week remains to cash in a powerball ticket worth $20,000. if you purchased the ticket from lil cricket on south duncan ticket. the ticket purchased on the 19th had the winning numbers of 6, 8, 43, 48, 50, ananpowerball 7. you have until monday to claim your prize. turning to commitment 2016 coverage now, the world of politics mixed with the world of sports. two of the presidential campaigns took time out to host super bowl parties. on the left side of your screen, marco rubio's party, and on the right side carly fiorina's , campaign. hopefuls held their events in manchester, new hampshire.
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the campaign season with their first-in-the-nation primary happening tomorrow. here's a look at the latest cnn/wmur tracking poll. of 362 new hampshire residents who said they intended to vote tomorrow in the republican presidential primary, 33% backed billionaire businessman donald trump. the race for second place has tightened once again. 16% of likely voters went for florida senator marco rubio. while 14% of survey respondents backed texas senator ted cruz. as we have mentioned, tomorrow is the new hampshire primary. south carolina's gop primary is february 20. the state's democratic primary is the 27th. georgia will hold its primary for each party on march 1. still to come, scary moments at a mardi gras parade. we'll have an update on the fatal shooting in mississippi. a blizzard set to hit the northeast today dumping more
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brighter denture every day. allyson: in news around the
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earthquake that toppled several buildings s taiwan is now responsible for at least 38 deaths. as rescue teams continue to pull least three people, including an eight-year-old girl, were rescued today. was rescued after spending 30 hours under debris. the 6.4 magnitude quake injured hundreds and several more are believed to still trapped under the-- still be trapped. frustration is building among families as they wait for crews so far, at least 170 people have been rescued. police in mississippi say two people were fatally shot when someone opened fired at the pass christian mardi gras parade sunday evening. both victims died on the scene from a gunshot wound. four others were also hurt. they were taken to the hospital in unknown condition. they say no arrests have been made at this time. the search resumes today off the coast of southern california for wreckage from two small planes that collided last week. the remains of two victims and parts of one plane were recovered sunday more than a 100 feet below the ocean surface. officials launched the search
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investigators to believe there was a collision. new video this afternoon showing the moment a laptop was handed to a bomb suspect in somalia after he went through security. a spokesman says one of the men delivering the laptop was an airport employee. this morning, at least 20 people have been arrested. it's believed that device was the bomb that caused this gaping hole in a commercial airline. it forced the plane to make an emergency landing. 74 people were on board and evacuated. two people were hurt. the pilot says if the plane were at a higher altitude, it could have caused the jet to crash. have you seen this? a bus blows up on a central london bridge. take a look. amateurs and the london fire brigade caught video of the explosion, which took place on lambeth bridge over the river thames sunday. no worries, though. a film crew blew up the double-decker bus in a stunt for an upcoming jackie chan movie. the bridge was closed to all other traffic, and the fire
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anything went wrong. a town in wisconsin will probably think twice about using a frozen lake as a parking lot in the future because of this. winterfest staff used the lake as overflow parking but the cars started sinking. no one was in those vehicles, but there's no word on just how bad the damage is. boston schools are closed today as new england braces for more severe weather. forecasters say the area could get hit with the brunt of a snowstorm that's heading towards the east coast. parts of massachusetts could see up to 18 inches of snowfall by this evening. other areas of new england could see anywhere between four to eight inches. we are looking at a little bit of snowfall in the mountains, but nothing like 18 inches. dale: more like the 4-8 you were talking about. it already started this morning. it is changing over to rain as
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as take a look at downtown greenville. cloudy and 48 degrees. a southwest breeze at 13 makes it feel colder. it is the mountains of north carolina that have been getting the snow this morning. you can see some of that wintry weather continuing in yancey and avery and mitchell along the tennessee-north carolina border. more snow in swing counting -- swain county. jackson decided to close at 12:15 to get the kids home before the rosea slippery. another wave will be hitting the mountains before long. this evening at the temperatures drop, whatever drops will be snow and it can be one to three inches along some of the north carolina roads tonight. another couple of inches of snow tomorrow and tomorrow night into early wednesday. the cumulative effect could at up to six or seven inches of snow before it is all said and done.
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kids, it will not happen. we make it is record to that -- we may see a sprinkle or two. here you see the snow being generated by the cold canadian blast. that cold air will continue to chill things down in the next couple of days. today is the warmest day of the week. let's take our computer model, the future plus, and it into hours. by this evening, it is down coming pretty good. parts of northeastern georgia will see some snow. tuesday and into wednesday before it comes to an end. it will be the higher elevations that will receive the most and make for tricky driving around 40 into tennessee and any rose crossing into north carolina or
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for closings and delays tomorrow morning across north carolina, join us first thing. we will have the latest informatatn for you. 48 in greenville. low 50's in the piedmont. upper 40's may be the best the upstate will see today with persistent clouds and 10 to 15 mile-per-hour winds making the temperature feel like it is in mountains still. are starting to see temperatures climb a little bit. that is if we had a nice sunny average day. 55 is typical. today, upper 40's to low 50's will be the best we see. in the mountains, normally 50 is the average. today, 41 maybe the best asheville-hendersonville will get to. we will see colder nights we have had so far midweek. temperatures in the teens in minneapolis. we will be talking teens in the mountains.
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near 44 or 45 may be the best the mountains will see today. 20's for lows. 28 in the upstate struggling to reach the low 40's tomorrow more flurries of snow. on wednesday, 17 in the mountains, 23 in the upstate. warm coats definitely needed. thursday will be the coldest morning. 10 in western north carolina. 17 in the upstate as we head off to work and school. it will struggle to reach 31 to 41.
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allyson: turning to money matters now and taking a live look at the stocks this afternoon, the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p 500 are all down. if you're planning to get a burrito from chipotle for lunch today, you'll need to change your plans. all chipotle restaurants nationwide will be closed until 3:00 p.m. today so employees can attend a meeting focusing on food safety changes. the chain is tightening procedures after recent outbreaks of e. coli and norovirus. google is pushing further into virtual reality. "the financial times" reports the tech giant is developing a new headset for smartphones as it challenges facebook's oculus. the headset will be a successor to cardboard, the cheap v.r.
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reports say it'll be similar to samsung and oculus' gear v.r. with better sensors, lenses, and a more solid plastic case. if you think your broken smartphone is worthless, think again. citing sources, the apple-focused tech blog reports apple will soon pay for broken iphones. it's an upgrade to apple's current iphone trade-in program, which already gives customers who trade their old model phone credit toward the purchase of a new model. says apple hopes the program will encourage people to upgrade their phones instead of just paying to replace a broken
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taking a look outside in boone, allyson: 12:28 now and we are looking at a snowy day. dale: coming down pretty good in boone. we have a school salute that goes to mountain elementary in taylors. mrs. johnson's first grade students are celebrating winning the math flag for their grade level. the class has an average of 98% on addition math facts. they can complete 50 problems in impressive.
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mountains of north carolina. they areas highlighted in pink, that is where the winter storm wednesday. whatever falls the next couple of days will be there because cold temperatures will linger this week starting tonight. allyson: we will keep an eye on that as we leave you with a parting shot of boone. stay with lights, camera, access. >> tom cruise. do we think he's had any work done on done? >> how much more is cuba willing to share about his former co-star? i'm billy bush. our super bowl countdown covers a wide variety of engaging questions. >> that's a trick question. >> are you up falling for it? >> you just ooze the sex appeal.
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