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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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over to rain. we are shrinking down the wedge of cold air that is close to the surface itself. of course, the warm, moist air goes up and over the cold air. the warm -- the mountains are warming up faster than the upstate. that is our main concern. how much ice will he get in spartanburg, greenville, rutherford, mcdowell, polk county's? chris: the freezing line trying to move out of pickens. i think it will start curving up . the foothills of north carolina, rutherfordton, polk county, henderson county, you can see, flat rock clearing up with rain. abbeville, east henderson, flat rock, it is slowly trying to cut off in that area. that area will see the worst of it. especially northeastern greenville county. john: and that will be the last place the warms up. temperatures slowly inching
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it is a slow process. this cold air does not want to leave. it is so heavy and dense that it stays close to the ground and backs up against the mountains. we are warming up, 32 in hendersonville, 32 in asheville, rain mixed with freezing rain. gradually getting better. starting to bring in warmth with the moisture from the west, from all different directions. we will wipe out all this pink shaded area. 30 in greenville and spartanburg, 32 in laurens, 32 in greenwood, here is the heaviest rain. wow. look at this pocket of extremely heavy rainfall. it will move through gainesville. lake lanier, you have had freezing rain for the last couple hours. moderate to heavy along with a couple claps of thunder. look at these lightning strikes. that is actually what is happening, this wedge is moving moisture coming in from the southwest. it back like a mini -- it acts
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it forces the air to lift, forms thunderstorms and we ended up with lightning strikes. unbelievable. sometimes you hear about thuhuer snow. this time, it was thunder freezing rain. we are gradually shrinking this thing. it'll take a while for northern greenville and spartanburg counties come all the way up into the foothills of north carolina, and even north of charlotte, this will be the last place that will finally warm up and change to rain. now back to you. carol: these conditions of made it difficult for anyone on the road. the coroner says a person is dead following an accident. michael: it is one of two fatal accidents tonight, this one on north pleasant berg drive and villa road. patrick hussion is live and local in your where it happened.
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are still processing the scene. if you see, highway patrol has been out here for white some time, going on three hours just off the shoulder there. villa road is below, where they are. we have been told by the fire department that two pedestrians exited their car after a minor collision when the ice began to cause problems on the roads. then, they were struck by another vehicle, knocked over the wall about 40 feet down. there was one fatality. we have shown you the pictures from earlier. one level, someone landed, the person who was killed in the wreck landed on the upper wall and someone landed below. they have been taken to the hospital. both sides, or, one side of 385 heading out of greenville is open. mostly emergency vehicles, policeman, and salt trucks on this road. but the other side of 385 going
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we have not seen anything going in the other direction. the rain is released turning to pick up in just the last five minutes. becoming very heavy. still, very cold, but we will have more from out here just off pleasant berg drive and 385 in just a moment. carol: another deadly wreck in greenville county. the coroner says a woman is dead following a head-on collision with a tow truck. it happened on verdae boulevard this evening. the victim's name has not been released. we are working on getting details. michael: just after 10:00, we spoke with corporal bill rhyne about the number of accidents troopers responded to. >> truly, concerned with the fact that we do have two fatal collisions, both of which are in greenville county. those are the only two i am aware of that are serious
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but it will take time to get caught up with this number of collisions. the most important and we can tell everybody out there is, if you are at home, do not leave. if you have a place to go to, if you are on the road, please get there and get off the road. michael: if you have to be on the roads, take it very, very slow. otherwise, stay home. carol: the highway patrol responded to over 200 traffic accidents. 209 at last count. actually, 105 in greenville. spartanburg, over 70. anderson, 20 accidents. michael: so much for the authorities and power companies to deal with. when you have a nice storm, people lose electricity. many hundreds in the dark tonight. carol: this number may go up as the storm passes. a majority of duke energy
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over 600 people without power there. over 450 without power in greenville county. michael: if you lose your power and your cell phone is charged, go to our mobile app. carol: you can find the forecast , closings and delays and radar. michael: other news to talk about, commitment 2016, it is the home stretch for republican candidates battling for votes. carol: tonight, donald trump held a rally for over 5000 supporters of the td convention center. >> wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia and other countries? wouldn't that be nice? i heard them saying this morning on television, how dare they want, donald trump wants to work with russia to get rid of isis.
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missiles are $1 million a pop. michael: south carolina voters head to the polls on saturday. supporters in monday's rally says trump has their back when it comes to god and guns. other voters said he will help the economy and defeat isis. carol: senator cruz did not hold back. he questioned trumps conservative credentials. he also talked more about the future of the supreme court on the campaign trail. we are following the sudden passing of justice scalia. he says the elections should serve as a referendum on the court. michael: george w. bush made his first appearance on the campaign trail this season. he and laura bush appeared at a rally in north charleston for jeb bush. both hope to give jeb bush a boost in the polls.
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donald trump by name, george w. bush aimed his speech at the front runner. >> there seems to be a lot of name-calling cup -- going on, but labels are for soup cans. michael: both h w bush and george w. bush carried south carolina in their respective riemer he's. carol: ben carson spoke at the spartanburg marriott tonight. between 250-300 people were there, including his wife. carson spoke about his life growing up and past work experiences. his main point was why he was running for the white house. >> i was asking, lord, if you want me to do this, they all say it is impossible. you have to open doors. if you open doors, i will walk through them and i will continue
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and i truly believe that god has called me to do this. i don't know what his eventual purpose is, maybe it is just to wake us up. but maybe it is to become president. carol: carson hosted town hall tomorrow in gaffney. michael: antonin scalia's death is causing waves across the country. he died over the weekend in texas. he was 79. the battle has spread from congress to the campaign trail. republicans will he be appointment of a new justice should be given to the next president. president obama says he plans to appoint someone of for the senate returns from recess next week. north carolina senator richard burr once voters in november to decide who gets to nominate justice scalia's successor. >> i will not tell the president who he should or should not nominate. i am sure he will go through a thoughtful process. the question is, will he make it
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that is up to the president. i can assure my constituents, i will not do anything to help. michael: an autopsy was planned, then rejected for justice scalia. the family said he died in his sleep of natural causes. john: on the radar, you can see heavy rain through metro atlanta right now. that is the back edge of this system. all the pink along i-85 through the foothills, that is all moderate to a times heavy freezing rain and will continue for a while.
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carol: as a vanilla -- 11:00, highway patrol responded to 209 traffic accidents in the area. michael: nearly 70 in spartanburg in anderson. the fatal accident happened on north pleasant berg and villa road after 7:30. patrick hussion's life and local there. patrick: 209 accidents. you said it. it feels as if, now, these two cars are going by now, but able are getting the message. this road, three 85, has been quiet for the last 10 minutes.
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patrol is currently processing the scene still off the shoulder of 385 going into greenville. it is under investigation. two pedestrians were hit when they exited their car earlier, around 7:30. they were knocked over the wall, down onto villa road. one fatality confirmed, the other taken to the hospital. 385 headed out of greenville is still open. thankfully, we are not seeing a lot of cars. 385 headed into greenville, closed. the rain has all but stopped. it is drizzling. still, very cold and slippery on roads. michael and carol, back to you. carol: a deadly accident at villa road and 380 five. another deadly wreck in greenville county, the coroner
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truck on verdae boulevard. the woman's name has not been released. she died at the hospital. we are working on getting you more details as the story develops. >> now, your super doppler 4 live forecast. almost there. past atlanta. a lot of pink, but we are seeing more green, which is good news. chris: more reports of regular old-fashioned rain in pickens county. along i-40, it is starting to come to an end in franklin county, livonia, carnesville. john: this wedge runs all the way back into where we have this heavy rain, gainesville and lake lanier. we are pinching it from the north.
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look at oconee, pickens, anderson. chris: we think that is set to be tracking it at 35 miles per hour, but the good news is, that is moving fast. the line towards gainesville is flying right now. john: it is moving it what, 50, 60 miles per hour? that is the back edge of it. look at all the heavy rain through here. passing through gainesville and heading towards commerce, carnesville, get ready, tacoma, clarksville, freezing rain with heavy rain is the -- as the rain makes its way into the upstate of south carolina. all this rain, which is freezing rain in the pink, and it times, maybe snow flakes mixed in as the cold air tries to come down from above. still getting lightning strikes,
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back here around gainesville and lake lanier. that is because the wedge, it acts like a mini cold front. the cold close to the surface bumps into the moisture coming in quickly from the southwest. it is lighter than the cold air at the surface, so it forces it up and produces thunderstorms. unbelievable. let's go to the upstate. we have, still, moderate to a times heavy freezing rain around greenville, up 25 to travelers rest. that continues, and this will be the heaviest band of freezing rain. we think this will be the heaviest rain, northern start her, northern greenville county back towards tigerville, into polk county, columbus, to rutherford county backs -- backed up into the eastern slopes of the foothills of north carolina. this will be the last place where we will finally get above freezing. we will start to warm up. we will go through right now, i will click along and see what we have.
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line. you can see, it is starting to shrink down in the upstate as the warm air comes from southwest-northeast across the area. that is good news. future plus, here is the great news. 11:00 tonight, the temperatures are pretty close with this computer model right now. it is a little bit warmer to the south than what is going on right now. 48 in abbeville, 40 seven in elberton. look at what happens. the heavy rain moving through, but we will be above freezing in most areas. this is 1:30 a.m. on tuesday. tomorrow morning, it is long gone. the back edge, snow showers along the north carolina-tennessee line. everybody is above the freezing mark except for parts of the mountains of north carolina, especially be more than and central mountains. freezing rain continues right now. this is a live shot from on top of the piece center. roads are i see, especially secondary roads.
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30 in spartanburg and greenville, 32 in asheville, 32 in hendersonville, factor in the wind and boy, is it wrong. 14 in greenville the windchill. 19 the wind chill in hendersonville. there is the storm system. we had tornadoes in mississippi with the system, and into alabama. a tornado watch continues for out bennie, georgia, southwestern georgia three the panhandle of florida. the northern edge, snow moving new york city and boston. the groundhog, all the groundhog's, were wrong on this one. i don't think spring is around the corner. tomorrow morning, there goes the system. a little system coming in will bring us rain tomorrow night and maybe mixed with some snow showers through the mountains. by 8:00 a.m. wednesday, it heads out to sea. milder weather with sunshine. tonight, freezing rain mixing
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temperatures rise throughout the night. tomorrow, mostly sunny and milder in the afternoon. high 57. scattered showers, breezy, and
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. brad: the weather is obviously pushing back the first round of the high school basketball playoffs. all games involving greenville county and surrounding schools scheduled play in the upstate tonight were postponed. many of them will be play tomorrow night. dawn staley has not wanted to talk about it, but south carolina women had the opportunity tonight to lock up at least a share of the sec regular-season title. it would take a win on the road a tennessee. the team rank just inside the top 25. dawn staley was not happy with the officials in this one. she had a technical foul in the third quarter. about that same time, the gamecocks found a spark. usc down by three. wilson spins baseline. working down low, wilson almost half of south carolina's
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mitchell running the break. she lays it in and gives the gamecocks the lead. in the fourth, wilson puts it away. she had a game-high 25 tonight. south carolina wins, 62-56 to clinch at least a share of the sec regular-season title. a man will have to put the blowout loss over the weekend to kentucky behind them as they head to columbia for tomorrow night's game. south carolina and mizzou play, a chance for frank martin to get the team back on track. ask we have rebounded from poor games fairly well. does that mean that will continue? i guess we will find out. as far as the scoreboard goes. but as far as the guys in the locker room, the leadership of our team, that remains strong. brad: some of the ncaa tournament projections have them
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they tip tomorrow night at seven :00 in columbia. clemson took care of business saturday against georgia tech area they could string together a few winds down the stretch to continue building a potential ncaa resume. they host boston college wednesday than travel to and -- n.c. state wednesday. they likely need to win both those games to stay in the hunt for a tournament bid. wofford at unc greensboro, a one-point game in the second half. the big man to work, newman download, throws it down with one hand to give wofford the lead. later in the second half, newman again, this time with the hook to get the terriers the lead. he had 10 points tonight. but unc greensboro was too much down the stretch. wofford's winning streak snapped, they lose 65-60 one. what a special story this has started to be. race week in daytona. marc and ricardo are in place for media day. chase elliott, in his first
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24, will sit on the pole for the daytona 500. he is bill elliott's son and was named jeff gordon's successor this time last year. we talked to him and he looked like a wide-eyed kid, talking about a dream come true. now, he will be behind the wheel of the pole on sunday. >> i can't quite wrap my head around it, it hadn't sunk in yet that we would be competing at the daytona 500 today, much less go out and have a shot and be able to sit of the pole. brad: elliott, the youngest driver in history to set of the pole, 20 years old. we have coverage from media day
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carol: carol: the latest numbers from the south carolina highway patrol, the numbers have been changing by the minute. as of now, troopers are responding to over 210 traffic accidents. michael: 125 in greenville, 70 in spartanburg and anderson, 20. we have an evolving weather
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john: the pink is actually, that is freezing rain. we are bringing and warmer air from the southwest-northeast. we will warm up from southwest-northeast across the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. the purple line you see is actually the 32 degree line. we are gradually shrinking the wedge of cold air, which is good news. green is nice. a couple lightning strikes, reports of people in greer hearing thunder. we have had ththder, freezing rain, and rain. under showers moving through elbert county in georgia, that will make its way into anderson and abbeville counties. don't be surprised if you hear claps of thunder and a couple lightning strikes around greer, laurens, and taylors. carol: a wild night. john: we will gradually go over to all rain and we will dry out tomorrow.
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the morning. dale gilbert will have your latest forecast then.
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