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Sep 26, 2015 5:30am PDT
invisibility of homelessness. he plays george hammon, a man living on the street. >> well, it was a miracle it got made because this is not an easy subject. >> rose: and you had it for what? >> i bought this script-- i lose track-- 12 years ago, something like that. and knew there was a movie in here that i wanted to make. and it wasn't obvious in the script what to do with this. but there was just something that i could feel, and there-- i was flailing around to describe what i saw in this thing. and i saw a review in the "new york times" of a book by a homeless guy, "cadillac man," and it was called "land of lost souls." and i bought the book, and read it, and i said, well, this is the way to make a movie. this is it. it's not-- it's not sentimental. it's not drama in that usual sense. one thing evidence very happy about when i saw the first rough cut. roaren wanted space to do this. i produced a movie and we worked incredibly closely on this, like soul brothers on this. he finally showed me a rough cut he was happy with, and i was delighted for many reasons-- one, it really was t
Jun 3, 2017 5:30am PDT
united states. >> rose: george schultz, former secretary of state in the reagan administration said, if the u.s. fails to honor global agreements that it helped to forge, it raises serious questions for this country's relationship and leadership around the world. agreements it helped forge. >> so i'm a huge fan of secretary schultz. i think maybe we've talked about this on the show before, but, you know, he says-- he says foreign policy and national security is a pretty easy thing if you do three things. if you say what you mean-- in other words, you have a clearly articulated policy with everybody in your administration saying exactly the same thing, consistency. you have a clear policy, and you articulate it, and everybody says the same thing. that's a real problem for this administration, right. secondly, that you do what you say. that if you draw a red line, you-- you-- you respect it. >> rose: or you lose credibility. >> or you lose credibility. that if you forge a treaty and you join it, that you stick with it. so now we're struggling -- >> people came to join it because you w
Feb 20, 2016 5:30am PST
humiliating week for jeb bush, this amazing family. we saw why george w. bush, so good on the stump, almost faz he was schooling jeb bush who is at the very end of his campaign, reporting on politico today that his fund raisers calling around trying to get some last dollars, and they're not getting it. >> rose: and failed to get the endorsement of niki haley as well. >> first of all, you only say something like that when you know you're going to get the endorsement, and when the news broke that niki haley had decided to endorse marco rubio, you could see how much it almost physically hurt jeb bush, just deflated. it's really quite a story. when you go back and you look at how much has been spent on the jeb bush for president effort through the super pac, through his campaign. you see how much they swamped everybody in terms of advertising spending, just advertising spending in new hampiro get what happened there. and now you get to south carolina. it just hasn't taken off. >> rose: but do you assume he'll drop out? >> i assume he will drop out. i am hearing the same thing mike's hea
Apr 16, 2016 5:30am PDT
using flowers came from a book that i found by a gardener of a duke named george st. claire in the 1800s and he was doing experiments on grasses and darwin cited it in his theory of revolution. and i found these books where specimens had lasted 200 years, perfectly preserved, and in the world of digital data that feels temporary or easily dispose of, that this thing remained. i wanted to do something with those dried or barium specimens and speak about these notions of survival. to me it was so much about that. in this book, those specimens stood alongside his data recordings. and from that point i went off to find things like that picture at the munich conference of hitler, mussolini and chamberlain. >> rose: you said to someone else, "i was interested in the idea of these men who felt they could control the evolution of the world with their language and assertions and flimsy paperwork they are about to sign and nature is this castrated decorative thing that sits between them." >> yes, and there are sculptures in the work designed based on plant presses, where all of the 36 agreem
Apr 1, 2017 5:30am PDT
careers on hold to join the war effort. frank capra, john huston, william wieler, john ford, and george stephens, all joined us to document world war ii. five came back as a new netflix documentary series that tells their stories. it is adapted from mark harris' 2014 book of the same name. the director of the series is laurent buzureau. >> when i was working on the book, i became really interested in this era and in these world war ii movies. and when the book came out, i was surprised at the number of early readers who said to me, "it was fascinating to read about these documentaries. too bad most of them are lost." and i would say to them, are, the documentaries aren't lost. they all still exist. they're properties of the u.s. government." so i thought this is a real opportunity for us, as well as i could try to describe these films in a book, there's nothing like being able to show them to people. so that was the germ of the idea to make it a documentary. >> rose: and then the idea of to take five directors and explain each director. >> that was our director's big innovation. >> rose
Nov 21, 2015 5:30am PST
city of light, we close tonight a convince essential view of paris. george and ira gershwin's oscar-winning musical, "an american in paris," is now on broadway. the cast is headed up by robert fairchild, and leanne cope. it is the most awarded new musical of 2015. is this a musical? >> yes. the -- >> i mean, is it a musical? is it a ballet? >> kind of all of the above. >> rose: some kind of hybrid. >> yeah a broadway-ballet hybrid. >> rose: musical, broadway-- >> tap, jazz, ballet, singing. >> it really follows a formula of a traditional book musical, yet it has three ballets throughout. the ballets were used occasionally decades ago in "carrousel" and "oklahoma." but never has there been an opening and act one is a ballet. it is giving you a traditional book musical but it is also pushing the boundaries and has an amazing amount of incredible dancing. >> rose: what was the challenge? >> i think you have people in the ballet world opening their mouths for the first time on stage singing and speaking. >> rose: people from the singing world dancing for the first time. >> yeah. everybo
Sep 30, 2017 5:30am PDT
the l oval office, you know, two case after 9/11 with george w. bush. >> rose: he was humbled. >> he was humbled, i looked into his eyes, i knew the shock and pain he must feel and was there to ask for help for new york. which he promised and delivered on. i've been with, you know, barack obama in the situation room making really difficult decisions including whether you go after osama bin laden and you first have to say, there are limits to what we know. and we have to operate within an environment in which we know we will never know everything. and that humbles you. now, we seem to have a president who doesn't care, and doesn't know what he doesn't know. who operates totally viscerally based on his gut. and his highest and most favored response is that yell of the crowd that consists of people who support him. who buy into him. who love him. who could see no wrong in anything that he does. and i think it's a dangerous time. i've said i think that his presidency poses a clear and present danger to our country. >> rose: a clear and present danger? >> yes i do. >> rose: meaning what?
Jan 20, 2017 11:30pm PST
. >> malaysia flight mh 370 has now been called off. >> george w. bush is hospitalized. chief of staff says he is doing fine, very well, the doctors have a couple of theories about his ailment. >> the widow of the orlando nightclub shoot search expected to make her first court appearance. >> obstruction of just and other charges. >> a rough confirmation hearing for cabinet nominees. >> it is tough questioning for the nominee. >> did you enjoy meeting me? i hope you are as much fun on that diet as you were on the -- >> ♪ ♪ it is the last dance. >> rose: president obama holds a final press conference. >> hello, everybody. >> we will confront, but we will get the job done. every four years we gather on these steps to carry tout orderly and peaceful transfer of power. >> donald trump said after he is sworn into office on bring the he is going to take the weekend off. >> trump is not going to start until monday. >> he apparently thinks the presidents gets saturday and sundays off. >> instead of hail to the chief it is going to be everybody is working for the weekend. ♪ everybody
Apr 22, 2017 5:30am PDT
director terry george. the early 20th century love story set against the backdrop of the armenian genocide. it stars christian ailes bailz. >> the background to the genocide itself is when the first world war broke out, the turkish government at that time-- actually, the ottoman empire government, there was no turkee they made a decision basically to eliminate the armenian population. and they used the cover of the war between the turks and russians and the northern border on to say that the armennians had risen up and they had to be moved out of that war zone. what in fact happened is was the bulk of the population from around the ottoman empire were basically herded into the desert and walked to death or massacred in rivers, fields, cliffs, drowned at sea. it wasn't the first genocide of the 20th century, but a key moment in these catastrophes in that the word itself "genocide" came from this event. >> rose: who is your character, christian? >> i play a character called chris myself, a member of the associated press so he's there to cover the events. he's there, actually, more l
May 20, 2017 5:30am PDT
republican pol techs advising richard nixon, george h.w. bush, and donald trump. but it will be his creation of the conservative and controversial fox news channel and the subsequent transformation of cable news for which he will be remembered in part. here is roger ailes at the table. >> i think it all comes down to people and a vision. >> rose: so what's the vision? >> well, the vision is that there are some people underserveed by news in this country, that they don't necessarily agree-- they think there's a big rubber stamp. there are certain stories that aren't being covered and so on. and so we ceepped of created-- kind of created people like bill o'reilly-- we didn't create him in the sense bill has been around for 25 years, but we gave him a forum to do his thing in prime time. for several centuries, scotland was ruled from london. parliament hadn't met here since 1707. recently, the scots voted to bring their parliament home, and london didn't object. in the year 2000, edinburgh resumed its position as home of scotland's parliament. scotland's strikingly modern parliament bu
Search Results 50 to 62 of about 63 (some duplicates have been removed)