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Apr 4, 2010 10:30am EDT
concerned about jobs because of china, the manipulation of currency by china. the obama administration had scheduled a semi annual report to congress on currency in which it was going to state whether or not the obama administration believes that currency is being manipulated. that report we learned this weekend will be delayed. is it going to be delayed because the obama administration needs china's cooperation on other things such as sanctions against iran? >> no. >> that's not the reason. >> it's being delayed because that's part of our international economic dialogue which is directed at supporting a crucial issue for jobs creation, doubling our level of exports and that depends on what other countries do. we've got three major meetings, a meeting of the g-20 finance ministers, our strategic dialogue that takes place every year with china and then the president's meeting building on the form he created in london, in pittsburgh last year of the g-20 countries. those are opportunities to engage with china to engage with other countries that have large trade surpluses, other countries who
Jun 6, 2010 10:30am EDT
chance to catch up to the rest of the world. china, india, japan, other countries are using american-designed technologies. the united states is missing a moment n until we begin to do something. since 9/11, we import more oil than we did before 9/11. it's insulting to common sense. we need to pass a comprehensive policy that prices carbon and moves america to the future so we can get into the marketplace. we'll have better health, better national security. increased ability to provide our own national energy policy. and we will create millions of jobs. >> senator cornyn, your response? >> there are parts of the bill that senator kerry and lieberman have introduced that i think are positive steps. the acknowledgment that we can't completely cut ourselves off from domestic sources of oil and gas. we need to explore nuclear power. where i disagree is that we need to tax the american consumer and the american business at a time when with an energy tax, a new energy tax, when unemployment is at 10%. if we do that, we'll kill a lot of jobs that currently exist. together with the moratoriu
Apr 11, 2010 10:00am EDT
new nuclear weapons. china will. russia will. you said when you were running for president in 2007 -- >> presidents should be very careful at all times in discussing the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons. presidents, since the cold war, have used nuclear deterrents to keep the peace, and i don't believe that any president should make any blanket statements with respect to the use or nonuse of nuclear weapons. >> did you change your mind? >> no, jake, because i think if you actually read the nuclear posture review, you make three conclusions. first, we intend to maintain a robust nuclear deterrent, let no one be mistaken. united states will defend ourselves and defend our partners and allies, we intend to sustain that nuclear deterrent by modernizing the existing stockpile. in fact we have $5 billion in this year's budget going into that very purpose. we believe, and this is a collective judgment from ts government, that is certainly shared by the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of energy and others along with the state department who worked on this nucl
Apr 18, 2010 10:30am EDT
leader to get china once again back at the negotiating table because that's the key to imposing tough sanctions are. what they call one of the big options, and last of many other options, but this week, the house and senate will sit down to try to henten that bill that they put together that will impose even more tougher sanctions on iran. i think at the end of the day the administration has to lay it out on the table. they said they'll do it in january, it's now april. i don't believe much activity is going on and this memo is a reminder that iran is proceeding to form that bon. >> i agree george's sanctions probably don't work. i don't think there's any possibility getting the sort of sanctions that might have some affect. i don't think the chinese will go along with the tough sanctions necessary. the interesting thing about what looks to me like a pressing engaged memo, he's right. there's not a whole lot of people that have an option that would work. the israelis think about taking out the facility. people will tell you, yeah, but there may not be one facility and if they do. the
Jun 20, 2010 10:00am EDT
beholden to china, for instance, this deficit we're running up is not insignificant. but if you're back home in my hometown of appleton, wisconsin, and you've just run out of a job, it's real significant to you. everyone's got an interest in this. >> well the "roundtable" will continue in the green room on we'll talk about the world cup there. and later on, you can also fact check the newsmakers courtesy of the politifact. coming up, "the sunday funnies." politifact. through good times and bad, when our clients' needs changed we changed to meet them. through the years, when some lost their way, we led the way with new ideas for the financial challenges we knew would lie ahead. this rock has never stood still. and there's one thing that will never change. we are, the rock you can rely on. prudential. >>> no mor >>> now in memoriam. >> oh, beautiful! >> try jimmy dean pure pork sausage and it might make every morning seem a little bit like this one. ♪ big john big bad john big john ♪ ♪ this week, the pentagon released the names of 17 service members killed i
Mar 21, 2010 11:00am EDT
having you on again. best of luck in the mission. >>> china controls the market of rare minerals. find out what that means for the u.s. pentagon next. >> china controls 90% of the rare mineral in the globe. the pentagon studied the problem for years, but alarms rang last year after china quadrupled the price for rare minerals. the obama administration developed a strategic plan to rare earth minerals. we have the ceo of molly corps. thank you for joining us, mark. >> thank you for having us here today. >> this is a critical issue. it is not something that developed overnight. the united states used to be a leader in the market. walk us through the market and how we were and china ended up and why are the minerals critical? >> molly corp has been in business for 57 years. we were founded in 1948 and produced in 1952. we were the largest and almost single producer in the world until china discovered rare minerals in their country in the late '70s and '80s. china has in a unique position and they began to pull those products or pull the ores out of the ground and process those produ
Oct 3, 2010 11:00am EDT
stance from china on territory questions. how does this pan out? >> i think we are headed for a long-term tense deterioration with our relationship with the chinese. part of it is the chinese are becoming more assertive. that is not the core issue. u.s. growth rate was 1.6%. 2/3 of our trade deficit is china. after 10 years, the entire political system of both parties are getting in line with the way china is doing trade. >> will chinabuildd up the defenses or is there cause for concern because china has a further reaching strategy? >> you spent a lot of time answering that question. >> this baffles china and this is the perception of the american decline. what do we do about this? >> we have a minute left. china takes the world supply. coming up with a report from the pentagon. what will it say? >> it will say the sky is not falling. we anticipate getting the materials for the next decade or so. it will contain an research and development strategy to help the manufacturing. >> this is a perfect example of the way china does trade. why is the united states no longer in the rail business?
Jan 17, 2010 11:00am EST
, why improving china's nations with taiwan is good for the united states. and a look at a small company viking to get innovative technologies into military service. >> good morning, welcome to this week in defense news. how do small companies get innovative technologies into military service? we'll talk to one of the companies. >>> plus, a look at the u.s. navy's newest high-tech ship. first, china's been making headlines this week. internet titan google is considering pulling the plug on its operations in the country, accusing chinese hackers of infiltrating the network. other companies include north rum grumman and beijing stepped up the campaign to stop washington from selling arms to taiwan. china and taiwan split after a 1949 civil war and china considering taiwan its territory and all relations with taiwan as an internal chinese matter and tested an antimissile defense system. joining us is bonnie glacier, a senior fellow and china expert at the center of strew tonalic international studies. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. >> we have the cyberattack issue. light talk
Dec 12, 2010 11:00am EST
of the big areas we need to look is china and the rise of their >>> we're back with my interview with representative randy forbes, the virginia republican who is expected to become the next chairman of the house armed serviced readiness committee. we've been talking about closing the joint forced command near his district. i asked him if it makes sense to give training to the joint forced command, giving the command a stronger purpose while improving jointness and saving money. >> one thing we know is that doesn't work. that's why we had to make sure to compel it takes place. and we recognize jointness is important. you know what the number one news story is when that was announced, it was the closure of the joint forces command and the advantage it would give their military. because they understand the ability of jointness. and if everything you've just said is correct, if that's the department's position, don't you think the department would be comfortable in coming out and saying we'll have our analysis up and let you attack it and see if it's correct because we're comfortable with
Nov 21, 2010 11:00am EST
back to june when the secretary of state was in hanoi and emphasize u.s. interest in the south china sea. this seemed to bother beijing and i think the other administration moves in asia, which continue moves that began under the second bush administration, have continued to do that. it reflects again as sort of the strategic level the post cold war search for a new balance on the part of the united states. part of that balance is the increasingly warm relationship with india as well as the post tsunami warming relationship with indonesia. again the world's largest islamic nation. >> right. taking a look at china's -- part of this opportunity -- the united states was handed this opportunity by a new assertiveness by beijing saying that south china sea belongs to us, getting into a scuffle with singapore and then most recently territorial waters dispute with japan that kind of blew up. china has advanced its interest across the region by keeping very, very quiet and low profile. what is driving the sudden assertiveness by beijing and how does that fit into the broader strategic priori
Aug 8, 2010 11:00am EDT
would agree the united states has a strategic interest in asia. you have a rapidly rising china. deploy it forward, how are we going to get the money if we don't have more money to field larger forces and origination? >> well there's only one way, we'll have to take the money out of other vision areas in order to focus more strongly on the western pacific. i don't know whether we will. china can grow at 10% a year for decades now. we produced no net new jobs in the united states over the last decade. >> we're a retreating power. it's just natural that china is going to grow influence in the western pacific. >> how many carriers isn't specific to that question-- >> kirk campbell used to say it was more about simply the cop on the beat, regularly see a freighter or destroyer in the region. china has had a rather dramatic military missile fluxing this week. indisputably its territory and all negotiations, territorial disputes should be negotiated bilaterally. we're going to stick to the multiliable framework. doesn't china, don't china's actions in the south china seat and the future that
Feb 6, 2010 5:30am EST
now minus one. tai shan born nearly five years ago at the washington zoo is heading back to china. he is on his way. tom sherwood was at the zoo for tai shan's final day. >> reporter: the popular panda was dwing a goodbye crowd wednesday. >> we have been so lucky to have him living here among us. >> reporter: everyone was trying to get the best angle, the one to remember as the panda spent his last minutes in the outdoor pen. >> i'm a freelance photographer. trying to get all the pictures i can get. >> reporter: there were silly panda hats. tilt your head down so we can see it. now make a noise like a panda. and a man with not one, but two panda pinky rings. >> i got them in singapore. >> reporter: one woman was here for her goodbye. >> i'm sad to see him go. >> reporter: late wednesday workmen began playing a path of plywood for his exit. the crowds lingered for a few last looks and memories. >> they can remember when he was the size of a butter stick. we came and saw him when he was young. they watched him grow up. unlike politics and the other things in d.c. tai shan is cute. >> ta
Jun 12, 2010 5:30am EDT
memorial from china to the u.s. tom sherwood reports. >> for months construction workers have been preparing the king memorial site. four-acre plot of land on the national mall across independence avenue from the washington monument. nestled in the corridor are the famous tidal basin. >> really a premier sight directly on the axis between the lincoln memorial and the jefferson memorial. on the edge of the tidal basin. >> reporter: and ed jackson is the executive architect for the king memorial due to open in the fall of 2011. but 1600 tons of statue including the principle stone of hope at king's likeness are right now stuck in china. that's because the world's economy forced greece to renege on the $250,000 prom toys use its shipping industry to deliver the material. >> we were given a gracious apology from the greeks and indicated to us that they could not fulfill the promise they had offered to us. we are well aware he was steeped in philosophy. and the greek philosophy as well. >> reporter: the ship was due in april. now memorial officials say that they will pay inform get it a
Mar 28, 2010 11:00am EDT
, is china with some of its land-based missiles to try to deny our units and ves sills operating within them. in resoent memo, there was a warning to the service leadership, that, look, the future budget environment, while the current budget environment looks good, the long term one can be challenging and major programs could be under pressure. at the same time, the navy is looking at expanded missions, for example, missile defense mission that goes beyond protecting the fleet but rather also protecting, you know, central europe, for example, as a key strategy. you want to increase striking power from submarines. bolstering any submarine and mine warfare. have you crafted a strategy that will be very, very difficult to resource against over the long-term? >> i think the strategy will be challenged by our resource constraints. everything we do, whether it's people, whether it's operations, whether it's procurement, all of those are growing at a rate greater than inflation. if the budget turns over and we have reduced resources, we're going to be challenged and we'll have to contin
Sep 12, 2010 11:00am EDT
capabilities. and we think that with the kinds of capabilities and systems being developed by china and other countries to interdict our commanding control capabilities, we're going to need future systems that are capable of independent operations. they're not dependent on a man backed in the control room and -- that doesn't mean that we don't want unmanned capabilities. in fact, unmanned decks is a very good idea because it has potential to increase the range and persistence of strike off carrier decks. >> and also gives a new relevance to the aircraft carrier when people are are looking at it as being a short legged platform. what is the importance of the bomber in the context of the nuclear review given the leading use of the u.s. bombers will be conventional strike? >> yes. the nuclear posh review has validated the nuclear trial. all three legs of the trial. c launch missiles and the bomber leg. but the fact of the matter is the current defense program of record, if it does not change, means that the air leg of the nuclear triad will age out and go away. today it consists of b-52's,
Apr 11, 2010 11:00am EDT
you're going to convince other nations to give up their arms. yet russia, china, france, and britain are looking at new generation nuclear weapons. north korea, one being a nuclear state and one moving toward there, how do you convince these nations that it is in their collective interests to give up weapons and verifying whatever reductions you agreed to? >> we don't see that as either a short-term possibility, or -- well, or desireability from the perspective of the nuclear weapons of our allies. we desire to create the conditions in which the states can long term eliminate these weapons. that is in the context of securing peace in these regions that are deeply troubled pchl the focus of this review and of the broader strategy is very much on the problems of north korea, states like iran, that are seeking nuclear weapons in violation of their treaty obligations, and in defiance of the international community. we need to strengthen the will of the international community and its capacities to deal with these challenges. if we can't deal effectively with the challenges of north korea
Sep 25, 2010 5:30am EDT
higr the sound. see what happens at our newsroom. now back to the mosquito and china down. they've got one installed right here in the llery place metro. the management company says this one is set so everybody can hear it. do you hear anything? >> yeah. >> reporter: that' what sound like? >> a beeping noise. >> reporter: does it make you want to get out of this place? >> yeah. is aggravating. aggravating. it's sort of piercing. it's really annoying. obnoxious. >> reporter: does it make you want to leave? >> it's -- yeah, it doesn't make me want to hang around here. >> reporter: but will the mosquito work? >> the young people are making so much noise, even though it's actually set in place to deter the young people, but the amount of noise that they're making overwhelms the sound. >> i hope it wos because there are too many teenager it's. >> too many teenagers here on a regular basis. >> reporter: overrun with teenagers. >> overrun with teenagers. >> you can barely make it to the escalator someme. the kids are everywhere. >> now pat says, he suggests blasting wayne newton at the ch
Aug 22, 2010 11:00am EDT
a larger navy and air force toe effectively deal with china's rise and changing issues that no one should suggest. overhauling military pay and benefits, how congress overseas the military and how the administration makes strategy. former navy secretary john lehman says it's time to test retireys. he enjoys free military health care even though he can afford high medical care on his own. it's the recent of several reports calling sweeping changes. cutting even fractionally the massive overhead budget could pay for a bigger navy and air force. congress add the administration must make these changes. thanks for joining us for this week in defense news. i'm vago muradian. watch this program
Feb 14, 2010 11:00am EST
checks. >> china, iran. >> yes, anti-access challenges that threaten our power. that comes in form of cyber and space, unmanned systems, electronic warfare, and other areas. so i think given that that is a long-term issue, rebalancing will require continued reassessment of exactly where we are going geopolitically in the realm of technology, operational concepts development. those who continue to affect how we balance for that wide range of missions the secretary spoke of. >> another criticism, was a sense that you guys started this process with not the white house really completing its overarching national security strategy, that you guys defaulted to the 2008 strategy instead of using an all new strategy. how do you respond to that and is there some stuff at work and flexibility to readjust with the white house coming out with the strategy downstream? >> there is no first-term quadrennial defense review ever preceded by a defense strategy. there is nothing unique going on. every time we do a qdr the bar seems to be raised in terms of what is required. i think we met that raised bar.
Jul 25, 2010 11:00am EDT
countries, china. we consider russia to be an emerging defense equipment supplier and we are looking closely at what it is they offer. we believe that they still trade very much on the basis of price. our policy has been to trade on the basis of quality and proven capability in operations. and we think that gives us a very strong edge in the competition to come. >>> how soon do you think before the chinese in particular end up in a position where they are a dominant threat? >> i think they are already a competitor. i think they have reach, ambition and needs. needs economically and they are a very, very powerful force in the development of energy security needs throughout the world. we see them already as having emerged. we still believe but the united kingdom as a supplier of tested equipment has a strong edge over the emerging suppliers. >>> let me take you to the question. you -- your charter is to increase exports. is your prime position to support an industry that employs 300,000 britains going to put you in a position to dodge cuts? >> that is not for us to decide. that is for
Jan 3, 2010 11:00am EST
nuclear program looms large. will it compel israel to use military force? in asia, china's rise to military prominence vexes the region as japan redefines its relationship with washington. and will the world's largest defense program the joint strike fighter stay on track for become the major effort to fall into a self-defeating effort of rising costs and slipping schedules. thanks for joining us in this week in defense news. i'm vago muradian. can you watch this on defense news or e-mail me at defense news have a great week.
Apr 4, 2010 11:00am EDT
china, to a russia to iran, but you also have non-state actor use in this. robotics are different than other technologies. they are not like using an aircraft carrier where you need a big industrial structure to build it but also to use it. we have this flattening effect coming into conflict. and i think that is -- you asked about nightmare scenarios, the other set of users for this lethal technology. >> and you think this could be used against the american home land not just for deployed troops. >> during world war ii, hitler's air force could not reach the continental united states. couple years ago a 77-year-old blind man built his own home made -- from canada -- built his own home-made drone that he flew across the atlantic. we have seen non-state actor use in these technologies. the war between israel and hezbollah. we had border troops in arizona use this. it is a counter-terrorism for us but with this flattening effect other actors may get it as well. >> thank you, peter. illuminating be as always. >>> past, present and future of military radios. stay tuned. >>> communicati
Nov 21, 2010 12:00pm EST
transformed by dozens of trained sculptors like this one who came from china to create whoville. he spent 12 years training for an event li this. >> they have a lot of ice there and it gives him a chance to learice cutting. >> reporter: fortune initiated, while this ice exhibit is really cool, it is also very cold. they keep the indoor temperature here at a brisk nine degrees. parkas are supplied to those going through exhibit but everyone is asked to dress warmly no matter what the outside temperature. the chinese sculptors have been working in these frosty conditions for the past month. the exhibit has been in its planning stages for a year. >> they followed the architectural plans. what people don't realize is that these sculptures are hand carved. they don't draw on the ice. they will literally look on the plan and bring it to life on ice. that's what makes it a true art form. >> reporter: an art form expected to draw over 200,000 people. jane watrel, news4. >> oh, so cool. the ice exhibit runs through january 9th. th's all for news4 this week. i'm jim handly. thank you for join
Aug 15, 2010 11:00am EDT
with a rapidly rising china uh, military that's unsteadying our allies. where do you find the additional money? this budget has secretary gates trying to save 100 million. >> we think we do have to save money. we applaud what secretary gates is doing in dropping programs we don't need and those programs we do need, making them more efficient. we applaud what he's done, acquisition reform, we go much further in terms of acquisition reform. by adapting the military personnel system to the needs of the current day, and there are a lot of ways to do that, we'll actually, in the end, save money, without short-changing our men and women in uniform. our point is you oughta do all those things, you oughta save all that money and use it to ensure we have forestructure and modernization, all successful volunteer force, but if the savings are not enough to achieve those three objectives, then the congress of the united states has to be willing to add to the top line. we think they may have to do that. we felt they needed to put it on the table. >> obviously some of these things will requ
Oct 17, 2010 11:00am EDT
aggressive cyber states like china and russia to rein in their hackers that operate with government support and direction, making both better world citizens. but because they are members of the u.n. security council with veto power, crafting a power won't be easy until they and others who think they can conclude that war in that domain is likely to hurt them more than it will help them. thanks for joining us for this week in defense news. i'm vago muradian. you can watch this program online or e-mail me.
Sep 5, 2010 8:30am EDT
to china in the 1990s, they made it so hard that they lost sales in satellite sales. two years ago the white house and congress agreed to interpret existing regulations to no longer require military licenses for military components. it will help save money and boost u.s. exports and help u.s. allies get the technology that they need. thanks for joining us in this week's defense news. till next time, have a great week. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent drizzle. "me time"! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a frappé. ♪ captioning made possible by johnson
May 30, 2010 11:00am EDT
. russia and china. those are your partners. >> is it fair to characterize it as saying it is soft or that it doesn't preserve the united states' ability to act? is there something to allow the united states to act? >> sure. there is the element of u.s. exceptionalism in the document. it says we have to take into account other factors and realize in the 21st century the national security goes beyond hard power and military force. >> in terms of trying to strike balances, how is the united states, do you think, going to be able to do this expansion of eight powers and expand to 20. does that lead to a dilution of the american affairs in the global voice? >> nothing has changed about the united states being a power house. what is changing is the way we operate to get effective use of the american power globally. >> that essentially is using your voice to harness others are moving in your direction? >> yes. the trans national threats. thee nuclear proliferations, yes. we have to do more than just protect the home lands and the terrorists we are trying to defend. >> also, the homeland sec
Feb 20, 2010 10:00pm EST
president obama risking the wrath of china. the dau lee llama visits the white house. what next for the bumpy relation between china and the white house. >> while some young creeks have protested others are heading for the life raft. >> i think most people our age are very much considering -- >> and mick lange low on show in london -- meek lange lowe's show in london -- michelango's show in london. >> this week barack obama inflicted more damage on the already strained relations with china as he hosted the dali lama. while rejecting a chinese call to cancel the meeting, the white house offered the con sill yeah story gesture of making the talks low profile with rows over the proposed sale of military equipment to taiwan and u.s.-china trade imbalance how does this change things? >> this is the only public photograph we're going to get of the u.s. president meeting the dau lee llama. barack obama agreed to dump publicity out of deference to china. america's military budget alone is bigger than china's g.d.p., but not even six fleets and military dominance of air, sea and space giving
Jul 10, 2010 7:00pm EDT
relations between kazakhstan and china in the years ahead. >>and the party being planned for the world's biggest tent. >>hello and welcome. i'm eckart sager and this is world business. we are coming to you this week from kazakhstan's capital where the astana economic forum takes place. like many emerging markets kazakhstan is recovering strongly from the global economic downturn, at a time when developed countries continue to struggle. the view of delegates at this event is that this greater strength must be recognised. >>reporter: astana... kazakhstan's 12 year old capital... is at the geographic center of eurasia. eand with the center of economic gravity shifting east... so does the influence of this young city...which hosted over 3,000 participants from 68 countries for the 3rd astana economic forum... >>including three nobel prize winners... >>in an open letter to g20 leaders... the forum offered ways to achieve global economic stability...calling for an improved balance of interest between the developed and developing world. in his keynote address, the president of kazakhstan, nursu
Jan 23, 2010 7:00pm EST
to show the world what they are capable of. >> china confounding all expectations. new figures released by the government suggests it grew 8.7% last year. that puts it on course to overtake japan as the world's second-biggest economy. about 300 people died in clashes between muslims and christians in the central nigerian city. houses were set on fire. thousands of people were made homeless. curfew was imposed. restrictions were later relaxed for the residents to get food and water. in one of the biggest corporate failures in japan's history, the largest airline filed for bankruptcy this week. they are being restructured under the supervision of a turnaround organization. president obama's democratic party lost a key election in the united states. republicans got brown won the senate seat formerly held by ted kennedy and the democrats for 50 years. he is already said he will use his senate vote to try to bring down president obama's health care reform. we have this report on a big vote with the repercussions. >> sure he is, the united states senator from massachusetts, scott bro
Jan 9, 2010 7:00pm EST
disease. >>> hundreds of workers in china try to contain an oil leak that spilled oil into the yellow river. pollution was recorded 33 millimeters down stream. it is the closest drinking water for millions of people. >>> the president of iceland refused to ratify a bill to compensate britain and the netherlands for billions of dollars lost in an online bank collapse. the bill -- they would be paying for the government's mistakes. it will now go to a referendum. this led to their debt rating being downgraded. our correspondent has this report from brussels. >> the collapse of the online bank in october 2008 left thousands of british savers fearing for their money. government stepped in to guarantee their deposits, but wanted the icelandic government to pay up. weeks of heed debate finally approved a repayment scheme. the voters worried that the country could not afford it. almost one-quarter of the population signed a petition to withhold the president's signature and turn the bill into law. it referendum on the issue will follow. >> it has become more apparent that people must be conv
Jan 2, 2010 10:00pm EST
western china haven't troops are sent in to restore order. western leaders accuse iran of building a second nuclear plant diss despite a u.n. ban. six years after the invasion, american troops hand over power in towns and cities. welcome to this week's news review, major stories seen on bbc during the second half of 2009. in july, six years after american-led forces invaded iraq, president obama has announced thetch withdrawn from the country's towns and cities but he warped difficult days lay ahead as iraqis celebrated. a car bomb in the northern city killed 25 people. e bbc's jim muir witnessed events in baghdad. >> despite the bombs an iraqi victory parade to celebrate the last american leaving baghdad and other cities. on the streets, jubilation. across the board, everyone is glad to see the americans go, it means iraqis are back in charge. >> today we saw great pleasure mixed with deep sorrow. the pleasure of achieving something historic and sorrow for the men, women and children who fell victim to the terrorists. >> as though to underne the feelings and fears, another big car b
Nov 14, 2010 9:00am EST
from china and germany. are america's woes putting its global leadership in question? >> a whole host of other countries are doing very well. naturally they are going to be more assertive. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright and republican senator lindsey graham debate america's role in the world. >>> then american austerity. >> the path we're on today is not sustained. we are headed for disaster. >> two members of the president's deficit commission, democratic senator kent conrad an honeywell international david cote shares views on tough choices the united states faces. >>> and the coming showdown over tax cuts. >> making these permanent will be the most important thing we could do to help create jobs in the country. >> that and all the week's politics on our roundtable with george will, "the new york times" columnist paul krugman, robert kagan from the brookings institution and ruth kagan from "the washington post." >>> china is expected to overtake the u.s. as the world's biggest economy in the next two years. americans couldn't believe it. they're like, that hasn
Nov 21, 2010 10:00am EST
him specifically. those in the region, in particular the six-party talk countries, russia, china, the united states, japan and south korea, we have to continue to do that. he is predictable in his unpredictability, if you will, because not too long ago he killed 46 south korean sailors. he has over time continued to destabilize this region, and, in fact, i also believe that this has to do with a secession plan for his son. >> if sanctions aren't working what will? >> well, the assumption certainly is that they continue to head in the direction of additional nuclear weapons. and they're also -- they also are known to proliferate this technology, so they are a very dangerous country, and he has been someone who has not responded thus far to previous actions. he actually blows hot and cold. he moves in a direction for awhile, and then he reverts, and i certainly would see him in his reversion mode at this particular point. >> why didn't u.s. intelligence discover this? >> well, i won't go into any specific -- >> isn't that alarming? >> i won't go into specific intelligence kinds of thing
Dec 12, 2010 8:00am PST
have to borrow from china and other countries. he refused to do that. this is a temporary tax cut and this was part of a compromise that includes tremendous help for families with children, for people who want to send their kids to college, the earned income tax credit, the payroll tax cut. this is going to mean thousands of dollars in the pockets of the average american. >> you say it's not going to be a permanent tax cut but look into your crystal ball because certainly there are economists who believe this is the first step to making it permanent. it's a two-year deal. that's going to be right in the middle of when you are going to go back and try to get this president re-elected. are you going to head this fight again? >> well, you say there are economists who say that. this is fundamentally a political issue, and in 2012 we're going to have a big debate about this issue. we do not believe that we can extend these tax cuts for the wealthy permanently and we're going to fight very hard and we're going to let the american people who agree with us on this issue have a say. but at
Nov 28, 2010 8:00am PST
got to all get rid of them, us, russia, china and they all understand that, and they all voted for it last year at the security council, so all i'm trying to do is remind them that they've already voted for it. let's go ahead and do it, and we've already voted for the s.t.a.r.t. treaty, and it carried. now all we've got to do is ratify it with a super majority of the senate. get that ratified and get on the road towards nuclear disarmament and world peace because we have too many other problems that we need to deal with. let's get rid of polio and measles and malaria instead of bombing each other, and we can eliminate poverty. i'm on the committee now, the u.n. committee to eliminate poverty. well, in the next five years it's a big job but we're going to work on it. we're going to try. i mean it's going to be -- >> it's exhausting saving the world. >> saving the world is a hard job. >> what would you say to people who don't have so much money? should they be doing that too? >> or don't have any money. one thing they can do is pick up trash. that's what i do. we're in new york now. and
Dec 25, 2010 1:30am PST
the world and the country were doing well. there's no hiding place here. china is certainly doing well, but china alone cannot carry the world and as well as it's doing, it's not doing so well that it overwhelms everything else, the world's largest economy, that of the united states, still is the linchpin for the world economy, and right plow we're junow we'r time. >> employment is a trailing indicator and there's growth in gdp, pretty robust corporate profits, you know, compared to past years, it's not as if this is -- you know, we're still circumstance ffle iling the dra. >> they surveyed california, parents, and its said right now 26% of california households don't have enough income to meet the basic needs of their children, so you have corporate profits, but it's obviously when 26% of californians don't have basic needs for their children, that's pretty dire. >> here's the thing. the reality of the situation is, is that, yes, the stock market is high and that's because corporate profits are high. but what has that been on the backs of? with few exceptions, apple being a company th
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