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Jan 1, 2012 10:00pm EST
george's county has given people the chance to become homeowners. how my home is helping people learn what it takes to buy and maintain a house.     it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. >>> in two days republicans will have their first winner in the race for the presidential nomination. iowa holds its caucus tuesday night. the sunday morning talk shows were all about this first in the nation contest. melanie alnwick has the roundup. >> reporter: in the final days of campaigning, republican candidates made time to hit the sunday talk show circuits. ron paul along with a sinking michele bachmann and governor rick perry stopped by fox news. sanatorium visited meet the press. >> i've always relied when that crunch times comes in the last two weeks, it's when we'll start to pick up and it's what's happ
Jan 10, 2012 10:00pm EST
homes in prince george's county was punished for his crimes today. a federal judge sentenced jason scott to 100 years in prison. scott is also a suspect in a high profile murder case. fox 5's paul wagner with details. >> i'm sort of on guard till 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. and my husband is up at 6:00, so pretty much someone is always up and moving in my house. so i will sleep mostly throughout the take, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a -- day, but my husband would sleep at night. so it's a terrible way to live i know, but now that's the way i have to live. >> jason scott created a tremendous amount of fear and agony in this county. what is represented today is that this man will never again threaten prince george's county and it's because of the men and women of this police department, men and women of atf, the u.s. attorney and state's attorney's office that we can say that and that's what's important. reporter: jason thomas scott was convicted last summer by a federal grand jury of committing 29 residential burglaries, one commercial burglary and nine home invasion all but o
Oct 12, 2011 10:00pm EDT
in my stomach. >> reporter: alexandria police found his 1994 corolla in prince george's county about they've weeks after he vanished. >> it was like wow, okay, they found the car. okay, and as long as he wasn't in it, i was good. >> reporter: harris was last seen the night of september 21st. his daughter maya last talked to him that day as she left for work. >> i was like bye, dad like we do every morning. say have a good day, love you, love you, too. >> that was at 12:00 that night when he didn't come home, i was just -- and 3:00 i knew something was wrong and 6:00 is when i got up and started looking, calling family and friends to say have you seen him? >> yeah. i called him. he didn't, but that's not like him. so he would answer my calls regardless. >> reporter: the next morning investigators found his cell phone on the woodrow wilson bridge, but harris and his car were nowhere to be found. investigators also had video of an unidentified man using harris' credit card on king street around 1:00 in the morning september 22nd. >> it's just unreal and i'm just taking it one day at a t
Jan 31, 2012 10:00pm EST
live outside the prince georges county police department with the latest details. bob. >> reporter: shawn, prince georges county police say the 49-year-old murder suspect, linwood johnson and victim, lenny harris knew each other. to what extent, they aren't saying. investigators here tonight are confident a troubling mystery has been solved. police were led to this long abandoned property off old fort road in fort washington last thursday by a tipster who said investigators would find a body in a well. they did. it was 53-year-old glenn wood, lenny harris, who had been missing for four months. sources tell us that same caller also gave police the name of at least one possible suspect in the grizzly murder. now prince georges county police have made an arrest in the case, charging 49-year-old linwood johnson of temple hills, maryland, with one count of first-degree murder. >> mr. linwood johnson gave a full written and verbal confession to prince georges county police department homicide detectives just a few hours ago. >> police are not saying whether murder suspect johnson is the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4