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Feb 8, 2016 2:00am EST
loved her quite a handsome boy scout of a firefighter named george tiaffay. george was the genuine article. an all american good guy. he'd overcome early obstacles to become a top notch student in high school, a star athlete. this is his sister, maria mcgrew. >> a valedictorian and on the football team. i -- >> yeah, you'd think -- >> --he'd just be a jerk, right? >> yeah. >> just kind of a jock, mean-spirited sort of, who knows, stereotypical. >> but it was quite the contrary, said maria. >> he was always the calming force amongst family and friends. you know, he was the gentle speaker. he had this outlook in life where, "i wanna go out and make the world a better place. i wanna go out and do something with my life." >> so george did. he earned a prestigious appointment to west point, and after graduation became a combat engineer, served as a nation builder in panama. his childhood friend, aaron solano, went down for a visit. the missions that he accomplished. building schools, clinics, roadways and bridges, really had an impact on his life. he finally felt like, "hey, i'm getting
Feb 22, 2016 2:30am PST
. - good morning, dad. - [george] good morning, ronnie. - mother, mrs. morton said to remind you that she is downstairs waiting. - oh, well i'll be right down, blanche. goodbye, dear. - goodbye. (kiss) what was that one for? - well, in case i spend more money than you gave me. (laughter) continuing your fight on ronnie coming home late, don't you dare do it. you fought enough last night. and especially you, george. you have no right to talk to ronnie the way you did after all he is your son not your husband. (laughter) - dad, i want to explain about last night, so that you won't be mad at me. - ronnie, i'm not mad at you. your exams are coming up, and i don't think you can read your books up at mulholland drive. it's dark up there. (laughter) - dad, i wasn't out with a girl last night. i was helping a friend of mine, frank brody, get settled. you see, frank goes to sc on a gi bill of rights, and he has a wife and a baby. it's pretty tough for a guy whose tied down like frank is. so i found an apartment that they could move into. i gave a check to the landlord as a deposit on the rent.
Jul 26, 2016 10:00pm PDT
. >> it was a beautiful tribute to shauna. >> george's big sister, maria -- >> i could see george was heartfelt and did what he could to express himself at a terrible time. it was all about showing that shauna was loved and cared for. >> meanwhile, las vegas homicide detectives worked diligently to identify and track down whoever killed her. >> do we have a predator? did she come home and they were burglarizing the house? is there an enemy somewhere that she made that we need to find? >> and then, they got lucky. a man who called himself "big will" pennix called the crimestoppers hotline. big will had a story to tell. >> he had spent time in prison. and he worked as a maintenance man. but he found satisfaction in helping others coming out of prison and helping them find the right path. >> one such man, said big will, was a homeless handyman who lived out in the desert. went by the name "greyhound." >> he did a lot of drugs. drank a lot of alcohol. and was volatile. >> according to big will, this greyhound told a lot of tall tales, but will called police this time because greyhound bra
Apr 17, 2017 2:03am EDT
man was george blumenschein jr., a doctor specializing in neck, head and lung cancer at m.d. anderson. like many of his talented peers dedicated to researching and curing cancer, dr. blumenschein's life seemed to revolve around his work. >> the people who worked with him said he revealed very little about his personal life. he didn't talk about anyone he was dating, anything along those lines. >> reporter: now, this very private man was at m.d. anderson not to be examined but to research his own symptoms. friends at the hospital urged him to go straight to the e.r. >> and it sounded like it was tough even to coax him into the emergency room. >> so i'm sorry, but i'm in a little drama. >> reporter: george's girlfriend, evette toney, a scientist, shot this video on her cell phone as they sat outside the e.r. she wanted to show george that he wasn't acting normally and convince him that he needed to check himself in. the video would later be crucial to solving a mystery. >> i've gotten progressively discoordinated. >> reporter: to see the usually articulate doctor like this was
Aug 28, 2009 9:00pm EDT
happy lives for themselves. jennifer, to no one's surprise, had married a jock, george allan smith iv, the son of a family that has run a very successful liquor store in wealthy greenwich, connecticut. george was a big guy, 6' 2" over 200-pounds. coach bob darula recalls a good linebacker and a nice kid at greenwich high. >> very likeable, quiet young man, coachable, ya know? very dry sense of humor. always had a nice smile, ya know? >> reporter: george had graduated from babson college in massachusetts with a business degree, a background he hoped to bring to the family store when his father retired. >> george did like to go out and have a good time. >> reporter: shawn keenan lived two doors down from george smith at babson. a friend he remembers as a well-buffed mass of muscles. they lifted weights together almost every day. >> in a group situation he had a tough exterior but he definitely liked being around people. he just was the kind of guy that liked to have a lot of fun, kind of a prankster. you know, not the class clown or anything but definitely, you know, liked to have fun w
Jan 6, 2012 10:00pm PST
in a haunting, headline-making case. it's been more than six years since george smith vanished from a honeymoon cruise in the mediterranean. no one has ever been arrested, and the investigation has at times seemed to grind to a halt. but now "dateline" has obtained exclusive access to never-before-seen documents, photos and depositions that may offer tantalizetion new clues to what really happened on that ship. here's dennis murphy. >> i happened to look at the cover of the lifeboats. it looked like red blood. >> a missing honeymooner george smith. >> that's when i heard a horrific thud. >> missing, presumed dead. >> she has no idea what happened. i'm not letting her go to jail. >> she's not! >> reporter: in a twitter fight, captivated cable-driven news cycle, events of even a month ago can seem like ancient history. so here's a memory jog from years back. the missing groom, a beautiful blonde bride, her good-looking bride. in mysterious fashion he went overboard on their honeymoon. remember them? george smith and jennifer hagel. his mother does and always will. >> he made our famil
Feb 6, 2016 8:00pm EST
barbara george. she doctors were working to get a pulse. one e.r. nurse was kris kehoe. a minute, the better the chance to revive her. >> after 15 minutes it was all over. a doctor pronounced barb george, the mother of two dead. it was up to nurse kehoe to clean up the body for the family to view. that's when she saw it. >> when we were straightening up her hair we noticed blood on the top of her head. i noticed there was a small hole. my first thought as a nurse was that it had to be a bullet hole there. >> imagine that, barbara george, counter, shot. >> shot in the head and it to such a good person. >> back at the comic bookshop, friends and family showed up for a birthday party for her singing of happy birthday and all of the superheroes from his beloved marvel and action comics looking on. all those guests now stunned to find the party turned into a crime scene. and barb, the hostess, was dead. two possible clues to solving the mystery, right after the murder witnesses reported seeing a speeding car and a man waiting outside the comic book shop. >> and he had on a dark outfit for
Sep 21, 2015 2:05am EDT
handle three hats, so. hey, george. to oliphant. -george, good to see you. -nice to see you. -what a surprise! -what's up guys? -hey! -how's it going? -hey! -hi. -how are ya? -good. how are you? -i'm, i'm doing great. i'm doing--doing fantastic now that i'm meeting you guys in person for the first time. -what a great surprise! -and, uh, so yeah, since i'm here, i just want to let you know that we're here to rescue your guys' house. -oh, fantastic! oh, thank you so much. -are you serious? -thank you so much. -i'm serious. -i can't believe this. -wow. -it was just-- i-- i-- i don't know. th-- th-- th-- we-- we're just like so-- uh, there was a loss of words when george came to-- to our door and opened the door, and-- there-- i'm-- i'm at a loss of words now just thinking about it. -i'm so sorry for your loss, but uh, you know, i'm-- i'm here to do what i can make this house absolutely perfect for you. -oh, wow, i can't-- can't believe george is in east hills in our front door. what are you doing here? -now, while we're doing the project, we're going to be putting you guys up at the inn
Oct 31, 2016 2:02am EDT
. narrator: this week on george to the rescue, a heartwarming transformation for a couple with big hearts. so it's really not me saving her. narrator: so grab your sledgehammer and join us for a few close calls-- one issue-- and this, i haven't even brought up to you or nick. narrator: --on the way to the big reveal. here we go. welcome home. oh my god, what a difference. hi, my name is gail renner. and i'm kevin. i believe in my hometown, secaucus, new jersey. well, i was originally born in queens, new york. from there, i worked my way into the city. and then i was on the upper west side when i met gail. gail: we've been together for 10 years, kevin and i. we actually met online. you were really the first person that i reached out to. d that in your profile-- and i loved dogs, so i said, why don't we meet and walk our dogs? i didn't really want to do anything else but that. it was just kind of like a meeting. i wanted to make sure you weren't a weirdo. and then we were together from then on. kevin: yep. gail: yeah. kevin: for me, it was always the conversations. we were always tal
May 25, 2015 2:58am PDT
because the sec manick man was george bloomenshine jr., specializing in head neck and lung cancer at md anderson. like many peers, dedicated to researching and curing cancer dr. bloomenshine's life seemed to revolve around his work. >> he revealed little about his personal life. didn't talk about any one he was dating anything along those lines. >> reporter: now this very private man was at m.d. anderson not to be examined but to research his own symptoms. friend at the hospital urged him to go straight to the e.r. >> sounded like it was tough even to coax him into the emergency room. >> george's girlfriend a scientist, shot the video on the cell phone as they sat outside the e.r. she wanted to show george he wasn't acting normally and convince him to check himself in. the video would later be crucial to solving a mystery. >> i've been progressively disoriented. discoordinated. >> to see the usually articulate doctor like this a strange sight. cindy molina a friend and former assistant of george's. >> what's george like? >> very charming. he is a great guy. >> she says george was profes
Oct 5, 2009 2:30am EDT
until 4:10 or so is a primary piece of information in the on going investigation into george smith's disappearance. >> a little after 4:00 in the morning, we were awakened by what i would call a loud cheering. simply like a college drinking game. this happened two different times. >> reporter: the deputy chief was awakened by what he thought were six loud voices at the exact same time that is josh's lawyer told the story george and his drinking buddies had returned from a fruitless search for jennifer who had gone missing. the chief then a 31-year police veteran with a number of homicide investigations under i had belt reflexively noted the time, called the security office to complain about the noisy party and banged on the wall. all to no avail. >> after a couple minutes, we heard voices outside the door of the smith cabin. i don't recall pulling the door open. i assumed they were leaving the party. but that was just my impression at the time. >> reporter: for a few minutes, the next door cabin quieted down. male voices in normal conversation. the chief couldn't for the most part ma
Oct 5, 2009 3:00am EDT
russians stumbled george to his cabin on deck nine. wn they see there's no jennifer, george chges his shirt and they all set out again to find her. it's now about 3:45 a.m. the posse of five had gone to the place tat the young people know onboard as the after hours hook up spot. >> they go to the jacuzzi and the solarium area, no jennifer. so it's five, ten minutes there, a very ort amount of time looking. it's obvious there is nobody else there. and then five, ten minutes back to the room. that puts them back to the room at 4:00 inhe morning. >> reporter: josh describes they ended that ght. >> when they got to the room with george the last time, they put him down in bed. josh is going to the bathroom using the bathroom. the other boys put him down on the bed, take his shoes off leave the room, good-bye, let's go. we're out of here. they go down to one of the russian boys' rooms and order an incredible amount of room service and sit room service shows up 4:30, 4:45 with the food. they eat. josh is back in bed by 5:15 that morning. >> reporter: but the veteran california police officer
Nov 14, 2016 2:02am EST
about the bathroom room safety because if she slips, she's going to get very hurt. if george can come in and rescue the fear that i feel inside on a daily basis, that would be magnificent. [music playing] i'm george oliphant. mike, right? yeah donna, mikayla. do you know who this is, mikayla? oh, my goodness. that's george. i heard your story, and i'm so sorry for what you guys are dealing with. and we're gonna give you the bathroom that you need and that you deserve, a beautiful bathroom for you, too, mikayla. it's gonna be beautiful. can you say, thank you? thank you. george: you're very welcome. so to help us out on this rescue, i've got rob tell from intellebuild. he's gonna be our gc. he's gonna take care of all the nuts and bolts. i've got tyler wisler, "george to the rescue" alumni. i'm just kind of excited to see what he does with the space. all right, so, rob, tyler, this is currently the myhre's bathroom. and as you can see, it's unusable, really, for donna. she can't get in here. absolutely, this is very inaccessible for her to get around, not functional at all. defini
Feb 8, 2016 2:30am PST
, don't feel so bad. look at george. he's never been romantic. even when he was courting me. - really? - oh, well of course. he'd sit with me in the living room, and from our window there was a beautiful view of san francisco. but would george look at it? no, he'd just close the curtains and turn down the lights. - that's bad? - well, it annoyed my mother and father. with the lights low, the four of us couldn't continue with our bridge game. (audience laughter) - well, i'm going, honey, i have to turn off my sprinklers. gracie, we keep complaining about our husbands but we don't do one thing to encourage them. - you know, you're right blanche. now take george. i doubt if he's had dinner by candlelight since electricity came in. - well, i for one am going to do something about it. - well, if you want to do it for one, do it. but i'm going to include george and do it for two. it's more fun that way. (audience laughter) - now i am going. - gracie, is breakfast ready? i'm starved. - it certainly is, lover. (audience laughter) - lover, at 8:00 in the morning? she must have said liver. baco
Mar 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the fatal shot. >> in my heart i have no reason to believe george zimmerman is a racist. >> and hard questions about whether race did play a role. >> would this have happened if tray were not african-american? what happened to trayvon martin? >>> she's selling health insurance and it sounds great. >> no deductible. >> no deductibles and not much else either as she discovered at her doctor's office. >> she's like, do you have another form of health insurance. yos refuses to cover anything. >> it is health insurance that seems to offer real benefits, but -- >> in reality, it is almost worthless. >> tonight, it's all caught on "dateline's" hidden cameras, the hard sell that leads to heart break. >> you're taking my dignity from me. >>> plus, a "dateline" story ten years in the making. a soldier off to war. >> did you lose some friends? >> back home, we showed you his new battle to find work. they were watching. >> it was really our time to pay something back. >> they hired this veteran. >> my name is charles. >> then they hired two more. >> they embraced the task. we have been amazed. >
Feb 8, 2016 1:05am MST
somethg." >> wn george left the military with the ranof ctain, he took a corpote engineering job, but soon reized thalife in an office building wasn't for he wanted to work for real people, which is whyeorge pu aside that fcyegre his and went to vegas to train as a firefighter/emt. >> focusing on himselfot how he wanted to le his life. he wanted to serve. to ser >>o while auna served drks athe palms, georgeved as re fighter and found time to volunteer, do what he could for the down on thr luck sls who li on e fringes of smuch glitz. in 2004, thehad a ba. >>here's dad andam >> she loved it. r dahteras the most imanthin h in is worl andverything e did revolved arounher daughter. >> then, two years lat, a rriage in hawaii. just the three of them ba i backn gait was ausy, complicad lifehat with george 2hour sfts, and shauna's night tim at the casino. and th iwas ptember th3:00.m e lk thempty lhe r, start pedwa fromhe strip and der at fl moon headed home. her. it was 9:00 a. when ge arrived withheir daughter. she'd spent the night at grandma' he at the firehouse work.t y wathe ga dr ?
May 23, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, unafraid. there were, for example, gerta walton and her just retired husband george, keeping a long-ago promise to celebrate more than 30 years of happy marriage. >> he always said he would take me on a boat trip and we were looking forward to it. >> karen winter was excited, too. she'd been on a cruise when she was a little girl, now married with two kids of her own, the chance for some time away with her husband was too good to pass up. >> sometimes you have to escape from your children, right? >> absolutely. you know, your cruise is always the clothes and get out the eveningwear. >> and you were thinking it would be just like the one you were on when you were a little girl? >> yes, i did. >> and at first, it was. the sun, the teaming buffet and the nightly stage shows, comedy, music, magic. robin boltman was one of the magicians onboard. so tell me about the kind of magic you do. >> i'll show you one. i'll show you a little trick. to get a nut off anything. >> yes? hey, that's pretty good. but suddenly the magic of the trip vanished. it was the half way mark, the weather turned.
Feb 5, 2016 10:00pm PST
. this makes it look like i'm telling the truth. [man] yee-haw! whoopee! yahoo! is that george? it's either george or there's a cattle drive going by. they found a cure for being a hayseed? the greatest thing that's ever happened to me just happened. i'm gonna be a volunteer fireman. what's all this about, george? george, i didn't even know you wanted to be a fireman. oh, i've always wanted to be a volunteer fireman. i've had my name on the waiting list for years and today it came up. i'm finally going to do something that the people in this town aren't going to laugh at. george, what are you talking about? nobody laughs at you. oh, yeah? remember all that razzzzg i got last year when i said i saw a ufo? and then they put me in charge of the thanksgiving day parade and it rained? oh, let's face it, nobody in this town thinks i can do anything right. well, in their defense, i think you've given them good reason. well, not anymore. i finally found something i could really be good at. but isn't being a fireman dangerous? not in this town. we haven't had a fire since 1979. but that was a
Dec 3, 2010 10:00pm PST
. i'm going to get that little girl. >> time is running out. "winds of war" george clooney in sudan. good evening and welcome to "dateline." i'm ann curry. it could be the plot from one of his films, a solitary man fighting furiously to beat the clock and sound the alarm that disaster is looming. but the role that actor george clooney has chosen now is real but the role that actor george clooney has chosen now is real and so are the stakes. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> if i said to you now that 90 days from now there's going to be an earthquake and people will be killed, what would you do? wouldn't you do everything you could to make the people as safe as possible? >> george clooney in a race against time. we're flying with him thousands of feet above the african continent over a vast savannas and where the winds of war are blowing. he's talking about sudan. the largest country in africa, one of the poorest and most dangerous places on earth. why would one of the world's most famous movie stars keep going there? because he knows, he says, the clock is ticking tow
Feb 6, 2016 7:00pm MST
medically in the wan rusintohe emergenc emergency room wasarba george. she doct she doctors wereorng tget a pulse. e.r. nurse was kris kehoe.>>f u 1ompres minu, the better the chance toivr. >>ftminuteit w all . a doctorronounced rb grge, the mother otwo dead. it was up to nurse kehoe t cleaup the body for the family to view. that's when she sait. >> when we were straigenup her e notibl top of head. i noticed there waa sml hole. my first thoughts a nurse was at it d be a bulletol the.>> that,ra g ni bine counho>>hot shot the head and frnd friendand family shod up for birthday fer huand. ng happythd alof the from hin mics lookl e ntu t p scene. d barb d , e stes w d two sslelu tsoing the mystery, right after t murder witsseported seeing a speeding c and a maiting tse th on aark ima fis cai atayat kay, e erne jelry stor.. amica. vihoteiand..or t sesyoife. every egth aaaand w bacat cricket wiress! swit and get brand new lg risio for $19.99, or take a spin wh thsamsung galaxy grand prime for $29.99! ickewiless. something to smile aut. feel a spark of emnlight every inch ofou. feelinde. fee
Feb 15, 2016 2:30am PST
? - gracie, i think ronnie is studying the same thing i studied when i was his age. - oh, george, you never went to college. - no, but i used to stand outside and whistle at them as they walked in. (audience laughing) - i don't understand what you mean. (doorbell ringing) oh, there's the door. oh, while i'm answering it, maybe you can figure out what you were saying. (frisky music) - i'm supposed to say something funny to cover gracie's walk to the front door, but i won't have time to say it because she's already there. so why don't you laugh and i'll owe you a joke. (audience laughing) - hello. - mrs. burns, i'm your son's professor of greek philosophy. - oh, how do you do, mr. socrates? (audience laughing) - socrates? - well, i know you can't be aristotle or plato because they're teaching up at stanford. won't you come in? (frisky music) - mrs. burns, i'm professor henderson, and if you don't mind i think i should talk only to the head of the household. - oh? - is mr. burns home? - well, yes, he's in the garden, but if we whisper he won't hear us. - i would like to talk to mr. burns
Nov 21, 2016 2:02am EST
, uh, can i tell gail first? george oliphant: gail, she was terminally ill. she had one shot. and that was kevin. live in this world without you. and that's love. we had no clue we were the same blood type and anything like that. -well, yeah. -that's really crazy. so the destiny part of it, yeah. so she said, we met online, and i always kid around with her that she was scrolling through the pictures and saying, look, oh, his liver looks pretty healthy. maybe i'll shoot him an email. i don't like thinking about the odds of what would have happened if it wasn't-- i would have had to wait for-- kevin: and how sick she would have got. le dying while they're waiting for an organ because there's not that many organ donors. kevin means a lot to me. i mean, just the thought that he was able to donate part of his body, risk his life to save me, is incredible. i get to keep my best friend is what it has been for me. and so every day that she wakes up and is feeling good, for me, that's my gift. gail: my parents built this home when i was a baby. and we lived upstairs and my grandparents liv
Feb 27, 2011 7:00pm EST
a walton and her just retired husband, george, keeping a long-ago promise to celebrate more than 30 years of happy marriage. >> he always said he's going to take me again on a boat trip. and we were looking forward to it. >> kareen wynter was excited too. she had been on a cruise when she'd been a little girl. married with two kids of her own, the chance for time away with her husband was too good to pass up. >> sometimes you have to escape with her children, right? >> absolutely. it's the clubs, get out the evening wear. >> you were thinking it would be just like the one you were on when you were a little girl? >> yes, i did. >> and at first, it feels. the sun, the teeming buffet, the nightly stage shows, comedy, music, magic. robin bulkman was one of the magicians onboard. so tell me about the kind of magic you do. >> i'll show you a little trick. >> hey, that's good. but suddenly the magic of the trip vanished. the weather returned. the oceanos turned out of cape town through an ugly sea. >> couldn't believe the size of the waves. it's very scary to watch. >> as it retraced the r
Jan 3, 2016 10:00pm PST
, another former client of paige's. george. >> he was that obsessive kind of person. he would have had the potential, if he was drinking or on drugs, to hurt somebody. >> megan napper's ex-husband was his friend and business partner. so megan got to know him. he was friendly and upbeat at first, said megan, but pretty soon -- >> you get to the point where you don't want to be around him because you're afraid that something could happen. >> like jones, he had no solid alibi. he was in town when he called paige over and over again, 19 times the day she disappeared, last time at 8:13 p.m. two days later, he suddenly showed up at megan's doorstep. >> george came to our house in a panic and said that the reason why he hadn't talked to us recently and the reason why we hadn't seen him or been in contact was because his family had been beheaded on the semi. >> beheaded? >> beheaded. the biggest story ever. this big, big, giant explosion of a story that was so catastrophic that he knew would get me. >> sure. >> to jump in and just be, like, oh, what do you need? i'll do anything for you. >> so you
Feb 12, 2016 10:00pm PST
supposed to be leaning? no, george. oh, i guess they fixed it. so how have things been here? oh, you know, same as usual. nothing ever changes around here. last week, i was telling my friend dutch-- did i know dutch before you left? um... dutch? i guess i didn't. well, you've got to meet him. he's the funniest guy in vermont. and i'm not the only one who says so. you should have seen him at the party. - the party? - oh, yeah. you missed that, too. well, it was some wild party, and dutch was the life of it. he was doing this one thing to everybody at the party. - oh, look at that. - what? [vocalizes] that's what he was doing. boy, this inn was rocking with laughter. the party was here? who gave the party? well, i guess, in a way, you did. no, we didn't. we were in europe. well, yeah, but kirk said if you had been here, you would have wanted to give him and cindy a going-away party. kirk and cindy are gone? you know, now that i think about it, things did change. dick! joanna! you're back! oh, hi! hello, mr. world traveler, and mrs. w.t. how was gay paris? who cares? all i want to know
Nov 26, 2012 2:00am PST
friend named george solomon in moon lake about an hour to the north. >> he did, in fact, go up to where george solomon was staying with his girlfriend. this was confirmed with interviews with george and george's girlfriend. george gave up a timeline that was consistent with what permenter gave us. >> tim's story about the night of the murder checked out. he even voluntarily came clean on something from the start. he had a record. he'd done time. >> now, early on in your life you get involved in trouble. what was going on with you? >> i was running an escort service. and got stupid. started it up small, basically. running an ad out of a newspaper. getting a small office and it expanded from there. it ballooned. >> what kind of money were you taking per week? >> i was grossing $6,000 to $7,000 a day? >> a day? >> yes. >> and you're how old? >> 20. why go to school when i'm making this kind of money? >> why go straight? >> yes, sir. >> and it ended up in a gun fight? >> yes, sir. >> he was worried he'd be painted as a bad guy right away because of his past. he promised to cooperate in ever
Nov 16, 2015 2:05am EST
" with george clooney. looking forward to that. >> a lot of eye candy in that film. jennifer lawrence is kicking off the holiday season with the last "hunger games." and it looks like she might end with one of the year's best movies. >> that would be joy. i mean, "hunger games" is going to make a killing at the box office. but the movie i'm looking forward to is "joy." lawrence plays the matriarch of a family and a business dynasty and it's like an epic coming of age story involving betrayal, loss of innocence. the real kicker here is that it's from david o. russell, who directed jennifer lawrence to her oscar-winning performance in "silver linings playbook." and she gets to co-star with bradley cooper for the fourth time. >> she's like the new julia roberts. >> she's -- yeah. she really is. >> wow. and director quentin tarantino, who i love, is back with his ninth movie "the hateful 8." >> the -- ninth movie, "the hateful 8." nothing says christmas day like a violent quentin tarantino film. this seems leek a real kicker. takes place after the civil war. a bunch of bounty hunters find
Apr 18, 2015 10:00pm PDT
said that after visiting karen that evening he spent the night with a friend named george solomon at moon lake about an hour from the north. >> and he did go up to stay with george solomon and this is confirm ed confirmed with interviews with george and george's girlfriend. george gave us a time line that was consistent with what permenter gave us. >> reporter: so tim's story of the night of the murder checked out, and he voluntarily came clean with something from the start. he had a record, and he'd done time. >> and early on in life you got in trouble. what were you doing? >> i was running an escort service, and i got stupid and i started it up small basically running an ad out of the newspaper, getting a small office and it just expand eded from there, and ballooned. >> what kind of money were you pulling down a week. >> i was grossing $6,000 to $7,000 a day. >> reporter: and you are how old? >> about 20. that is the trap why go to school when you make that kind of money. >> reporter: and that is the trap. and ended up in a gun fight? >> yes. >> reporter: and tim was worried that
Jun 17, 2011 10:00pm PDT
who moved from ohio to florida when their two children were young. cindy worked as a nurse. george had been a sheriff's deputy who worked in security. they settled into an orlando subdivision where their home on hopespring drive was a model of manicured manicured suburbia. manicured suburbia. she was bringing up baby as her parents told "dateline" in 2008. >> she's a very strong mother. she's always took care of her daughter, made her very smart, i think very attentive for her age. >> the young mom got life line support from her parents. with no dad in the picture or on the birth records, she lived at home. when she'd gotten pregnant at 18, family friends would look back later and think it strange that no one in the anthony household would acknowledge, even seven months on, that casey was having a baby. correspondent and former prosecutor beth karas is covering the case for the trutv network. >> cindy's a nurse and denied it. she said, she's just bloated. >> true crime writer, host on investigation discovery, thinks that's the case. >> the fact that their daughter would be pregnant
Sep 9, 2010 10:00pm PDT
and victims have been telling us about, to tom sinkovitz, to george kiriyama, people thought perhaps it was an earth quake or a plane going down. pg & e has confirmed it was a ruptured gas line. this is stringer video shot earlier today of when this all started to happen just about 6:00, right after 6:00 this evening when a lot of folks were home with their kids just sitting down for dinner, and all of a sudden, mayhem broke out. >> the descriptions of people have been amazing. they've been saying it felt like the end of the world. another man said it was horrendously hot. everyone describing this ball of fire that suddenly erupted right before their very eyes. we've heard, we saw a young mother earlier pregnant, eight months pregnant running out of her house with three children. you saw an elderly gentleman who grabbed his two dogs. he said the most precious thing in his life. he'd just run and went. then we heard from bob pelligrini, watching the football game when they heard the earth rumble beneath them and then all of a sudden saw a wall of fire right outside their homes
Sep 5, 2011 3:05am EDT
his former boss. president george w. bush. here's nbc correspondent jamie gangel. >> this is going to make a lot of people angry. >> there are going to be heads exploding all over washington. >> he may be laughing but he's not kidding. if you're looking for dick cheney to back down, apologize, pull punches, you've come to the wrong place. >> you don't give an inch. correct? >> basically correct, yes. >> whatever you think of him, here's earned these superlatives. the most powerful vice president in history. one of the most experienced. probably the most controversial. in your view, we should still be using enhanced interrogation? >> yes. >> should we still be waterboarding terror suspects? >> i would strongly support using it again if we had a high-value detainee and that was the only way we could get limb to talk. >> people call it torture. you think it should still be a tool? >> yes. >> secret prisons. >> yes. >> wiretapping. >> well, with the right approval. >> you say it is one of the things are you proudest of and you would do it again in a heartbeat. >> it was controversial a
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