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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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into a winter wonderland. and from super bowl champion to egg on his face. peyton goes head-to-head with magic. "early today" starts right now. good morning. breaking news in oregon. the fbi has negotiated a surrender of the last of the occupiers of an oregon wildlife refuge. in a live stream of a phone conversation, the occupiers said they would surrender this morning but only if they're escorted by nevada politician and the reverend franklin graham, the son of famed evan jlest, billy graham. the fbi then swarmed the refuge, block all entrances and exits and leading to hours of tense negotiations.
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arrested a couple weeks ago. ammon bundy's father was arrested by the fbi late last night and taken into federal custody. so far no word on what charges clive faces. to politics, where the republican presidential field is shrinking after some poor performances in new hampshire. carly fiorina and chris christie both announced they're suspending their campaigns and donald trump is taking his momentum to south carolina. where he declared quote you're next and a win would propel him to run the tables the rest of the primary season. he over pushed his general electability saying he could even win states like new york and michigan. peter alexander spoke with john kasich fresh off his strong second place finish in new hampshire. >> reporter: how do you navigate
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>> i'm not going to let somebody pound me. >> reporter: watching the results come in tuesday night, kasich was more reflective. >> we plugged away and plugged away. the little engine that can. >> reporter: but he faces a steep uphill climb in a state with far more christian conservatives, a target audience for ted cruz. >> the men and women of south carolina s i believe want somebody who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. >> reporter: jeb bush's days may be numbered. >>mo jeb bush is a leader who will keep our country safe. >> reporter: but so much for southern charm. a marco rubio advisor indicating this statend is going to be a blood bath. >> south carolina will be definitive and determinative. >> reporter:at still south carolinaens may avoid the establishment altogether. . >> theal people in south carolina are angry right now and they
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that. >> nbc's peter alexander reporting. for the democrats, bernie sanders is in a new york state of mind. sanders headed to new york city wednesday meeting with civil rights c leader and msnbc host, reverend al sharpton. theyar discussed civil rights for african americans and the flint water crisis over breakfast. the sanders campaign is increasing the effort with minority voters.vo they have touted indorsements from keyem african american leaders. but a number of law makers are accusing him of being absent on issues important to african americans. "there's no credibility to the things that are being said at the s way totwilight of his political career. sanders trailed clinton by a
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decisive african american voters. he addressed thiss issue with sharpton. >> you hadar a great victory last night and you now moving into nevada and south carolina.. how do you intend, because clearly new hampshire and iowa are mostly white states, if not nearly white, how do you intend to deal with a diverse populous? >> it comes down to what we believe and what we are fighting for economically and in terms of social justice and criminal justice. once the word gets out who i am, what we stand for, we're going to do just g fine. >> sharpton says he plans on meeting with hillary clinton next thursday before anoinsnounceing his indorsement. and hillary clinton is turning
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nchb nevada. in the wake ofof losingg new hampshire she could be facing critical problems with key voters. they're e alarmed by voter's reasons for abandoning clinton. she lost on honesty and trust worthiness by a whopping 86 points and she even lost with women by 11 points. sanders even over took clinton inli young women voters by 59 points. thepo campaign is counting on her fire wall of minority voters in more diverse states ahead. the congressional black caucus will formally indorse clinton calling her a better candidate forte african americans. quotot she's been talking about this for a her entire life. i've only heard about it from sanders in the last year. clinton will look to halt sanders growing momentum when they go one on one in milwaukee
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reports out of north korea indicate the k country's army chief of staff has been executed. theyex have multiple confirmations from various the execution was for corruption and conspiracy, according to the sources. south korea's intelligence service says 70 some executions since kim jong-un took power. the senate bill mandates sanctions in those involved in the missile development program. republican senators marco rubio andco ted cruz return to join in that vote and presidential hopeful, bernie sanders missed a vote but released a statement supporting the legislation.n. it was in part a response to the missile launch by north korea as
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wednesday. officials in pyongyang said it was a satellite launch. a disturbance at a maryland shopping center ends in tragedy with two sheriff's deputies gunned down and the suspect killed. they were responding to a punarau bread and after speaking with thepe suspect, one deputy was shot without warning. evans was later found by a second deputy whom evans fatally shot. he wasas fired at by two other responding wodeputies. >> today's a sad day for the hartford county sheriff's office and the citizens of hartford county who we are sworn to serve.
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year veteran of this agency, and the other officer had served for 18 years. >> the identities have not yet beenet released. tense moments for a news crew from our flagship nation. a man ambushed a reporter outside a brooklyn court house. he ran up to him and pointed him with an object resembling a firearm and said give me your money and ran off. here's something you don't see every day. a wild elephant went on a destructivet ram page in a town in india. he sent residents running for their lives. authorities say the giant female actually fwandered from a nearby forestea and pretty mad.
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amuck, authorities managed to shoot it t with a tranquilizer gun. they used a crane to remove it from the town. in michigan, lake effect snow coated areas with up to 10 inches with three to five inches still exectpected. in peohio, part of i 90 was closed due to a 50 car pile up. 17 people were hospitalized. nbc meteorologist here with country. . good morning, rafael. >> and that lake effect snow continues again today. it's like the same satellite picture here. here. and snowow showers even in and around new york city. arctic air is on the move. the coldest air of the season in the next few days. we're dealing with wind chills below zero already. saturday morning it feels like
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even d.c. feels like zero. this is saturday evening, valentine's weekend. new york city folks are up in the restaurants and it feels like 9 degrees below zero. dangerous cold as you head to buffalo with wind chills in the teens below zero. and we could set records in 2ur78 terms of the coldest valentine's day onnt record. right now we're forecasting a temperature of 1, 1 degree. that's the actual temperature sundaype morning. that's a lookor at your national forecast, now here's a look at your day ahead.a we're tracking those lake effectec snow showers. again, a foot possible along the great lakes and a high of 29 degrees in new york. 20s and teens in the midwest. tracking light snow in the dakotas. so,s. really getting ready to
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introducing rhinocort allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort allergy spray. muddle no more the justice department is suing the city of ferguson, missouri for constitutional violations by the police department and local court, this comes a day after the city counsel reject an agreement because the cost could run as much as $10 million over the next three years. >> it is extremely unfortunate that the city has chosen to litigate this matter rather than move directly to these remedies and reformnts that would have avoided the cost of litigation.
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investigation since michael brown, an unarmed black teen, was killed. for the 15th time, the man who assassinated senator robert kennedy in 1968 was denied parole yesterday. this after a friend of kennedy's who was shot pled for his release. he believes the senator was killed by an unidentified second shooter. four days after a 6 point magnitude earthquake hit taiwan, a maltese was rescued from the rubble. oh, no. >> check out the shocking video of a demolition gone very wrong. a parking garage in houston, texas collapsed on top of a crane with the operator still inside. luckily the operator was not hurt.
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field has been transformed into a winter wonderland. be sure to look out for olympians ty walker, and sage nl costen burg at the event. getting down to business. gas and crude oil prices continue to fall. a handful of states are below $1.50 because of easy access to cheap canadian crude. and 99 cents per gallon in one place. and user growth member flat lined. twitter is trying to turn things around, announcing wednesday that tweets on the time line will be sorted by most interesting, rather than most recent. and burger king wants to be the hot dog king. they plan to ad grilled oscar mayer wieners to its menu.
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classic and chilly cheese. just ahead, peyton manning goes head-to-head with "magic" johnson. and kobe faces lebron for the last time. sports is next.xt.e looking to save money on your medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem. seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d. just switch to walgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of your day. now preview the cost of your copay before you fill. you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. announcement: this storm promises to be the biggesesof the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet.
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this morning on "today," passengers speak out about their traumatic experience after that
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returns to port. and kobe bryant bear hugs with lebron james as he prepares for his final game in cleveland. forward kevin love reinjured his surgically repaired left shoulder. the cavs took this one, 120-111. the warriors head to the all star break with an 11-game winning streak beating the suns 112-104. and the suns clearly showing signs of frustration. as they get into a heated argument and shoving match. and super bowl winning quarterback yucked it up with "the tonight show's" jimmy fallon. and egg russian roulette with "magic" johnson. >> i had dreams that i would be
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russian egg roulette. >> he does have a way of getting people to do things. just ahead, harry potter going crazy about a new book. and we have the details. plus, want a sneak peek of the new "house of cards." ? that's coming uping up uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above valentine's day is sunday!... so get to kohl's super saturday... and save on early birds 'till 1pm... like 70% off fine jewelry. save on dress shirts for him... or sleepwear and loungewear for her. plus - take an extra 15% off! get kohl's cash too!
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released this summer, nine years after the last one was published. it's a script for an upcoming play. and author participated in writing this new chapter. eagles band members and jackson brown are expected to pay tribute to the late glenn glenn frey. the highly anticipated new season of "house of cards." is coming. and jimmy fallon did his best bernie sanders impression on "the tonight show." >> i want to start by saying i have already begun to reach out to republicans to make this a positive campaign. in fact, i even asked marco rubio to help me with my speech tonight but he just handed me a
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good evening written on the 800 times. he's losing it. >> larry sanders still has a leg up on him.him. i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my y ssion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now... i'm back. aleve pm fora better am. [music] no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too.
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leading the news on 42 rescued after abandoning burning boat in south puacif pacific. this is video of a coast guard c-130 heading off to rescue the coast guard's crew 800 miles to the had south. the captain and eight others managed to reboard the boat and put out the fire.
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28 years, secret service posts warning "no guns in white house." neather the secret service or the justice department could explain why it took 28 years to install them. the u.s. army has paid $820,000 to a federal lawsuit by a former police trainee. she says she was fired after she filed a sexual harassment complaint for her supervisor. according to a recent study, the te of new dementia cases has been declining over the last several decades. the most notable was a type caused by vascular diseases, such as stroke. one reeztheory for the improvement is people are living healthier lives. near oklahoma city, fire
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tuesday afternoon. heavy smoke could be seen for miles. fortunately no homes were damaged and no one was injured. it may be the world's biggest football event. it's a giant brawl moving throughout ashburn. the distance from one end of the town to the other. a game could take days but when a goal is scored, the winner drinks as much ailally ale as they consume. >> you have to wait until the very end to get your ale? >> i guess so. now a look ahead, the director of centers for disease control will testify before a senate committee to discuss the threat of the zika virus and they'll discuss president obama's request for emergency funding to combat zika. it has been spreading rapidly
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we have a happy birthday to rachel from friends. jennifer aniston turns 47. singer song writer, cheryl crow is 54. and burt reynolds turns 80. oh, how times have changed.
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announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in hd. geoff: gop candidates continue their visits in south carolina. >> if you close a school, it would be like taking a piece out of my heart. allyson: parents and teachers i do to save three upstate elementary schools. geoff: i am geoff hart. allyson: and i am allyson powell.
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this is some video from blowing


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