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Nov 22, 2009 4:00am EST
[ indiscernible ] essentially finished harvesting corn in china, so a pretty good idea on what their numbers are over there. their crop is going to get smaller. and australia, their crop is going to be smaller. so you've got some good support in the matters and o -- markets and this craziness in the dollar. >> we have seen a lot of [ indiscernible ] come back. we have seen a lot of this influx because people [ indiscernible ] i think it's a legitimate worry. one of the things i think some of the people are missing out there, i was at a party in chicago for [ indiscernible ] a member of the board of trade, [ indiscernible ] but at this party were a lot of veteran traders. virtually -- with very few exceptions, big yields. [ indiscernible ] i continued to argue that we have lost a lot in the quality. and yes, there's a lot of grain, [ indiscernible ] going to be grain everywhere but how much is going to be useable between the bdg problem. all kinds of things. i believe a useable supply of grain is [ indiscernible ] >> so what you're saying is [ indiscernible ] an exceptional yield this
Oct 11, 2009 4:00am EDT
bearish the market in jefnlt i know there are things going on in china right now that are pretty bullish that are going to put a buying power underneath this market and in the corn crop in particular with the big loss in their crop, it will make our market a little more friendly than people would think. >> ok. gavin, you heard his comentd imhents that. you thought about this. are they different? >> i think a lot of farmers are finding they have far more bushels still to sell than they had thought only a month or so ago. what they should consider that is gravy, extra ammunition perhaps to fire off during these rallies we get on frost scarce. a mart ma hjorth of producers -- a majority of producers should already be quite well protected by this time of the year. we always put in our lows in harvest. no surprise. if you wait till now to sell, you're playing the wrong game at the wrong time. >> when you get in the feelt field and you get 20 bushels more per acre and get a couple thousand acres, what do you do? >> it's a terrific problem to have. you should only be a seller in balance
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2