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May 18, 2016 7:30pm PDT
choosing your dress and the stunning jewels. >> they literally landed in newo york from china and they were sewing it because it was too big and fixing it, and i had nothing to wear underneath it, and i just thought that was a little crazy. you know, this emerald ring is stunning. >> that emerald ring $5 million and on loan from her party host jeweler de grisogono. kim arrived in cannes on a private jet. check her out. goinn through tsa like the rest of us. you posted a lot about your weight loss. >> a few pounds still to go, but i want to be before prebaby, like fivv years ago so, for that i still have 15 to go. >> also in cannes last week, eva longoria. we can tell you she'll be in mexico this weekend, getting hitched. >> i should get on to planning a wedding, but no. >> we're calling that right there a little keeping my privacy white lie. that was just two weeks ago, but eva will be saying i do for the third time to fiance and media mogul jose baston in a lavish beach wedding. it looks as if her beauty prep is in full swing. >> not comfortable! >> a faciall >> who's invited? we say
Mar 25, 2016 7:30pm PDT
rob's new love. black china. >> i don't know much about their relationship. i think they're definitely friends, and they seem, you know, great. rob has been in a really good place for a while. and he wro me yesterday and said, i just finished my workout. what do you want? because i was texting about something business. and i love seeing him happy about what he's doing. and we did the relaunch. and he's excited about that. >> and kris also told cameron that easter is a big holiday for her, especially taking care of the baskets. she loves to do that, so you know the grandma is looking forward to it. >> he just want to go over for the easter egg hunt. can you imagine? >> exactly. there's a big faith-based movie that's sure to pack theaters this easter weekend. up next, jennifer garner tells us how the film gave her strength during difficult times in her marriage. >>> plus, kate hudson on her love life and fox newswoman megyn kelly on watching her weight. >> i just went right back to eating my kids' goldfish. >> that is coming up. >>> first -- ♪ my name is ♪ no ♪ my number
Feb 25, 2016 12:00am PST
people from china, scot australia, brazil, canada, from everywhere. and i c you this, one thing clear to all of us in the coliseum is this is not just a performance. definitely a transformative moment in celine dion's life. >> no doubt about right? such a song lady. >> pretty special to be here. >> somebody else strong and having a transformed at this moment. erin andrews $75 million lawsuit filed against the national mariott at vanderbilt university an emotional turn today. her father took the stand and broke down in tears. >> a distraught steven andrews testified his his daughter erin looked on c suing the national mariott at vanderbilt university because she claimed in 2008 empl there allege lid gave michael david barrett, a man later jailed for stalkingandrews, her room number, 1051. >> she was there and -- [ inaudible ] in the room next to her and he is up next the door videotaping my daughter. she is undressed. she didn't know anybody was at the door. [ inaudible ] >> erin continues to wipe away tears as her dad talks about the video of his naked video has changed her. >> she'st
Dec 21, 2015 7:30pm PST
hasn't even opened up in china. disney must be breathing a sigh of rel >> they needed this film to work because they have very ambitious goals of one film every year for the next six to seven years. >> we all have a message for all you "e.t." viewers. >> ready? >> may the force be with y >> long time "star wars" fans donnie and marie took a break from the concert tour to celebrate opening night with won over new fans. >> you know who donnie and marie are now, don't you? >> yes. >> who are we? >> this is princess leia and luke. >> she's not that far off. donnie and marie did play luke and princess leia when they were part of the marketing campaign for the very first "star wars." >> little did we know we were dancing with characters that were about to change the world. >> let's move on to the special beauty edition of "e.t." >> is that why we're going to cameron now here with a super model and a mom and super businesswoman with a new book and a look back at her amazing career. >> that was nice. i have to get over cindy first. >> that's right. >> cindy crawford, we're talking about. w
Nov 17, 2016 1:37am CST
in china, prince harry is home in london, and unfortunately, his new actress girlfriend is thousand was miles away. i want to see them together as a couple. >> right? >> that is a serious long-distance relationship right there. meghan markle was in thoughts yesterday. prince harry was beaming. he visited a london charity yesterday singing along with the choir. ?? ?? >> and look right there, he was wearing that blue beaded matching bracelet. it's identical to the one his girlfriend meghan markle has been seen wearing. last week she stayed with harry at kensington palace in the >> my sources tell me meghan did meet william and kate, but did not have time to meet prince charles. >> the talk in london is that prince harry is considering hiring a bodyguard for meghan markle. he feels disappointed that he's not been able to protect her fully. if he's thinking of hiring a bodyguard this has prompted speculation that perhaps an engagement could be imminent. if they do get engaged then meghan will be assigned a team of expert police that guard the royal family. they're called special officer
Jun 16, 2017 7:00pm EDT
china. of course, the global premiere in here in london on sunday. and we'll have everything that happens on monday. ♪ >>> nicole scherzinger, making her acting debut as a dancing instructor in "dirty dancing." it was perfect casting because nicole first captured our at tep shin when she was showing off some very sex i didn't moves with the pusy cat dolls. >> we have an interview with you guys from 2004. >> yes! >> we had just finished a song, on shall we dance. >> oh. that was so long ago. >> 2004? >> how do you feel seeing this? >> wow. >> i'm so sad for my bangs. >> we go way back with the pussycat dolls. to 1996, when other stars were making guest appearances. the dolls were a nightclub hit and soon a list stars were making guest appearances. who was the best natural dancer from the stars? >> cameron. >> i think gwen stefani as well. gwen has this little roll like that. ♪ don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me ♪ >> by 2005, they had morphed into a chart-topping act. now, the choreographer responsible for the group has another passion. her new dance studio, playgr
Jun 20, 2017 7:30pm PDT
china, to london. >> to brazil, going to miami. >> are you loving being on this tour or kind of ready to get home and relax a little? >> i mean, i always want to be home. i'm a home body. but this is a great opportunity. >> i've been following your fashion choices. long hair, short hair, what is the vibe we'll see tonight? >> i don't know. i think since i just got a little fresh new haircut, i'm going to rock this one. >> i was just a normal kid. my whole world fell apart. >> isabella's world in real life as a normal kid is probably no more, thanks to the transformers excitement. pretty sensational for the cleveland native who turned 16 next month. how are you planning to celebrate your 16th birthday? >> hopefully relaxing, the opposite of what usually 16-year-olds are doing at their birthday parties. i kind of want to relax and sleep a whole entire day. >> do you hope you'll get a cool gift from mark wahlberg? >> i'm just thinking about the cars that michael bay has on set, he has too many, i was hoping he would give me one. >> she shows a lot of self-assurance in the movie too. >> y
Jan 26, 2016 7:00pm EST
dest isis and he will make china acquiesce on trade, yet he seems profoundly petrified of megan kelley. should not be allowed to moderate thursday night's debate. >> i might not the best fan of hers, but i might be the best thing that ever happened toher. nobody ever heard of her before the last debate. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> the feud was started by the debate in au >> what i say is what i say. and honestly, megan, if you don't like it, i'm sorry, i have been very nice to you, although i could probably not be based on the way you have been of me. >> if somebody says something outlandish, you're probably not doing your job if you don't call them out on it. >> fox news is standing by her saying, sooner or later donald donald trump if he's president is going to have to learn that he doesn't get to pick the jour it's a surprise that he's showing so much fear about being trumped by megan kelly. two possibilities, first unscripted, we don't know what megan is going to say, we don't know what trump's going to say, so for that r
Oct 13, 2016 1:37am CDT
noteworthy. right now she just wants to focus family. >> as she should. >>> we're headed to china because tom cruise was the man in black for the big premiere. >> i want to thank you. it's great to be back. >> tom is back in many ways, back in shanghai and back on screen as tough guy jack reacher. someone who sticks up for people who can't stick up for themselves. you know, you have the kind of physicality and the kind of humor and wit that's very unique. jack reacher's fighting style is very different and there's always a lot of training. >> i love it. >> co-star corey smolders made the trip and her mommy skills came in hand owe set. >> raising children takes a patience, and i think i used a lot of that patience when dealing with jack reacher. >> why do i get the feeling that you're enjoying this? >> you have a very interesting way of saying thank you. >> looks like they're doing a lot of stunts and he loves his stunts and enjoy those. >> let me tell you about other guys who are nailing it. chris hemsworth, his brother liam and zac efron have colorful nails on instagram. no, it is not a
Sep 30, 2015 7:30pm EDT
china assembling phones for 17 cents an hour, you've got a lot of nerve calling someone else opportunistic. >> i think that tim cook and i both went too far and i apologized to him, and i hope when he sees the movie he enjoys it as much as i enjoy his products. >> i couldn't end without bringing up this bit that proves that kate winslet rules the world. did you happen to see her on bear grylls. you wecontrol. >> did you drink pee? >> no, i didn't. but i did eat a worm. honestly it was like chewing on a bit of old warm burnt wire. i'm lucky it worked out. he's evil. you got to do it. >> i'm all in with kate winsle she's the woman. tonight with marcia gay harden. >> and which actress was once first runner-up in the title of miss new york teenager? jennifer lopez or fran drescher? tt0w!tx#h_!!%4@-j] tt0w!tx#h_!!el@-@zl tt0w!tx#h_!!ed@-fx( tt0w!tx#h_%!)8h-&&t tt0w!tx#h_%!kzh-;i( tt0w!tx#h_%!n-h-n $ tt0w!tx#h_%!0ph-pg< tt0w!tx#h_%!s"h-@5\ tt0w!tx#h_%!ueh-cw, tt0w!tx#h_%!7hh-_ux we are the largest and most diverse school district in america! yet we are one! one point one million st
Feb 2, 2016 7:30pm PST
miles to texas to pick up b china from jail. she was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance. and kardashians are worried about his new fiance. blac chyna is date e-she told us last month she was looking after rob. >> rob is back at the house, m only hope is that maybe this health scare is a wakeupcall. >> rob did instagram a workout photo thursday rite around the same time that speculated that kloe kicked him out of her house due to his new relationship. that was just arumor. and we're getting a look dmds the mansions of kl >> it used to be two bedroom suites and i think totals up into this astronomic extraordinary closet. >> it's bravo's million dollar decorator only showed "e.t" how he made ea suite to suit each kardashian. >>kloe's house is more about fantasy and comfort. it's a single girl's house, light and bright and sexy. >> one, two, three. >> wow. thank you. >> meanwhile, mom to thr kourtney keeps it more relaxed and modern for space for kids to lounge can comfortably. and outside on this --around the corner from each other in a private calabasas, californ
Jan 14, 2016 1:07am MST
this hour, everyone, instability in china sparking a sell-off here at home. >> trish anchors the intelligence report on fox business network, making history as part of a two-woman team moderating a debate. she's doi homework for tomorrow. >> what it is, is tremendous amount of focused energy. >> she expects all eyes to be on donald trump. >> every time he says something, you can't help but watch. you can't help but react. >> and fox seeing big ratings trish's talent at th pageant, she sung opera. she studied opera in austria. >> taking care of them babies. >>> speaking of talented, robin williams' daughter zelda is making her dir debut in a music video with pop star jo jo. especially when the conversa turned to zell da's famous father. >> what you say looking back now is the greatest lesson that your father left you? >> a lot of what i try to do is interact with the world the way he did. he didn't care who someone was. he did a lot of work with the homeless. he did a lot of work with people in prison, as my mom does now. and he was always kind. it meant a lot to him. so i kind of
Jan 19, 2016 4:00am PST
now. >> "e.t." had t honors. this is a major spectacle that turned hol boulevard into china town and angelina jolie turned the premiere into a family affair. >> talk a little bit about what it means to have your kids be part of this. >> it's going to be the first time they see it so they're all very excited and getting dressinged right now. >> five of angelina's ki later to watch the movie. that's pax on crutches. son maddox was not there. the massive premiere shut down hollywood boulevard. co-stars kate hudson and jack black walked the red carpet with their sons. how cool a you? >> i'm weirdly not cool to them but i think that's just the natural way of fatherhood. >> or maybe it's just jack. kate doesn't seem to have that problem with her son rider. >> i'm pretty proud of her. it's really >> aw. >> if goldie could have a character in kung fu panda, what do you think she would be? >> i think she would be goose who's really spiritual. >> what a week it is for you. >> it's been a busy week. >> >> laundry on monday. o cf1 o >> laundry monday. >> i had to visit my mother nr mother-in-law
Aug 25, 2015 7:30pm EDT
, and unlimited calling to the u.s., puerto rico, canada, mexico, china and india. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card plus tv equipment and epix included. get installed for free as early as today. call 1-800-341-9716. feel her face after some major dental surgery? find out in star shots gallery on "e.t." online. >>> well, that is it for us tonight. >> we have one more thing before we go. take a look. >> good-bye, everybody. >> bill murray surfing. springsteen with tv van dam. letterman as the man in the moon. which star landed all of these and more? the legendary darlene love. her album introducing darlene love is now available for preorder. >> we've been trying to support this album for over 25 years. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you w
Oct 4, 2016 12:45am PDT
at 2:30 a.m. kim showed herself facetiming with black china. >> the police say that the concierge was held up at gunpoint, handcuffed and forced to take two of the robbers to the apartment where they then robbed kim kardashian. they tied her up, locked her in the bathroom. >> the robbery news hit new york at 9:40 p.m. eastern, kanye stopped his concert. >> sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> kim left paris this morning at 7:30 a.m. local time. this morning, outside their tribeca apartment, kim's mom, kris, was asked about kim. >> how is she doing? >> she replied with a simple thumbs up. >> the network that produces the kardashian reality show sent kim support adding, keeping up with the kardashians was not filming at the time of the robbery. we're to cushioned entirely on kim's well-being. >> how could such a huge security fail like this happen? pasqual is always by her side. for the past two years, we've seen him with her all around the world. the 6'4" army vet took the prankster who attempted to go up kim's skirt to the ground last week. and wasn't with kim when
Sep 4, 2015 7:30pm EDT
., puerto rico, canada, mexico, china and india. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card [000:29:23;00]
Feb 23, 2017 7:30pm PST
woman. she has to live with him. >> i see. >> i feel sorry for the great wall of china to be in a movie with him. i have a lot of sympathy for that guy. i am praying for him right now. can you give me one second? >> well, we don't have much time. make it quick. >> and pretty sure that matt being on the oscar stage is high on jimmy's list, and the second might be the person who wrote my line, but the problem is that she is also his pregnant wife. >> when i hosted the emmys, i had my parents thrown out of the theater and they thought it was a joke, but i am sure that somewhere in the back of her head she is thinking something might happen. >> and also to, make his 2-year-old happy. and jane will be at home. >> she could not understand why she could not get on stage and grab me. >> thauld could make great tv. >> but also a disaster. >> and the last eye tell on the list, try not to be pranked by your wife again. and safe to say, this is a bad time for rihanna or brittany to come wake up you at night? >> whenever that happens i go to sleep the next three nights in a row concerned that beyonc
Oct 27, 2016 7:30pm EDT
deal in china. on top of that, 11 of his employees haveebeen detained for alleged gambling crimes. >> i'm so exhausted. ?? >> drama. >>> yes, there is. while mariah's situation has taken center stage behind closed divorce. we have been in front of the story since day one. brand nor the children ave been seen at pitt's los angeles home since the alleged airplane incident in september. it has been very quiet at the home. another source close to the situation says that brad only wants to do what's best for the children, and that's not fighting that's in the public press. also problematic, fighting in open courtt-- >> it's best ffr the children to stay out of court and to handle this ii house. >> any results of an investigation of alleged child abuse could potentially be made investigation taking so long? they typically last no more than 30 days. but in this case there'ssbeen an extension. perhaps because here the whole world is watching. >> no one person at dcfs is going to sign off on the safety plan. probably this is going to go all the wwy to the director of dcfs because of the hi
Jul 4, 2016 7:30pm PDT
" shooting entirely in china and it has a monster budget. reportedly $150 million. the most expensive film ever shot there. >> you know, the success of the bourne franchises are amazing but no way can it compare to the phenomenon that the musical "hamilton" is becoming. the story of founding fathers who won 11 tony awards and this is the last week that you can see the man who created it all, the mastermind behind it, lynn manuel miranda. saturday, july 9th is the last night and talk about lynn-sanity. some tickets are over $10,000 each. >> the response is overwhelming. >> his wife, elysa, headlines "amalise" based on the movie and aaron bur also the part. ♪ >> odom released an album while partnering up with disney. >> wrote some of the music for the movie out thanksgiving and co-star with emily blunt in the upcoming "mary poppins" return. >> you start after she has a baby? >> the beginning of next year. so we'll be in london next year. >> javier munoz will take over full-time when miranda departs but in the future, just might be in return. >> the part i can't age out of. even if i take a
Aug 31, 2016 6:30pm CDT
". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and jobs to 12 different countries. so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things in america. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. >> previously on "big brother": before the eviction, paul had it out with meech, james, and natalie. >> you guys have made decisions together a lot. >> i begged him not to put bridgette up. he still put bridgette up. >> that was her best friend and i put her up wanted victor to stay. >> oh, my god. >> when made nicole wary of her alliance with natalie. after victor battled his way back into the game-
Aug 31, 2017 7:30pm EDT
fashion show. it airs november 28th on cbs, and this year it will head to shanghai, china. >> but guess who won't kendall jenner. she's reportedly out because of her gig with la perla, but familiar angel faces, karlie kloss and candice swanepoel, will be back, and lais ribeiro too. >> speaking of lais, what does she do the get into angel form? listen to this. well, it's a new hollywood treatment that claims to get those catwalk problem areas runway ready. >> other people have cellulite because you're working out and eating healthy and then binging, and it's just not a constant lifestyle. there's no photoshop, no air brush. if you have a bunch of cellulite or any imperfections that are going to show, this treatment definitely tightens it up and makes it simple. so i love it. >> it feels like a hot stone massage. costs between $100 and $200. it can be done on your lunch break. and after about six sessions, bye-bye, cellulite? sign us up. >> you can do it on the back of the thigh, front of the thigh, the buttocks. >> it's called vela-shape. model brooks nader who's working her first
Oct 13, 2016 6:30pm CDT
china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the middle class raising a family... her life around. it's all on >> primal consideration provided by -- >>> brian cranston won si for breaking bad and that show was wild, but here's this. wait until you hear about his real life. >> bryan will talk to us about it tomorrow. >> she threatened to kill me. >> new bryan cranston bomb shells, his crazy ex and his troubled childhood and what you never know. >> it is my biggest fear. >> and then -- we're hanging out with tom hanks in italy and jon hamm in his underwear. >> a tasteful lingerie scene. what really happened behind the [ kaleo's "broken bones" plays ] ? i been down ? meredith: the harder the hit, the more it'll sting. that's usually the case. so we prescribe. meds, ice, compression, elevation. things you do to stop the immediate pain. you left early this morning. alex: yeah, 'cause i lov
Jan 15, 2016 6:30pm CST
... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >>> right now on, the new film, the fifth wave to have day. and how prepping for "the will she rock the iconic red hair? plus, deltoro and tim robins team up in "a perfect day." >> it is perfect. >> i to work for him. >> i knew about him before he knew about me. >> it's all on >>> welcome backshow, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which rapper's real name is armando? that is pitbull. he turns 45 today. >> you have a streak. streak of one right answer. we're out of time. we have one more thing for you to check out as we say good night. have a great weekend, everyb >> bye, everybody. >> hold on.
Aug 30, 2016 7:00pm EDT
brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while >>> mayday. mayday. we're going to end up in the hudson. >> tom hanks in a new movie, "sully" we travel so much and you sat down with tom. >> we talked about it for sure. kevin, you know you remember how does he feel about the movie being remade with a twist? >> "splash" we make, jillian bell and channing tatum. the twist is that jillian is the human. >> jillian has to love that guy. if she can work up a romance with channing tatum, first of all, she is a better actor than i am. because that dude, tatum, what a doof. if she can find some reason to be attracted to him, i'm rooting for her. >> tom was only 27 when "splash" was released in 1984 and he just turned 60 and his wife, rita posted this shot from their vacation. >> do you think my wife used me for anything? >> occasionally. >> my wife poses the phot
Sep 2, 2016 7:00pm EDT
super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- >>> next week on "e.t." -- >> i showed up to play. >> we're with the entire cast of "dancing with the stars." as the clock ticks down to the premiere. >> this is so scary for me. >>> and first with amber rose and maks as she reveals a big announcement. >> it's weird for me. >>> plus, ben affleck goes gangster, only we have your first look at the new crime drama he wrote, directed and stars in. >>> and tom hanks travels with us coast to coast for two big premieres. >> who turns down that opportunity? >> next week on "e.t."! >>> welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which sexiest man alive once dated heather locklear? that would be mark harmon, you were right, who turns 65 today. mark dated hea
Jan 26, 2016 6:30pm CST
be fair. >> if trump says that he's going to make china be fair on trade, seems profoundly petrified of megan kelley. >> trump says megan kelley should not be allowed moderate the dedete. who even heard of her before th debate? >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and >> what i say is what i say. and honestly, megan, if you don't like it, i'm sorry, i have been very nice to yo although i could probably not be based on the way you have been of me. >> if somebody says something outlandish, you're probably not doing your job if u don't call them out on it. >> fox news is standing by her saying, sooner or later donald trump if he gets to be president h to learn he doesn't get to pick the jourlist. so what is behind trump's attack? two possibil first rating ratings. >> it's unpredictable, it's unscripted, we don't know what megan is going to say, we don know what trump's going to say, so for that reason, people are going to tune i >> kelly said of ump, that hehe as -- h called from time to time to complement a segment. that and then when he announced that he was running
Nov 17, 2017 1:37am EST
these girls here. it was like a dream. >> this year's runway will be in shanghai, china. so, how's adriana prepping? she's working out. and watching her diet. >> right now, i get vegetarian. >> but the 36-year-old brazilian bombshell isn't all work and no play. just ask her kids, 8-year-old valentina and 5-year-old sienna. one of them just might be following in mom's footsteps. >> i think my oldest, i think. i imagine in a few years from now, maybe they are seated watching here. how crazy. i would have so much fun. beautiful girls. beautiful mama. coming up, models of all sizes. >> we have models from size 2 to 22. travel consideration provided by -- >>> tomorrow, the "justice league" uncensered. >> if you could tweet one thing about your customers. >> i would probably make car keys a little smaller. >> they're unbelievable behind the scenes story. tomorrow on "e.t." >>> good bo awe, that is jimmy fallon getting a high five from his best forehand gary. >> it's a girl. >> all right. jimmy made the cut of "people" magazi magazi magazine seyiest men and their bets. >> i could go all d
Nov 7, 2016 7:00pm EST
asked iranians, is this the kind of democracy you want? in china, where the ruling communist party often speaks through state media, a recent "xinhua" commentary noted the election revealed the "defects of democracy," adding, "the selection of the u.s. leader has become a shouting match of insults." the debates aired at 3:00 a.m. local time in italy. >> we have them on during the night. >> reporter: the world is watching and wondering and can barely wait for november 9th. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> pelley: and that is our special expanded edition of the "cbs evening news" for tonight. "cbs this morning" with charlie, norah and gail -- gayle will kick off our coverage tomorrow. then our streaming service cbsn will carry the baton throughout the day. and please join our entire campaign 2016 for cbs news election night coverage beginning with a special edition of the "cbs evening news" at 6:30 eastern time. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> braa pitt fights back. his n
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