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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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i will show you that just a second. an advisory tonight until 10:00 tomorrow morning, and let's take a look at the temperatures outside right now. you can see how cold it is. still in the teens, and even into the upstate, 20's, some scattered flurries, some light showers, it will just before the mountains of north carolina and also north georgia. flying around with some flurries. on your skin. in boone, it feels like seven. 13 in asheville. the windchill 19 a downtown greenville, and so your wake-up weather, bundle up tonight. 22 degrees. at least the wind will be light in the upstate. very cold. sunrise at 7:9 team, but the wind chills -10. and then a potential storm next
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now back you, michael and carol. michael: the new hampshire primary in the books, donald trump looking to the a winner in the upstate. carol: there was a rally in the nulton, and patrick was there. patrick: in his 19th visit, he arrived in pendleton today at the arena, and this was used for handling livestock and such, and when he arrived, he said, "what kind of building is this, anyway? it is cold in here. while then he went to addressing the crowd. trump had the south carolina poll numbers on his mind. mr. trump: by the way, the original polls that came out here, went through the roof. we are high. patrick: right now, he has a lead according to real clear
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and here, he talks money numbers, tens of millions of dollars in fund raising he says he has turned down. mr. trump: no, i don't want it. i want to do something else. i want to be greedy, but i want to be greedy for the united states. i want to bring money in. i really do. we have a hundred and 79,000 criminal, illegal immigrants. cannot have it, folks. they are going back. patrick: trump also took audience questions and even autographed a copy of his book. mr. trump: he has got the cheaper version, see? ok. ready? patrick: during the rally, the former chairman of the south carolina ports authority will be endorsing donald trump weary of a member of his team told me that stern has been known to
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lindsey graham in the past, so potentially a very big indoors before donald trump just 10 days out of the south carolina primary. michael: marco rubio was getting some supporters and demonstrators in cost them. he spoke at the marriott today. he talked about getting rid of obama care and defending the constitution. rubio says he is not going to let his performance in the recent debate upset the debate in south carolina. mr. rubio: this will be our ninth debate, so we are prepared. i know what i believe in. i am prepared. i hope they asked policy questions, because it is time for policy. michael: the democratic political action committees, they say they will go all of the way to new hampshire -- that they came all of the way from new hampshire to make the point
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carol: in anderson, on friday, starting at 11:15 in the morning, former governor jeb bush at a meet and greet. michael: john kasich came off a second-place finish in new hampshire and this did workers at a company called nucor in berkeley county. he then went to charleston to take part in a job event for veterans. carol: dr. ben carson and ted cruz will both speak at a candidate forum tomorrow. then on friday, carson will be at bob university taking part in the 2016 faith and family presidential form happening at 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.. michael: and the republican president of field is shrinking
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christie getting out. who is left? seven republican candidates down from the 17 that started. they are donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich, then carson, and jeb bush. terrell: february 20, at the peace center in downtown greenville, the latest gop debate. michael: and the bernie sanders campaign has raised more than $5 million in 18 hours. half of the money was raised after he was declared the winner in new hampshire. the average donation, by the way, $34. carol: an following a defeat to bernie sanders, the hillary clinton campaign says they are adopting a more aggressive approach.
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down to a new person to coordinate her message. word is she is looking for someone to make her ads and campaign more complementary of each other. we may see this new approach when she takes the stage tomorrow night when she debates in wisconsin. michael: south carolina congressman jim clyburn is not endorsing anyone for president. he was considering endorsing hillary clinton, but his family says he needs to let people know where he stands. >> people would like to know where i stand, irrespective of where that is, and although i said at the outset that i would stay neutral in all of this, i am beginning to feel that maybe they are right, that i need to let people know where i stand. i will probably do that, though not today or this week. michael: he also says the national black caucus plans to
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carol: after the new hampshire primary, pollsters are trying to get a read on the american voter. a public policy expert, peter hart, is listening to issues close to the hearts of the millennial generation, and he was asked about the challenges he and other pollsters face this election cycle. peter: the question is how do you get an accurate cross-section? at this point in the game, it is much harder to reach people. we tend to have to reach cell phones, which are harder to reach, and many people are going online, so there is a whole new medium, and at this stage, there is no longer the old rules. the new rules are coming in. carol: they say social media makes it much easier to find people who agree, but he says that also makes it harder to get
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and this thursday, wyff 4 is teaming up with riley and npeter hart, an exclusive live event that will take lace in our studios. it will be about the first in the south presidential primary, and peter works with national news organizations, including nbc news, and you can watch it thursday starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern, live streaming on and on our wyff 4 app. michael: running out of time, trying to derail plans to close a school. carol: heading to a vote, and they are fighting for their school. john was there.
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john: anger at ambler elementary. maybe losing a cherished school. >> ambler is a community. it is not a facility. board members are ready to cast votes to close our school because you think of it only as a facility. john: in pickens county, they are considering closing three schools, a.r. lewis, holly springs, and ambler, sending 600 students to dacusville elementary and middle school and also hagood and pickens elementaries. >> it makes a difference when you walk in that door.
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john: there are also scheduling public input at lewis and holly springs elementary schools. the school district says it will save money by closing under enrolled schools, and they say the board is still open to suggestion. >> we are saying if you have got a solution, then present it to us. we are willing to look at whatever is presented to us. john colin edwards told the crowd she would push the board of trustees to vote on the reconfiguration this coming monday night. michael: and we have learned a judge will decide whether or not any laws were broken. parents of students at the tamassee salem school are blaming them for having a hand in the declining enrollment by
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the parents say the whole thing has been an issue. >> the whole idea is to shine light into the darkness, because i feel there were a lot of dark deeds that we are trying to reveal the truth. michael: they say closing the school would save the district three quarters of $1 million a year. carol: a convenience store with a bold armed robbery caught on camera. they had black bandannas walking into the convenience store. the smaller suspect is armed. deputies say it is an assault rifle. this happened at scotchman convenience store back in january. they made off with $60. john: the arctic air in canada continues to head southbound. right across the western carolinas and georgia by the
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the first job of a president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. he knows when tough measures must be taken. experience and judgment count in the oval office. jeb bush is a leader. he'll keep our country safe. jeb bush.
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crews battled a fire at an carol: at a hospital, and they
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dumpster outside the emergency room at mary black hospital. the dr was evacuated as a no word of any injuries. michael: the owner of the dog that would shot will not be charged. you may remember. the dog was called amara, and the owner said he shot the dog because of her aggressive behavior and decided to put her down. the owner said he felt for her heart heat, and did not feel one and thought the dog was dead and left her. night teen days later, the dog was picked up by animal control. deputies say amara became emaciated after being shot but that the no evident she was not being taken care of before hand. >> once we got all of the facts, we then sat down with the magistrate and reviewed the laws and statutes and presented them to be magistrate, and the magistrate also found no criminal wrongdoing according to our statutes.
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picture of a healthy amara. they say this was taken before she weaned her puppies in late december a short time before she was shot. carol: officials say they have given 14 days for pickens to buy back some land. they were learning that coal ash would be dumped on the site and say that was never part of the deal. there will be a meeting at the liberty civic auditorium. michael: all right, harry potter fans, there is another book on the way. it will be published as an ebook, and scholastic wilil print a hard cover of "harry potter and the cursed child."
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more than 19 years after the end of the original series. john some clouds in the upstate, some brief, light snow showers through the mountains of north georgia and carolina, and in the upper atmosphere, this is swinging in. this is some clouds over atlanta, interstate 20. a flurry or two. you can see the snow. there is not a whole lot. super doppler hd. and this will continue for the next several hours. then moving into northwestern georgia and back into tennessee. no advisories or watches, just some flurries flying around. the wind chill advisory overnight until 10:00 tomorrow morning. the windchill could go as low as 15 below zero, especially in the higher elevations.
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5000 feet could easily see wind chill's -10 to -15 degrees. this is late tonight until tomorrow morning. 20 degrees at the airport, and that does not include the wind, so the wind chill is very, very low. 12 is the record back in 1971. our average high this time of the year is 56 degrees. we are way below average. 16 at the asheville airport. the record was six degrees. our average high is 50 degrees this time of year. a live shot in downtown greenville right now, clear, and it is cold. i will show you the wind chill in just the second. 30 in anderson, 29 in toccoa. this does not include the wind chill. look at this.
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23 in hendersonville. and then you factor in the wind, and this is northwest. 30 in boone. that is the same minus eight with the wind chill in boone, 19 in toccoa. the current temperature is 31 in columbia. 30's along the beaches, 32 back in atlanta three and 16 in cincinnati, and cold air all of the way down in florida, 44 in miami. bundle up. it will finally start to lift off to our north. right now, it is 14 below zero. that is international falls, minnesota. this is ready to come down into the deep south just in time for our weekend. as he goes through the night tonight, the clouds go back into tennessee and kentucky. tomorrow, more sunshine, lighter
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breezy, not as bad as today. a very c cl breeze overnight. and overnight low of 60 degrees with a few scattered flurries. cold in the afternoon. still below average. only warming up to around 40 by lunchtime. partly sunny skies and breezy. still unseasonably cold, more clouds on friday. more possible on friday and saturday. another arctic last setting the stage for another potential
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see snow announcer: now, wyff news 4 sports. anchor: standing in their way, another team.
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we go, working it in. a hook shot, and he scores. watch how the he gets back. number one nba draft, and here is why. a four-point game. up from three. south carolina is out to a seven-point lead. and then coming up big in the second half. he is going to shoot over him, and he draws the bow on the lsu big man. time on the dribble drive, he banks in and draws it. 12 for him tonight. seconds remaining in the game, and the icing put on the cake. south carolina, 94-83. the gamecocks are now tied for first place in the sec. >> time to sit back and say we
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it is time to reflect back to three years ago o d say i do not want to go back there. so i have to work harder so i can keep getting better, and that is the mindset we have to keep. x i could listen to him every day and twice on sunday. in the upstate tonight, must champ -- muschamp speaking. he is managing to hold in with a top 30 recruiting class. >> im am very excited with our staff. the guys are working extremely hard. we have a long way to go, but at this point, we are very pleased. marc: and a former army all-american is leading the south carolina football program, expected to transfer to another program.
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spartanburg's tavien feaster says he played the last two seasons with a torn labrum. it was time to play football again. he got the mr. football award despite playing with a bad soldier. he should be good to go. interesting debate developing in atlanta, the braves moving out to call county in 2017, and the iconic statue of hank aaron may not be moving with them. the braves say hank aaron should decide where that statute ends. he does not want to get involved. a smart man there. and an event banquet tonight in downtown greenville. last year, it was chipper jones, this year, former all-star brett butler, playing 16 seasons in
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has a platform to speak to young players. >> it is a privilege for me. i love to comment to try to be able to give the young people an idea of what to expect, try to encourage them, and as they go off in life, try to give them some wisdom. their life is in front of them. i am in the latter part of my life.
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marc: we don't something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police,
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for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounterss with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. carol: it is bitter cold out there. john: temperatures way below normal. when you wake up, very cold
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