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Apr 22, 2012 10:00pm EDT
. rippi says bill clinton and george bush probably wouldn't have been elected v ps. >>> under the new measure, doctors must give an inperson examination, witness the drugs being taken and make a woman return to the clinic. if not, they face $10,000 in fines or three and a half year prison term for violating certain provisions. but planned parenthood is arguing how a doctor ends up in violation is too vague. >> doctors were afraid of getting felonies with insurance companies saying they couldn't cover that. the end result is they destroyed a vital piece of a very personal decision for women. >> it protects women in situations where right now there aren't enough systems in place to again help prevent a coerced abortion. >> planned parenthood has suspended all -- according to planned parenthood the so- called abortion pill accounts for one in four abortions in the state. >>> a fundraiser for the texas mother shot to death by a woman who wanted her baby. fox's rita garcia has the story. >> she could always make anybody laugh. >> reporter: there aren't enough words to describe how much kay
Oct 21, 2011 10:00pm EDT
. they're in agreement. it was brokered in 2008 by then- president george w. bush and iraq leaders. those there will be a total u.s. troop withdrawal, an american diplomatic and contractor presence will remain. >> we will have a training capacity there. we'll have the kind of normal training relationshipha we have with countries all over the world. >> reporter: republican senator lindsay graham disagrees with thezy, which he worries will come back to haunt america. his colleague mccain expressed similar reserves. >> it's great victory for the iranians. >> reporter: the president did not mention months of recent negotiations with iraq of whether to keep several u.s. forces there to train them. iraqi leaders wouldn't give troops immunity and that ended up being a deal breaker for the u.s. president obama will invite iraq's prime minister to washington before the end of the year to mark the end of the war. on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. >>> now to explain how this will play out logistically is david bertow, the senior vice president and director of the csis international
May 20, 2012 10:00pm EDT
after, that the bodies' names will be released once relatives have been notified. >>> a prince george's county police officer is in trouble accused of drunk driving. police say that daniel gonzalez was in his marked cruiser when he was involved in his cruiser in bladensburg. >> the responding officer suspected that officer gonzalez was under the influence of alcohol. >> gonzalez was a six-year veteran. >>> police are investigating a deadly police-involved shooting. officers were called on backlick road. when they arrived, the suspect threatened police with a sword, they say and that's when he was shot. the man had seven outstanding warrants on child porn and sex charges. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. >>> one more development in the long story of tragedy, heart ache and rout rage. the man convict of masterminding the bombing of the pan am flied in lockerbie has died. al-megrahi was reconvicted but released after adiagnosis. the family were pleased. >> there were more people involved, no question about that. there is no question in my mind a that iran or syria had to
Aug 19, 2012 10:00pm EDT
happened with this attack. >>> prince george's county tonight are trying to piece together a deadly motorcycle accident in upper marlboro is. ship th happened in early morning hours along brown station road and fenway lane. 26-year-old juan pena of silver spring died after he was struck by a vehicle. the driver in the striking vehicle suffered minor injuries. >>> it's back to school for kids in prince george's county tomorrow. meanwhile, though, the county's named the d.c. educator as its interim schools chief. alvin crawley, deputy chief of programming for the district's special education office, he's going to take over on september 4th. he will replace william hite who had stepped down to lead the philadelphia school system. the school board is expected to select a permanent replacement by next spring. >> time for a weather check now. fox 5's gary mcgrady joining us in the weather center. a little wet today. what can we expect the rest of the week? >> we have some showers out there now, tom, but it's nothing like what we were having earlier. we'll go right over to radar to show yo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4