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Sep 14, 2011 10:00pm EDT
fredericksburg, king george, charles county. you pay the get more tomorrow than the rest of us, but we head into -- may get more tomorrow than the rest of us, but we head into the weekend, friday, a spotty shower to our south. the rain tries to linger down to our south and east, but it should be a great weekend even so as this cool air sets up shop and our temperatures on on the weekend only in the low 70s, a mix of sun and clouds, spotty showers to our south. sunday looks better, great weather for football. tomorrow 77 but falling. by tomorrow afternoon it will actually be cooler, maybe only about 70, friday only 67, 40s at night in the suburbs, saturday, sunday looking good spotty showers south, monday about 73 degrees a great run of weather. on the news edge at 11:00 we need to talk about tropical storm maria has gotten stronger tonight, tropical storm conditions for bermuda by morning. we'll rack that with you coming up. >>> a fox 5 health alert on the alarming spread of tuberculosis in europe. the world health organization reports the cases are resistant to multiple drugs. it could kil
Feb 3, 2012 10:00pm EST
? >> need do it to anybody. reporter: prince george's county police were back in the complex friday night warning residents about the danger and searching for witnesses. >> we're doing a campus of the neighborhood. reporter: investigators say the suspect tricked the elderly lady into opening her door. >> when a male knocked on her door posing as a neighbor, she answered the door. the male entered her apartment and physically assaulted her. reporter: he grabbed some money from her purse and fled. the kind of crime that has neighbors on edge. >> it's quiet. i keep my kids in the house and i never hear any trouble outside or anything. reporter: police warn residents to be on alert for this suspect, not afraid to pull off a daylight robbery and assault. >> that's a very heinous crime. evidently this person has no regard or respect for the elderly citizens of our community. reporter: the elderly woman told police the man who beat and robbed her is between 20 and 30 years old, 6 feet tall and at the time he was wearing all dark clothing. investigators say they really need some tips on thi
Apr 26, 2010 10:00pm EDT
warnings in saint mary's as well as charles county. these were sent from tony clark in king george. they were starting to see golf-ball-sized hail. and he showed us pictures of the ground covered inhale that was about the size of dimes down there in king george county. so a lot of you saw hail. we're seeing more showers and we're hoping most of this is going to be gone by the time we get our rush hour started in the morning. i'll have more details for what you can expect on tuesday. we'll make sure they don't continue to blow up. >> see you in a few minutes. >>> track the trouble spots on head to our home page and look for the interactive doppler radar and sue's five-day forecast. >>> new tonight, police released video of a b heist in northern virginia. a fast-food restaurant with customers inside. prisons william county police say they're not the only brazen bandits on the run. wisdom martin has the latest. >> reporter: we're talking about three different crimes and groups of suspects but what makes this so stunning is the fact that they're so aggressive and bold when
Mar 6, 2012 10:00pm EST
plaza. the other four in the top 10 are in prince george's county including new carrollton, capitol heights and largo town center. despite that report metro says violent crime is down. mpd detectives are still investigating a stabbing after a big fight broke out at the l'enfant plaza metro station. it happened a little over a week ago. a young girl who was stabbed was hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. passengers at l'enfant plaza say it's common to see unruly teens fighting. this young girl who does not want her face shown was injured in a recent fight at the station, jumped on by a gang of girls. >> i was by myself and that's when the next thing i seen in the corner of my eye, i just seen a hand coming to my face and a group of girls banging my head into the concrete. >> reporter: her mother who does not want us to use her name says she was shocked to get a phone call telling her her daughter had been beaten until she was unconscious. >> the lady grabbed the phone and said ma'am, a group of girls has just jumped your daughter and me and two other people have -- are ho
Oct 17, 2010 11:00pm EDT
experienced, very fit, loved her sport. >> reporter: bob spouse it, head coach of george mason -- bob spousta, head coach of george mason's university sculling club said it's unfortunate she turned up missing for a sport she loved to dearly. the massive search resumed at daybreak for shew, a joint effort involving fairfax county police and fire along with neighboring prince william county. they started looking after sandy run park rangers noticed she didn't sign out at the end of the day saturday. >> they looked over at the warehouse where they store the boats and her boat was not on the rack and they noticed her car still in the parking lot. >> reporter: the search was focused downstream at south and head regional park where her boat was found overturned. dive teams deployed special sonar technology to try to get a picture of the bottom of the occoquan reservoir. >> we've also got search and rescue dogs from the virginia task force that have a special skill of being able to pick up human scent not only on shore, but over the water itself. >> reporter: back at sandy run they changed t
Feb 20, 2011 10:00pm EST
prince george's county. some of what was lost on this intercounty connector construction site, equipment including a front end loader and young trees meant to be planted alongside the new roadway, parts of which are expected to open on tuesday. for now fire units will remain on smoldering scenes for two or three more days as the county contemplates lessons learned. in laurel karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> county executive baker says despite the fires he expects the partial opening of the intercounty connector to go on as expected this week. >>> new tonight at 10:00 a crime that shocked a victim's community and beyond. a beloved mother of three murdered outside a virginia chick-fil-a. her killer is the husband she was trying to divorce and her friends tell fox 5 it wasn't going well and she was afraid. fox 5's matt ackland is back from woodbridge tonight with our update. >> this is a sad one. in the same parking lot where alice jenkins everett was shot a few days ago her family and friends gathered tonight. there wasn't much talk about the violent act or accused killer, ins
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6