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Jul 25, 2009 10:00pm EDT
. earlier we had a thunderstorm warning for howard, montgomery county, prince georgs oucnty and anne arundel. that ended at 8:00. we still have a fair amount of e orms that are movingcirth y through. you can see on radar. we had a strong squall line h'snow moving ts way across delmarva. his is our mpose itwe.raer getoe g m inoo d a we're getting to doom in a little closer and put on geour fox 5 live deropoop radar for you. you can see tores ato the east over delmarva, they're e.tting hit with h some pretty asst hat erhe. that has been the pattern roughout most of the day. we have a trough as well as tem ahead of it yssltemal ahead of it alwhl. that's atwh we've been seeing. a fair amount of rainfall as th as e wketae wa take a ve got go gos i-t' to our id. ae eeast e let's go to heewr atpmas r maat then. the storms errorring through the course of tonight. --ng roari through the oacourse of tonight. suained winds at 16 miles an hour in the district. 13 at dulles. temperatures still up there. unstable mass throughout the area and that's helping kick off these storms but we'l
Aug 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
people in college park early yesterday morning. prince george's county police were breaking up a fight in the mcdonald's parking lot on baltimore avenue when someone in an suv opened fire. minutes later a university of maryland police officer spotted the suv and arrested the two men inside. 18-year-old melvin watson jr. and 20-year-old dekimbe david branson are charged with possession of a handgun and reckless endangerment. >>> the public got one last look inside the maryland mouse of correction in jessup today before it's torn down. the prison closed in 2007 after a series of violent attacks. the 130-year-old building will be deconstructed piece by piece and the inmates will learn skills to use after they serve their time. >> our parole is to give inmates a training and a certificate so when they're released, they're more employable and they stay out of jail. >> the final demolition will be done in about two years. inmates will then use bricks from the ole building to help construct a museum on the -- old building to help construct a museum on the grounds. >>> with heavy rains moving
Oct 4, 2009 10:00pm EDT
george's county police say an off-duty d.c. cop fired at to men when tre tried to take his car. it happened just before 6:30 this morning on brooks drive in capitol heights. police claim the officer was parking when the suspects approached, pulled out a gun and demanded his keys. that's when the officer drew his police-issued gun. police say one of the men fired at the officer as they took off and he shot back. the officer wasn't hit, but he believes he may have hit one of the men. both suspects managed to get away. >>> a northeast woman devastated tonight after two pit bulls attacked and killed her dog. she was walking her schnauzer poodle mix named raven about 10:15 friday night when the dogs attacked raven. it happened near houston elementary school. jones tried to save her dog but there just wasn't much he could do. >> i tried to hold her to me but she was trying to pull away. i just let her go and told her to run fas but -- [ indiscernible ] they just pulled her and choked her like a rag doll. >> reporter: jones tells fox 5 she doesn't know who the pits belong to one was later
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3