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Dec 20, 2009 10:00am EST
be home for christmas. we have a responsibility to deal with the issue. china, one of our great competitors in the world is taking the green leap forward, as they say. they're committing themselves an energy efficient economy. they are building mpanies, even in the united states, that will make those products. will the uted states stand by the sidelines or be part of the leap forward? >> so that's a yes? >> we're going to move forward. i hope we can get it done in the coming year. >> neither the president or secretary of state can go to copenhagen and make large commitments without senate confirmation or ratification. as a result, the senate will have to act on this. there is not the support right now for that. my guess is, if it came to the senate today, there would not be a majority willing to support it. as one wag put it. by the way, china is among the group of countries that would be eligible. you borrow the money from china and then give the money to china, it doesn't make sense. >> thanks, gentlemen. hope you get home for christmas. >> i hope so, too. >>> coming up, our r
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1