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Sep 24, 2010 10:00pm EDT
need for more bike lanes in prince george's county and better awareness of cyclists on the road. it's a cause she's vowing to take the to state lawmakers in annapolis and congress, too. no charges have been filed against the driver of that suv so far. >>> another candlelight vigil tonight to remember a d.c. murder victim, friends and family gathering on columbia road northwest to remember ashley mccray. she was found shot to death early saturday morning on bruce place southeast. her sister last saw her leaving a nightclub with a man she'd known a month or two. today police arrested damon sams of southeast on murder charges. >>> another big story tonight at 10:00 comedian stephen colbert taking his act to capitol hill. the fake newsman testified in character at a house subcommittee hearing today tackling several important issues, among them illegal immigration and migrant farming. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: it was a media frenzy, a long line of journalists and members of the public lined up inside the rayburn building, the hearing room filling in minutes. >>
Oct 30, 2010 10:00pm EDT
george's county a short time later. >>> the fire that ripped through an apartment building in northwest last month has claimed another life. it happened on 16th street in mount pleasant. firefighters immediately ran into the the victims. one person died yesterday. 21-year-old katherine alvarez passed away yesterday. they are still trying to determine the cause. >>> the shootings and now the explosives found and the cargo planes bound for chicago. tonight a woman is under arrest considered a prime suspect. the president of yemen says investigators believe she is the one who shipped explosives found on two cargo planes bound for chicago. the flights originated in the united arab emirates and in england. >> the dubai was viable and could have exploded. the target may have been an aircraft. and had it detonated, the aircraft could have been brought down. >> fox has learned that the devices contained an explosive called ptpn the same thing in the underwear bomber's device. but this was a better quality and more powerful we are told. a congressional source says it is an indication that this w
Sep 28, 2009 10:00pm EDT
. investigators believe the victim was targeted but have not ientifi him. >>> also, in prince george's county, a deadly home invasion. three masked men stormed a home there in bowie yesterday, early in the morning they killed 39- year-old tyrone richardson, his wife and three children in the house were not hurt. police are looking for a black mercedes with maryland plates know the suspect stole from the home. >>> and a little girl is dead tonight after a pit bull attacked her. the police say the dog attacked the 23 month-old child. they found the child outside where the dog was tied up. the family has had the dog for about 10 years. the sheriff claims he never received any complaints about the anim. the dog was put down by animal control. >>> and another local marine lost his life in the line of duty in afghanistan. 24-year-old jordan chrobat was from frederick, maryland, he was killed in combat over the weekend, the family says. will thomas has more on the story. >> reporter: brian, no family is supposed to bury a child. it just is not supposed to work that way. but for the family of the marine
Oct 12, 2011 10:00pm EDT
in my stomach. >> reporter: alexandria police found his 1994 corolla in prince george's county about they've weeks after he vanished. >> it was like wow, okay, they found the car. okay, and as long as he wasn't in it, i was good. >> reporter: harris was last seen the night of september 21st. his daughter maya last talked to him that day as she left for work. >> i was like bye, dad like we do every morning. say have a good day, love you, love you, too. >> that was at 12:00 that night when he didn't come home, i was just -- and 3:00 i knew something was wrong and 6:00 is when i got up and started looking, calling family and friends to say have you seen him? >> yeah. i called him. he didn't, but that's not like him. so he would answer my calls regardless. >> reporter: the next morning investigators found his cell phone on the woodrow wilson bridge, but harris and his car were nowhere to be found. investigators also had video of an unidentified man using harris' credit card on king street around 1:00 in the morning september 22nd. >> it's just unreal and i'm just taking it one day at a t
Sep 27, 2009 10:00pm EDT
prince georges police department says the crime happened between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. neighbors say they didn't see or hear anything until they woke up sunday morning and found police tape all over their neighbor's house. neighbors say the victim 39- year-old tyrone richardson lived inside this half million dollar home with his wife and four young children. >> there were three masked gunmen, two with handguns, one without. >> reporter: corporal erika johnson said the men only went after richardson he died of trauma to his upper body and left the rest of his family unharmed. the three men escaped by stealing a black mercedes from the home. >> he also had another vehicle that followed their mercedes and it was either a chrysler 300 or black cadillac that followed the mercedes. >> reporter: public records show richardson had filed for bankruptcy less than two weeks ago and went to court in 2002 for weapons charges. that case was later dropped. >> it doesn't get any worse than a man being murdered in his own house in front of his children and his wife. >> the community ha
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5