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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: take a look at this video out of north carolina. dozens of cars are abandoned on roads in winston-salem. snow fell overnight, forcing drivers who were stuck to leave their cars. winston-salem police say the phones were ringing off the hook from people involved in weather-related accidents. nigel: now, let's take a live look outside in greenville through our peace center sky cam. you can see, it's very wet out there right now as we speak. temperatures are falling. gabrielle: in western north carolina, here is a live picture from our asheville skycam. it is gray and cold. john cessarich and chris justus are in our studio, tracking the latest. john: very heavy, freezing drizzle across the area.
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either hold steady or fall just a little bit, especially along i-85 and north. watch out for that. some of the side roads will freeze, and the main roads will get icy. reports of accidents already. if you don't have to get outside, don't. a heavy batch of rain through tennessee and alabama will move through georgia, i-85 and when that gets here, with cold temperatures around the freezing mark, we could see moderate to heavy freezing rain across the area later this evening. in the pink shaded area, drizzle showing up. here comes the batch of heavy rain, which will arrive later. a closer look at the live super doppler, travelers rest, a patch of light using rain, also in inman and through the foothills of north carolina. off and on freezing rain across the area. they could see a pretty good glaze, as much as a quarter of an inch on trees and power lines. this purple line right here is
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the 32 degree mark. this is the wedge. as the moisture comes into this cold air, 28 in greenville and spartanburg, 29 in anderson, it will be all freezing rain. that is what we are worried about. chris: we are watching the line closely. as it slows and erodes away, we will see the transition from freezing rain to regular rain. you can see the wedge locked in. this is going to be hard to a road as we -- two erode this evening. the cold air is locked in. it will be stubborn. anderson, you have gone down a degree. everybody from union and this quadrant, from of oconee county, clemson, anderson, you will see the transition to rain around 8:00. everyone from travelers rest to greenville, spartanburg, gaffney, between 10:00 and 1:00
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in the northeastern quadrant of greenville county, northern spartanburg county, this is where the freezing ryan -- the freezing line will linger. this area could see major accumulations of ice. it is possible and feasible that this area never changes to rain. john: that would be scary, because that is a heavy batch of rain, that line moving in from alabama and georgia across. . they could end up with a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of ice. unbelievable. along the i-85 corridor as the sun goes down, although we had radiation with the clouds, the sun is shining through, but the ground will cool off over the next you hours. we are worried. watch out for the roads. now back to you. gabrielle: the weather is canceling and delaying flights at gsp airport. tim waller is joining us from gsp live and local to continue
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tim: all things considered, gsp international airport is operating smoothly right now. i was just checking out gate a up here, in pretty good shape. if you people leaving on time. that has been the big story. delays and cancellations him a quite a few of them so far this afternoon. nothing happening at gsp, but because of other airports. you can see it on the arrivals and departures. we'll see a lot of delays in that right hand column in the yellow letters. those are some of the bigger airports, affected by the hard hit cities across the countries where they are having a crop -- big weather systems. chicago, new jersey, big flight cancellations. that has been the story at gsp. we interviewed one woman who was stuck here. her flight was bound for
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allegiant airlines were worried the conditions in asheville would be worse than here, so they rerouted here. it turns out asheville airport has less ice than they do here at gsp. she was stuck here until somebody came here to give her a ride. a spokesperson for the airport says they are putting a next her crew here tonight to make sure, first of all, that all the roads coming into the airport have plenty of sand in case it ice is over. they are monitoring the runways right now. they are looking at the ground temperature to make sure that those big airplanes can land. they are looking at the weather system right now to make sure that all these details are taken care of. we will keep you posted in the next hour or so if any of that changes and if there are more flight delays and cancellations. tim waller, wyff news 4, live at gsp. nigel: coming up, we continue
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less than one week until the gop presidential primary, and donald trump returns to stump in the upstate. gabrielle: and, a preview of tonight's grammy
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it's the home stretch for republican candidates battling for votes in south carolina. gabrielle: the primary is saturday, and tonight, donald trump is rallying in greenville. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is there, live. patrick? patrick: it has been a whirlwind so far. we were asked to wait outside. we were screened and we made it up here, then were asked to leave against of the dogs could sweep through here. but we are here now. saturday was the debate stage it the piece -- at the peace center. tonight, it's this stage, here. look at this. we've seen trump speak many, many times here in the upstate, but this is what you get just days away from the primary. i mentioned that debate on saturday. trump was critical of what he felt was an "unbalanced crowd," a "donor-class crowd" in the peace center, again hitting on the fact that he's self-funded. he was booed a lot, and two of the candidates that heard the loudest applause were jeb bush and marco rubio. here, of course, it's mostly supporters, and heading into
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outside. one gentleman says he has their back when it comes to god and guns. another said it was the economy and isis he will take care of. but the question now, we will see if it is a repeat of iowa, where he led going in and lost hampshire, where he led going in and one by a lot. we will have much more coming up tonight, from what you could call "trump-a-palooza" here at the td convention center. live patrick hussion, wyff news , 4. gabrielle: speaking of donald trump a new political ad takes a , shot at the candidate. truth check digs for the facts. nigel: plus, some must-see video ahead, flowers are making a buzz at a high school. hear what one teen did to put a smile on his peers' faces. john: a life shut down clemson boulevard in anderson, overcast with heavy, freezing drizzle.
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14 miles something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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the republican primary is just 5 nigel: the republican primary is just 5 days away, and political ads are dominating the airwaves. one ad accuses donald trump of using eminent domain to seize the property of an elderly woman. gabrielle: tonight, wyff news 4 investigates' tim waller finds
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claim. tim: eminent domain is an age-old law that says government can take private property for public use. but a political attack ad aimed at donald trump defines eminent domain a little differently. >> eminent domain, a fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them, like trump. >> i think eminent domain is wonderful. >> it made him rich, like when trump colluded with atlantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow for a limousine parking lot at his casino. >> he doesn't have the heart of men. >> trump won't change the system. he's what's wrong with it. >> i'm ted cruz, and i approve this message. tim: ted cruz isn't the only rival to attack trump on the eminent domain issue. jeb bush's super pac mentions it in another ad. so what do we know about trump, and eminent domain? here are the facts that were widely reported by several
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in the late 1990s, trump planned to build a limousine garage to service the trump plaza hotel and casino in atlantic city. but several properties stood in the way, including a home owned by vera coking, a woman in her late 60s. trump recently told "meet the press," he offered the woman millions for her property, but she refused to sell. eventually, the state's casino reinvestment development authority threated to use eminent domain to take the woman's property. the case went to court, and according to court records from 1998, coking was allowed to keep her property. at that point, trump withdrew his offer to buy her house. in 2014, more than a decade later, the trump plaza hotel and casino went bust. when attacked on this issue, trump has repeatedly said he never bulldozed coking's house, as the political ad suggests. and he's correct. trump lost the court case, and coking kept her house. but he did try to take her house, although trump insists it
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tried to use eminent domain, not him. technically, that's true, but they did it on trump's behalf. so we're going to rate this ad, "mostly true." coking's house was never bulldozed, but the state of new jersey did try to use eminent domain to take the woman's house, so trump's casino could build a limousine garage. gabrielle: remember, any time a political ad hits the air, tim waller will put it to the truth check test. nigel: and be sure to check out our other truth check reports. just head to our website, and our mobile app, and look under "politics." to some local headlines now. a teenager, died from injuries in a wreck over the weekend. highway patrol says a 16-year-old driving a motorbike hit a pickup truck on saturday. they say it happened at the intersection of whitlock street and ruby street. troopers say the driver died this morning. the driver of the pickup truck was not injured. highway patrol is still investigating the crash. gabrielle: also in spartanburg county, a woman has been charged with hit and run, after police say she hit a man on a moped and
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kelsey bailey is charged with hit-and-run, causing injury. police say they got a tip about bailey being the possible suspect. officers say bailey admitted to the hit and run. nigel: asheville police say they've arrested a man in connection with a woman's death. 29-year-old james norton is charged with first-degree murder. police say he fatally stabbed christina kessinger with a screwdriver friday afternoon. norton is being held at the buncombe county detention center. gabrielle: in pickens county, an assistant football coach, charged with having sex with an underage student, has pleaded guilty. the charges stem from a drinking party at a home in pickens county, where he had sex with a 17-year-old girl. dorr was an assistant football coach at pickens high school. he resigned from his position in 2014. in columbia, a 24-year-old woman was arrested after being found at a high school with a gun. officers say elijah robinson has
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threats against the students were reported. robinson was confronted by the lot. deputies found a gun in her car. robinson faces multiple charges including unlawful possession of a weapon. quacks now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: the warm front is draped to our south. we are getting over running, deep moisture out of the gulf of mexico. it is lighter than the cold air on top of us. it goes up and over. the mountains are warmer than the upstate. look at this batch of heavy rain to the west. southern alabama and the panhandle of florida. even a couple lightning strikes your along interstate 20 between birmingham and atlanta. the thunderstorms are possible in metro atlanta. this is a warm system on this side, but where we are, we are wedged in with cold air running all the way down. worried about all the rain coming in with the temperature
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that could cause freezing rain, major freezing rain problems across the area, especially from greenville north and northeast. we will watch that closely. right now, heavy freezing rain going on from charlotte all the way over to greensboro, winston-salem had snow. now, freezing rain there. in the mountains of north carolina, asheville, you are ok. to the west, liquid precipitation because temperatures of warmed up in bryson city, cullowhee, franklin, and marshall. socked in with low clouds in the foothills and backed up against the mountains. the cold air is sliding down. it will be all pink. when the heavy rain comes in, it will be moderate to heavy freezing rain. this is where we will see the heaviest accumulation of ice through the foothills of north carolina. you can see freezing rain breaking out right now around travelers rest all the way over
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freezing drizzle is not showing up. here comes the rain, mixed with freezing rain in northeastern georgia. it will bounce into clayton, with freezing rain as we go to the next few hours. the future plus, this is 7:00 this evening. right at the freezing mark from hendersonville, greenville, spartanburg, gaffney, blacksburg, through the foothills of north carolina. this will be all freezing rain is the heavy rain starts to come in from the west. we could still have freezing rain, although it says 33 degrees at 10:00 this evening. i think it will be cooler. the models have us much warmer than our app -- actual temperatures. they are a bit behind. we will warm up with heavy rain coming in after midnight. this is 1:30 a.m. on tuesday. it is out of your by tuesday morning. snow showers along the tennessee line. look at the glaze on the trees. unbelievable. this is a live shot from hendersonville.
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rain all day long. anywhere from 1/10 of an in two to tense -- 2/10 of an inch, they could end up with up to a half inch of ice, depending on how warm they get before the big got of heavy rain comes in from the west. right now, 28 in hendersonville, 29 in asheville, 28 in spartanburg, greenville, 29 in anderson, it has dropped a degree over the last hour. when all the rain comes in, it will be freezing rain. 30 mile-per-hour wind in greenville. wind chill 17 in greenville and spartanburg, 19 in anderson. 18 in hendersonville. arctic high has shifted off, but it is wedged in. there is a front tomorrow morning. another piece of energy comes in here late tomorrow, and tomorrow night, we could see showers and maybe mixed with snow in the higher elevations of the mounds of north carolina. by wednesday, lots of sunshine in the afternoon and milder.
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tomorrow, mostly sunny and milder. high 57 in the upstate. scattered showers, breezy and warmer, high 48 in the mountains. the four bank -- the four-day plus, warming up into the weekend. gabrielle: must-see video, four 800 girls in northern utah, a pre-valentine's day surprise. a teenager bought 800 flowers, one for every girl in his school. hayden ordered the flowers himself, recruited some friends, and just before school ended thursday for the long weekend, they passed the flowers out. he already has a girlfriend, and his girlfriend says, he is just a nice guy. >> i think it was very sweet. i've never seen something like that done before. gabrielle: it is very sweet. and it cost him nearly $500 to pull off the valentine's day surprise.
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trickiest penalty kick ever. this is what happened. barcelona's lionel messi was up for the kick, and he misses it, on purpose. his teammates stepped in after the fake-out, and goal. after the game, the opposing manager said that while some may see it as disrespectul play, he just saw it as a creative move by a great player. barcelona went on to win the game, 6-1. nigel: coming up, a lot of great music in 2015,
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sweep the grammy awards?tonight. the grammy awards nigel: music's biggest night is tonight. the grammy awards will honor the year's best in many categories of music. gabrielle: mark barger's got a preview for us. >> we been hurt, been down before. mark: rapper kendrick lamar could fly high at the grammys. 11 nominations, including album and song of the year. >> he's such a critical darling. "to pimp a butterfly" is on the top of almost every critic's lists. mark: yahoo music's lyndsey parker expects lamar to win multiple times, especially in rap categories, but to miss out on the night's biggest prize. >> i don't see how taylor
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album of the year. >> shaken off mark: "1989" sold more than 5 million copies, and spawned 5 hits, including "bad blood," which had lamar as a featured presence. >> if people are voting along the line of commercial success and industry influence, taylor has it made, because, like, that album dominated. mark: but swift's tune "blank space" and lamar's hit "alright" could both take a back seat in the song of the year category. >> it's been a long day >> parker expects them to lose out to charlie puth and "see you again." >> it was dedicated to paul walker, from the "fast and furious" franchise, who, sadly, died. and i think a lot of people resonated with that. mark: record of the year also sees "blank space" as a contender, along with "thinking out loud" by ed sheeran, "really love" by d'angelo and the vanguard, and "can't feel my face" by the weeknd. >> but i love it >> but parker expects mark ronson and bruno mars to win, >> don't believe me, just watch.
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>> it was so ubiquitous. it was the song. mark: and it could be among the winners tonight at the grammys. mark barger, nbc news. nigel: besides the awards, a lot of performances are slated for tonight, including lady gaga's tribute to the late david bowie. gabrielle: and, a reunion of the surviving members of the eagles, along with jackson browne, to salute recently deceased eagles lead singer glenn frey. nigel: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. gabrielle: news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. michael: freezing rain, and some icy roads across the carolinas. northern greenville county, a reminder of just how dramatically the weather can differ in our area, depending on where you are. carol: and take a look to the north. in winston-salem, dozens of cars abandoned on the roads in heavy snow. all of this, with a big warm-up coming later this week. so we begin with team coverage tonight of the weather, with news 4 crews in spartanburg and greenville counties, as well as
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michael: first, we hear from the weather team right here, meteorologists john cessarich and chris justus. gentlemen, this is a matter of a few degrees. john: absolutely, michael and carol. around the freezing mark. we have had temperatures in the 20's holding steady, no the said -- now the sun is going down. we had radiation going through the clouds which warmed up the grounds. the war -- the roads will ice up . look at what is coming. chris: we are trapped in the 20's. look at all this moisture. the race is on to get above 32 degrees. if we don't, we are in store for a lot of ice. john: this will be close. in the north georgia mountains, little bit of pink with the green. the warm air is going up and over the dome of cold air in the upstate. in the mountains, it is warming up faster than in the upstate. through travelers rest into inman, all the way up to caesars
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see the worst of the weather this evening. been pummeled over the past few hours with heavy rainfall. look at this dome. line. it has not lodged. down. john: temperatures going down a few degrees. that is expected as the sun goes down. temperatures away back to gainesville and lake lanier. when the heavy weather -- when could see freezing rain. chris: he was an approximate time we will see the rain transition. between 8:00 and 10:00, from walhalla to clemson and anderson, and the i-85 corridor is a concern into northeastern greenville county. john: northwestern spartanburg and northeastern greenville counties, all the way through the foothills, they could see an


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