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Sep 6, 2014 5:35pm EDT
workers, 15 or 20 bucks an hour, you can go to china, hire people for a buck or $2 an hour. i'm proud to tell you i have never voted for one of these trade agreements, and i am right. [applause] now, to understand the american economy today, you can capsulize it in one way. the largest private-sector employer was general motors, and they produced real products, automobiles. they work with good unions like the uaw. they paid their workers good wages and good benefits. that was the american economy then. today, the largest private-sector employer in america is walmart. walmart pays wages that are so low that the people in this room end up subsidizing walmart because many of their workers cannot make it on the wages they receive and they have to go on medicaid, food stamps, and affordable housing paid for the government. the owner of walmart is the walton family, the largest, the most wealthy family in america. in my view, the wealthiest family in america does not need welfare from the middle class in this country. let them pay their workers a living wage. [applause] in terms of education,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1