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tv   WYFF News 4 7am Saturday  NBC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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lawrence -- in laurens, 33 in abbeville. it will not do much to warm us up. upper 30's. the winter storm, it looks like we will see low impact south divide i-5, moderate impacts north of 85 in the upstate and high impacts in the mountains north of i-40. it's really going to mean the difference in a couple of miles, who sees ice and snow. the latest computer model shows snowfall arriving by tomorrow night as we head into monday morning for areas in the mountains, northern part of the upstate. as temperatures warm monday morning, that snow will change to sleet and freezing rain through the morning hours it will continue for several hours before the rain tries to slowly take over and eventually by lunchtime rain takes over but the transition is key to how
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takes longer to happen. we will see more ice and less rain but it looks like rain takes over for all of us as we head into the afternoon and evening hours and that rain will be heavy at times as it pushes through into monday evening. i will show you how much your town could see, coming up. myra: true to many predictions it is getting nasty on the campaign trail in south carolina as republicans get ready to take part in tonight's debate at the peace center. gabe gutierrez is on the trail across the country and has more. reporter: fresh off autograph and a baby in louisiana, donald trump is leaving a new signature on this race, threatening to sue ted cruz for not being a natural born citizen. on twitter, the billionaire calling the texas senator a liar for running negative ads against him. >> more than a little irony in
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nasty giving the insults that come out of his mouth. reporter: these voters have concerns about trump repeating a vulgarity and described in this way. >> off a dog. >> rich. >> inspirational. reporter: cruz is mocking his opponents. >> makes me feel dumb for trusting him. >> maybe should vote for more than just a pretty face next time. reporter: the cruz campaign yanking it after the revelation that actress appeared in adult films. >> i think it is part of a bigger problem that ted has. he tries to act like the only consistent conservative in this race. he is a very calculated operative. reporter: several gop hopefuls
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>> faith is the most important influence in my life. >> one night, reading the bible i got a serenity. reporter: amid attacks, serenity in this race is hard to find. myra: those republican candidates will face off in a debate in greenville tonight. john kasich was in columbia speak at a chambers of commerce event. a governor says he has momentum in south carolina and that his campaign has had to scramble to find larger venues to accommodate all the people who want to see him. he says he hopes the message is resonating with voters. jim gilmore has suspended his campaign for president. when qualifying for the underbid -- gilmore says he plans to support the republican party is eventual nominee. due to the gop presidential debates, some of the roads will be closed in downtown
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you can see where they are indicated in red on this map. this includes broad street from river to main street. main street from court to murphy street. . they will be closed starting at tomorrow the final debate before the south carolina primary. as soon as the debate ends, make sure you switch over to wyff news 4 at 11:00. we will have extensive team coverage so don't forget to make the switch tonight at 11:00 right after the debate. chris: high temperatures today, only headed to the upper 30's in the upstate. 20's in the mountains. this sets the stage for what could be a winter storm as we
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. myra: the latest in the battle against the zika virus. world health officials say possible vaccines are at least 18 months away from the trial s. the world health organization says 15 companies are working on the search for a vaccine but two in particular are showing promise.
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u.s. and another in india. the world health organization also says it believes the link between the mosquito b bne virus and abnormally small heads in newborns, is becoming more probable. the zika outbreak has been spreading across latin america but several cases have been reported in the u.s. including at least one confirmed case in georgia and one suspected case in south carolina. police say this man was caught shoplifting around 7:00 last night. authority say the security officer tried to arrest him and the man stabbed the officer in the forearm. the officer was taken to the hospital with a deep wound. if you can help find this man, call the anderson police department. 'tis the time of year...when many of us giddy over you don't necessarily need to
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coming up, some of the benefits of chocolate. chris: a showdown for the top spot in the sec -- >> a showdown
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the first something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.
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myra: a recent survey shows the average person in this country will spend more than $142 on candy, flowers, and more for valentine's day. as our guest tells us we do not hesitate get the about the chocolate. -- we do not have to feel guilty about the chocolate. let's welcome meg miller, registered dietitian with the greenville health system. meg: chocolate can be good for you. myra: there are some health benefits you wanted to share with us. meg: studies show chocolate have antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of heart disease or cardiovascular disease.
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one ounce of chocolate everyday actually are thinner and maintain weight better than those who do not. myra: we do have to be aware that chocolate is a dense food. meg: calorie dense, not necessarily nutrient dense so it can behind and sugar so we want to watch the type of chocolate we are looking for and limit it to about one ounce per day. myra: there are ways we can incorporate chocolate in our diet. what is the skinny on chocolate? meg: go for a dark chocolate. we want to look for one that is at least 60% chocolate. i have one from trader joe's that is 72%. the alkalis -- the alkalis asian -- the process reduces antioxidant content. it makes it less bitter and
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in cooking a could be more helpful in cooking but you are taking out some of the health benefits. myra: limiting it to one ounce per day. meg: we are talking that much. when it is dark chocolate it is going to be rich and that one ounce is going to hit the sweet tooth and be good. myra: i take your word for it. we want to avoid some types. meg: stuff like milk chocolate, white chocolate that has a very low cacao content so it will not have health benefits of chocolate. chocolate syrup, hot chocolate, anything that is super sweet and really creamy is probably going to be minimal actual healthy stuff in it. myra: you have a demonstration. meg: i made some chocolate covered strawberries, stuff you can get in the store.
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that in our double boiler. one big pan and smaller pan so that way the chocolate won't earn. -- won't burn. for a pound of strawberries you use two of these bars. three teaspoons of coconut oil so instead of hydrogenated oil, which is not good for your heart, we can use a healthier oil. once that is melted, it is easy to dip your strawberriri in it and placed them on the plate. whatever you want to put on top to give it extra health. i have some chia seeds, chopped up walnuts or even some hemp seeds. a great way to make your strawberries crunchy and give them another health burst. another great way to add chocolate into your life is to
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we have taken nonfat yogurt and mixed it with sugar-free pudding mix and melted chocolate with milk. we blended that together let it sit for two hours and i'm going to take some plain-vanilla nonfat yogurt and our favorite fruit to make it delicious and beautiful. myra: you even made your own chocolate bar. you can take a plane chocolole bar and dress it up by adding chia seeds, the raw hemp seeds, chopped walnuts, not that chocolate. -- melt that chocolate. i use a bread pan and mine is flexible so it is easy to knock that chocolate bar out. once it is set i end up with this beautiful chocolate bar.
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it will give me some fiber and omega-3 fatty acids so you are doing your heart some good. myra: always nice to see you and happy valentine's day. chris: we have got a frigid weekend on the way. the view from our spartanburg skycam. it is going to be cold. 30 degrees right now but a stiff westerly breeze at 20 miles per hour. the wind bringing in a few snow showers to the north carolina mountains. a few flurries as far south as henderson. a wind chill advisory until noon. in asheville it feels like 7. it feels like 18 in spartanburg. it is going to be frigid today.
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31 in anderson. we will see some sunshine today but it will not do much to warm us up. middle to upper 30's by this afternoon. in asheville you will struggle to get out of the teens. frigid all around town. look for temperatures to be the coldest in the mountains. 27 in hendersonville. 37 in greenville in spartanburg. that sets the stage for a winter storm on monday. it's going to be low impact south of i-85. north of i-85 from travelers rest to taylor's back toward spartanburg, portions of cherokee county and back toward pickens and oconee county, impacts of ice and snow and eventually rain. here is the way the latest models show it's going to pan out. snowfall moves in sunday night into monday morning across the
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the snow will change to sleet and freezing rain as the morning goes on as temperatures warm up. the sleet and freezing rain will continue until around noon. the transition from sleet and freezing rain to rainfall is critical. right now we think it's going to occur around noon across the upstate. we will see more ice. eventually we will see rainfall takeover across the area and that rain could be heavy at times as the front moves through monday evening and we begin to try things up. about a half inch to maybe an inch across the area in the upstate for snow with a place of ice -- with a glaze of eyes on top. ice will be the troublemaker. for the mountains it looks like two inches to four inches of snowfall with a light glaze of ice on top. more snow in the carolina mountains.
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rain. snow and sleet on monday. freezing rain between 7:00 noon. in the afternoon we will see rain takeover with impacts getting lower as the day goes on. it l lks like a light glaze state. the trees, sidewalk handle but being possible in the northern part of the upstate from travelers rest to greenville, pickens, and easily. higher impacts with snow and ice totals the higher along i-40 rthbound. 39 degrees. 36, the high threat the day tomorrow. as we head into tuesday, whatever did fall on monday will likely melt quickly. a high temperature of 50 by tuesday heading to the 60's by this time next week.
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myra: we did see snow yesterday that did not last long. we have proof it happened. chris: pictures and video were sent to us across the area. at 11:00 yesterday morning you could see flakes falling around greenville especially over the falls. myra: the snow covering the sand on the outer banks. you can see that white stuff coming down. snow definitely not common in nags head. chris: photographers were out in full swing yesterday the second the snow started falling. some of the flakes falling in the upstate. myra: there was more snow sent in. we always see the patio furniture. take a look at the dogs. chris: my dog loves playing in it. they don't know what to do with the snow is falling.
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catch the snowflakes. if you have snow pictures we want to see them. send them to us using your mobile app. you can see them and send them on wyff news 4. myra: on this 13th day of february. it this date in 1935, bruno richard hauptmann was found guilty of murder in the kidnapping and death of the son of charles lindbergh. charles lindbergh junior was taken from his home in hunterdon county, new jersey on march 1, 1932. >> wyff news 4 4 sports. brad: a showdown for the top spot in the sec in front of a sold-out crowd today in columbia . south carolina and kentucky will tip at noon. the wildcats also eight and three in league play.
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beat kentucky was two years ago. frank martin says with as good as these teams are the sec deserves more respect in the polls then again. top two teams in the league are not ranked higher than top 20 and south carolina is not ranked in one of the polls. >> i cannot complain about our publicity. we have not been relevant for 100 years. we have to earn that. you don't get that because you win a game in february. you have to earn it over a period of time. we have to stay in the moment. my comment was more based on our league, the way it is viewed. maybe i'm wrong. is there another conference where the number one and two seeds are not ranked? a does not make sense to me. >> today's game will be televised on espn. clemson needs to rattle off a few wins do make its way back into the tournament bubble. clemson has lost back-to-back games. the tigers have six games remaining in the regular season
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likely need to win five out of six to have a shot at tournament berth. it will be a quick turnaround for the crew at the will. clemson plays at 2:00 this afternoon and as soon as that game is over, the crew has to spin that arena from a basketball arena into a hockey arena. nascar season begins this weekend. all winter cars were on the track friday. nascar did away with off-season testing so tires meeting asphalt for the first time for the newly renovated daytona international speedway. tonight is the sprint unlimited and next week's race week in advance of the daytona 500. last year's winner says the single goal for this season, to win the championship at the end. >> i feel like we have had two championship seasons without a trophy. we have a lot of confidence. we know what it takes to win the whole thing. we have been on the edge and
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last year. brad: he did lead all drivers last year but finished sixth in the chase. the sprint unlimited is tonight. daytona 500 is a week from sunday. a special night in the low country for tony elliott. james island high school retired elliott's jersey. the former wide receiver says he hopes young people that were in the crowd friday night saw what is possible if you put in hard work and dedication. >> it is part of the responsibility. one of the toughest challenges as you have success is to remain humble and understand everything you receive is a blessing.
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brad: i support bernie sanders because i think that his ideas are much more forward thinking and innovative than any of the other candidates. when bernie sanders is engaging with the black lives matter movement it's proof positive that he doesn't just give lip service to being supportive of issues that matter to people of color in this country. and when he is elected we will see long-overdue changes to our criminal justice system that continues to criminalize people just for being black.
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myra: the latest on the race for the white house and what you need to know about the debate taking place tonight in greenville. it is 7:29. we are lucky to have chris here. even the what you're talking about is not necessarily that pleasant. chris: some of us will be impacted moderately, others slightly.
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be a gorgeous weekend. you will look out the window and want to go outside at the second you step outside it's going to hit you. 29 degrees in greenville with a northeast breeze at 10 miles per hour. we are only going to warm a few degrees through the day. the wind bringing in that northwest flow for the mountains along i-40. snow showers continuing but now it's all about the windchill. advisory until noon today. the windchill right now, seven degrees in asheville. 10 in hendersonville. it feels a 18 in spartanburg. the thermometer reads 31 in anderson, 29 in lawrence. with cold air in place it's not going to warm up a lot. upper 30's by this afternoon and evening with some sunshine. that sets us up for the winter storm on monday. low impacts south of 85 but
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impacts for part of the day on monday. high impacts north of i-40 with some snow and ice. be ready for some slick spots throw the day on monday. we will see snowfall began to move into the area overnight sunday into monday morning. that wasn't the portions of the upstate and as temperatures warm we will see that's no transition to sleet and freezing rain. that happens from 7:00 a.m. until noon and slowly warmer air begins to take over and transitions freezing rain to plain rain. that transition is critical. we will see that eyes begin to move out as we head into the afternoon hours. myra: commitment 2016 coverage. it republicans are holding a debate in greenville the before the big day a number of candidates were spread out
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senator rubio included. he sat down in spoke to patrick husian. patrick: since tuesday's fifth-place finish in the primary, he campuses south carolina with a series of rallies to get his message to the voters. on the way to one of those rallies we were invited on board the rubio toward bus or we had a chance to talk about that message. >> our country is struggling with manufacturing but south carolina is growing. michelin, bmw, all of these businesses coming here and making things here. patrick: rubio talked about how he plans to deal with donald trump. >> hard to point the policy differences because he does not outline any files he -- outline any policy. patrick: some have pitted rubio against jeb bush in south
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in the polls. their relationship spans 20 years. how has that changed? >> we cannot talk as often as we once did because we are running for the same position so it makes it harder. i have tremendous esteem for him. i did not get into this race to stop him. patrick: the senator said he is confident in his chances. the primary hits on february 20 in south carolina. >> we spent a lot of time here personally and as a candidate. it is a state that cares a lot about the issue i'm most passionate about, national security. patrick: the former college football player says he is in the second quarter of his run for the white house but in south carolina -- >> we are in the fourth quarter. myra: four republicans running for president addressed voters at bob jones university. faith and family were the main topics of a forum. >> all of our policies should be
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families because that is the basic unit for a strong nation. >> it is politically correct to suggest that a husband and a wife, a man and a woman that are organized around loving their children with their heart and soul is just one choice. if you have that you that that is the choice that will create the greatest possibilities for families to be loving and wholesome and that children will have a chance to succeed that you are being judgmental. >> we should not have policies that are anti-family. we have a tax code that does not just punish marriage but punishes child formation. that is why i have an increase in the child tax credit. >> i do think that government policies have contributed to the breakdown of the family. you look at government policies, our broken welfare system. you are doing nobody in favor when you have government
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that make it that you get more money staying as a single mom than you do if you marry the father of your child. myra: the four candidates will challenge each other tonight. before going to greenville jeb , bush was in anderson talking to voters. his campaign moved the meet and greet to the civic center for more room and he spoke about the need for a president who focuses on the people. after that he talked about south carolina. >> this is a good place for me because this is a state that believes in a strong national defense and they want a commander in chief who can make tough decisions and support the military. we have had seven years of gutting the military and the president that does not believe america's leadership in the world is a good thing. myra: bush told voters his first priority as president would be to stop isis. donald trump has threatened to sue ted cruz for "not being a natural born citizen."
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stop cheating and doing negative for not being a natural born trump has said if cruz wins the republican nomination democrats will argue the senator is ineligible for the presidency. the ohio governor says he has momentum in south carolina. kasich says his campaign has had to scramble to find bigger venues in the state. he is hoping that message resonate with voters. another republican presidential candidate is pulling out of the race. jim gilmore was polling last place nationally among republican candidates. in this week's primary he finished behind several candidates who had already dropped out of the race. a heads up as you travel into downtown greenville. because of the gop presidential debate there will be road closures.
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one of those includes broad street from river street to main street. main street from court to murphy street. if you want to get a better idea, go to our website, the roads will be closed starting at 8:00 a.m. this morning until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. wyff news 4 is your home for coverage. today's peace center debate is the first before the primary one week from today. we will have a live extensive team coverage including voter reaction and expert analysis. don't forget to make the switch to wyff news 4 after the debate. a new campaign headquarters on mainstreet street near the peace center and republican debate site. the frank underwood 2016 headquarters opened up yesterday. underwood is the fictional
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carolina in the netflix political drama "house of cards." fans of the show and curious people who wanted to stop why actually sat in his chair. many say they would like to see underwood in a debate with gop hopefuls. >> frank needs to be frank. greg is number he can do no one. wrong. he needs to be representative of gaffney of the street. he will do a great job. myra: campaign headquarters will open at 8:00 this morning offering food, massages, and beverage tastings until midnight. chris: taking a look at the impact reader on monday. snow and sleet between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. and eventually rain
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reporter: there is not always enough time to implement new ideas but that is not the case for one teacher at a new albany school >>. i was on spring break last year and i had been doing reading on the internet reporter:. creativity comes when you least expect it. >> a teacher used it for her first grade classroom. reporter: running with the idea all the way to district administrators explaining why the science worked in the classroom >>. i'm giving the kids an opportunity to wiggle without bothering their neighbors. an opportunity to sit still during lessons but also have freedom to move and bounce. reporter: it went much deeper than that. slate run elementary is a title i school where many of the students come from impoverished backgrounds. >> core muscles are what you need to sit up straight. it helps with jumping,
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reporter: during the second half of last year, bratcher brought in one ball. it worked so well she wanted to supply the entire room. she turned to a website where teachers can get school supplies when funding is tight and within three days her room was filled with exercise balls. >> it affected how long they could sit and work. it was so easy to use with one kid at a time because you could concentrate on that one kid's personality. we had to agree to follow the rules. reporter: strengthening reading levels and seeing growth in all areas. >> sit on the balls. if we don't, we fall off. reporter: even the parents want to go back to school. >> they said i wish i could sit on a bouncy ball at work. >> education is an ever-changing world. bringing new ideas like this aim, i'm not ahead of anybody
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relatively low impact south of 85 but as you go along the corridor northbound we will see moderate impacts from greer to taylor's back toward spartanburg and gaffney. the northern tier of northeast georgia from rehberg to havisham. north of i-40 we will see high impacts snow and ice. we have clear skies and a cold day taking shape. what he nine degrees but with a northeast wind at 10 miles per
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that northwest breed dish that northwest breeze bringing in snow showers. it is all about the cold. a windchill advisory in effect in the mountains until noon today as it will feel bitter. 7 is in asheville. 18 in spartanburg. -10 is the windchill in boone. the thermometer reads 31 in anderson right now. 30 in abbeville. throughout the day we will see sunshine but it's not going to help to warm us up. looking for highs in the upper 30's. for the asheville area is going to stay very cold. teens to start, 20 stand the day. in the mountains is where you will find the coldest air. 27, behind hendersonville. 39, behind downtown lawrence.
7:46 am
we are going to see some snowfall develop overnight for the north carolina mountains and areas in the northern part of the upstate. that's no could be heavy at times giving us half an inch to an inch. that's no will transition to sleet and freezing rain. that sleet and freezing rain will continue for several hours on monday morning. warmer air continues to work in so that freezing rain will transition to rain right around lunchtime. that is crucial to the forecast are yet if that transition takes longer than expected we could see more ice and that is possible. he want to stay tuned to the forecast especially on monday. by the afternoon and evening come up regular rainfall should begin to take over and that rain to be heavy at times as he had through the evening hours. we begin to dry things back out heading into tuesday. anywhere from half an inch to an
7:47 am
area. ice across the area. from the mountains, anywhere from two inches to four inches to snow and with a light glaze of ice on top of that not as much ice for the north carolina mountains. we are going to see slick spots across the area but the timeframe is important. snow and sleet between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. freezing rain between 7:00 in noon and rain begins to take over. right now it looks like we will see light glaze south of 85 but north of i-85 there will be slick spots throughout the day on monday with sleet and snow being the predominant precipitation type. hire snow and ice totals north of i-40 in the mountains. looking at the four-day plus as we head into tuesday we warm up to 50 degrees.
7:48 am
next week so we will begin to thought things out and look forward to warmer temperatures. myra: it has been said that youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art. our guests are here to show how they may that point. let's look am bud moon and beth cribb with the anderson senior follies. how many years has anderson senior follies been going on? that: 27. bud: our 27th year. myra: every year you have a different theme. beth: rock and seniors. myra: i know next year's senior follies is in the works. a very memorable show. we have some video from last year. tell us about the cast. you have to audition and you have to be 55 or older. bud: very few are in their early
7:49 am
myra: wendy rehearse and how many people -- wendy rehearse? how many people are in the show? beth: there are about 75 of us. we rehearse on the stage. we lucky anderson university gives us the opportunity. myra: the then president of the school sometime in the 80's said we need to do something with seniors. bud: he had heard about senior theaters and he wanted us -- wanted to sponsor anderson senior follies. it was born in the president's office at anderson university. myra: you have the fine arts director involved as well. of this for 27 years. bud: she is stillbud: young. beth: annette martin, our
7:50 am
everybody. everybody in the cast adores her. myra: i that she produces -- i bet. she produces, choreographed it. beth: we have a costume committee that works hard to make sure we shine on the stage. myra: do you always -- this year, what of the costumes we can expect? beth: various costumes. this is what we where will we go out into the community but we have -- each costume would be to the scenes. myra: is it like rocking through the ages? beth: we have a 50's segment. bud: a gospel segment. beth: we kind of go back to the 50's. bud: not to let the cat out of the bag, we have a nursing home
7:51 am
we want to make the residents of nursing facilities him more at home. -- feel more at home. myra: my stomach hurts from laughing. the reason you are telling us about this now is because you tend to sell out. beth: as a matter of fact our saturday matinee at 12:30 is sold out. bud: only about 250 tickets remaining for the other four shows. thursday at 7:30, friday, 7:30, saturday, 12:30 which is sold out, 5:00, and in 2:30 on sunday. myra: they should really call that number on the screen. you may get a pretty good deal, only $12 and $18 for tickets. beth: better seats will be on thursday and friday evenings now.
7:52 am
beth: 231-2080. myra: i am matching, can i be in the show? beth: you're not quite old enough yet. bud: we are dressed up for senior follies and valentine's day. myra: thank you so much and happy valentine's day. beth: thank you so much for having us.
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because of the debate taking place at the peace center some of those area roads will be closed. even see where they are as indicated in red. if you want to take a closer look we have this on our website. you will get a better idea of which blocks are closed and everything. this will start at 8:00 a.m. today. roads will be closed through 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. tonight's peace center debate is the final one before the south carolina primary which is one week away. a soon as the debate ends switch over to wyff news 4 at 11:00. we will have analysis from the experts so don't forget to make the switch at 11:00 tonight. chris: cold. the windchill, really the concern this morning. it feels like watch her degrees above zero in asheville.
7:55 am
bringing in the 20's and 30's across the area. 30 in spartanburg. throughout the afternoon and evening we will see temperatures only topping off in the middle 20's in the mountains. 30's in the upstate and that brings us to our winter storm. though impact south of i-85. moderate impacts along i-85 northbound. those same areas will be impacted. high impact in the northern part of the mountain. that's no transitions to sleet and freezing rain threat the morning hours and eventually all rain begins to move in. it could be a close call before seeing a big ice storm. myra: the kids will be out of school for presidents' day. always great to see you in the morning. i hope you get some rest before tonight.
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good morning. life threatening cold. polar vortex delivering bone-chilling temperatures from minnesota to the northeast. record setting cold pushing the mercury to near zero in the big appl warnings everywhere to stay inside. >> you should take this weather very, very seriously. >> how long will it last? dylan is tracking it all. southern discomfort. the republican candidates gearing up for another debate tonight. the field getting smaller as the stakes grow larger. will donald trump follow through on his suit to sue ted cruz? can marco rubio comeback? can john kasich keep the new hampshire momentum going? jumping into action.


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