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Dec 23, 2013 2:40am EST
would presumably be to china. removal alsohis has some implications for the north korean relationship with china. host: you mentioned this is how it played out in the north korean state-run media. can you read this and tell us what the caption says? guest: it -- i can't. host: right here. it -- it is partially blocked. i don't think i have enough. is part that is viewable [korean] but i can't figure out from that word. host: the fact that this was seen in north korea is important because why? guest: historically this sort of purge has happened behind the scenes and we found out about it weeks or months later through rumors. in this particular case, it is right there, real-time. everybody knows. generally speaking, what has been reported so far through to atedia that has access least north korean voices or refugee voices, one of the shocking things is that this was a family affair. he did this to his uncle. host: here is a picture of him back in february. guest: yes. there are also pictures of jang as an advisor to his father. he has been a figure who has been visible to the north kore
Dec 22, 2013 7:00pm EST
the crime of natural resources at cheap prices. this was to china. removal alsohis has some implications for the north korean relationship with china. host: you mentioned how it played out in the state-run media. and you read this and tell us with the caption says? guest: it is -- i cannot. -- it is not -- it is partially blocked. viewable, i dos not know. i cannot figure out. host: the fact that this is what is seen is important. why? guest: historically, this sort of urge has happened behind the scenes. people find out about it weeks and months later. isthis particular case, it right there in the real-time. everybody knows. generally speaking, once it has been reported, some media has access to at least the voices. the shocking things is that this was a family affair. he did this to his uncle. host: here's a picture of them back in february. also picturesre of him as an advisor to his father. -- he has been a figure who has been visible to the north korean people as an advisor for a long time. the north korean state media is now busy expunging his image. documentaries goin
Dec 8, 2013 8:00am EST
of afghanistan. bullet first, rising tensions in the east china sea, where china has extended its air defense identification zone to overlap territory long claimed by japan, south korea and taiwan. vice president joe biden has urged restraint and encouraged all parties to resolve their territorial claims peacefully. during a three-day swing through the region. and washington has said that the u.s. military will continue operating normally, refusing chinese calls for identification. but washington has also instructed civil airliners to follow beijing's new guidelines for the sake of safety. china has made the move to assert its claims over on the unpopulated islands, administered by japan, to force japan to back down, beijing has ratcheted up air and sea patrols and tokyo responded in kind of here to talk to us about china's aim and what is next are two leading asia analyst, bonnie glazer for the center for international studies and randy shriver the partner in armitage number who served in the state department as an asia hand during the bush administration. guy, welcome to the sho
Sep 21, 2013 9:00pm EDT
chinese foreign affairs minister, wang yi. he discusses u.s.-china relations. they talk about the syrian civil war. this is a little more than an hour. >> good evening. it is my great pleasure to welcome all of you here in this evening for what will be a rare opportunity to hear from the foreign minister of the people of china. wang yi. i see many friends and supporters of the institution. friends of china and from china. forgrateful to all of you making the effort to be here this evening. we also have quite a number of representatives. thent to say thank you for help and cooperation and and puttingpitality together this evening's program together. i think everybody knows a lot about our guest of honor's distinguished career. he came into his present post in march after spending virtually all of his career, including the stint visiting scholars at georgetown university, as a specialist on asia and a specialist on japan. for the rate of that region that is asia, he played a vital role in getting the diplomacy involved with north korean nuclear program onto a constructive path. japa
Dec 1, 2013 4:25am EST
chinese name, cisco has been known to help china build its firewalls. and have you thought about changing her name to something else? >> to the first part of the question, i think that the balance of the challenge that we have faced because we have a heritage in china, it is stunning to me at times to explain to someone that it's a 35 billion-dollar company and trusted globally and up to $35 billion, one third of all the huawei gear comes from american suppliers, at like $7 billion worth of procurement last year and is stunning to many. but people cannot grasp that. so yes, a great deal of this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be an international company with this heritage. if you read the senate report and so forth. it has links to the chinese military and where the founders of the company have talked. >> that's hogwash. and you know, i thought that that might come up, and i thought about bringing in something about this tall, a 20 page report, with every bit of information, but i didn't want us to be distracted. and no, it is a fundamental part of the asia
Oct 19, 2013 12:00pm EDT
five years global demand for oil, particularly with china, india and the developing world continuing to want more, global demand will exceed global supply by several million barrels a day. in the first instance that has a huge impact on price. and the price of course will serve to hold the global economy in check unfortunately. but still there will be that demand. auto companies reported that china auto purchasing in september of this year exceeded any other previous month in history. so the chinese love mobblet the way americans love mobblet. and that's a huge impact on global demand. so i predicted for some years ow that whether 2016 or 2018 there will not be enough oil. not because the world doesn't have a lot of oil. but the technical difficulties of getting oil from new reservoirs while old ones decline is overwhelming to the industry. whether it's deep water brazil, whether it's arctic reserves, whether it's east africa, whether it's other difficult base sins, there simply cannot be enough done to meet the global demand in the middle of this decade. that's point one. point two, th
Sep 29, 2013 8:00am EDT
renewing its focus as north korea continues the threatening antics and china becomes aggressive in asserting its territorial claims. we met with the general at the air force association's exposition outside washington, d.c. i asked him how it's affecting his command and what he is telling alleys in the region. >> it's been a big factor for us. and we are called the operations and maintenance. we don't procure things. our whole budget is basically our operations and maintenance. out in the pacific, the biggest problem has been the engagement that we do the exercise in the pacific, more than just training, their presence in different area, building the partnership capacity up, being places, it's flying hours. and in the pacific, flying anywhere takes longer than anywhere else in the world. so it's a lot of flying hours. and it's just that cut is magnified. when we cut a percentage, it's magnified in the pacific. so the biggest thing, we had to cancel exercises. one example of a challenge would be a lot of the west pack units, places like that have to do the drops back in the united s
Dec 22, 2013 8:00am EST
region's security dynamic as china raises tensions across the pacific by trying to enforce the claims to the east china sea. joining us today to discuss these issues and more are four of washington's top defense analyst, all of whom happen to be listed on defense news's 100 most influential people in u.s. defense. mackenzie eagland of the american enterprise institute. todd harrison for the center of strategic and budgetary asegments. gordon adams of the simpson center and american university. and lauren thompson of the lexington institute. welcome welcome back, gentlemen. welcome back from maternity. how is life at home? >> three months over, the insanity is over and i have a perfect baby. >> and we join the washington budget insanity. welcome back for the holidays. >> we finally have spending caps and a budget sequestration. there are some people who look at this and say, you know, there is only upside from here, how do you interpret the deal, and what do you expect next? >> i think they ought to be jumping for joy in the pentagon, because in the short term they are getting t
Aug 11, 2013 6:30pm EDT
trade if you look what is going on in the manipulation of other currencies especially china. if you haves ok really smart leadership. when your leadership is not up to par thomas when it is not smart, sometimes your leadership is incompetent, free trade is really had for us. we are in the wrong end. when i look at what is going on with this country, when i look word youillion, the did not hear 10 years ago, it did not exist. that is all you hear. $17 trillion in debt. you look at deficits that are record-setting. they are not going to get better. the market is false. about two years ago am i said i was going to invest in the stock market. the market had to go up because the federal reserve. i said the market has to go up. it giving you free money. that is a false economy. i better not speak too much about it. it is a false economy. it is not real. when you look at unemployment 7.4, 7.4%, it is probably anywhere to 15%-17%. it is incredible. [applause] the other day, the numbers came out. they were not good. lots of bad things were happening. the only good thing that happened was 7.5
Dec 15, 2013 1:00am EST
call upon our next speaker who is the vice president of china. >> dear members of the mandela family, your excellency lead tprerleaders from around the world, ladies and gentlemen and dear friends. [speaking in chinese] we have travelled from different parts of the world together here today to mourn the passing of nelson mandela, the founding president of the new south africa. here on behalf of the people's republic of china and the chinese government and people, i wish to express deep condolences and pay high tribute to this figure born on the african continent whose bright smile we remember fondly. [speaking in chinese] mr. mandela was the founding father of the new south africa with decades of strenuous efforts he led the people of south africa to victory with the fight against apartheid and laying a solid foundation for the long term growth of his country. [speaking in chinese] mr. mandela was the pride of the african people for all his life he had strived for the liberation of african nations, championed the dignity of the african people and endeavor for the unity of africa's co
Dec 14, 2013 9:00pm EST
vice of china. the vice president of china. [speaking chinese] >> dear members of the mandela family, your excellency president zuma, it is an honor to be here. [speaking chinese] we have traveled from different parts of the world together together today to honor nelson mandela the founding president of a new south africa. in the name of the chinese government we wish to express deep condolences and pay high tribute to this great figure born on this continent. he has a smile that we remember fondly. >> translator: mr. mandela was the extraordinary founding four of the new south africa, with decades of strenuous efforts he led the people of south africa to victory in the fight against apartheid, making historic contributions to the first of the rainbow nation and laying the foundation for the long-term growth of his country. [speaking in foreign language] >> translator: mr. mandela was the pride of the african people. he had strived for the liberation of african nation, championes the dignity of the african people, and moved forward africa's cooperation with the world. he dedicated hi
Aug 4, 2013 1:00am EDT
trips to china and elsewhere and marvel at the -- ofof in the structure infrastructure. marveled at how fast trains moved in china. marveled at the rate of how fast trains are being built. yet in the financial environment where we can bring those products to our states at a reasonably of way, we are squandering this opportunity. is there anything else that we could do to be heard on this issue? we want to be that bipartisan voice that is so seldom heard on washington on this issue. >> anyone care to respond to that? >> you want a response, governor? you mention common sense. i do not know if that is always in the political arena. we have decreased our spending by 500% in utah. we have wrapped up the opportunity. we have been in a fiscal decision to do that. limitation. that,untarily do 85% of so if we have an emergency, we have the capacity to borrow money. we are trying to borrow money in a prudent way. we do some cash and carry. needs.struction has we are trying to take advantage of what you said. it does have an economic benefit. top them do what they need do. get from point a to poi
Nov 3, 2013 4:00am EST
u.s.. weekthe country just last and also removing jobs from china back to tennessee to produce things. of medicalot supplies. i could go on and on partner out of the fact that we still make things. as you'll see from so my comments, ability to make and sell us into strictly impacted by many of our foreign agreements. export aboutwe $5.3 billion a year, about two going to china. he was talking foreign direct andstment in the u.s. tennessee. never let 880 different companies located in tennessee, largely led by japanese countries. nissan can't tennessee 30 plus years ago and a lot of automotive industry has sprung up around them. million americans working in manufacturing jobs with foreign ownership. in tennessee, even though it about two percent of the population, i think would make up about six or seven percent of that total number of folks in the manufacturing business with foreign ownership. we're proud of the fact that for the last four years running we have been named the leading state for automotive manufacturing strength. rep are the fact that we have the largest cargo hu
May 11, 2013 10:00am EDT
rose and prospered. and now, today, india and china rise and prosper. all this has been welcomed by the united states. but none of this was a foregone conclusion when you consider where asia was at the end of world war ii. while the asian political and economic miracle was realized, first and foremost, by the hard work and talent of the asian people themselves, it was enabled by the enduring principles that the united states has stood for in the region, and also by american military power. these principles we stood for have included a commitment to free and open commerce, a just international order that emphasizes rights and responsibilities of nations and fidelity to the rule of law, civilian control of the military, open access, by all, to the shared domains of sea, air, space, and now, cyberspace, and the principle of resolving conflict without the use of force. in addition to these principles, it was also enabled by the pivotal role of u. s. military power and presence in the region. we believe that our strong security presence in the asia- pacific has provided a critical foundation
Nov 3, 2013 6:00am EST
crossover between commerce and the state, because that is what we really need. that is what china and others do so well. they combine all of their assets, all of their possibilities to go after business and try to win customers over. i think we can do that, and i really think the commerce-state, nation can be very fruitful. we would like to help with that. it is a great opportunity. >> ambassador, so trade promotion authority is a big issue. what do you see as the prospects in congress to get trade promotion authority, to get fast-track? what would it mean if you do not? can you negotiate these agreements if that is not a part of the equation? >> the president made clear that he would like to get trade promotion authority, that it is a critical tool for being able to move these agreements, make these agreements really never met them. just this week, there was a hearing in the senate finance committee on t-tip where senator baucus and senator hatch talked about the importance of moving forward on trade promotion authority, and we are working with the finance committee and the ways
Sep 22, 2013 1:00am EDT
foreign minister of the people of china. wang yi. i see many friends and supporters of the institution. friends of china and from china. i'm grateful to all of you for making the effort to be here this evening. we also have quite a number of representatives. i want to say thank you for the help and cooperation and extended hospitality and putting together this evening's program together. i think everybody knows a lot about our guest of honor's distinguished career. he came into his present post in march after spending virtually all of his career, including the stint he spent over visiting scholars at georgetown university, as a specialist on asia and a specialist on japan. as vice minister for the rate of that region that is asia, he played a vital role in getting the diplomacy involved with north korean nuclear program onto a constructive path. as china's ambassador to japan, he was there at a sensitive time in the bilateral relationship. by the end of his tenure, it can be said that the relationship is on a steadier course. he also served as director of the taiwan affairs office in t
Aug 17, 2013 10:00am EDT
that's a complicated world. when you go into that china shop you got to be careful when you throw your weight around. 40 years later vietnam still recalls for me the ultimate purpose of diplomacy, and that's what we're looking at this week at chautauqua. can we work amicably with other countries, with other religions, with other people? what's the best way to avoid the war and conflict that we've seen in our country over the last 10 years? are we capable of meeting the biblical challenge? and it's an important one for all of us, no matter what our faith is, to reflect upon, can we deliver peace among the nations? because that's our job, all of us who live here on earth. and we know in our hearts that it may never be possible. as the ancient greeks put it, it may never be possible, they said, to tame the savageness of man. but we know that we have to try. and our path can be illuminated by a phrase robert kennedy used in his brief and tragic run for the presidency in 1968. he said that one of the purposes of our country must be -- and these are tennyson's words, the british poet, alfred
Oct 20, 2013 1:00am EDT
. counselor, china's economic attachÉ, with us today and looking forward to cooperation as we try to shape public policy to benefit of china and the united states in the years ahead. israel's economic attachÉ here to identify the four most innovative countries in the world with regard to sensible energy policy. surely you would have to put israel, china, brazil, and the united states at the top. we appreciate all of you joining us today. we would like to turn this to a roundtable to a dress the takeaways we believe we must adopt in our public policies to move us off the treadmill of the past 40 years where ever more we pay more and more overseas for oil, and to remove the vulnerabilities of instability to what is going on in the middle east and enable all of us as consumers to go and buy and sell in a competitive market and come out with a more stable economy, that are national security, more jobs -- better national security, more jobs, and a cleaner environment. i will turn it over to and karon -- ann carne to carry on the conversation. thanks to everyone for coming. [applause] >> thank
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
right to get mad. they are spying without permission. to china, china's investment in latin america continues to grow. the country signed bilateral agreements last week. can you tell us more about that columbia-china economic relationship? do you see the effect it would have on that u.s. economic relationship? relationshipnormal with china. good relations. partnerest commercial the trade with china has increased, but not to medically. of course -- but not dramatically. of course, china -- sharing and talking to a situation where there is an opportunity for latin america and the u.s. there is a new concept that is becoming important. as concept is referred to demographic. the source of growth in the china was some years ago is starting to diminish because of the negative demographic they are having because the population is not increasing. you have that problem in europe and you're having a problem here in the u.s. in thethe few areas world where you have a positive demographic were you have a young population, there you have a tremendous opportunity. the u.s. sees that with those ey
Feb 3, 2013 8:00am EST
priority as pentagon leaders prepare for future conflict and russia, china, and other nation states improve their ew capabilities. u.s. forces depend on vast networks for intelligence, strikes, navigation and logistics, and leaders realize that any smart enemy will attack these systems in any conflict to handicap american forces. among the changes to bert protect forces has been to merge cyber and ew operations which are intimately intertwined. joining us are the four men who head the ew efforts for their respective services. colonel jim ekvall, chief of war far division. captain greg smith, director of the navy's threet electronic warfare, colonel jim "hook" pryor, chief of air force electronic warfare, and lieutenant colonel jason "dizzy" schuette, head of the warfare branch. guys, welcome. >> thank you. >> colonel he can value, let me start with you but i want to kind of go around the table to get everybody's quick update on ew threats are that your services are facing and what you are doing them to prepare for the future. >> thanks, vag go. appreciate you taking time out to do.
Oct 6, 2013 7:00pm EDT
congress to china or india. good morning, charles. caller: good morning, steve. two observations. for the people who argue this is a law that has already passed him i would like to point out almost a century ago we passed a law for prohibition. it almost destroyed the country before he had enough common sense to turn around and repeal. the same thing is going to happen with obamacare. he second observation is, as far as defaulting on our debt, i hope we do, because if nothing else, it will make foreign countries such as china aware that we can't pay our bills and maybe it might even force congress to live within a budget we can afford, for god's sake. everybody knows we are spending more money than we have. what are they going to break up and use some common sense? there is none in congress. host: ok, thank you, charles. you mentioned asia. the president was opposed to be at that conference. basically loans from asia account for half of the gross domestic product in terms of the economy. guest: right. the caller made good comments. the debt. we are fighting with this discretionar
Dec 29, 2013 5:05pm EST
his positive impact on the world, such as opening up china? guest: that is a good restaurant. i cannot answer because i am not clairvoyant, but i can tell you that certainly, even at the time of mr. nixon's death i remember stephen ambrose who had written a biography of him had expressed amazement at the genuine outpouring of emotion. nixon had regained, at least among some people, some of the admiration for the very things you talked about. 50 years from now, if it is indeed the china century, will the first line of richard then's historical opus be only president forced to resign, or the president who opened china to the world? host: in twitter -- guest: let me see. andrew johnson, who succeeded abraham lincoln, was impeached. bill clinton, there was talk about impeaching both john tyler , who was over in one term, succeeded to the presidency as well. that is it. host: let's go to our caller from indianapolis, indiana. on outline for democrats. you are on with richard norton smith. caller: good morning. my name is earl gordon. good morning. i have been a firm democrat all my l
Jun 8, 2013 7:00pm EDT
the white house china collection. >> when she came to the white house she was very interested in how the place worked. she came down here. this was the ground floor but it was sort of considered to be the basement because the kitchen was down here, laundry facilities, storage for food and tableware and such and she found that it was rather dirty. sort of ominous. and she tried to like spruce it up. she went through the cabinets and found old pieces of china and then asked servants if they could tell her, does anybody remember how old this piece is? so she started the idea of trying to catalog and create a sense of what chinas were. she had a plan for putting some display cases in the state dining room. but never came to fruition. she was credited with being the initiater of the concept of a permanent china collection at the white house. she was interested in designing china she wanted it to be american, as our first ladies had discovered there was not a strong enough porcelain manufacturing industry in america in 1891 when she started looking into new china so she decided this would
Dec 22, 2013 5:00am EST
the united states and european union negotiating, negotiating treaty with china. is there a g, statement settlement with china. >> certainly i think the we iations is one issue would certainly be discussed. i think it's a various stage of that discuss, but we certainly will be discussing also this issue with our chinese colleagues. >> for us, as i said, it's extremely important to maintain the right to regulate, but at the same time, it's a strong objective to make sure that we have in the international system strong investor protection that is do include these variety, including, as i mentioned, state to state dispute settlement, as well as the investor state dispute settlement. >> that's it. thank you, everyone. >> thank you. >> thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> on the next "washington journal," with reports that north korean leader kim jung you know has executed his uncle, we'll discuss the situation with scott snyder with the council on foreign relations. that's followed by a look
Nov 24, 2013 1:00am EST
, presumably to offset a rising china. is that something that is -- you would endorse? would you see that as kind of a valuable development in asia, or is that just going to accelerate the existing arms race? >> no, i don't -- you know, it's to be determined, but i do think we have -- for some time, we have encouraged japan to match its economic power that it brings to the international community and to the region with some extended military capability that could be integrated into regional architectures not to threaten any particular player in that part of the world, but rather, to make us a more capable alliance. and so -- >> are the territorial disagreements there manageable, or is this going to aggravate them? >> well, the territorial issues are manageable if all of the parties to them continue to behave as they are, which is to say, responsibly, mostly through law enforcement with the occasional misstep. but, you know, that's where we, i think, can provide our influence and our -- and our assistance in continuing to encourage a diplomatic solution. and, you know, look, the chinese have
Aug 11, 2013 11:00am EDT
are no abuses. no person has come forward. says america who isn't free and runs off to china and russia to tell about it is not exactly my idea of a great american patriot. i do put a lot of trust in the people who had defended the united states of america their entire careers with distinction and with honor and with the .alor when they walk in and tell me, this is what it is and we are not doing this and you're not doing that and we're not doing this and we asked them the question, then i have got to listen to that before i jerked the rug out from under them. congress is looking at this. it will continue. you, i always worry about the concentrations of power and and eventual liberty. i think that is what keeps free, that individual citizens are passionate about you havethe same time, these abuses. you have got to know where they and i do not think we have lost these freedoms. had, we would not be having this conversation on c- span. it is not china. there is the fbi case and they lost that case -- >> [indiscernible] >> we will see what happens. >> [indiscernible] the consent of
Aug 17, 2013 3:00pm EDT
first japan to rise and prosper. and then south korea. and then southeast asia. today, china and india. and that is fine. that has been welcomed by the united states. it is economically welcomed by the united states, but it has a critical ingredient. that peace and stability has been our pivotal military presence in the region and our alliances that anchor that. that is a good thing, and we want to keep that going. it is about that role that we play in east asia, where animosities run deep, people argue over rocks in the ocean, where the wounds of world war ii and the earlier part of the last century have never healed. we would like to continue to play our stabilizing role there. that is not aimed at anyone. it is not picking a fight with anyone. it is not a concept of deterrence or anything like that. it is to continue to play that stabilizing role. we have not been able to play that to the extent we had in previous decades over the last decade, because we have been so involved in iraq and afghanistan. we want to get back to that role. it's important for people to understand why we're
Jun 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
this was not occurring, we do not have the money. who must borrow the money from china to send it to pakistan. aerican soldiers spent decade to liberate iraq, and taxpayers paid 470 million dollars in aid, the president of open doors describe what is going on there as religious side. before the toppling of hussein, a city of iraq was home to 75,000 christians. now the numbers have dropped to 25,000. christian homes are set on fire and bombs are placed on cars and christian families are receiving threatening letters, to leave iraq or be kidnapped and killed. american soldiers have risked their lives for the sake of the country's liberation. our young men and women have fought for a noble cause but the unintended consequences is under fit -- unforgivable. no amount of money will make them our true allies. they are not allies of israel and i fear one day, your money, our money, will be used against israel. it makes no sense. should we be staying at sending f-16's and tanks to egypt when president morsi stands up and says jews are descendents of pigs and dogs? i say no more f-16s, no mor
Oct 7, 2013 4:00am EDT
can't and we were talking about that who's going to deal with india. the nations and especially china, which purchase such a large amount that continue to purchase iranian oil, if we could get them to do more to scale back their energy purchases, i think it would take the sanctions regime, which are having an effect, and make them even more effective and hopefully help us. we have a meeting in early july and i think senator reid pulled it together with the number two leader of the chinese government and i asked him this question. you've reduced your oil purchases from iran for a variety of reasons, including to help the sanctions. could you reduce them dramatically further and then say, but if you give up your nuclear program, we're going buy a lot more from you, so have a stick, but then have a carrot, and could india do the same thing, dramatically reduce oil purchases, but with a carrot down the road, or japan could do the same thing, and the response to the chinese official was very adroit and very quick. he said he would be very willing to consider cutting our purchases from iran
Jun 23, 2013 10:30am EDT
communist china. but for the soldiers fighting overseas and others, do you think these programs are just as in need today as they were in the aftermath of 911? >> i do. and i would add that i think the environment has become more challenging. i think the more tools you have to be able to fight terrorism, the more we are going to be able to protect the american people. >> thank you. >> we're talking a lot about the statchtri -- statutory ability of 215 and 702. we have plain old article 3 judges in the sense of lifetime tenure, nominated by the president, confirmed by the united states senate. they have the same power and authority as all article 3 judges do. is that correct? >> yes, that's correct. >> we have article 2 here before us today and we have article 1 oversight taking place today. i want to talk about article 1's involvement. there have been members that talkled about the fact that they didn't know about these programs p general alexander or maybe mr. english, can you talk about the briefings you provided for members of congress both recently and when this set of laws were
Oct 19, 2013 10:00am EDT
. policy foreign oil, and the energy policies of other countries like china, india, and venezuela. this is about two hours. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming today and joining us in what we ideas, is the launch of a policy ideas, -- of policy ideas, that truly can change our pattern for the past 40 years. changes that are easy, that do not cost anything, that do not require government subsidies, and that are feasible. angst to the ramping up of shale gas, we have at hand the means to empower our transportation sector that today is 97% reliant l, into ael, oi competitive sector in which the free market, no subsidies, allows the competition of available choices, which include electricity, methanol, ethanol, biodiesel, fuel cells. let the best one win. just open the marketplace. we are honored to have several of our members joined in the forthcoming roundtable. , the founder with me two years ago of the council, is joined by a number of distinguished people who have served in public life and in the industry of our country, the energy sector. john hofmeister is w
Nov 24, 2013 11:00am EST
emerging markets, china, india and the best of them, who were providing global demand. in countries like the u.s. and europe better get used to this because we will be less and less relevant in the future with emerging markets. and i would say that coming the last x months, maybe there has been some rethinking about that. so my question to you is is the golden age of emerging markets behind us? what are the chances were the factors that the next decade will be so pleasant for emerging markets as the last 20-30 years have been? >> even africa had 5% growth rates. there has been a slowdown. if you look at some of the biggest countries, it looks like i will have a good third quarter. china came in at an annualized rate of 9.3% in the third quarter. there are all kinds of downside risks, the biggest one being what will happen here in this country when february rolls around. but over the next year, growth in the emerging markets will be over 5% and we think that will continue. so you won't see -- i don't think the 10% plus growth rate they use our prior to 2008. but a lot of the fundamentals
Oct 6, 2013 5:00pm EDT
back of this five car train is china. you know that moment when you are on the roller coaster and it is ok, ok, and you get to the top, and then it is that omg moment when you realize there is really no way off this roller coaster. you are on it until it stops. omg moment, orat omfg moment -- [laughter] that is where japan is right now in terms of longevity and aging. this is going to have a profound impact on us. we are seeing it play out in something called abenomics. i don't know if our economists are still with us. japan is literally rolling the economyits future as an , as a society, as a culture. that it can handle the issues around longevity in a way that would be positive. but if they get it wrong, they are literally at the moment when all of us will pay the price for them. if you don't know this, you should study it a bit. japan's debt burden compared to japan isd states -- 240% of its gdp in government debt. japan is an absolute population freefall. it has lost 2 million people from its population. those numbers accelerate dramatically. it looks at the roller coaster. 40
Aug 3, 2013 7:00pm EDT
we said, yeah, of course. they did not cover the speech in china. that was repressed. i wonder if mrs. obama want to go abroad and do that, if she could get away with it. i don't know if we will get an answer. >> i think they can. i think laura bush did an extraordinary job. when hillary gave that speech in beijing, not only did my soul stand corrected, but the women who are in that facility who i work with and spend most my time working with, these are women who risk their lives every day in ways that 99% of you in this room can never understand, they took that speech like they took laura bush's address to afghan women and wrapped themselves in it and they went home and they still would encourage. -- and they still would -- stood in courage. tell all the women activists i know in china. they know about that speech. asked women in africa. -- ask women in africa. they know about that speech. we think think about influence, we have to look the on our fashion magazines -- beyond our fashion magazines. we have to look at people who are struggling to find the current to get up to do their
Jul 7, 2013 6:30pm EDT
deal with the emerging economies of china and india. otherwise, he -- if you look at the more equal societies around the world, all the indices show, if it is anything, whether it is life expectancy, health, jobs, homicides, they are taught, if you look at more equal societies around the world -- >> very well done. >> by the way, paul, that was a great one on the mayor. i have had a great experience just before come linging here. it is a beautiful city. some of you can tell i'm not an exercise freak. i didn't break into a sweat or anything. walked gorgeous lead into the office. i happened to be in the messinine, and i said, do you have any chance have a machine that would attract someone like me? the man said, yes i do, in fact. he he walked me over to the a.t.m. [laughter] let me say all the aspirations all three of you have mentioned tonight are correct. the question is, what happens in the real world, i'm going to tell you, if you raise tax rates on the rich, you will not get the money you expect, and you will probably lose money completely. if you look at the u.s. tax code. we p
Jun 16, 2013 8:00am EDT
threat where we have a tendency of looking at things that are more understandable like china or something elsewhere this sort of mushy area is something we tend not to pay attention to? >> in the real world see more convergence, see more overlaps. we see this in iraq, we had terrorism, criminality and we had insurgency all going on so that is a trend of the fast and it will continue in the future. >> you are one of those avid readers. you say you read a book overnight that might take my days. this will constitute roughly our first summer reading list and hopefully we have more. what are your top picks? >> as people getting ready for father's day they might think of three major titles out right now, the first one is battle of bunker hill. it is a revisionist history of an insurgency that we ran as opposed to a counter insurgency up in new england and i learned a lot about that battle which was a particularly bloody fight, 400 americans died and 1000 british soldiers died in one day and a very bloody fight. >> which back then were huge casualties. >> yeah, it's the largest casualt
Nov 25, 2013 4:00am EST
disappearance of exchange values in china and the czech republic raise important concerns. come as a chairman said, worked in areas that are like this for a long time, not as a provider but as a watcher. that my late father could be here today because he served in world war ii as a cryptographer for the united states and was really involved in the computing industry in the united states. i remember being a teenager when he brought home to big read cases and said it was a computer. one of the things we're seeing in a relatively short. of time, important, pathbreaking changes in technology of the characters that senator warner suggested earlier. we need to be very cautious not to chill as innovations, but we still need to have appropriate legal regimes around them. i think it is important that we take some time and craft those legal regimes with great care in as flexible a way as possible, particularly with regard to the remarks of director calvary and commissioner cockney. a number of recommendations that responded to the questions that the invitation to appear put forward . taking th
Nov 23, 2013 5:00am EST
years of tradition in drag. >> i will not run in these. >> they are real. >> they are real from china. >> queens running down a short span of 17th street in northwest in their prettiest pumps. >> how high are had? >> they are from a website online. $20. >> it happens the tuesday before halloween. >> camaraderie is great. >> with every passing year theb >> heels are six inches high. size 14. >> and the costumes, more elaborate. >> spectators flock to the streets many looked out from the comfort of their own home. >> it is a celebration of everything that is d.c. >> with nearly 100 participants, only real runners should think they actually have a shot at the win. >> i ran up the university of north carolina wilmington. go seahawks! >> meet inertia. winner of the 17th street high heeled race two years in a row. >> defending champion, honey. >> she broke her heel, taped it back on and still won. the runners-up, better luck next year. >> look how far we have come. >> in northwest, erika gonzalez, news4. >> that's right. there is always next year if you didn't win. that's all for "news4 thi
Nov 16, 2013 6:00pm EST
tour of the house in 1968 where she featured the china you see here purchased in mexico, very colorful. she spent a lot of time here at the ranch and it was very important because it provided such a respite from all of the turmoil at washington, particularly later in the presidency. did -- the johnsons could come home and recharge the batteries and make it back to the place they valued so much. >> first lady, lady bird johnson, live at 9:00 eastern on c-span. span, created by america's cable countries -- companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. sawnow who you are and i what you did" is the name of the book. the author is a professor of law at the college of law
Nov 24, 2013 5:00pm EST
aging population in the u.s. , babye 6 million people boomers. in china, they will have 365 million people over the age of 65 in the middle of the century. , they naturally will acquire disabilities. the market is just at the beginning of growth. this is one of those areas that we really, truly believe that you can do good while you do well. i have seen that play out in ibm's history in the past 100 years, and we just think that the crpd really gives a foreign and gives another -- forum and gives another opportunity for all the businesses to partake in this. >> you also talked about the importance of harmonize nation of international standards when it comes to furthering the interests of the u.s. in the global market for accessible products. there has been some testimony here about entanglement in remote international deliberations. in so many different sectors very active in international bodies that are promoting standards so that we can try to generate closer and closer to american standards that will open the opportunity for our people as well as our business to be globally comp
Oct 20, 2013 7:00pm EDT
something to china. and also usable to monitoring your fellow employees. monitoring your fellow employees and if you see any signs of leaking documents are being unstable or anything like that, you are required to report to that. you get in trouble for not reporting it. that is unprecedented. it is now being rolled out. it has to be further chilling. >> it seems have a chilling effect already on day-to-day, routine business. the work that journalist in this town do everyday in many cases has nothing to do with top- secret or even classified at the lower levels or anything to do with national security matters. out an official in the administration in the white house or cabinet agency and wanting to have a discussion about a subject that perhaps a senior official has spoken about publicly the day before is the sort of thing that now routinely government employees who will refuse to engage. not just off the record but say i cannot even speak to you until it's cleared up by the press office. in many cases, the press office say we will talk to you or in some cases they will not. it is having t
Nov 17, 2013 7:00pm EST
tour of the house in 1968 that was filled where she featured the china. very colorful. at spent a lot of time here the ranch. it was important because it provided rest from all of the turmoil of washington. where they can come home and recharge their batteries and make the connection back to the land in this place they valued so much. >> first lady lady bird johnson on c-span and c-span 3 and c- span radio and -- -- was theounder of the founder of> magazine gloria steinem will speak at the national press club. remarkswatch her beginning at 1:00 on c-span three. quiz this morning all washington journal we talked about the life and legacy of john f. kennedy i had of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. there's a head of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. of the 50th anniversary of his assassination. this is 35 minutes. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we want to welcome the chairman of the john f. kennedy library foundation, ken feinburg. we will be focusing on what happened 50 years ago. this was the bulletin from upi as reprinted from
Jul 15, 2013 2:00am EDT
of recoveries. the china resources boom is over. and china itself, domestically, shows signs of recovering. when china represents such a large slice of australia's own economy, our jobs, and the opportunities for raising a living standard, the time has come for us to adjust to the new challenges. the new challenges in productivity. new challenges in the diversification of our economy. new opportunities for what we do with processed foods and agriculture and the services sector and manufacturing. scriptnever changed my or my beliefs. i never want to be prime minister of a country that does not make things any more false top there is a big future for australian manufacturing under this government. looking at our global economic circumstances, we have tough decisions ahead on the future of our economy. this means having a government that looks at growing the size of the economic pie, as well as how it is distributed. let me say this to australian business -- i want to work closely with you. i worked with you closely in the past, and there are some white knuckle moments there that t
Sep 1, 2013 6:00am EDT
, where we are working. in fact, we have an agreement with china to work on that. and then methane. and on methane, we currently have an interagency group formed at the president's direction headed by the e.p.a., including the department of energy, department of interior and department of agriculture, for example, to -- to look at methane emissions. we are in very close contact with the environmental defense fund who, of course, has had a major study of their own on methane -- on methane emissions. the -- so we will see what comes out of that. >> we're going to remove people from the room if they just shout out. okay? >> the data currently look as though they -- the -- they are more on the low side of the estimates of methane emissions. [inaudible] >> would you please let the secretary answer your question. >> he's talking about something else than what i'm talking about. [inaudible] he says it's worse than coal. >> the question has already been asked and the secretary is answering the question so let him answer the question. >> the current data suggests that that is an incorrect statem
Oct 13, 2013 11:00am EDT
. by businesses but in europe and china and there is -- it is a network, complicated and complex. it comes to all the individuals involved. it is not just picking up the phone and calling wall street and telling them to settle down. my question is -- i just went on the web and wondered about treasuries and if you google treasuries, it it comes up the most important market indicator, way important than the stock markets, how important a number it is in the economy because of interest rate being pegged off its interest rate. here we are now basically almost talking the interest rate up with the talk in the city in the last 48 hours i can point out this chart because we have seen a dramatic spike from 0.0.3% up which is more than doubling in 48 hours. if the interest rate on treasury's in the next 48 hours i am, aren't we already to that tipping point? >> i have been trying to careful and report what has happened. i cannot predict what markets will do. i think if you look from last week to this week, a tripling of interest rates on short-term bills is not a good thing. we have seen stab
Sep 29, 2013 1:00am EDT
ceiling when republicans passed the page china first at. they called it the debt prior jersey nation act. -- priority act. paying first, including china. it is the same -- different fight, but similar actors. if we do shut down government, we will give you some of the hostages. you can almost see it right now. they let some of the hostages go and run across the streets. they are let go, but you are still left with the rest of the hostages. that is unfortunate. but it is the way in which they are operating right now. it is all part of the same play, the same movie. >> we certainly support paying the troops. we stand by them and their families. we support all americans being treated justly. this government shutdown is unjust. they know it is coming. this is a fig leaf to try to cover up some of these effects. >> the question of whether the democratic caucus will support >>s military-only cr idea? we want to pass a budget will and we said that from the very beginning. a clear budget bill on the floor and democrats will vote for it. democrats may say no based on what it says, but we will
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