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Feb 25, 2017 7:00pm EST
to live with him. i feel sorry for the great wall of china that it had to be in a movie with him. i really -- i have a lot of sympathy for that guy. i'm praying for him right now. give me one second. >> well, we don't have much time, so make it quick. >> okay. that's it. >> you're good now? >> crews are also busy getting the dolby theater ready for the big night. the oscar set will include over 300,000 swarovski crystals and backstage a 1,000 square foot green room sponsored by rolex. the producers hope this year's broadcast will connect with the viewers. >> we kind of think everything should either be funny or emotional. so we're trying to mix it with love of movies and inspiring you to remember what you love about film. >> the movies are a great reminder of you come together with 300 people in the dark and laugh at the same thing. you're not so alone. that >> of course we'll have more oscar coverage straight ahead. >> now can i bust a move like nominee ryan gosling? i got a lesson from "la la land" cor reographer. our academy awards flashback with the expectant star. >> hold on. d
Aug 29, 2015 7:00pm EDT
, hundreds of hd channels, and unlimited calling to the u.s., puerto rico, canada, mexico, china and india. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card [000:57:50;00]
May 30, 2016 12:05am EDT
expectedly, it's shooting entirely in china. it has a monster budget of reportedly $135 million, the most expensive film ever shot there. >> that's saying a lot, by the way. >>> up next, we're on the set of the new "star trek" movie with chris pine and the staff giving us behind the scenes detail. >> this is a secret that everybody may not know about. >>> and meet the hot new ben hur. what he told us about the pressures of taking over charlton heston's classic role. >>> fire at will! do it, do it. >> check out "star trek." it sought july 22nd. it's the 13th film in this franchise. >> incredible. >> pretty amazing. it's also the third film in the rebooted series. and one of the big films to watch out this summer no doubt. >> and "e.t." was as always first on the trip. from kevin frazier's trip there, just walking on the star ship enterprise can get to your head. >> "e.t." is first on the set of "star trek beyond". >> who is the captain now? >> that would be chris pine. >> the set is so enormous. >> what kind of new things are we going to see on the enterprise? >> this is new. i haven'
May 22, 2016 2:00pm EDT
new york from china, and they were sewing it because it was too big and fixing it. and i had nothing to wear underneath it. and i thought that was little crazy. you know, this emerald ring is stunning. >> that emerald ring, $5 million. and on loan from her party host jeweller. kim arrived on a private jet, but flew home commercial. check her out, forced to go through tsa just like the rest of us. you posted a lot about your weight loss. >> i'm a few pounds still to go. but i want to be before prebaby, like five years ago. so in that i still have 15 to go. >> also, in cannes, dionne warwick head up the association event on monday promoting a new biopic. >> what can you tell us about it? >> well, it's about me. >> is it about your whole life or just a period? >> no, it's a period. >> what period? >> 1952 up to and through 1968. >> earlier, ms. warwick had announced lady gaga had a part in the movie as sela black, her musical millenninemesis, but sh doesn't. gaga's camp quickly released he she is not in the project. >> yes, yes, on the plane. lots of crying children. >> we don't like th
Jun 24, 2017 9:00pm PDT
? >> you are a little miss globe trotting jet setter. you've been to shanghai, china, london. >> we're going to go to brazil. we're going to go to miami. >> are you loving being on this tour, or are you ready to get home and relax a little? >> i mean i always want to be home. i'm a home body, but this is a great opportunity. >> i've been following your fashion choices. you've done long hair, short hair. what's the vibe we're going to see tonight? >> i don't know. i think since i just got a little fresh new haircut, i'm going to rock this one. >> the teen definitely slayed it later looking all grown up in her marchesa gown. >> i was just a normal kid when my world fell apart. >> isabella's world in real life as a normal kid is probably no more thanks to all the transformers excitement. pretty sensational for the cleveland native who turns 16 next month. >> how are you planning to celebrate your 16th birthday? >> hopefully relaxing, the opposite of what usually 16-year-olds are doing at their birthday parties. you know, i kind of want to just relax and sleep a whole entire day.
Jun 14, 2017 7:30pm EDT
right, after the break, we're going halfway around the world to china to hang with the stars at the new trans > >>> tomorrow on "e.t." -- want to party like scarlett johansson. >> was this the best bachelorette party you guys have ever been to? >> it was. >> the stars of "rough night" tell "e.t." how to throw the ultimate bachelorette party. >>> plus, behind the scenes with mark wahlberg and josh duhamel. >> transformers 5, baby. >> as a dad getting to show my son i'm in this movie is a big deal. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >>> that is josh duhamel at the china premiere of the news transformers. >> i think michael outdid himself. he really did. this one is bigger and more of a spectacle than i have ever seen. >> look at the size of this event. >> it was held in china's olympic park. >> josh co-stars in the movie with mark wahlberg and mark couldn't make it there. i'm flying to london to hang out with those two guys at their global premiere. should be a loft fun. if you think what happened in china was big wait until you see what goes down in london. i'll have that for you on friday. when
Dec 26, 2015 12:00am PST
' next big test is china. >> when we the china numbers is when we'll see how movie will go. >>> toy story can't those action on the shelf. the final numbers aren't in. between $3 billion and $5 billion in merchandise sales. just for 2015. we got john boreaction to his own figure. >> how do you think theydid? >> they have done good. looks fantastic. gorgeous, gorgeous skin. >> star wars' new hero is actually quite a collector. >> to get my han solo action figure to get signed by harrison himself. presented it to him ha and he's like, all right. >> we got the sit down with the entire cast of the movie both mark and carrie lost weight for roles. carrie told me she was the one who insisted she slim d no one weight. i forced them to m >> you did? >> make me lose weight. how has relationship with her brother changed? >> probably sick of eac other. probably competitive. you have more force than i do, what's with that? >> oh, yeah. doubt that it will become one of the highest grossing movies ever. >>> now, let's turn a movie that just hit the today. will smith stars in t sports drama "concu
Dec 29, 2015 12:00am PST
miranda rescued dogs we thought she could see whether a fur comes from a mink, a dog or animal from china, the animals are all the same and didn't want to die. >> i got married. >> carson and his wife had been together for three years. >> what -- one more wedding to mention. look at these gorgeous shots in the snow. richard marks and daisy f daisy got married. congratulations to them. >>> it is war for some famous actors. >> madonna and guy ritchey are battling over who gets custody of their 15-year-old son, rocco. rocco just blew off his mom for christmas. madonna went to court on december 23rd where a judge ordered rocco to return to his mom's home in new york before school resumes in january. reportedly, the 15-year-old was staying in london with his dad, guy ritchey, and refused to come home for christmas. the story claims madonna and rocco aren't getting along at the moment. he did post this video skateboarding around london to instagram. >>> moving on, "star wars: the force awakens" lands in shanghai. >> first time in china. yeah, it looks good. >> the movie opens in china on januar
Aug 17, 2016 7:00pm EDT
china were saying long hair, don't care. yesterday matt snapped a selfies at "jason bourne's" beijing premiere and with the ponytail he and co-star alicia vikander were totally twinning. >> hopefully it will find a big audience in china. >> he's talking about his movie, in the back look isn't new. damon donned the man bun in beijing last year causing the internet to wig out. matt damon's ponytail had its own twitter account. after the mane event yesterday came this tweet, i'm back. before you tear your hair out thinking he's gone full orlando bloom, jared lehto or chris hemsworth. this bun is for a role. >> it's hair extensions. there's 700 hair extensions. in. i have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughters. >> for his new movie "the great wall." matt's doing reshoots for the film back in china and damon's no stranger to changing up his look for a role. here's what he told us after "bourne." if the movie starts and you look like you've been living well, don't have a movie. >> the best thing i got from that is he totally understands hair issues now. about that. >> w
Jan 26, 2016 7:30pm EST
that's okay, she just better be fair. >> if trump says that he's going to make china be fair on trade, he seems profoundly petrified of megan kelley. should not be allowed moderate the debate. >> who even heard of her before th debate? >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> what i say is what i say. and honestly, megan, if you don't like it, i'm sorry, i have been very nice to yo although i could probably not be based on the way you have been of me. >> if somebody says something outlandish, you're probably not doing your job if you don't call them out on it. >> fox news is standing by her saying, sooner or later donald trump if he gets to be president h to learn he doesn't get to pick the journalist. attack? ratings. >> it's unpredictable, it's megan is going to say, we don know what trump's going to say, so for that reason, people are going to tune i >> kelly said of trump, that he as -- h called from time to time to complement a segment. i didn't know why he was doing that and then when he announced that he was running for president, it became
Nov 25, 2016 1:05am MST
still together. tyga used to be engaged to black china and she is?:?=??7 engaged and they are parents to baby dream. their sol kid's table with north and mason and reign. it's kendall who will be the in the doghouse after she barbed >> here is a family who has been counting the days to the holidays. they will have o doerable baby luna and she has been tooking?op a storm. that's topping my tuna casserole. >> she is all about the homemade comfort food. one look will leave you feeling hungry. knowsow to eak it off. badd, sweet treats. >> iqw lng for he cookg, gover to kate meatbal a you?d washed yos? not just abo cookin up?(he?ate the words to can stoth feelg. i feel like i'm?p that guy who bragging on his kid, but he is he?a?h?7proud.:'.s hearing davi. ?kli girl. my children?"? ually but i'm stricrith the me i trouble with my w when e asked for z?w children back home. >> kid ther. and she went not only halloween 's a wk. i am sweing ofe??music???h?g crazy. the rock is not the onl reon?) we?u?$m want you t meet the n talent sheas one of e most beautifutoronounceit. parve e4ymoing of the!u w
Apr 20, 2016 1:37am EDT
black china including why he always wears the same outfit. >> how often do you change? >> here's an even bigger reveal. >> i take uber daily. >> and then rob broke the the reason his middle of the night drive to texas in january to bail blac china out of jail when she was busted for intoxication and ecstasy possessio >> i don't think i should say. >> but rob, if you're not allowed to drive, why did we see you behind the wheel last week? >> totally busted. >> he's a kardashian. he doesn't care. laws, what do laws me an. >> but they realize they're going to be on camera. >> no they don't think it through. they''e not thinking it through that far nancy. up next what you never knew about taylor her insecurities, her secret nickname and the calvin keepsake we found hidden around her beverly hills home. >> that is it. ♪ try your favorite ranch with a fresh taste so crisp, you'll be surprised it doesn't crunch. hidden valley cucumber ranch. just one of our delicious ranch flavors. expensive are the sandals. >> why in the world is this supe
Jul 5, 2017 1:37am EDT
. with kim jung un make a deal. but we need china. and china is not stepping up. and i think the president is right to jab them a little bit with initiatives. that, that, stir them up. that stir the chinese up. if they really want to help, they can do it. >> former u.s. ambassador, bill richardson. mr. ambassador, thank for your time. >> thank you, elaine. >>> containing north korea is one of many issues likely to come up when president trump meets russia's vladamir putin friday at g-20 summit in germany. the two leaders are expected to discuss syria. there its no indication that russian meddling in the 2016 u.s. election will be discussed. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
Dec 28, 2015 6:30pm CST
wawa: the force awakens" lands in shanghai. >> first time in china. yeah, it looks good. >> the movie opens in china on january y h. the critical weekend if "star wars" will break the all-time record set by "avatar." if the the force awakens just broke $1 billion at the box office, the fastest film in history to get there, taking just 12 days. >>> finally, a scary on-air moment for cnn anchor poppy harlow. watch as she starts slurring her words during a segment. quite a -- quite a turn around in -- she passed out while live on the air thihi morning. harlow announced she was pregnant last month. after the break she explains. >> i got a little hot and i passed out for a moment. i am fine. we're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back. >> i was watching and it was very scary. poppy is a good friend of mine from my cnn days and she did tell me she is home fm the hospital and the baby is totally fine. we are so glad to hear that. by the way, poppy's having a baby girl. >>> time for our look back at the stars we lost in 2015 and the special time that they spent with "e.t." we begin
Nov 9, 2017 1:30am PST
look from halloween? well, the met gala always has a theme -- china, punk, technology. this year, it's catholicism. so we can expect amal to do her research and arrive dressed to impress. three, amal's date is the perfect accessory. we're talking about you, george. you were carrying her train up the stairs. >> well, i don't want to trip over it. that would be a bad husband thing to do. >> reporter: it's a very gentlemanly thing to do, suspect it? >> he's the perfect gentleman. ♪ this is what you came for >> reporter: rihanna is co-chair with amal. riri has attended the gala seven times and performed twice. and we think it's kind of ironic that she stars in "oceans 8" where one storyline is that she, sandra bullock, cate blanchett, and company pull off a jewelry heist on the night of the met. ♪ i like it like it >> well, i guess if you're going plan a jewel heist, doing it at the met gala would be the place. >> or show them off. >> a little bit of both. >>> now to another fashionable mama. kate middleton. she showed off her baby bump at a gala dinner in london last night. i love tha
Jun 17, 2017 12:45am PDT
this last film up until the day before the premiere in china. of course, the global premiere in here in london on sunday. and we'll have everything that happens on monday. >>> nicole scherzinger, making her acting debut as a dancing instructor in "dirty dancing." >> we have an interview with you guys from 2004. >> yes! >> we had just finished a song, on shall we dance. >> oh. that was so long ago. >> 2004? >> how do you feel seeing this? >> wow. >> i'm so sad for my bangs. >> we go way back with the pussycat dolls. to 1996, when other stars were making guest appearances. who was the best dancer? >> cameron. >> i think gwen stefani as well. ♪ don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me ♪ >> by 2005, they had morphed into a chart-topping act. now, the choreographer responsible for the group has another passion. her new dance studio, playground l.a. here, they will teach you how to move like a pussycat doll. >> hopefully the women who leave her today feel good about themselves, feel confident and empowered. >> well, the studio is also where some of the "dancing with the star
Feb 2, 2016 7:30pm EST
following his return to l.a. after allegedly texas to pick up b china from jail. she was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance. and kardashians are worried about his new fiance. blac chyna is date e-she told us last month she was looking after rob. >> rob is back at the house, m only hope is that maybe this health scare is a wakeupcall. >> rob did instagram a workout photo thursday rite around the same time that speculated that kloe kicked him out of her house due to his new relationship. that was just arumor. and we're getting a look dmds the mansions of kl >> it used to be two bedroom suites and i think totals up into this astronomic >> i's million dollar decorator only showed "e.t" how kardashian. >>kloe's house is more about fantasy and comfort. it's a sil'sou, t and and >>two,hr. thank you. meanwhile, mom to thr kourtney keep mo modern facer kids to lounge can comfortably. and outside on this --around the corner from each other in a private calabasas, california encleave. kourtney purchased her home from key shan jackson. about a mo later, kloe bought this
Feb 24, 2017 1:37am EST
sorry of the great wall of china that had to be in a movie with him. i have a lot of sympathy for that guy, i am praying for him right now. >> can you give me a second? >> no, we don't have much time. >> pretty list maybe embarrassed for the person who wrote my lines. the only problem is she's also his pregnant wife. so i am sure in the back of her head that she's worried that something may happen. >> next thing to do is make the ka kids proud. >> 2-year-old daughter jane would be at home. she would not understand why she could not get on stage. >> that could make great tfv. >> try not to get pranked by your wife again. >> safe to say this would be a bad time for rihanna or brittany to come wake you up in your bedroom at night. >> when that happens, goi to sleep the next three nights in a row that beyonce may step on my head at 4:00 a.m. jimmy will knock the ball out on this sunday. >> some of the biggest names in hollywood. to a certain point i always get kicked out. this year not before i had a chance to talk to viola davis. >> you are clearly the front runner. before you said that,
Nov 25, 2016 12:45am PST
bring cory campbell. two years and they are still together. tyga used to be engaged to black china and she is engaged to hob and they are parents to baby dream. their son will go down to the kid's table with north and mason and reign. it's kendall who will be the in the doghouse after she barbed her niece's and nephews name. >> dream, north, and saint. rank the baby names from best to worst. >> i like north. >> north is best? >> which do you hate? >> north saint dream. >> here is a family who has been counting the days to the holidays. they will have o doerable baby luna and she has been tooking up a storm. that's topping my tuna casserole. >> she is all about the homemade comfort food. one look will leave you feeling hungry. she is not writing break up tunes, taylor swift knows how to break it off. no bad blood, just a lot of sweet treats. >> if you are looking for home cooking, go over to kate hudson. >> meatballs and past a. >> the mouth watering meals and the secret to success is keeping the kitchen organized. >> it's faster and pleasurable. >> her son helped with the cooking and e
Feb 24, 2016 7:30pm PST
over the world to celine. no exaggeratio i talked to people from china, scot australia, brazil, canada, from everywhere. and i c you this, one thing clear to all of us in the coliseum is this is not just a performance. definitely a transformative moment in celine dion's life. >> no doubt about right? such a song lady. >> pretty special to be here. >> somebody else strong and having a transformed at this moment. erin andrews $75 million lawsuit filed against the national mariott at vanderbilt university an emotional turn today. her father took the stand and broke down in tears. >> a distraught steven andrews testified his his daughter erin looked on c suing the national mariott at vanderbilt university because she claimed in 2008 empl there allege lid gave michael david barrett, a man later jailed for stalkingandrews, her room number, 1051. >> she was there and -- [ inaudible ] in the room next to her and he is up next the door videotaping my daughter. she is undressed. she didn't know anybody was at the door. [ inaudible ] >> erin continues to wipe away tears as her dad talks a
Nov 17, 2016 9:30pm PST
around the world. it is president-elect donald trump. >> this is a bird in china, looks a little bit like trump thanks to his golden here. the five-year-old bird called little red has been attracting visitors to this part. now they are looking at it for another reason for chinese online and it has taken off like crazy for the person in charge of the birds of the birds eye expressions are similar to the united states president-elect. >>anchor: never seen that kind edwards explains it.t. of a new hope. that is essentially our moving. >> the death star. a terrible weapon. >> through their journey we see the formation of the rebel alliance and the death star plans. >> everyone not willing to leave it behind? now is your chance to speak up. than your average droid. >> that is a bad idea. >> rogue one pays homage to the o ridge nah will recreating it, like this and worth of princess leah's legacy. >> at the heart there is a star. >> it was a flight. >> how many do we need? >> and as for speculation that felicity's character jim might be related to david ridley's character ray from epis
Jan 18, 2016 7:30pm EST
that turned hollywood boulevard into china town and angelina jolie turned the premiere into a family affair. >> talk a little bit about what it means to have your kids be part of this. >> it's going to be the first time they see it so they're all very excited and getting dressinged right now. >> five of angelina's kids came later to watch the movie. son maddox was not there. the massive premiere shut down hollywood boulevard. co-stars kate hudson and jack black walked the red carpet with their sons. how cool are you? >> i'm weirdly not cool to them but i think that's just the natural way of fatherhood. no kid can think their dad is cool. >> or maybe it's just jack. kate doesn't seem to have that problem with her son rider. >> i'm pretty proud of her. it's really cool. ula, wor da t otpei.jaki oi there was another big premiere w rheievi f>d in n yka e tw at h ye nicememr em. >>s son james told us his favorite memory of his dad and david. >> the dancing in the street video which is hilarious. whenever i'm feeling blue, i'll just google dancing in the street and it makes me laugh. so '8
Sep 26, 2015 7:00pm PDT
time to china beach. i think at this time you were pregnant. i think pregnant -- >> yeah. >> at the emmys? >> before emmys. >> you conceal pregnancy, you are always holding something in front of you. eventually everyone knows and it is kind of a joke, you're trying to hide the fact you're pregnant. >> so matter of fact. what a strange comment. >> and then you win an emmy. for "china beach." you were pregnant, is that right? >> yes. eight months pregnant. >> still hiding the belly. still hiding the belly. >> csi, literally like a who's who of hollywood. what are some of the standouts for you? >> well since she just won an emmy, viola davis. dakota fanning when she was five years old. big blue eyees. and people in the music industry. taylor swift. >> i'm fan of the show. my favorite show. i see every episode every season. >> her first acting job. >> yes. >> since she was -- i think 16 maybe. i think. >> and justin bieber was on the show, still in his blonde hair -- >> he was 15, i think. >> 15 years old. i saw some interviews with you afterward where you were like, he was a little tri
Oct 27, 2016 7:30pm PDT
weekkjames lostt $600 million on a failed business deal in china. on top of that, 11 of his employees haveebeen detained for alleged gambling crimes. >> i'm so exhausted. ♪ >> drama. >>> yes, there is. while mariah's situation has taken center stage behind closed divorce. we have been in front of the story since day one. here is the latestt-- "e.t." has learned thattneither brand nor the children ave been seen at pitt's los angeles home since the alleged airplane incident in september. it has been very quiet at the home. another source close to the situation says that brad only wants to do what's best for the children, and that's not fighting that's in the public press. also problematic, fighting in open courtt-- >> it's best ffr the children to stay out of court and to handle this ii house. >> any results of an investigation of alleged child abuse could potentially be made public, and why is this dcfs investigation taking so long? they typically last no more than 30 days. but in this case there'ssbeen an extension. perhaps because here the whole world is watching. >> no one person
Oct 28, 2015 6:30pm CDT
world is mariah carey. there they is in china with her boyfriend at the opening of his new multibillion dollar casino. before she let the states, she sat down. >> calling t shots, dregting on the set of her new christmas movie. >> it was a lo for him. >> kids. >> they have no filter and say anything. >> and embracing her inner diva. >> i'll still be a diva in certain ways. >> that's tomorrow. >> only on etee"e.t." >> i think mariah the word "diva." >>yes, she does. >>> we're flashing back to 2005's guy matthew mcconaughey. >> plus secrets fromtomorrow's we're on the set with davis. >> it's getting completely and totally insane. >> that's next. by -- . >>> starting tomorrow, "e.t." celebrates 35 years of making entertainment history. >> generations have grown up with this as their source of information. >> our look back with mary hart. >> the stars, the stories, the moments that made histor broke our hearts and made us soar. >> there's the kiss. >> "e always there. >> 35 years. wow, do we have lot to be proud of. >> celebrating the icons. >> never stop dreaming a hoping and wanting to be
Jun 27, 2016 7:00pm EDT
. >> we really, really do. >> earlier at her caesars's palace residency, she brought black china up on stage during "touch my body" where the mom-to-be was blind folded and treated to a sexy surprise. rob kardashian was nowhere in sight. >> they don't know what to do. >> i think mariah's already thinking about herrhoneymoon. that's what's going on there. she's got to get married first. she said she wants to marry james packer this year but her divorce from nick isn't final yet. i'm predicting 2017. >> it's a fair prediction. >> taylor swift and tom pendleton aren't wasting any time with their new romance. >> they aren't and they are not keeping anything secret. taylor passed the first big hurdle. you know what it is, meeting the parents. jennifer has all the details in tonight's "summer loving report." >> after tom met taylor's parents, they hopped on a & diana. it looked like something out of a taylor swift music video. this is something new for tom who has been private with his personal life up until right now. -p>> the two flew to suffolk on the east coast of england for the family
Sep 1, 2016 6:30pm CDT
brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while >>> come with me if you want to live. >> this year marks the 25th anniversary of "terminator 2: judgment day." and now he's back. well not arnold, but his son, joseph, who looks just like his dad. ?? >> the resemblance, uncanny. >> their similarities? striking. arnold's son, joseph, recreating his dad's "terminator 2: judgment day" scene. shot by shot. >> can't let you talk the man's wheels, son. >> let's get off before i have to put you down. trademark terminator death glare. joseph is the son that arnold had outside of his marriage with marchia arnold has maintained a close relationship with joseph who turns 19 next month. the pair hung out together on bikes at the famous muscle beach, joseph taking workout tips from dad. >> judging from might want to think about starring in the next "terminator" film. crazy how much those two look alike. joseph plans on
Dec 21, 2015 7:00pm EST
would be gigantic. >> "avatar" holds the record. "star wars" global take is $529 million so far. china. disney must be breathing a of relief. because they have very ambitious goals of one film every year for the next six seven years. >> we all have a message for all you "e.t." viewers. >> ready? >> may the force be with >> long time "star wars" fans donnie and marie took a break from the concert tour to celebrate opening night with their most devoted fans. they rented out the theater and won over new fans. >> you know who donn marie are now, don't you? >> yes. >> who are we? >> this is princess leia and luke. >> she's not that far off. donnie and marie did play luke and princess leia when they were part of the marketing campaign for the v first "star wars." >> little did we know we were dancing with characters that were about to change the world. >> let's move on to the special beauty edition of "e.t." >> is that why we're going to cameron now here with a super model and a mom and s businesswoman with a new book and a look back at her amagz career. i have to get over cindy first. >> th
Oct 29, 2015 12:00am PDT
star who has been jetting all over the world is mariah carey. there she in china with boyfriend at the opening of his new multibillion dollar casino. before she let the states, she sat down with cameron matheson for an "e.t." exclusive. >> this is like a dream come true. >> mariah calling the shots, directing on the set her new christmas movie. >> a new start for me really. >> it was a lot for him. >> kids. >> they have no filter and will say anything. >> and embracing her inner diva. >> i'll still be a diva in certain ways. >> that's tomorrow. >> only on "e.t." >> i think mariah owns the w "diva." >> yes, she does. it's all hers. >>> still to tonight, before we find out who "people's" sexiest man alive is for 2015, we're flashing back to 2005's guy matthew mcconaughey >> plus secrets from tomorrow's "how to get away with murder." we're on the set with viola davis. >> it's getting completely and totally insane. >> that's next. >>> closed captioning provided by -- they gave you nourished ir, anbett color, but you wa mor.. too negarnr nutrse. now wi 2x e nourhingower plusvoca, olivan
Nov 24, 2016 7:30pm EST
... anything happen in school today? yeah. china paul dropped his bacon-and-tomato sandwich on the playground. after it got stepped on a few times. stepped on? didn't anybody see it lying there? we all did. we took turns jumping on it. oh, opie! oh, yeah! there was something else real good. mr. upchurch stopped by and told the class that he's going to give away a prize for the best essay on the battle of mayberry and he's going to print it in the newspaper. that ought to be real interesting to write about. especially since you have an ancestor who was one of the heroes of that battle. i do? colonel carlton taylor. a colonel! wow! according to your great-grandfather, he was an officer-- we're not sure if he was a colonel. andy, i'm sure i heard he was a colonel. and it wasn't a real army. it was a militia that got together to protect the settlement. a militia, huh? yeah. it was a great page in history that all of us in mayberry can be proud of. glorious page. when you going to start writing? i don't know. it won't take me very long. cts. that was a mighty important battle. you can't
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