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Mar 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
plaza. the other four in the top 10 are in prince george's county including new carrollton, capitol heights and largo town center. despite that report metro says violent crime is down. mpd detectives are still investigating a stabbing after a big fight broke out at the l'enfant plaza metro station. it happened a little over a week ago. a young girl who was stabbed was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. passengers at l'enfant plaza say it's common to see unruly teens fighting. this young girl who does not want her face shown was injured in a recent fight at the station, jumped on by a gang of girls. >> i was by myself and that's when the next thing i seen in the corner of my eye, i just seen a hand coming to my face and a group of girls banging my head into the concrete. >> reporter: her mother who does not want us to use her name says she was shocked to get a phone call telling her her daughter had been beaten until she was unconscious. >> the lady grabbed the phone and said ma'am, a group of girls has just jumped your daughter and me and two other people have -- are ho
Oct 30, 2010 10:00pm EDT
george's county a short time later. >>> the fire that ripped through an apartment building in northwest last month has claimed another life. it happened on 16th street in mount pleasant. firefighters immediately ran into the the victims. one person died yesterday. 21-year-old katherine alvarez passed away yesterday. they are still trying to determine the cause. >>> the shootings and now the explosives found and the cargo planes bound for chicago. tonight a woman is under arrest considered a prime suspect. the president of yemen says investigators believe she is the one who shipped explosives found on two cargo planes bound for chicago. the flights originated in the united arab emirates and in england. >> the dubai was viable and could have exploded. the target may have been an aircraft. and had it detonated, the aircraft could have been brought down. >> fox has learned that the devices contained an explosive called ptpn the same thing in the underwear bomber's device. but this was a better quality and more powerful we are told. a congressional source says it is an indication that this w
May 18, 2011 10:00pm EDT
developing story in prince georges county. a vicious dog attack on board a school bus. tonight, police don't know who owns the animal but the american bull dog started biting children at a bus stop and even followed the kids on the bus before police shot and killed it. matt ackland is following the story. >> reporter: authorities would like to find the owner of this dog. they want to know if it was up-to-date on its shots, could it have rabies, and why was it roaming the streets? tonight, four children are recovering from not only the fright of their lives, but also some serious bites. 11-year-old rashawn ray says he just couldn't get away from the big dog as it chased two boys onto his bus. >> the dog comes right behind him and everybody starts screaming, he starts biting people. >> reporter: he showed us bites all over his body, the worst one here on his inner thigh. >> bit me on my right thigh and wouldn't let go. >> reporter: four children, all heading to fort washington forest elementary were bitten and taken to a nearby hospital. >> i was jumping over the seat and it was chasing
Dec 9, 2011 10:00pm EST
leslie johnson asked for probation today in greenbelt. the judge said no. the former prince george's county council member was ordered to serve time in prison. fox 5's john henrehan has this story. >> reporter: according to federal prosecutors, former prince george's county executive jack johnson was corrupt for the entire eight year period he had the top job in the county shaking down developers and contractors for big money. leslie johnson, his wife, told a federal judge at her sentencing hearing i did not know anything about the criminal conduct that my husband engaged in. prosecutors call that claim ludicrous noting that as fbi agents were banging at the door leslie johnson flushed a $100,000 developer's check down the toilet and conspired with her husband on an intercepted phone call to hide $80,000 in cash. >> you got the cash? >> uh-huh. >> okay. put it in your bra or something like that and walk out of there. >> reporter: leslie johnson's attorney characterized the 80,000 in cash that was in the basement of their home as household emergency money. on the fourth floor of the f
Oct 12, 2011 10:00pm EDT
in my stomach. >> reporter: alexandria police found his 1994 corolla in prince george's county about they've weeks after he vanished. >> it was like wow, okay, they found the car. okay, and as long as he wasn't in it, i was good. >> reporter: harris was last seen the night of september 21st. his daughter maya last talked to him that day as she left for work. >> i was like bye, dad like we do every morning. say have a good day, love you, love you, too. >> that was at 12:00 that night when he didn't come home, i was just -- and 3:00 i knew something was wrong and 6:00 is when i got up and started looking, calling family and friends to say have you seen him? >> yeah. i called him. he didn't, but that's not like him. so he would answer my calls regardless. >> reporter: the next morning investigators found his cell phone on the woodrow wilson bridge, but harris and his car were nowhere to be found. investigators also had video of an unidentified man using harris' credit card on king street around 1:00 in the morning september 22nd. >> it's just unreal and i'm just taking it one day at a t
Aug 19, 2012 10:00pm EDT
happened with this attack. >>> prince george's county tonight are trying to piece together a deadly motorcycle accident in upper marlboro is. ship th happened in early morning hours along brown station road and fenway lane. 26-year-old juan pena of silver spring died after he was struck by a vehicle. the driver in the striking vehicle suffered minor injuries. >>> it's back to school for kids in prince george's county tomorrow. meanwhile, though, the county's named the d.c. educator as its interim schools chief. alvin crawley, deputy chief of programming for the district's special education office, he's going to take over on september 4th. he will replace william hite who had stepped down to lead the philadelphia school system. the school board is expected to select a permanent replacement by next spring. >> time for a weather check now. fox 5's gary mcgrady joining us in the weather center. a little wet today. what can we expect the rest of the week? >> we have some showers out there now, tom, but it's nothing like what we were having earlier. we'll go right over to radar to show yo
Feb 15, 2011 10:00pm EST
of george washington university's weight management program says it's the structured diet that's doing the work. >> it's a placebo effect with the injections and the complications and structure of a program like this, the factor is the low calorie diet. 500 calories a day, you'll lose weight. >> reporter: dr. gonzalez believes it's more than that. >> but how do you feel? you feel horrible if you're in a starvation state of 500 calories by itself. you feel better and you don't get that starvation state. you don't get that muscle wasting when you're on hcg. >> reporter: the food and drug administration warns hcg does not work for weight loss and requires package inserts to specifically say that. there are also warnings and adverse reactions for those who use it for medical reasons, including ovarian hyperstimulation, blood clots, and large breasts in men and a few reports of testicular tumors. >> the fda approved doses for fertility almost 10 times the amount that we use for hcg, so it's very safe. it's about 10 to 15% of what's fda approved for fertility. so very safe, not one iss
Feb 3, 2012 10:00pm EST
? >> need do it to anybody. reporter: prince george's county police were back in the complex friday night warning residents about the danger and searching for witnesses. >> we're doing a campus of the neighborhood. reporter: investigators say the suspect tricked the elderly lady into opening her door. >> when a male knocked on her door posing as a neighbor, she answered the door. the male entered her apartment and physically assaulted her. reporter: he grabbed some money from her purse and fled. the kind of crime that has neighbors on edge. >> it's quiet. i keep my kids in the house and i never hear any trouble outside or anything. reporter: police warn residents to be on alert for this suspect, not afraid to pull off a daylight robbery and assault. >> that's a very heinous crime. evidently this person has no regard or respect for the elderly citizens of our community. reporter: the elderly woman told police the man who beat and robbed her is between 20 and 30 years old, 6 feet tall and at the time he was wearing all dark clothing. investigators say they really need some tips on thi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8