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tv   Matter of Fact  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EST

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hours, with showersrs possible at any time throughout the day. a soggy mess across the southeast with the low-pressure system taking pet -- taking shape towards texas. in dallas and louisiana, mississippi, alabama, going to see a lot of rainfall. here is a skycam firm louise -- from louisiana. this type of weather on the way for the next few days. cloudy, drizzly, foggy, potentially heavy rainfall. maybe a clapboard -- a clap of thunder. i will show you the extended outlook and a few minutes. mike: covering the carolinas now. a fisherman found a woman's body in pickens county, and right now, investigators are trying to figure out who killed her. officals say the fisherman called for help this morning, after seeing the body on the boat ramp off buckskin road, near saluda lake. investigators say 35-year-old farah khan of townville had severe trauma to the head, from what appeared to be a gunshot. if you have any information that would help investigators, call
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1-888-crime-sc. in tonight's commitment 2016 coverage, presidential candidates are back on the trail, after the south carolina republican primary and nevada democratic caucus. donald trump is flying high, rallying in atlanta after his win in south carolina. but he's also getting some heat for a message he re-tweeted, suggesting that ted cruz and marco rubio are both ineligible to be president. the south carolina race led to the end of jeb bush's campaign. on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders went directly to south carolina after a second-place finish in nevada. thousands of supporters were cheering on sanders in greenville this evening at the bon secours wellness arena. bernie sanders continues to focus on his campaign slogan, "a future to believe in." he's trying to rebound after losing the nevada caucus yesterday to hillary clinton, by 5 percentage points. the people in attendance tonight were energized, along with bernie sanders himself.
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only in the democratic primary process. if you look at national polls, and you want a candidate that is going to defeat donald trump, you're looking at that candidate. >> i feel that he's very consistent in his belief system. i feel he's very genuine in his belief system, and i think he's a politician not because he wants to be, but the field -- but he feels he has to be. mike: sanders reportedly said that he believes his recent loss in nevada was because of a low voter turnout. right now, he's trying to inspire supporters to get out to the polls in south carolina on and we mentioned that donald saturday. trump was in atlanta. he had a little mishap during his speech. take a look. >> they were probably sent here. so we put them in our jails. because to put them in our jails, they didn't pay the electric ill. oh, i like that much better. oh.
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those lights were brutal. did they come from the dishonest press? oh, don't turn them on. forget it. better, right? mike: and a reminder, for another look at the primary results, you can can dowload our wyff 4 moblie app. we have the complete numbers from south carolina, and look at the breakdown county-by-county. the next republican vote will be the nevada caucus this tuesday. on saturday, south carolina democrats will hold their primary. a week later, it's super tuesday, when the twelve states highlighted in orange will vote on march 1st. coming up tonight on "matter of fact," host fernando espuelas explores the influence of money on u.s. elections, and asks the question, "are super pacs dangerous for democracy?" espuelas will talk to the executive director of she explains "dark money" donations, outlines mechanisms that circumvent campaign finance
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candidates and voters. matter of fact is on wyff 4, right after wyff news 4 at 11:00. what's old will be new again at carowinds. if you plan on visiting the park this summer, you'll be able to enjoy rides that were popular years ago. our affiliate in charlotte is reporting that carowinds will debut a few refurbished "vintage" rides. the park is hoping to bring back memories that parents can share with their children. that won't be the only change at the park. the carolina harbor waterpark will open in may. chris: we are watching a lot of rain headed our way over the next few hours and days. back towards spartanburg, cherokee, and union county's, gaffney will see under an inch, blacksburg just over an inch,
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cow pens, chesnee, woodruff, >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. chris: carolinas and georgia weather this time of year can be flip-flopping. that is what we have seen recently. last week, we had an ice storm. today, we were in the 60's to 70's across the area. let's look ahead at the european model. it has by far out performed the other models this winter. we are at sunday. the pink light is the freezing line. anything south of there is rain, anything north of their it is cold enough to support snow. as we head through monday, tuesday, and wednesday, the moisture moving in, we are below the freezing right -- the freezing line.
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on the northern side, we would be seeing snow, but that is not going to happen. it may briefly changed to snow in the mountains, but that's it. it'd the weekend, dry. tuesday. 9-10 days from now. carolina mountains, but most of us, see that freezing right -- line right here back out north of it would be snow flurries tennessee towards the big did you -- the virginia's, boone, avery county. that's about it. after that, we dry things back out and things calm down for the area. we will be watching that closely. things look pretty tame over the next 10 days. that gets us into march. taking a look at satellite and radar, we have clouds, rain, and you can see it moving in from the west. this'll be the pattern over the next three days. we will see rain moving in from the west-southwest, eventually bringing in steady, heavy downpours.
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the rain moving through gainesville. it will move into anderson, abbeville, greenwood, laurens over the next 6-7 hours, making for good sleeping weather, but a sloppy commute. give yourself extra time to get out the door tomorrow. low 60's across the upstate, 50 in the mountains. temperatures cool little bit tonight, but not bad. 51 for greenville, 50 or asheville. taking a look at the forecast tomorrow, 55 first thing in the morning, 62 by 1:00. a chance for rain at any time throughout the day. the best rain chances are tomorrow afternoon, late evening . we will see heavy rainfall move in. same story for the asheville area. cloudy, mid to upper 50's with a chance for rain through the day. the heaviest being in the evening. highs will be a bit cooler than we had today. upper 50's in the northern upstate, lower 60's across the southern part. looking at the latest model, we will see a chance for showers
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watch this moisture billow up. around 5:00 tomorrow evening, your evening commute could be affected. heavy rainfall pretty much all day long into monday night, tuesday, and tuesday night. the pattern continues the area that thing is, with tuesday, a northeasterly wind kicks in. it will be a cold, rotten rain. temperatures only getting out of the lower 40's all day. heavier rain fell on wednesday. we could have a thunderstorm or two out of this, not widespread severe weather at home, but it is possible towards this is city, alabama, and georgia. maybe gusty winds here at home, but nothing widespread. heavy rainfall, though. down towards the south, the heaviest rain from greenwood to abbeville. you can see across those counties, clinton, greenwood, abbeville, around one-two inches possible with the storm. heavy rainfall over the next few
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we clear things back out, but it stays cool headed into the late week with temperatures in the upper 40's. mike: looking good. great weather for baseball this weekend. marc: sometimes it is freezing, but not this weekend. a great weekend to watch baseball. several area teams out to solid starts in 2016, including clemson and south carolina. hear from the head coaches of
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up in sports. mike: it was just an average day at work for a greenwood police officer, until he came upon an injured dog lying in the middle of the road. wes walker took a report last tuesday of a missing dog, and hours later, walker spotted a dog matching that same description lying in the road along reynolds avenue. walker stopped his patrol car to check on the animal. he said the dog appeared to have its two rear legs injured, so officer walker got down eye-eye with the animal to keep it calm until help arrived. the dog was treated at the
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back to its owner. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: there have been better races at daytona, but you'll have a hard time finding a better finish than the final lap of today's great american race. let's set the scene. final lap, 4 toyotas running up front, led by matt kenseth. denny hamlin in the 11 gets a push from kevin harvick to get a run. watch the move that, cap -- matt kenseth is into the wall. he finishes hamlin and truex, 14th. jr. racing to the start-finish line. what a finish today at daytona. denny hamlin winds the daytona 500, literally by six inches. the 11 takes the checkers by 1/100th of a second. it's hamlin's first win in the great american race. it's the first time joe gibbs racing has a daytona 500 champion. it's the first time a toyota has taken the checkers at nascar's biggest race. let's take a quick look at what some of the drivers where posting on twitter, after the
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the daytona 500. kevin harvick checked in. he said he thought they were at the right spot for the win. they got the assist instead. a great start to the season. matt kenseth said it was a heartbreaking finish, but you don't get many chances to win the daytona 500 and he hates that he did not get it done. and the best tweet goes to dale are -- dale earnhardt junior, he said an awesome package left for him and north carolina for him and his fiancee. he thanked her she's for a -- hershey's for a basket of candy. opening weekend of the college baseball season. maine beat clemson friday. tigers returned the favor on saturday. that means a rubber match on sunday. winner takes the weekend series. maine grabs the early lead, tigers take it away in the bottom of the first. chris williams with his first hit gives clemson a 2-1 lead. same score into the bottom of the 4th. 2 on for chase pinder. he rips the first home run of
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clemson. the tigers were not done. two batters later, clemson catcher chris oakey caps a 4-run fourth with an rbi single to left. the tigers hang 7 more runs in the 5th. all clemson today. they pound out 22 hits. tigers win 19 to 2, to take the series from maine. >> we just kept playing, and i , that is the biggest thing that i told our guys after the game that i was impressed with, was how consistent we were throughout the whole game, even in a game that we were running away with, our guys kept competing and playing really quality baseball for nine innings. marc: the usc baseball team, thinking sweep. gamecocks opened the season with back to back wins over albany. the brooms are out today. down 1-0 in the fifth. john jones, the clutch two-out single to center ties things up at 1 . same score in the gene cone sixth. pinch hitting, rolls it over. could've been an inning-ending double play. instead, dropped at 2nd. 2-1, usc on top. same frame, now 3-1. bases
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rbis in his first three games as a gamecock. south carolina finishes off a sweep of albany with an 8-1 win, >> all in all, i couldn't be more pleased with my team and how they played. but in a number of different guys, and i think you can see, we have a team with some depth. >> great weekend, great start to the season. marc: bonus between presbyterian and furman. the paladins pick up the win thanks to a single from the freshman crawford. they will play again tuesday afternoon. wofford sweeps the opening
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they are out t mike: rain for the next couple days? chris: keep the umbrellas handy. off and on rain for the next you days, the heaviest will be tomorrow night into tuesday.
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wednesday with a cold front. high tomorrow, 60 two. we tumble down, a cold rain on tuesday. 46. that one will hurt. that is wednesday, we will be up to 56 as the rain moves through by midmorning. by thursday, we clear back out. sunshine in full force heading into next weekend. it will be very nice. a little on the cool side, but i think a lot of cabin fever will be dusted off as we head into the weekend with all the sunshine. mike: you said we could get a good bit of rain? we are not just talking showers? you said rain boots. chris: there will be puddles. it is spread out over three days, so i do not think flooding is a big concern. there could beast -- there could be creeks and streams that get high, but up to two inches possible across the area over the next 72 hours. mike: we had so much rain last fall.
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right now as far as rain? chris: believe it or not, we track it year to year. from the beginning of january, behind about a quarter of an inch. not bad, but we don't need a whole lot. we have a surplus from last year. mike: approaching strawberry season in the spring. i hope this is a good thing for the farmers. chris: just want to make sure that we don't get the early bloom, then kill everything with an early frost. let's keep the warm temperatures away for a little bit longer for the farmers. mike: 42 is better than 32 or below. chchs: exactly. mike: rain for a couple days. way. but we have to keep in mind, we have had a couple 60's and we are still in winter. chris: it will come back, especially tuesday. 46 and raining. you will have to bundle up. mike: i will take bundling up
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thanks for staying with us. we will be back here tomorrow morning. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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>> today on "matter of fact," immigration and obamacare. >> we could have really a perfect storm of some of these social issues in particular. >> will the "supreme" arguments determine a presidential winner? and -- campaign "dark money." fernando: how can we know if a candidate is effectively being bought? >> are mystery donors destroying democracy? plus -- [crowd chanting "bernie!"] >> hillary! hillary! >> the battle for the soul of southern democrats.
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>> i've never heard of a company not allowing its employees to pray five minutes. >> conflicts over religion on the job. welcome to "matter of fact." i'm fernando espuelas. the presidential campaign among republicans has gone into full attack mode -- against the man they say is a lame duck, president barack obama. republicans could mount an effort to stop any nominee he proposes for the supreme court. it's the political fallout from the death of justice antonin scalia. politico's chief investigative reporter ken vogel knows the risks and rewards of the various strategies. ken, welcome. ken: great to be with you. fernando: thank you so much. so how is the scalia replacement process, the nomination of a new justice, coloring the whole


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