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Jul 15, 2012 4:00am EDT
china does and not as they say. they have a big export sales number to them, again this morning it was another 150,000 tons. >> when we come back, this is such a big thing that we are going to talk about that i'm going to talk to you about what a producer can do to protect whatever profit may have been there before they found out they didn't have the crop this รง year. return with more us army port in just a moment. us farm report in just a moment. >> jim bauer from power trading and chip knowledge or. i said we would ask questions about what a producer needs to do at this time company and each producer is individual and has a different set of situations, and we know that. but what should a producer too? >> i think there's a couple big things. first and foremost, don't get down. it's unbelievably hard. i think a really important thing, do it now, doublecheck coverages and doublecheck the social security numbers and names are right on them and that you have the harvest item. >>> crop insurance -- it's not going to make everyone hole, but it will not help with yield reductions. the c
Jul 29, 2012 4:00am EDT
sell corn and then it switched from where china went to a net exporter occurred to a net importer. it's hard to get information out of china. they don't let people like me communicate with twitter and facebook. but they say they're crop is okay there, we will see. sometimes people travel to china and the rest of the world needs grains also ended the scramble to see what's out there, not only in our country but in their country as well. >> they tell me that they don't always demand, and maybe there are other factors in there. are we in a demand structure rather than supplying? >> this week in exports we had a negative export number in corn which is something to see more of. we had a good beating number and a good week number. so they might find other things to use instead of corn. the word is out that america doesn't have much corn. certain companies are importing from brazil and there was also talk of brazil importing the point that they have left. so that will affect the price. we have massive demand destruction which will help us prices but in one year or 18 months from now we w
Aug 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
at these kind of bubbles before, and into company would cut the price in half in october. china is in tough economic times and i think you have to be careful out there, because you can be too bullish at these levels. >> while the market has been bullish, like i said six weeks ago. but now, the function this market will be now is, a speculator will get out of the market, but it will be put into stronger hands on shallow breaks in corn. corn has to pull together in the front month to get this job done on the rationing. it has to be a job that's never done before. we didn't rationing away on its prices because these people have coverage. this time around that will take a tremendous amount of liquidation of our heart heard, chicken heard and chickens, and then over in asia we have seen pork prices in china come down about 19% for the year. they are crushing margins are negative now, and it looks like they will have a heck of a crop, at least the way it stands right now. so that takes some pressure off. but as we move down the road, think about time. there's going to be opportunities th
Jun 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
mexico are on pace to set new records and mexico and china are up more than a billion dollars thanks to strengthening demand for cotton, pork, dairy and poultry and tree nuts. >>> nationally 9% of the crop has already cut. in oklahoma the wheat harvest is 41% complete. the five-year averages just 3%. good growing weather has given way to good harvest conditions around the state and yields are 20% or more above-average hitting machine that will work workout. >> the combines are running one and a half or 2 miles per hour in the field, they are just crawling. they are bigger machines but it's taking twice as long to get the crop because we have twice the bushels out there. >> rosen says last year's supply stifle the crop and that's why many producers are bailing the crop for hay rather than harvesting for grain. >>> mostly due for higher prices, hey use this past winter was at its lowest level since 1980. the center says many producers chose a lower cost options including baled cornstalks. the tape raises expanding prices are expected to soften. the lack of rain is becoming quite scarce
Jun 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
slow downs in india, china and brazil remove much of the cushion. keeping up with complex global economy is hard when it's all you can do to cope with no rain. it's never been more important to at least try. we will do our best to help. time for the headlines. here is tin morgan. >> hello. its been a busy week for farm bill discussions and it ended with the senate passing its version of the bill. senate majority leader said the senate debates 70 amendments throughout the week. among them was debate about the crop insurance inclusion in the farm bill. the big issue is how to design a program helps crop insurance. he said the senate discussions have been addressing more than just farm support programs. >> the issues will include the conversation program, the funding and type of conservation program, the degree of cuts if any, the limitations on payments to farmers by farm programs and the structure and support for the sugar industry and the united states. >>> on wednesday the senate voted to not change the depression era program that prodetects united states suggest growers. the ho
Apr 29, 2012 4:00am EDT
one line at a time? . >> i would say that the most port thing is the china defanned for corn and beans and a little bit of wheat. >> bse can't be ignored, it's rocked the world of the livestock market on tuesday when it was released. >> well i was going to say two things, other things? >> i think the other thing is the reduction in the south american crop, particularly argentina, talk of a frost, i think it was wednesday night that may have done damage. >> that was in argentina. >> what they came out and said that probably didn't do a lot of damage but we have seen old crop corn and beans take a huge jump in the last few days. >> i will count that as number four and another thing that come into market that we should talk about. >> we just came through may option and we are closing out the month. lots of trade as we wrap up the end of the month and the end of the week. >> anything else? >> you know along with that we have first notice, we have seen again more jacking of the position because of that. these are all the factor that have really, caused the markets to have the volatility. >>
Aug 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
beans. china hasn't backed away. they want our beans. >> the bean -- they aren't as tied. beans aren't as tied to livestock. . >> no they aren't. going back to corn. one of the things a lot of people are worried about and a lot of news, about whether or not there could be just a huge cut back in the ethanol industry. i don't see that happening. i don't see -- even if you cut the mandate on ethanol. >> report from purdue last week. >> to make it work and you know once the -- once the blenders have their rations put together, the blending rates -- it's very difficult to change that. so, you know i think we have cut the ethanol industry quite a bit. i think beyond this point it's -- i don't think you cut it much more. >> down to about four and a half billion. maybe down to 4-2 but how much more can you go in exports, probably in --. >> okay. next question. we have profarmers out and a crop tour going on and they do that every year to come up with what they think will statement the corn yield after they walk through the fields. we don't know yet. they are just starting. you guys thi
Mar 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
. we will talk about china and the farm bill when the us farm report returns. [applause] ,3 we're waking you p... after you "spring forwarr."where you can go to get a free cup >> one of the questions from our audience that came earlier needs to be discussed i think by her group here today, and that is what is happening between israel and iran and how that will affect basically agriculture prices, but it won't be limited there. >> i was listening to an interview about warren buffett about two or three weeks ago on the major network and he said something that i thought was very important. he said, what would change the marketplace that we've seen over the past year, including the stock market and that caused the shakeout. it's not really the banks in europe going under or at the debt structure of the united states, it's i'm major nuclear incident, biological warfare or chemical incidents. that's something that changes the political framework throughout the world. that's between israel, iran and of course the united states is right in the middle. and, that would be what i would call
Apr 15, 2012 4:00am EDT
the next day. today, you know with china, gdp -- coming and moving the markets i think we are geared a little more to the fundamentals today, the brake can be -- to seeing rain that we saw coming across the very dry areas in an anticipation of the coverage being good. corn took it on the chin. >> most are getting used to look at what happens in south america and other place around the world but we are in a world grain market? >> absolutely. have you to pay attention to south america, china is another good example. they are a big corn area, it's very cold and dry right now. russia the drought affecting the wheat crop in france and germany and poland. you just can't look in your own backyard. >> when we come back, one of the things i want to do is look in our one backyard and predict what the prices will be this summer, what we need to watch for. when we return in just a moment. . >>> tom into yan grain company, i said we would look at what the prices would be. i will just start out with you greg. we will see 15-dollar beans this summer. >> i don't think we will any time. >> you don't. >
Jun 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
euro crisis, i'm studying the monsoonal rain patterns india and i can now almost pronounce the china currency. i'm way behind on farm bill details. iodamide to -- somebody better say firing farmers still in school. the graduation doesn't mean the end of homework. let's get started the headlines now . >> thank you john. even though u.s.d.a. said lean finely textured beef is safe to eat all but three states are deciding not to use it. you may remember the up roar when it vent viral. amid the controversy u.s.d.a. gave schooling the choice to buy beef with or without it for the next school year. the national school lunch program was a big buyer of ground weave. there are only three state that will use it next school year. that's iowa, nebraska and south dakota. those three states all had plant that produced it. the company has shut them down because of lack of demand. >>> a federal judge said the fda needs to do more to address the risk of human over medication use in livestock and animal feed. the fda feels it should cut back on medication, but public health groups filed suit. this week
Feb 5, 2012 4:00am EST
certainly concerned about demand out here. greg is kind of an expert out here, on china, but from what i see, we see them backing off the last couple months, so that concerns me. it's been -- we've never in this down there i had three years of increasing trend-line yield, so it would be unprecedented to have the third year. if we do something in these markets that's unprecedented, we could have an unprecedented reaction and price. i would say that we might have to go a little higher. but i believe that -- i was taught in the university of illinois, in ag school, many of you might remember tom and he always used to say, mother nature takes care of excesses and mother nature takes care of deficits. i hope mother nature takes care of the deficits. >> what about china, greg? what's your outlook? we're talking about a percent off of 10% growth. >> i think the chinese leadership is more interested in control. they just announced the other day that they'll increase crushing capacity another 12 million metric tons. so their biggest thing will be civil unrest and having their food inflatio
May 20, 2012 4:00am EDT
thing because china eating into the eu, the production, the standard of living, it will not go down at least in the area because the communist party will make sure that there is plenty of things and especially hawks. >> and china made some big purchases this week or. >> yes, there will be two types of buying, out of china. there will be a small amount of corn and that will be picking up a lot more, and i think it will end up building a reserve, and i think that will take place in new cross court right now, the reserve people are the ones buying for the state, and the price sensitivity is probably different than it is for the end-users over there. >>> i think that the big news for next year is, china has finally arrived, and there will be a major buyer of us corn. >> let's talk about the corn still out here in the bin that has been sold yet. it seemed like those prices went down, but it went higher and higher. >> well we took advantage of these price moves that we have been selling out of our options. our average price was $6.97 and a half and we have diverted our attention now to the 2
May 6, 2012 4:00am EDT
week, altogether. but the market rallied at $15, and so we got a price where china doesn't like the price and doesn't want to own those beads at that price anymore so they start doing new stuff. >>> they are looking at the other carryout, where it all becomes one, and i think they would buy all the excess corn, new crop corn, that we would permit them to buy. >> okay. we will come back with more of that discussion in just a moment on us farm report. >> we are back with our roundtable here today, and one of the things that we were talking about in her statement was -- when you were finishing up with what china had done last week, actually in terms of purchases. can you bring us up-to-date on what will happen in the future? >> while i think the bean purchases have gotten caught up. it took a longtime code to do it, but conveniently they were about 30 or 40% behind in purchases and now the market has advanced about 40% at the same time, and it's like, i don't think anyone wants to pay this price for beans. and if i have one trait as a farmer and would be selling as much new crop as he
Apr 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
we don't know what how much china will buy. >> it's kind of business as usual. the usda reports in support of the market there's just enough with the buck 10 to december, now trading around 65-cent level. >>> the idea is that there will be more corn in the pipeline sooner this year therefore taking the premium out of the old crop. >> sure, it's looking at additional we into the pipeline sooner this year as well as corn harvested in september for september delivery or even late august. >> so talking about corn or feed, you are talking about maybe kind of the negative trend for our farmer. >> how about soybean, we haven't mentioned that yet. >> they are the shining star of commodities. april was the disaster for livestock, talk on the corn market, the weather was good for corn and beans were an excellent export activity. we summarized brazil and it's an phone market. >> do you think we will see $15? >> well, we traded highs today. but beans could go cryer, kyra. new crop, i think i'm bearish. i think you need to be selling this. i think on june 30th we will see more acres, and we tal
Apr 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
in 9 bean stock but that demand has been huge. china back to buying united states beans again. sot demand across the board, corn, beans and wheat very large demand base built newspaper all three of those. >> that really once we come up with the report is supposed to drive prices up. maybe people are speculating. >> you have to ask yourself a lot of times markets top on reports, have you the bullish reaction, next day that will start peeling a.. the number have you on corn, the old crop corn or will we have the continuation of fund liquidation. if you have that will push the market lower near term. they sold something like 60,000 contracts this week in and maybe there is another 60,000 to go. i'm not say tag will happen but i would say that the market action -- if you don't maintain the gains, you have an issue near term but you could just keep going up. i'm not it. i will watch the action but if it's not good action i would be careful. >> you are not the first market analyst to tell he that of course what happens after the report is really going to tell you -- it takes a day or so
Jan 22, 2012 4:00am EST
is more competitive. we started doing corn business this week. china bought a few cargoes of united states beans. >> i understand china is probably not going to do much business this week because of the lunar new year. >> probably going to be quit for the next week arviso. they have become profitable on their crush margins domestic i and that could bode well for use. >> when you see the markets moving like this and you look at the technical aspects of this thing what are you looking at now? >> i'm looking at to me something that looks really positive. i'm always bullish corn. essentially we don't have any corn. i don't think we have the ability to go down and stay down. we just had such a lack of supply. when we pull down in price -- we have the demand which is human. a year ago today it was 650 on march corn, now it's about 610. we are cheaper in price and we have according to the u.s.d.a. 283 million-bushels less of corn than a year ago. so less corn and a lower price. doesn't make sense to me. i can't understand the bearish argument. i think we will go higher. >> you think we wil
Jan 8, 2012 4:00am EST
china, we want south american weather. all of this playsn. >> we didn't used to do that it. >> no. all of this as we have gone worldwide, makes a producer come to the table to address his risk. >> he has to and he meet that guy across the table we call a speculator and they -- they exchange risk. that's what it's about. >> i think that --. >> you and the farmer. >> you know i bought a farm so i have more time to talk to farmers and i take off my suit and put on the car harts and we talk to markets. i think the interaction i have had with the farmers have been wonderful. you know in a few months we have having a big seminar and we are inviting a lot of farmers to talk, what do you see changing, if it's something about seed or hedging your risk in the worldwide aspect of the market. >> it's more opportunity to make a profit now if you do it right? >> absolutely. couldn't be more correct. >> we will be back with more in just a moment. . >>> mike hoffman here to look at the weather for the first time in 2012, what happened, did you forget to order weather? >> its been amazing. almost nothi
Jul 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
out. certainly china is another issue we have to be aware of and the emerging countries in general. they are growing but about half the pace of what they were. so that's the upswing. >> popout south american production? they will be planning and coming along and what prices the way they are right now, it seems to be that we plant more acres. >> it seems like we have that issue every year. >>> i guess we are trading the markets in shorter time windows all the time. so if you are interested in hedging, you have to have everything to hedge no. i don't think you can look at it and today i'm afraid of europe, or production coming out of south america, the market will tell you technically or momentum wise, it's over. and it's just not flashing that yet, so i can't worry about those other issues. it's so strong, you have to look just towards that. >> well, and i know that has changed, how does that change for the producer? >> while the way it happens at the roundtable, these conversations are almost nonexistent inside her office. what it comes down to its mass and a bunch of calculators.
May 27, 2012 4:00am EDT
with only 163. >> unless china has a bad crop situation. unless they have a crop program. the soybeans however could be more volatile. they are down to about 1 it is 1 billion they were up at about a 1.6 billion. they have 200 million. they still have a lot of beans. the situation -- if we have a poor crop or around the world that will cause a rally. >> the situation is that we are still looking at what's going on around the worm as well as and we were talking about before we came down down stairs to get the business here that actually corn is -- we can buy corn brazil, cheaper -- particularly for the east coast. >> yeah. and yet on soybeans it's the opposite. right now, you know brazil has been selling corn aggressively. the gulf market broke 25-cents this last week. >> based on. >> the fact that brazil is out stealing our customers like japan. they are our number one customer. >> about 60-cents a bushel cheaper to start the week with the calculations. we narrowed that gap now so its getting more toward the even keel. july corp.. >> here is the significance of this whole story. we nev
Apr 8, 2012 4:00am EDT
winter wheat crop continuing to improve. more than 20 points ahead of where it was years ago. china's back in the market for u.s. corn. reports indicate that the chinese placed an order for 120,000 tons to be shipped by the end of august. that brings their total to nearly 4 million tons, right in line with the usda's forecast and the highest total in nearly two decades. for the first time since april of 2010, the ag department announces it will be making a milk income loss contract payment. based on current future prices, insiders estimate payments will be made now through sent. to be eligible, producers must sign up on or before the 14th of the preceding month. the march payment is estimated at 59 cents. it bumps up in april, then back down to 59 cents in may. those are the headlines. now back to john for crop watch. >> crop watch is brought to you by sfp, putting revolutionary technology into the field. >> in minnesota, a grower can't believe what an early spring it's been. his work kicked off on march 28, the earliest since he began keeping records in 1968. and in polk county, oreg
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20