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Dec 5, 2015 5:00am CST
because the price is so cheap for the powder. it's going to china, but we still have a lot of butter that's not being exported and cheddar, and that's what we have to start getting through. we have to get those markets out. >> okay, real quick, angie, talk about the end user and the pull through, some of these livestock folks, pulling some of this grain we've got a big crop. >> oh yeah, yeah. i mean the good part about having increased herds when it comes to livestock and then we're replenishing our poultry numbers of course, because we hopefully at this point in time seemed to have missed that bullet again of the bird flu epidemic this fall that the usda was anticipating. that's helpful from a feed standpoint. million dollar question of course though is we are making a lot of ethanol, which we're making ddgs as a result. china's come in and told us for the second time in four years they don't want our distillers, so we are getting a little backed up on that. soil bio diesel, things like that. in order to get soy oil you have to crush beans and get soybean meal. so the one thi
Aug 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
beans. china hasn't backed away. they want our beans. >> the bean -- they aren't as tied. beans aren't as tied to livestock. . >> no they aren't. going back to corn. one of the things a lot of people are worried about and a lot of news, about whether or not there could be just a huge cut back in the ethanol industry. i don't see that happening. i don't see -- even if you cut the mandate on ethanol. >> report from purdue last week. >> to make it work and you know once the -- once the blenders have their rations put together, the blending rates -- it's very difficult to change that. so, you know i think we have cut the ethanol industry quite a bit. i think beyond this point it's -- i don't think you cut it much more. >> down to about four and a half billion. maybe down to 4-2 but how much more can you go in exports, probably in --. >> okay. next question. we have profarmers out and a crop tour going on and they do that every year to come up with what they think will statement the corn yield after they walk through the fields. we don't know yet. they are just starting. you guys thi
May 22, 2011 4:00am EDT
beans. we have tight stocks. >> they said china and argentina got an agree meant that helped the bean oil price. it's really not helping the bean sales though. >> i hear they will pull the caps on canola oil and they are looking for corn in the september shipment. i think you will see -- they are hoping to get lucky on the weather. they are taking steps to make sure there is no grain. >> your concept on soybeans. >> we are washing out acres, the swollen mississippi river. probably not much of a change. probably seasonly lacks which is normal for this time of the year with south american production and got to remember they have a goodyear and worldwide soybean production would be up only about a percent çbut we aren't losing, supplies are tight and things could get exciting but if you step back and look at bean chart they have just been duking out, shadow boxing with the corn is looking like the shuttle liftoff. >> the next step i want to go to is talk about wheat at this time. i know -- talking about the world wheat situation, almost every country -- we have wheat in this country an
Nov 20, 2016 3:30am CST
the world. but right now china is seeing impressive growth within their own hog industry, except producers there are seeing 70 to 80 dollar per marijuana marijuana you? well, it's a topic we haven't covered a lot on our show, but it's making headlines across the country. and it's thiss week's customer support. bob dillard noticed something important i think that also happened on november 8: "at what point do we begin recognizing the tremendous number of our fellow citizens who now can use a cash crop that is transforming the economies of colorado, oregon, washington and now over 12 percent of the population in ustry with a giant upside that will only continue to grow." bob, you make a great point. recreational and medical marijuana measures passed in numerous and varied states, but i do not think this is going to become a big money maker for farmers. i may be one of the few of my generation who did no experiment with marijuana in the 60's and 70's or since, believe it or not. so i'm relying on excellent information from michael pollan's book, the botany of desire. his explanation
Feb 28, 2016 6:00am CST
horn to china and rival prices from the pacific north west. cheap oil means vitually everbody - not just the enormously to lower commodity prices across the board, like iron ore and copper. many poorer counties which buy our grain and protein depend heavily on such extractive industries. like me, not many of us ever imagined an oil price scenario like we now face. the longer it cotinues, the more susprising consequences i think we will discover. thanks, john. and next week, john and i will record our entire show from commodity assic. so, tune in next week for that. up next, baxter black.
Oct 11, 2009 4:00am EDT
bearish the market in jefnlt i know there are things going on in china right now that are pretty bullish that are going to put a buying power underneath this market and in the corn crop in particular with the big loss in their crop, it will make our market a little more friendly than people would think. >> ok. gavin, you heard his comentd imhents that. you thought about this. are they different? >> i think a lot of farmers are finding they have far more bushels still to sell than they had thought only a month or so ago. what they should consider that is gravy, extra ammunition perhaps to fire off during these rallies we get on frost scarce. a mart ma hjorth of producers -- a majority of producers should already be quite well protected by this time of the year. we always put in our lows in harvest. no surprise. if you wait till now to sell, you're playing the wrong game at the wrong time. >> when you get in the feelt field and you get 20 bushels more per acre and get a couple thousand acres, what do you do? >> it's a terrific problem to have. you should only be a seller in balance
Sep 10, 2016 5:00am CDT
comment on the china national chemical corporation has commitments from lenders on a $12.7 billion loan package to help secure its purchase of syngenta. chemchina acquired the financing from 17 different banks all together. the agreement to buy syngenta for $43 billion came earlier this year in a deal that would make it the largest supplier of pesticides and ag chemicals in the world. the european union is suspending its review of the dow dupont merger, which means the approval process will take even longer. e-u's antitrust regulator says neither company has submitted important information the e-u asked for as part of its review. fire broke out at a usda building in maryland this week. federal agents say there are no initial signs of a criminal intent. that news from a spokesman at the atf. the storage shed that burned on tuesday was at a usda complex in beltsville, a washington suburb. it was one of after getting anonymous threats. the flames took about two hours to put injuries were reported. which court should hear challenges to the epa's wotus rule? that's a question f
Nov 14, 2015 5:00am CST
yuan, for r ample. china is abobo to become our biggest trading partner. to compare, here are our biggest trading parners now. that said, the index does follow other measures like the bloomberg dollar index pretty closely. the second problem is more subtle. the index was anchored at 100 on the day it began. while this is logical, there is a psychological message carried with the index as we tend to compare it to 100. it just feels better if itits over 100, for exexple. perhaps the best way is concentrate ononhich direction it is moving, and how fast. next week, i'll look at why this matters to farmers, and indeed all of us. thanks, john. don't go anywhere. baxter black joins us next. and latat, a special tracacr tales told and edidid from the eyes of a viewer who's paying tribute to his baxter black who has a tale about old blue. a retirereohio farmer told me this story. its about the best coon dog he'd ever seen. it was an old blue tick hound that his fathererad trained. he said he's dad was such an excellent trainer he didn't even have to go hunting withlue, the dog would go by
Aug 21, 2016 3:30am CDT
historically strong with the demand away from china but also on the other asian countries and the fact that the new brazilian argentine crops were not quite as big as we expected and just to respect that this corn crop could be could be underline a record and the fact of the demand is not quite strong as it is for for beans. brian you mentioned the funds what's the fund's position in corn right now is it surprising to youit's close to one hundred forty thousand contracts in that short and that's not a record but it is on the larger side of how short the day typically get i'm not surprised we're talking one hundred seven five bushel yield but i think with the trade needs to realize that if the usda happens to be wrong if they have to backpedal on the sealed and at this point a bean and his is better but corn demand is also side start to shrink the funds have to backpedal on pullout that's where you get an over exaggerated move to the upside brian have you been following this oil or oil prices much i mean we look we've seen a pretty nice up tick in in prices because of talks of the poten
Aug 23, 2009 4:00am EDT
. there are many positive elements on the horizon as well such as strong demand from china and glimmers of hope from dairy and other livestock industries. the larger problem, i think, is our impatience or at least attention span. in a colored of constant communication, fast food and downloadable products the concept of wasting for months or even a year or so to work through a massive inventory of grain seems positively anti- delifeient. we'll have to dial with it. nature will not be hurried. besides, after 10,000 years, i think it's safe to say we're in a long-term profession. commen us-fa >>> as always, we want to hear from you. send comments to or leave us a voice mail by calling (800)792-4329. >>> coming up in our next half hour, one family's special relationship with a famous cattle breed. stay with us, the second half of "u.s. farm report" is coming right up. today on u-s farm report... >>> u.s. farm today on "u.s. farm report" ... >> pork producers ask for help. >> it increases slowly on american farms. >> boat owners remain reluctant to embrace ethanol blends.
Aug 28, 2016 3:30am CDT
or be delayed. also on the merger front, syngenta and chem china getting go-ahead nod from u-s regulators. shares surged this week after the committee on foreign investment in the united states approved the buyout by , boosting chanes the largest foreign aqcuistion ever by a chinese company will go thorugh. iowa senator chuck grassley is continuting to raise concers over the chemchina-syngenta deal, calling it alarming. grassley heads the senate judiciary committee and just this week he announced he's hosting a hearing on the wave of ag company mergers. it will be held in late september and it's stll being determined who will testify. he says the hearing current trend of consolidation within the chem and seed industries. as dairy farmers across the country battle low milk prices, usda is trying to help. the department says it will buy 20 million dollars of cheese, or 11 million pounds, from private inventories. they are donating the cheese to food assitance programs. that will help reduce the hefty supplies weighing on prices. currently the cheese surplus is at an all-time high
Sep 12, 2010 4:00am EDT
has strug welled drought. china is the you largest producer and consumer of cotton and floods in pakistan devastated the crop. pakistan is it the third largest producer. that's it for news. time for the national forecast from meteorologist mike hoffman. >>> we're going to remain fairly warm across the southern tier of states as we head through this coming week. jet stream will be me andering mainly through the northern half of the country with some troughs digging in. you can see one in the great lakes and new england as we start the week. that will keep it kind of cool in those areas. still, very warm and in some cases muggy conditions from the southeast. a little trip of moisture coming across the plains states. we'll cause hit and miss showers and thunderstorms through that area. not a lot of rain as we start the week. florida may be seeing some scattered showers and thunderstorms with the stationary front there. a little wetter as we head through the middle of the week. i think the system coming acotts plains states will cause chance for good rain. just hit and miss variety f
Nov 7, 2010 4:00am EST
failures in china and pakistan put the crop is short supply. cotton continues this price marriage, rising 71% this year. >> years like this, we're hitting a home run and we have above average yields and extreme high price, i'm nervous about what to buy. it could all go away next year and i would be saddled be a bunch of debt. >> as of monday, about half of oklahoma's cotton crop had been harvested. that's 17 points ahead of the five-year average. >> now, cotton isn't the only natural fiber enjoying high prices. wool is selling at its highest mark in decades. u.s. wool is selling for nearly $2 a pound. that's the highest price in some twenty years. the association says several things are playing into the increase, including better exchange rates for exports. 60% of the u.s. wool is exported. major producers in australia and new zealand have seen a reduction lowering supply. now, if you're looking for the top wheat producing state in the country, aim north. north dakota is claiming that prize for the second year in a row. the north dakota wheat commission says their state beat out cost by 1
Jan 16, 2016 5:00am EST
equipment sector for 2016. and in john's world... <china, china, china> farm report - brought to you by the dependable, long lasting, chevy mid-week as usda's latest reports weren't as bearish as anticipated. usda's released the final numbers for the 2015 crop. the agency lowered the corn production tally slightly. it comes in at 13-point-six billion bushels. usda dropped the national average yield by nearly a bushel to 168-point-four bushels. the department also lowering soybean production to 3 point 9 billion bushels, still making it a record crop. the average yield is 48 bushels to the acre. china formally launched anti-dumping and anti- subsidy probes for dried distillers grain imports from the u-s. the announcment coming from china's ministry of commerce this week. in response, the u-s grain council says the anti- dupming and countervailing duties investigations are unwarranted and unhelpful. the council adding this could have negative effects on u-s growers and chinese consumers for years to come. crude oil traded below since 2003. this is as traders fear waning demand from
Jan 16, 2016 5:00am CST
2016. and in john's world... <china, china, china> farm report - brought to you by the dependable, long lasasng, chevy silverado.> now for the market related news, grains saw life anticipated. usda's released the final numbers for the 2015 crop. the agency lowered the corn production tally slightly. it comes in at 13-point-six billion bushels. usda dropped the national average yield by nearly a bushel to 168-point-four bushels. the department also lowering soybean production to 3 point 9 billion bushels, still making it a record crop. the average yield is 48 bushels to the acre. china formally launched anti-dumping and anti- subsidy probes for dried distillers grain imports from the u-s. the announcment coming from china's ministry of commerce this week. in response, the u-s grain council says the anti- dupming and countervailing duties investigations are unwarranted and unhelpful. the council adding this could have negative effects on u-s growers and chinese consumers for years to come. crude oil traded below the 30 dollar per barrel mark this week for the first time s
May 9, 2010 4:00am EDT
that need to be attended to as well. >> what's happening in china makes a lot of difference too, don't you think? they've been buying more than they used to. >> absolutely. china, they've been involved. we have known the soybean story for a while. certainly, they're looking at the corn side of the thing. that's probably the elephant in the room. first of all, is it going to get delivered? second, is there more? >> okay. we'll be back to talk about more elephants in the room when we return with more u.s. farm report. bestselling author. her teachings are heard all over the world every single day. she has overcome horrible abuse yet discovered how to forgive and now, she's coming your way. joyce meyer -- her no-nonsense approach to everyday issues has made her one of the most sought-after speakers in the world today. don't miss out on this unique opportunity to see joyce meyer live. for more information visit us online at or call toll free: 1-866-see-joyce. >>> round table guests this week. you were the one that brought it up. you're talking about the ill the ill front ele
Nov 21, 2010 4:00am EST
about out of china was they are very, very, very concerned about inflation in china right now. this is the most pressure that i think i've ever seen maybe in any market where they've taken that much food inflation and pumped it up to the degree that they have. this week, believe it or not, corn was down 20 today, but china corn hit 950. so the commodity exchange, earlier in the week, the up prices has got china trying to figure out a way to make these prices going down. people in china are spending half of their income on food. it's a huge hit to take. their president talked about it. they raised the federal reserve rate by .5. they're trying drastically to knock food braces praise -- prices down. >> some of the guys in your business say china is doing that because if they can get us to lower our corn prices, they're going come in and buy more corn. is that what's happening or are they trying to take care of what's happening in their country? >> well, this is the first year that the demand is higher than what they can produce. >> in china? >> in china. i think it would be close to 1
Jan 10, 2016 5:00am PST
year. >> yeah, and we look kind of the macro economy, gregg, we're talking we saw china suspend trading a couple times this week. our markets here at home have one of the worst starts ever. where does that take us or what do you see there? >> well, look, you know, the chinese are doing a terrible job trying to micro manage the stock market and it looks like they took off these parameters here last night and they got chinese new year coming up here first week of february so, they got to clean this up and that and the world is, you know, at times, you know, some traders are taking it, you know, and that's why they're selling off everywhere because of it like what happened back in august, but probably more of the that is a domestic stock market. i think the bigger issue's not that stock market price action renminbi yuan on off shore. >> right. >> those are where the bigger concerns are because the chinese now have had to since they've been instituted in sdrs with the imf, now they're reserved currency, only about 2% takes place in their trading, but they've had to spin almost a tri
Mar 6, 2011 4:00am EST
surprise but china is a bright spot for trade. the export council said they purchased 320,000metric tons of milk powder last year. as spring draws near many farmers in the central and southern plains are concern ford their winter wheat crops. the u.s.d.a. released progress reports in kansas, oklahoma oak and texas. in texas 56% is called poor to very poor with 26% fair and in oklahoma 42% poor to very poor, 39% is fair. many of the areas suffered through arctic cold temperatures with little snow cover to protect the crops. >>> that's it for the headlines. now back to al for crop watc ♪ [ music ] >> crop watch this week take us from the still frozen midwest down to florida where field work is underway. a producer from iowa said there is talk of spreading fertilizer next week if the ground is still proceedsen. they finally had a round of nice days. for florida familiarers good weather conditions are allowing growers to till land. the conditions statewide remain mostly fair to poor. and in ohio winter wheat looks good. it's also very wet. rivers are out of their banks. >>> when we come ba
Jan 10, 2016 5:00am CST
chinese market. currently about 17 percent of all u.s. ag exports find their way to china. usda is now revising that down-- expecting the country's gdp to fall to roughly 6 percent. adding that in 2015 exports to china were down 4 billion dollars or 13 percent. it expects that to fall during the week--dropping into the low 30's for the first time in 12 years. west texas intermediate and brent crude both down 12 percent in the first week of the year. analysts say it's likely prices could fall to 25 dollars a barrel. oil company stocks also feeling the pressure. while parts of brazil have seen decent rains in recent weeks, our reporting partners at pro-farmer say drought remains very serious issue in parts of brazil. the leading soybean state of mata grosso is very dry...however three quarters of mato grosso saw between 3 and 8 inches of rain in the last 10 days. while the center west district - which is brazils largest soybean region - has a rainfall deficit. it's about 60-percent of normal. traders in chicago are watching closely. <"forecasts for northern brazil do call for rains off a
Feb 21, 2016 5:00am PST
half of the u-s. china's appetitie for u-s soybeans continues to fade. our partners at pro farmer reporting china imported 5.66 million metric tons of soybeans in january. that's a 38 percent drop from december and 17 percent less than the previous year. poultry producers are looking at a more promising 2016. rabobank says after a very challenging end to quarterly report of the year, analysts say better demand and lower supply in countires like u-s, china, thailand and europe are helping reduce the hefty supply issue we saw last year. in china, new restrictiosn on breeding stock will help keep tbird numbers down. but prices will still remain volatile due to avian influenza. the chem china and syngenta acquisition could open the door for g-m crops in china.. that's according to syngenta's leadership reuters reporting, the 43 billion dollar deal likely to give syngenta unrivaled access to the chinese market--the world's largest grain producer. also heating up, discussions about oil production and the impact on prices. four major producers, qatar, russia, saudi arabia and venezuela a
Oct 31, 2015 5:00am CDT
quarter. china is dropping its one child policy for the first time since the 1970s. this opens the door for ag exports as the population grows. now the country will allow two children for every couple. the communist party issued a statement, saying to promoate a balanced growth of population, china will continue to uphold the basic national policy of population control. this still needs to be approved by china's top legilsature. china began to relax the policy last year, allowing couples to have a second baby if the mother or father was an only child. dupont pioneer is no longer denying that its agriculture business could be a part of a merger. during the earnings call this week, dupont interim c-e-o said everyone is talking to everyone right now and he's talking to ceo's of other companies. he went on to say consoidation should happen and they're looking to see of anything makes financial sense for shareholders. dupont reported q-3 earnings down 17 percent compared to last year, with a 30 percent drop just in its ag business. that's it for even seeing their first snow. thanks, tyn
Jun 6, 2010 4:00am EDT
than $10.5 billion, china was the biggest buyer for the first half of the fiscal year. experts believe asia will overtake the western hemisphere as the largest market for u.s. exports. other commodities slowing growth include white, rice, and cotton. dairy and poultry are also showing modest gains. farm land values continue to show strength and the market may get even more active. the federal reserve bank in chicago, which covers six states, reports farm land values climbed 4% from a year ago. the kansas city fed saw farmland values increase by 2% in that district. a recent survey reveals aggressive buying by farmers. >> at 15% now, plan on buying more farm land or acquiring for land through leases, so this market is going to get more active going forward, and that seems to make sense. we've gone through a period of some fear in 2008, early 2009, and now we've seen this market gaining more confidence. when you look at the largest farmers, those with the gross income of farming of over a million dollars. it's 20% that say they want to acquire more land, and that's not a surprise. >> aus
Feb 28, 2010 4:00am EST
bulls only last so long. >> and alan greenspan financial exsue ambulance. my eyes are on the china markets. the china exchange is significant rallies, over 120% this year. >> it's just growing. >> it's just growing and because their economy has been extended for an extended time period and they're getting ready for the olympics and one question is what happens after the olympics and does the estimation make themself look good prior to 2008. could they have a little slip in '09, '10. so when they have their natural economic recessions on demand, how is that going to happen? ethanol has been basically the darling of the corn market and biodiesel for beans but now it's blamed for everything and you got an energy bill that can't be passed and could we have a flooding of the corn curb out in 2009 and 2010. >> that has to happen in the meantime. is that part of it? >> and at the same time you've got crude oil, all time record highs with gasoline still below $3. there's a disconnect between gasoline and crude oil. there's going to be a spring back effect but the economy is not being affec
Sep 25, 2016 3:30am CDT
years china could soon start accepting imports of u-s beef. at least that's what a chinese official promised during a speech in new york tuesday night. china's ban on u-s beef started in 2003 after the b-s-e scare. there's no exact timetable as to when imports will resume, but officals they recognize the u-s has very good beef, so why should they deny chinese customers that choice. the world's largest buyer of wheat could be in the market for more of the small grain. egypt is dumping it's zero tolderance policy on ergot, a common grain fungus. that regulation implemented last month basically shut down its access to global wheat. egypt will reinstate the previous tolerance level, and said it's being applied to both prices weighing on dairy farmers this year, milk production is still on the rise. usda showing milk production in the nation's top 23 states reaching 16 point 7 billion pounds. that's up 2 percent from august of last year. teh largest increase year over year coming from texas, with production topping last year by 11 percent. nationally, production per cow hitting 19 hundre
Jan 23, 2016 5:00am CST
, sluggish demand and market tutuoil in china will only further hurt prices. canadian processor saputo predicts milk prices to remain depressed in 2016. and now it's a question of which country's producers can handle the lower prices and adapt to volatility. canada based potash corp says its halting production at a mine in new burnswick. the picadilliy mine just opened in late 2014--and was expected to crank out up to dropped significantly in recent years...from 900 dollars a ton in 2008 to roughly 300 a ton now. the decision to indefinitely suspend production will result in more than 400 layoffs..although it will be capable of restarting production if prices increase. those are the headlines...let's check in now with meteorologist mike hoffman. mike, things are getting ugly out east. you are absolutely right, tyne. it is going to take a while for some folks to dig out from this one. the good news is that storm will continue to move off shore and things will slowly improve for the rest of the weekend and it has been slowly improving in the drought areas out west, while you can s
Nov 8, 2015 6:00am CST
. allendale thinks the u-s corn yield is 168 point 3. and soybeans 47 point 3. severe drought in china is depleting any hopes of a record crop this year. and pork producers in the country were banking on ample corn supplies to feed the growing popularity in the white meat. herere a map of china's main growing region. corn production was predicted to see an all-time high as growers bumped up acres this year. instead, bloomberg reports production will fall nearly 6 percent, which is the e ggest drop in 15 years. u-s beef exports continue to see pressure, while porkxports are on the way up. u-s meat export federation says the september export numbers show promise for pork, with export volume up 6 percent from a year ago. shipments to canada were the largest we've seen all year, and south korea increased the amount of pork purchased by 34 percent. trade groups got their first look at details of the trans pacific partnership trade deal, white house released the final agreement, showing support for pork exports, with one iowa state economist calling it the most important commercial opportunity
Sep 18, 2016 3:30am CDT
-s trade representatives office making a bold move this week, accusing china of unfair price would get for the same grains. the u-s launched a challenge at the world trade organization, saying those supports "far exceed" the limits that china agreed to when it joined the w-t-o in 2001. in response, china says it's always respected wto rules. this is a major sticking point for rice producers in arkansas, who say the price supports give some of these countries an unjust edge when it comes to trade currently china doesn't import any rice from the u-s. but sullivan says based on chinese consumption rates, if entire domestic crop in 14 days. usda bumped the national wheat yield up t
Nov 15, 2009 4:00am EST
sold the south koreans some corn, but the origins were u.s., south america, or china. so that's that. so i mean, this program right now, to me, like in corn, they're going to miss in thing by a couple hundred million bushels. >> what do you think the government has? do you think the government is going to be low or high? >> i think it will be down about 1-9 in corn. the government took off a half here on the report tuesday. and i think that you know, the yields will probably stay pretty much the same. the beans will probably uptake a little bit from here. so that was that storiment but the bigger story was really this black mold, this -- >> the toxin. >> it hit the market yesterday. that -- that is the, you know, that's the thing that comes out of left field on you. and the spreads look like they're going to do the function on it if it is -- and if it is anything that's substantial for maybe three or four weeks, at the most, i can't imagine that thing becoming more than that and some of the earlier planted corn was probably the thing that did it in ohio and indiana. >> mike, would it
May 23, 2010 4:00am EDT
wanted to ask. what are those questions? >> the european markets are affecting china. they're trying to cool down their economy and tighten up their credit. is this going to affect your -- who ultimately buys their corn. how do you feel about their demand situation? is it going to be a sharp growth? how do you think it's going affect corn? >> certainly if we see europe go into a continuen'ting wide -- it's going to affect china. so from 2007 to 2009 and early 10 when we had the worst whatever we call what we just went through. sure, we saw china's economy slow down. we saw it close to 6% growth. the rest of the world would have loved to have% growth. i believe we're going to see some sort of continent wide growth. ireland, iceland, a lot of these lesser -- less wealthy european countries have been the drivers of growth. they tier ones that are going to slow down. i think they're going to slow that continental growth down. that's going to hurt china's economy. we're talking about maybe, again, 3, 4% growth, which we should still see sustained growth in their incomes, protein demand, meat
Nov 29, 2009 4:00am EST
exporter isn't in the market at all, argentina, and china is building reserves, you have the potential to still seek some better prices at this time. so, you know, china is not happy with us and neither is brazil with the dollar going down because we're so competitive against china and also for brazil for their pricing of their beans. but in the meantime i think that we're gonna see some chances for much better prices in corn, you're gonna have an acreage fight this year, this last year you didn't because the ethanol industry was suffering but that's back on track so as screws stands it holds its ground here and one way to kind of keep an eye on these commodities is the balance particular dry states. we have hit 6-month highs and we're not superfar from where we were in '08. >> i see you nodding. >> quite a bit i agree with but the u.s. is starting to come under a lot of pressure to do something about the value of the dollar. >> at the g20 where the dollar isn't the standard any longer. >> yeah. >> a lot of that pressure is coming out of europe and it's because of china's peg
Feb 20, 2011 4:00am EST
>>> today on u.s. farm report. incredible demand from china equals a new best customer for american agriculture. it's a sign of strong economic times as big green reports big profits. and our team of analysts draw a packed house at the national farm machinery show. >> u.s. farm report brought to you by the world of farming is changing. be ready with case ih and by chevy and their award winning cars, strucks, and crossovers. >>> hello and welcome to u.s. farm report. i'm john. well it wasn't quite a drunken sailor atmosphere, but optimism was abundant, along with an appetite for technology and power at the farm machinery show. temperatures in the 70s added to the excitement. i was no exception as i waited for a half hour just to get an estimate for a new workshop i have long desired. not for myself, of course, but for something i can attach a new greenhouse for my beloved wife, jan. spring fever has many symptoms, i guess, and obviously some of them are economic. time now for the headlines. here's trisha. >> thanks, john. the export outlook for american agriculture is only getting br
Oct 2, 2011 4:00am EDT
think will happen -- here is the problem -- the black sea area increase in wheat production, china wants morrissey verse ty in the feed supply and i think they will rely on wheat. we have to watch it. wheat will be the biggest competing for corn because of all the global wheat supplies. overall i don't -- the market below five, wheat can't compete above 7. we will raining bound in this new range. >> every year in the middle of the harvest we look to harvests go down. when that happens our international buyers look to the united states. china and the other country that need the products will they be buying as much at these low prices in. >> they did last time. they bought a lot of corn this summer on the last break we had, i would think that would show up again. i haven't heard they bought anything, that's usually what happens though. so -- yeah, demand shows up at lower prices. >> china, there is a lot of stories, china will be up between four to five million metric tons above expectations. i think over the next three weeks you will hear a lot of unknown sales and a lot of will be
Sep 5, 2010 4:00am EDT
going to be good. >> in terms of days and use, it's going to tighten further. china has 50 million-bushels since spring, and some of our sources inside of china believe it could be as high as 200 million. i think that might be on the high end. they're now competing with other customers. you take feed weed out of the soviet union, the demand is there. we can't afford to drop this yield. when we come back, we're going to talk more about what some of the down sides could be coming up in the future when u.s. farm report returns in just a moment. >>> farm progress guest today -- just before we left a minute ago, i said we were going to talk about perhaps the downside in agriculture. you said you would talk about that, alan. >> we have to be aware that we're doing a price rationing job here. we're trying to discourage demand until we know what the crop is. when you do that, there's a danger in that we do too good a job. ethanol prices have gone up sharply, that mean wes eve lost the spread margin. we're going to have a lot of problems with ethanol demand for a while. at the same time, th
Dec 6, 2009 4:00am EST
poultryproduct exports. >>> while the usda is still awaiting details from china on the conditions for the resumption of imports of u.s. pork, ag secretary tom vilsack says he is hopeful u.s. pork exports to china could resume in the very near term. china announced this week it isofficially lifted restrictions on iment po -- imports of u.s., canadian and mexican pork. china instituted the ban as mart of the h1n1 outbreak. despite lifting the ban, details on how and when shipments could resume are not known. few market analysts expect volume of shipments will come anywhere near the hefty buys of pork that china made leading up to the olympic games. >>> because of the unprecedented harvest delays, the ag department says it will extend its weekly crop progress by at least one more week this year. the usda says that will help them get more complete results for their report. meanwhile, this week's report shows corn harvest at 79% complete. the five-year average is 97%. the soybean harvest is all but wrapped up sitting at 96%. that's it for the headlines. it's time now to join john for crop
Sep 17, 2016 5:00am CDT
, accusing china of unfair price supports for rice, wheat and corn. officials say it unfairly undercuts prices that the u-s would get for the same grains. the u-s launched a challenge at the world trade organization, agreed to when it joined the w-t-o in 2001. in response, china says it's always respected wto rules. this is a major sticking point for rice producers in arkansas, who say the price supports give some of these countries an unjust edge when it comes to trade currently china doesn't import any rice from the u-s. but sullivan says based on chinese consumption rates, if the country would start importing u-s rice, they could eat through our entire domestic crop in 14 days. usda bumped the a stagge
Mar 27, 2011 4:00am EDT
crop. probably china, they have been pricing corn -- market couldn't sustain that gain, it's a -- it's just exploded to the downside and down he went, lost 25-cents and -- it's a market where you don't take any long lunches, you get eaten forelain. . > >> you came in and were looking at the markets. i don't think you had your market in your land looking at it. you said wow, that's not much of a change and i can remember a few years ago when we went over five cents either direction it was a big change. how have things changed now? >> we are starting to see a lot of volatility. people have to realize with corn at seven dollars a buschel when it was at three dollars and a seven cent range -- now there has been a number of days that it's had a 30 to 40-cent a buschel range and we need to expect that. we had today a situation where the corn market rallied quite a bit on thursday where the -- when we started to hear about the basis at the gulf had strengthened and it started to be rumors and speculation that may be the commercials were buying corn fortuna sales and the market rallied
Dec 26, 2015 5:00am CST
years has been shipments of grain sorgpum to china. new usda data shows increasing production of the grain is pushing prices lower. t t economic research service says grain sorghum is sitting just above 3 dollars per bushel---now back below the price of corn. over the last 2 years sorghum at times trading at a 20 percent premium to corn on strong demandndrom china. meanwhile from our partners at beef today, the crisis continues for america's cattle feeders. according to sterling marketing feedlots are now losing nearly 700 dollars a head--that's more than 400-million dollars in just the last week. sterling says 2015 will go into the record books as the worst year in price of all fresh beef in november was about 6 dollars a und. that's down morthan 3 cents from the month prior--but still about a dime higher than a year ago. withthlaughter prices are dropping faster than retail, the marketing spread is currently record large. on the pork side of the ledger, processors setting record for hog g aughter last week. j jt less than 2 point 5 million head (2.493) were processed. that's be
Oct 17, 2010 4:00am EDT
china. it's going to be a political solution or a political surprise. i would say the market is as bullish as it was back in june. we had several ways to make it bullish. we're going to have to have things to make it bearish. we're going to see rationing of ethanol and exports. it's very difficult at there point. if someone gets in trouble, this market could be intense. >> we're talking about rationing exports, you're talking about governmental actions. is that what you're suggesting? >> might happen. >> if prices got too high. and i think the definition of that is probably $8 corn and 15 to $20 beans. >> is he talks right here that that kind of thing could have with the united states, with the way things are at this point. >> it's a quick answer. we need a lot more bean corn acres this year, we're behind the 8 ball. increasing 3 plus 4, something like that. man, we've got to -- it just doesn't add up. that's all i can tell you. but, i will say this, the market will ration to a point to where, one, how are they going to deal with this man date here that expires at the end of the ye
Dec 12, 2010 4:00am EST
easier than finding out what china's -- is going to be. >> if markets did retrace during the next 30, 60, 90 days, what's that going do to the demand site is china brings in soybean like they did in 2008 and crush the market? i think we have a dilemma that we didn't have back then. if we do that before the february average insurance price, it better be all commodities and not just corn. if beans go to 13 and corn goes back to five, i know what i eel plant. i'll plant more corn and less beans. >> i would say you folks have come to a marketing rally to become better marketers. the question is what are you guys going to do about it? now, no matter whose style you like up here, find somebody you like. there's got to be somebody for everybody and find somebody to try to help you manage this marketing game. when you look at it, having a partner, you don't just sit at home when you're sit, you go the a doctor or a lawyer or an account. in general, a professional will help you manage this risk. i would certainly say you've got enough to pick from right up here. >> mr. brock? keep the price o
Mar 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
. we will talk about china and the farm bill when the us farm report returns. [applause] ,3 we're waking you p... after you "spring forwarr."where you can go to get a free cup >> one of the questions from our audience that came earlier needs to be discussed i think by her group here today, and that is what is happening between israel and iran and how that will affect basically agriculture prices, but it won't be limited there. >> i was listening to an interview about warren buffett about two or three weeks ago on the major network and he said something that i thought was very important. he said, what would change the marketplace that we've seen over the past year, including the stock market and that caused the shakeout. it's not really the banks in europe going under or at the debt structure of the united states, it's i'm major nuclear incident, biological warfare or chemical incidents. that's something that changes the political framework throughout the world. that's between israel, iran and of course the united states is right in the middle. and, that would be what i would call
Jul 17, 2011 4:00am EDT
certainly china's opportunity to buy it on the breaks. >> they didn't waste any time getting into the market, did they? not at all. we'll talk about the people using the products. back in a moment with u.s. farm report. welcome back to u.s. farm report. our marketing round table continues with a discussion about how china is getting into the pork market and what that could mean for u.s. producers. >> certainly with china coming into the pig market, they made a statement two days ago they want to add more pork to their protein. certainly they're going to be able to afford to send a little more money on the feed. the cattle industry, the numbers seem low to me and i don't know how they're coming up with these numbers. >> i do a lot of feeder cattle out west. just to tell you about second chance. we went from 142 to 120 back to 145 in feeder in just a little over a month. so when it was down there at 120, you felt pretty bad, but what i'm trying to say and what i'm eluding to, these next two to three weeks are going to maybe give you your chance, if you didn't catch it the first time, to catch
Oct 3, 2010 4:00am EDT
give them away and now they have value. >> i think the big market is china. i would imagine they would by five times more than last year. >> really? >> at least that. that market, they can combine soybeans and djokovic gs, and it works better than buying corn on water. that's the market that they're very interested in over here. i think that's going to expand a lot. you look back at that stocks report, it was our lowest since 1950. that doesn't work. >> you don't think that works. >> not so much. >> well, i'll tell you when we come back with our next segment, i'm going to talk about soybeans. we've been talking about corn and wheat, but something i think we should address, and that's what farmers are going to plant next year and how we get to where we need to plant in order to make a profit. we'll be back with more u.s. farm report in just a moment. this week brian and andy, we were talking about corn primarily and the fact that the government put out this report and they found 300 million- bushels more and there may be question about the report, but you that's what the market is deali
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