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Dec 20, 2009 4:00am EST
out to the northwest with exports to china and the far east. and when they come out there, they take that away from us without exporting them typically by the cheaper price to the south american crops. the past two to three year, we have been able to sell them easily out of that market and that market, they have a continuing area out there to make sales out there and into the the early summer. a lot of those shipments are covered. that we can get them out there in february right now. they make the sale and that will probably take about 15 minutes to cover the sales right now to the northern areas to that side. when they go away, the markets, they are 400 miles away with a very poor rail bed down there. >> so in particular, they make a big defense particularly for the soybean at this point? >> yes. >> i want to go to them because, well, his wife is china. and the inlaws live in china. and you're really following china a good thing. but you mentioned to me about the bubble now. are they going to continue to buy as much as they were out there? >> we had a question about china, indi
Dec 6, 2009 4:00am EST
poultryproduct exports. >>> while the usda is still awaiting details from china on the conditions for the resumption of imports of u.s. pork, ag secretary tom vilsack says he is hopeful u.s. pork exports to china could resume in the very near term. china announced this week it isofficially lifted restrictions on iment po -- imports of u.s., canadian and mexican pork. china instituted the ban as mart of the h1n1 outbreak. despite lifting the ban, details on how and when shipments could resume are not known. few market analysts expect volume of shipments will come anywhere near the hefty buys of pork that china made leading up to the olympic games. >>> because of the unprecedented harvest delays, the ag department says it will extend its weekly crop progress by at least one more week this year. the usda says that will help them get more complete results for their report. meanwhile, this week's report shows corn harvest at 79% complete. the five-year average is 97%. the soybean harvest is all but wrapped up sitting at 96%. that's it for the headlines. it's time now to join john for crop
Nov 1, 2009 4:00am EST
right up. >>> "u.s. farm report" is >>> today, on "u.s. farm report" ... trainer droops china droops its ban on u.s. pork as diplomatic efforts work. and we'll all be yawning at 9:00 p.m. as it's time to fall back. >> "u.s. farm report," brought to you by chevy and their award- winning cars, trucks, and cross- overs. good morning d welcome to u-s farm >>> good morning and welcome to "u.s. farm report." i'm john phipps. >>> states that allow issues by citizens to be placed directly on the ballot have drawn the attention of interest groups who are frustrated by government inaction. encouraged by the myriad and sweeping changes enacted in california by this method many of the 28 states are seeing much more interest in such reference data. many of us will be watching the outcome in ohio of such a measure although there it's a full blown constitutional amendment. they tend to create waves that spread. direct democracy can be a good balance to government by elected officials but it can also introduce a real wildcard into the deck. let's get started with the news and al pell. >>> thanks joh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3