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Aug 1, 2009 10:00pm EDT
customers. the company remotely removed copies of the george orwell novel "1984" and "animal farm" after finding out they were pirated. amazon automatically issued refunds, but the lawsuit claims amazon never told its customer its had the able or right to delete ebooks. >>> sticking with computers now, google users have access to tons of information with just a few keywords and a click of a mouse. what would we do without google? but google's latest features are collecting information from users by accessing email, and that is causing big-time controversy on line. fox's dan springer has more on what the search engine may know about you without your permission. >> reporter: google wants all the world'sing in from books to bone scans. charlie hefernan of seattle found that even email was fair game. after writing a colleague about a possible job in macedonia he opened his account and found cheap air fares to macedonia. >> creepy. somebody's reading the -- the content of my emails to discover what i'm talking about. >> reporter: but some see the online snooping as a tradeoff for free service
Jan 23, 2012 10:00pm EST
was john kiriakou. >> very interesting. thank you. >>> new tonight police in prince george's county are investigating a murder suiciin officers were called to a home on bramble court last night. they found the bodies of adam ousley and his ex-girl friend. it appears housely shot his girl friend before killing himself. his family members are stunned. >> she was a good person. she cared a lot about her son and school and being a nurse. >> it's like a night meyer that we're trying to wake up from. >> police -- nightmare that we're trying to wake up from. >> police say the couple had a child together and had dated about three years and were no longer seeing each ear. >>> last friday marks the -- other. >>> last friday marks the anniversary of a father's son's suicide and is now pushing for the overall the school's policies and today took a giant leap forward. >> steve stuben was in richmond today at the invitation of a bipartisan group of lawmakers pushing for change. they have introduced four different bills to change how and when parents are notified about discipline problems at schoo
Oct 17, 2010 11:00pm EDT
experienced, very fit, loved her sport. >> reporter: bob spouse it, head coach of george mason -- bob spousta, head coach of george mason's university sculling club said it's unfortunate she turned up missing for a sport she loved to dearly. the massive search resumed at daybreak for shew, a joint effort involving fairfax county police and fire along with neighboring prince william county. they started looking after sandy run park rangers noticed she didn't sign out at the end of the day saturday. >> they looked over at the warehouse where they store the boats and her boat was not on the rack and they noticed her car still in the parking lot. >> reporter: the search was focused downstream at south and head regional park where her boat was found overturned. dive teams deployed special sonar technology to try to get a picture of the bottom of the occoquan reservoir. >> we've also got search and rescue dogs from the virginia task force that have a special skill of being able to pick up human scent not only on shore, but over the water itself. >> reporter: back at sandy run they changed t
Sep 27, 2009 10:00pm EDT
prince georges police department says the crime happened between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning. neighbors say they didn't see or hear anything until they woke up sunday morning and found police tape all over their neighbor's house. neighbors say the victim 39- year-old tyrone richardson lived inside this half million dollar home with his wife and four young children. >> there were three masked gunmen, two with handguns, one without. >> reporter: corporal erika johnson said the men only went after richardson he died of trauma to his upper body and left the rest of his family unharmed. the three men escaped by stealing a black mercedes from the home. >> he also had another vehicle that followed their mercedes and it was either a chrysler 300 or black cadillac that followed the mercedes. >> reporter: public records show richardson had filed for bankruptcy less than two weeks ago and went to court in 2002 for weapons charges. that case was later dropped. >> it doesn't get any worse than a man being murdered in his own house in front of his children and his wife. >> the community ha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4