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Jul 12, 2009 4:00am EDT
positive. we are sewing sowing a lot of grains. soybeans have great demand in japan and china. they are not backing off at all. yeah, i think you have to take a trading approach right now. i don't think you can expect to buy soybeans and take a dollar out of them in a week or so. you can buy them and take 20- cents off or 30-cents off. that's the attitude you want to have, an up and down kind of market. time has to heal this. >> we're just going to go up and down. even though we have low prices right now. a lot of guys are saying prices are going to go up and down. >> probably trading range. >> trading range. >> i'm the eternal optimist. i think grain prices, even though corn has dropped down to a $3.30 today. what was it two years ago. tw&3sdollars. we are dealing with higher levels. i don't think we're ever going to go down to those $2 levels again. not for many many years or forever. because we have a lot of things that didn't use grain. i think you have to be optimistic in the products you produce. >> we're really, looked at agriculture markets pretty good. i'm going to shift g
Sep 13, 2009 4:00am EDT
. >> actually, our sales overseas has actually been pretty good. china has really been buying like they're never going to stop. what's going to happen with that? >> i think they're going to keep going. don't you? >> it will keep going. where i may dave little with mike in the year ahead at least, i think with the last two years indicated in showing to us that we've had many challenges with the crop as producers were good at it. we can produce. we can plant late if we get good weather. the assumption that we're going to have good production is there and the market recognizes that it falls apart in a hurry. i think what farmers want to focus on is seeing a little more strategic and being prepared to sell rallies. the send rallies have a balanced approach to the marketing and look out ahead for 2010 for opportunity to sell those rallies. defend it as need be. make sure you have good balance and defensive posture based on can't can't. >> we're going to talk about when we need to sell the 2010 crop. i assume we'll be back with more "u.s. farm report" in just a moment. >>> round table guest this
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2