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Apr 8, 2012 10:00pm EDT
george's county casino changed a bit. we're breaking down the biggest issues on the assembly's last day. >> and gingrich makes a grim statement about the state of his campaign. stay with us, we are just getting started on this easter sunday night.    >>> maryland's general assembly is scheduled to close tomorrow night. lawmakers have to try to break a stalemate to pass a budget before the deadline. also, a bill to build a casino in prince george's county with some guide lines. let's bring in robert mcartny, metro columnist for the "washington post." good to see you. thanks for coming in. let's start with the budget stalemate. where do things stand? >> the main question is how to raise the income tax. they've decided they're going to raise the tax in order to keep funding high for schools and avoid spending on health care and other social programs. there's a difference between the house's version and the senate. basically the house, i think there will definitely be an increase in rates for people with the highest income. basically individuals earning more than $100,
Oct 30, 2010 10:00pm EDT
george's county a short time later. >>> the fire that ripped through an apartment building in northwest last month has claimed another life. it happened on 16th street in mount pleasant. firefighters immediately ran into the the victims. one person died yesterday. 21-year-old katherine alvarez passed away yesterday. they are still trying to determine the cause. >>> the shootings and now the explosives found and the cargo planes bound for chicago. tonight a woman is under arrest considered a prime suspect. the president of yemen says investigators believe she is the one who shipped explosives found on two cargo planes bound for chicago. the flights originated in the united arab emirates and in england. >> the dubai was viable and could have exploded. the target may have been an aircraft. and had it detonated, the aircraft could have been brought down. >> fox has learned that the devices contained an explosive called ptpn the same thing in the underwear bomber's device. but this was a better quality and more powerful we are told. a congressional source says it is an indication that this w
Jan 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
was john kiriakou. >> very interesting. thank you. >>> new tonight police in prince george's county are investigating a murder suiciin officers were called to a home on bramble court last night. they found the bodies of adam ousley and his ex-girl friend. it appears housely shot his girl friend before killing himself. his family members are stunned. >> she was a good person. she cared a lot about her son and school and being a nurse. >> it's like a night meyer that we're trying to wake up from. >> police -- nightmare that we're trying to wake up from. >> police say the couple had a child together and had dated about three years and were no longer seeing each ear. >>> last friday marks the -- other. >>> last friday marks the anniversary of a father's son's suicide and is now pushing for the overall the school's policies and today took a giant leap forward. >> steve stuben was in richmond today at the invitation of a bipartisan group of lawmakers pushing for change. they have introduced four different bills to change how and when parents are notified about discipline problems at schoo
Jan 10, 2012 10:00pm EST
homes in prince george's county was punished for his crimes today. a federal judge sentenced jason scott to 100 years in prison. scott is also a suspect in a high profile murder case. fox 5's paul wagner with details. >> i'm sort of on guard till 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and my husband is up at 6:00, so pretty much someone is always up and moving in my house. so i will sleep mostly throughout the take, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a -- day, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a terrible way to live i know, but now that's the way i have to live. >> jason scott created a tremendous amount of fear and agony in this county. what is represented today is that this man will never again threaten prince george's county and it's because of the men and women of this police department, men and women of atf, the u.s. attorney and state's attorney's office that we can say that and that's what's important. reporter: jason thomas scott was convicted last summer by a federal grand jury of committing 29 residential burglaries, one commercial burglary and nine home invasion all but o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4